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In our society the stigma attached to believing in demons is quite strong. Anyone who admits to believing in demons is considered crazy or stupid, or perhaps evil, and is no longer taken seriously. However, our society’s view of this issue is incorrect. Becoming a magician requires facing up to this truth and dealing with it, not sweeping it under the rug. Magicians have to deal with how things really are and not worry about what other people might think or say about them. To our society, any discussion of demons is absurd. To a magician, the problem of demons is the most pressing issue facing the human race; and our addressing, or failing to address, this issue will decide our future, or lack of future, as a species.*

The trouble with all of the false stereotypes of black magic and demons in the popular media, particularly that these things don’t exist, is that they prevent us from understanding what is really going on. As many fundamentalist Christians rightly believe, demons are everywhere. In fact, they run the whole shebang.

When we talk about demons, we’re not talking about Transylvania. We’re talking about trouble right here in River City. Demons are pretty much all over the place, and they run our society. The government, corporations, media, academia, churches (especially the churches!) – indeed, all of our precious institutions – are of the demons, by the demons, and for the demons. The movie The Matrix is actually a pretty good picture of what our society is really like, but with demons rather than machines behind the scenes pulling the strings. Like germs, demons are everywhere. Therefore, they are not something to be frightened of or worried about. In fact, the people who are the most freaked out by demons, such as Inquisitors and witch hunters, are usually the most demon-possessed themselves. Likewise, the people who are the most uptight about black magic are usually the ones who are doing the most black magic themselves. Most demon-possessed people, like most black magicians, consider themselves to be upstanding, righteous, pious citizens.

Demons are blandishing everybody – even those not specifically possessed – all the time. Most of your thoughts of how marvelous and wonderful you are; and how misunderstood you are; and how the people who don’t appreciate you will be sorry some day; as well as most of your sexual and glory fantasies – not to mention angry and fearful thoughts – are just demons directing your thinking. Those kinds of thoughts aren’t “your” thoughts at all. They are just thoughts which demons implant in your mind. It’s when you start paying attention to where “your” thoughts and feelings are really coming from that you begin to understand the meaning of the Magical Almanac Statement of Purpose: that all you really are is a clearinghouse for a myriad of angels, demons, miscellaneous spirits, thought forms, and importance coverings clamoring for “your” moment-to-moment attention.

However many, if not most, of the people in our society – including practically all of our leaders in all areas – are out-and-out demon-possessed. That’s how they got to be so successful. Indeed, it’s quite possible that you may be demon-possessed. I was possessed for the first 40 years of my life, until my spirit guides pointed that fact out to me and explained to me how to cast them out. It’s no big deal, really, either to be possessed or to cast demons out. This will be explained later.

Here’s a fictional example which illustrates how people unconsciously call demons in to possess them in moments of great self-pity, taken from John O’Hara’s novel Appointment in Samarra. Notice how Julian English’s wife calls in a demon of her own in response to Julian’s demon:

“He did. What’s the use of trying to fool myself? I know he did. I know he did and no matter what excuses I make or how much I try to tell myself that he didn’t, I’ll only come back to the same thing: He did. I know he did. And what for? For a dirty little thrill with a woman who – oh, I thought he’d got all that out of his system. Didn’t he have enough of that before he married me? … Ah, Julian, you stupid, hateful, mean, low, contemptible little son of a bitch that I hate! You do this to me, and know that you do this to me! Know it! Did it on purpose! … You big charmer, you. You irresistible great big boy, turning on the charm like the water in the tub; turning on the charm like the water in the tub; turning on the charm turning on the charr-arm, turning on the charm like the water in the tub. I hope you die.

“I hope you die because you have killed something fine in me, suh. Ah hope you die. Yes-suh, Ah hope you die. You have killed something mighty fine in me, English, old boy, old kid, old boy. What Ah mean is, did you kill something fine in me or did you kill something fine.” This example is a good illustration of the way in which people call in demons to possess them when they feel especially vulnerable and in need of drastic protection. In most cases the appeal to demons is unconscious. Once demons are called in, whether consciously or not, they don’t leave unless they are deliberately exorcised.

* * *

What are demons like? They’re like us humans, but are far more intelligent and cunning, and also slimier. If you’ve ever met a psychopath face-to-face, then you know the type; but more so. Totally self-centered and sleazy. Demons are also really touchy, uptight, and self-important. They hate being ignored, and absolutely freak out at being laughed at. The demons which I have met face-to-face, in dreaming, appeared like normal people, but there was something very slimy about them. That is how I knew who they were.

