Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit Messenger

By Ina Woolcott

Dove/Pigeon’s gifts include – bringer of peace and love, understanding of gentleness, spirit messenger, communication between the two worlds, maternity, femininity, prophecy.

The Dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried and troubled thoughts, and enables us to find renewal in the silence of mind. In these moments of stillness we are able to appreciate the simple things in life.

The myths and legends surrounding the dove links it with many goddesses and it is renowned as the embodiment of the maternal instinct. The dove’s brood consists of 2 eggs. 2 is a symbol of the creative and feminine energies. Home and family are very dear and meaningful to those with this power animal. Life lessons will be most prevailing in these areas.

This bird is linked with the transitional periods in the day’s cycle. The dove’s singing is its most distinctive characteristic, to be heard throughout the day, as well as first thing in the morning and last thing at night. According to mystical and magical traditions, the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are then at their thinnest. Their coo sounds mournful, possibly reflecting hidden emotions within those with this medicine. How you perceive its sound often mirror the energies that are present in your life.

The precious stone amethyst is purple in colour. Sometimes at sunset and sunrise the sky is also this colour. The thing of interest here is that like the dove, amethyst relates to peacefulness. Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used, and a comfort to those living in a world, which seems to be filled with stress, tension, and major changes. Certainly more peace is needed in the world and in some of our lives. Together with dove and amethyst, this may just be achieved. Particularly when