Most of my encounters with demons were oblique. I could feel their presence because I would start getting angry for no reason. This is because I’m an angry person: a fearful person they would make fearful, a lustful person they would make lustful, and so on. Demons survive by generating and feeding off of our self-pity. Demons are basically everywhere.

For example, when we are driving and another driver cuts in right ahead of us and we beep the horn in anger, that’s in fact an exchange between that guy’s demons and our own. Some psychopaths such as Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Ted Bundy, got their dazzling, hypnotizing charm from the demons, which possessed them. Other psychopaths like Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein were bestial thugs. What demons often give their hosts is an extraordinary cunning and a feel for the jugular. They sense precisely how far they can go and what they can get away with; and they have no scruples whatsoever about destroying anyone or anything that gets in their way.

Not all demon-possessed people become world leaders, of course (although many, if not most, world leaders are demon-possessed … else they wouldn’t have succeeded in our demonic society); and not all are psychopathic. Many people who are depressed, repressed, angry and irritable all the time, constantly ill, addicted to drugs. or sex or whatever, self-destructive generally, are possessed by demons.

You can stand in a supermarket and watch the demon-possessed people go by: the harried mother pulling her kid in tow as she shops, yelling at the kid and yanking his arm out of its socket to drag him away from the things which normal curiosity leads him to explore; the old geezer with a perpetual scowl, pushing his shopping cart aggressively with an “out of my way, buddy!” expression on his face; the care-worn, overburdened, downtrodden people dragging themselves up and down the aisles.

It’s not too hard to tell if people are demon-possessed when they get old. When they are still young, there’s usually enough of the original person left there so that you can’t see the demons as readily (except in certain revealing moments now and then). As the people get older, however, the demons eat up more and more of their souls and their joy. If, as people age, they get lighter and more joyous, then they’re not demon-possessed. On the other hand if they get more uptight, nastier, depressed, or more self-pitying as they age, then they probably are demon-possessed. This is why it’s so hard to deal with those old people – you’re not dealing with the person anymore, just with a demon that subsists by sucking other people’s energy (having burned out most of its host’s energy).

Demons are not evil. They’re doing what they have to do in order to eat, just like the rest of us. There is no evil per se in the universe. If you want to call the necessity of killing and devouring other beings in order to survive evil, then the one you’ve got to blame for this is the One who made that rule in the first place. That was not Satan. Demons have to eat just like everybody else. What demons eat is what we call feelings, especially uptight feelings. Demons survive by generating and feeding off of our self-pity. To demons, we humans are self-pity machines programmed by them to produce the most delectable demon delicacies with our constant moaning and groaning; and our thinking we’re so great.

What makes being a demon, or messing around with demons, evil is that there’s no real joy or happiness in it. The way they feed themselves, and the way we feed ourselves under their influence, is uptight and ugly. It’s a big rush of self-importance, and then lots of pain. Then another big rush of self-importance, and then lots of pain. It’s a spiral of self-importance and pain. It’s not very peaceful or pleasant. But it can’t properly be characterized as evil per se. It’s an extremely popular lifestyle for humans as well as demons.

It’s called society.

* * *

Prior to the invention of agriculture after the last ice age, about 12, 000 years ago, humans were more or less like any other apes. They were more intelligent than most other animals, but not particularly smart. My guides have told me that if we could meet one of our ancestors from that period, we would consider it an animal. There’s no level upon which we modern humans would consider those ancestors to be human beings.

It was an alliance that the human race forged with the race of demons during the Late Upper Paleolithic – early Mesolithic era that made us modern humans the thinking, rational animals we are today. It was at that time that trapping, fishing, and hunting with dogs were invented – ensnaring game instead of hunting it directly. Then agriculture was invented – raising animals and plants instead of gathering them directly. Demons channeled new technologies to the human race through individuals who were inventors and innovators.

They still do.

These indirect techniques for getting food necessitated a greater sense of planning for the future than direct hunting / gathering had required. The new social order demanded a new type of consciousness: perception and cognition tied to linear time. Planning for the future is what creates the future. Until the demons taught us about the future, all human beings had to work with was the now moment.

Linear time is the matrix of our separated, lower self. Our human ancestors, like infants, didn’t have anywhere near as much sense of separatedness as we do. They were not as individuated as we are today. They lived in a more timeless, dream-like frame of mind; a sense of belonging to the universe. Their mental process wasn’t a matter of constant thinking, but rather of direct knowing what their ancestors, spirits, and the earth were telling them. They felt themselves to be part of an ongoing, natural process in the same way that we feel ourselves to be part of our society. Because they were not as separated as we are today, they felt less Angst than we do, because they had no future to worry about.

If the future didn’t exist, would we care about it? It’s precisely our caring and worrying about the future that conjures up its existence. We care about the future, it’s important to us, because we believe there’s glory for us somewhere in our future. We fantasize that someday we will win the lottery, or find our true soul-mate, or become famous, or go to heaven when we die. These sorts of expectations are what trap us into striving towards a future, which never arrives. The other side of that coin is our past, the things that we are ashamed of and are trying to forget about (and would never reveal to another person). We all are taught to hate ourselves and then to hide that self-hatred away. This striving towards a future and slinking away from a past is what creates the illusion that there is such a thing as a future and a past. When striving ends, so too does linear time.

Another way of saying this is: our sense of linear time is the product of our linear thinking. If we stop thinking so much about the future and past and return our attention to the now moment, like ancient humans and infants did, then the past and future lose much of their meaning. They are just not as important, so they are not as there; things are too now.

Our higher selves are timeless. Higher self – what William Butler Yeats termed “Mask” – is eternal: it is our touch with the Spirit. Higher self has to be squelched down into the straitjacket of linear time in order to create our uptight, niggling little lower self – what Yeats termed “Will. We learned how to create a sense of linear time – a separated, lower self that is caught in a loop of constant self-reflection, of seeking glory and hiding shame – from our demon masters. Over the past millennia the demons have taught us everything that we modern humans consider human. That is to say, our civilization – all of our thinking – is demonic in origin. The qualities that we modern humans believe elevate us above the realm of animals are essentially demonic qualities.

Demons taught us humans how to think because thinking requires concentrated effort. This effort, or being uptight – hiding shame from the past and seeking glory in the future – allows demons to suck human energy.

This is why adults are usually more uptight than little children, who aren’t yet in a mode of constant thinking. We adults are completely accustomed to thinking every second all day long. We don’t realize how much we have to squelch ourselves and our true feelings down in order to maintain this inner dialogue. This constant thinking, particularly when it’s worried, or angry, or jealous thinking, provides fodder for the demons who surround us.

In other words, the invention of agriculture wasn’t so much a matter of humans beginning to farm plants and animals for food as it was demons beginning to farm humans for food. Now, after millennia of inbreeding us, the demons have us right where they want us. Earlier generations of humans were hardy, robust, and self-reliant, which is hard fare for demons to digest. We moderns with our undisciplined, self-indulgent, decadent lifestyles have become a toothsome delight for the demons who suck us. We are fat and complacent, with no minds or wills of our own. We readily believe all the lies our government, church, media, and “science” tell us. This makes us easy to herd around and lead to the slaughter.

Our demon masters, who were overjoyed when humans invented agriculture and became a semblance of them, are presently ecstatic that humans have adopted an urban society wholly disconnected from nature. We are turning the green, loving earth into a hell world. At least, when most humans were doing agriculture, they were still attached to the earth’s love and the rhythms of the universe. Now, urban society has cut humans off completely from the earth’s love. When does anyone even look at a tree anymore except through a speeding windshield or a television screen? And the food – the Soylent Green – which people today eat from supermarkets, … Welcome to hell, folks! You don’t have to wait until you die. Hell is right here, right now. The worst part of it is that most people have been trained to call this heaven. And the demons are eating it up. Eating us up.

There was nothing wrong with us humans having associated ourselves with demons for the past few millennia. We learned a lot from them. We learned how to think, for starters. Now it’s time we humans went our own way and followed our own star, because continuing to serve our demon masters will just lead to our own destruction as a species.

When humans allied themselves with demons they made some sort of very unpleasant denouement inevitable; and it is our generation, which will have to pay the piper, and see what we can salvage from the rubble. A magician must remain undaunted even when single-handedly confronting all of the demons in the universe.

Because you are.

* * *

I’ve cast demons out of people and also out of buildings they were inhabiting. I don’t like doing this, though, because it scares me. When the demons are cut loose they dive into the nearest host they can grab onto. The time I cast demons out of a building where black magicians had lived previously, I followed my spirits’ advice and lit a censer with copal incense. Then I circled the building repeating an appeal to the demons to leave: “You are not wanted here any more, you’ll be a lot happier in another place where you are more appreciated. In the name of the nine Mayan gods (my patron spirits) I cast you out!” I tried to muster confidence, which I didn’t actually feel for the “I cast you out!” part. Then at each corner of the building I set off a chain of firecrackers, since demons have highly refined sensibilities and dislike clamor. After the firecrackers went off at the first corner I could sense something coming loose. By the last corner I sensed they were completely loose.

I then left, but as I walked away I started talking nervously to my assistant about the ritual we had just performed, “Hey, that really worked, didn’t it?” At that instant I sensed something diving into me, which really freaked me out. I started jumping up and down to shake whatever it was out of me, and at the same time I forced myself to think about something else, to blank my mind. Ever since then I try to avoid casting out demons. When it is absolutely unavoidable I do it in a place where I am protected, a nearby cave that is a Mayan holy place. I certainly don’t advise casting demons out of other people unless you’ve got spirit helpers in whom you have the utmost faith, such as Jesus, Krishna, or Buddha, backing you up.

I’m of the opinion that people should cast out their own demons. They called them in, and they should take the responsibility for casting them out themselves. The exception to this would be in the cases of children or people who are too crazy to do it for themselves.

Sometimes people ask me, “I think my parent (or spouse or loved one) might be demon-possessed. Is there anything I can do to cast it out?” My usual answer is negative. Demons won’t leave if the host doesn’t want them to leave, or they’ll immediately return if cast out. In our society most people don’t even believe in the existence of demons, much less seriously entertain the possibility that they themselves could be possessed. Moreover, most people, especially old people, have become comfortable with their demons. They’re afraid to have to start living their own lives and making their own decisions again. It’s easier just to be uptight and miserable and wallow in self-pity. Bit-by-bit they surrender all their joy to their demons, until in the end the demons are all that’s left, except for the pain.

I once counseled a friend of mine who was in an extremely dysfunctional marriage, “I think you’re demon-possessed. Even though I know you don’t believe in demons, just for the hell of it why don’t you go to the holy Mayan cave, light a candle, and ask the spirit of the place ‘If, on the off chance, I am indeed possessed by demons, please cast them out.’” She did this and reported later that the moment she said those words her candle flickered even though there was no wind, and a pain – like an ice pick – shot through her head. What happened next in her life was that she split up with her husband.

My interpretation of this is that without the demon’s protection she was too vulnerable to handle the Punch and Judy show she was involved in, so she terminated the relationship. In other words, just casting out demons that may possess you doesn’t automatically make you any happier. It just makes it possible for you to become happier. But there’s no way to get even to square one until you clear the demons out of the way.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to cast demons out of yourself. All that’s required is the desire to do so, and the firm decision to get rid of them. If you are suffering from a chronic or incurable disease, ** or are battling against some form of addiction, then casting out demons is the first step in self-healing. It’s the first step in self-healing for most of us, since so many of us are demon-possessed. Until you get rid of any demons that may be possessing you and reassert control over your own intent, all your spiritual endeavors are just whistling in the wind.

To cast out demons, go to whatever place you are accustomed to pray at. Power spots or power trees are good places to do this, especially if you have faith in the power of the place or tree to brace your spirit. Light a candle and ask the deity to whom you usually pray that, if there happens to be a maleficent influence in your life, to please cast it out! You must make this prayer in a true spirit of decisiveness and determination. If you pray in a spirit of doubt or hesitation, the demon will use your vacillation to defeat your prayer. Mars planetary hours are good hours to take decisive, irrevocable action; to stand up for yourself; but this is merely a help, not a necessity.

Demons are always trying to convince you that you are doing everything possible to make yourself happy. All the while they undermine your efforts. A wishy-washy prayer to cast out a demon may make you believe that you’ve accomplished something, but the demon will weasel past it. Demons have to be cast out in a mood of unbending intent and decision. That’s all that’s required – unbending intent to cast the demon out. Jumping up and down and shaking your body vigorously is another way to cast them out. This is also a good way to get rid of bad moods or the bad vibes other people lay on you as well. Some people defecate or vomit demons out.

How will you know whether your exorcism worked? Successful exorcisms are often accompanied by sensations of something that was inside you leaving. There may be some kind of whoosh of something flying out of you and away. But this isn’t always true. One way you’ll know is that in the next few days you’ll feel lighter, more hopeful and optimistic. Your friends will notice the difference too: they’ll remark on how much better you look or feel.

If there’s any doubt, though, you can always repeat the exorcism. Just make sure to do it in a mood of decisiveness and determination. That’s all, it’s not difficult. And don’t worry too much about this whole demon thing: if your heart is pure, they won’t bother you any.

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2 thoughts on “Demons”

  1. I have one that jumps from me to my son. It is not good in he’s young 12 it real wants me .I told it no. Now i am helping my son . He is till to young to understand. I deal with this before i unstood what is was . It needs to go away from me and my family .It caused my son alot of problems to hurt me . I ‘ve called on St. Micheal and he’s army people praying and spiritually war fare prayer. It helps but to keep it gone is the thing . I cut my self off of people that bring pain and happness to me and that’s were the crap srarted . Than my neighbors that have alot attachments my neighbors hate my and di any to try to upset my and my son. My son can feel peoples attachments too .His to young to understand how to keep it from affecting him. I alwzy ingored still my son turn 12 than it got bad for us both. We still fighting with it It will go it’s not wellcome .

  2. The nature of demons have been an interest of mine from a young age. I was lucky to receive my call very early in life. I was born a twin who’s identical brother (unintentionally I assumed, he will forever be a stone to my soul) threatened my life in the womb. I grew up in an emotionally disturbed family. Around five or six I felt the absolute need to help my suffering family. My father is was idealistic and long-haul truck driver who was prone to punitive rage when stressed and would talk at us for hours on end when discipline came into the picture. My mother was (and still is unfortunatley) emotionally frail and prone to self-pity which turned into a prescription drug habit/ shut in lifestyle/ and a volitile temperament around the time i turned 12. My techincally half-sister was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder young and was seriously demonically possessed (she said that Jesus stood at the end of her bed and would of become psychotic and aggressive). All the while me and my brothers (I have a younger brother) were left confused and concerned. I began to feel others emotions intensely and having vivid and strange dreams. I learned of the unseen world and spent the majority of my time drawing heroes (spirit guides I think), villainous creatures (demons), and oridinary. Again I was lucky when my grandfather (who is one of the kindest and understanding people ive known) notice my light and encouraged me to stay the faith. While he is himself Christian I believe he has the gift as well. So I listened and began to help those in pain as much as possible. Then something happened that disturbed me. My twin brother began to argue with my sister when she abuse. He believed if he could logically disprove her she would back off and change. This didn’t happen. What did happen was my brother began to change. He became frustrated and pessimistic. She would say horrible things until he broke down and then laugh at him for it. I tried my hardest to convince him to stop the confrontations but he refused. He knew he was right and could no longer sit ideally by with retorting, arguing, mocking her. It got worse obviously. I knew then my brother had allowed a dark spirit to envelop him. As my brother was unwilling to let it go there was little I could beside be by his side to try to heal my suffering brother. I knew how tempting demons could be but I felt ignorant. I knew they were people once and they refused to let go. This is when I made the biggest mistake of my life. I invited a demon to possess me. I didn’t know his name but I knew him decently well. He had tempted me before. Charming, arrogant, self-rightous, and deeply disturbed. He told me I was born special and very powerful. He said we could accomplish much together. I told me others would never understand me but that it was okay because i needed no one. I wasn’t scared but interested. I allowed him to live in me. His work was slow and methodical. Slowly he corrupted my soul. I did this because I felt that to truly understand and help others I must know the condition. My abilities suffered as I began to take on others pain to feed him. No more healing. Then eventually I began to encourage others negativity. He told me it was necessary and when I got wiser of his tricks he told me that i was being empathetic and we were sharing in our pain. Over time I became an angry person. Fake confidence cloud my vision. Over time I became lazy and drug addicted. I learned to lie to myself and others. I became angry at creation. Not uncommon of a teenage kid these days. Two things happened that helped me realize my situation. First thing was a psychodelic trip. There appeared an eye over a river that I believed to be gods. I became enraged at it but was struck with the most profound fear I’ve ever felt. The second was the birth of my daughter. She has compelled me to make more progress than anyone else. Since I’ve remembered myself I have worked to hard to heal myself. I have two jobs that I love, great friends, eat healthier, and work to know myself. I still live with the demon though and have relapse into drug abuse several times. To anyone reading this I suggest you take demons seriously and don’t underestimate their hunger. Don’t let close minded fantastic thinking cloud your vision. It’s easy to succumb to fear and disillusion and stiffle yourself. There is much to see if you allow yourself. Fear lives in all of us, no one is immune. But you can do something. Know yourself, take care of yourself, and move with the light. Thanks for reading my story.

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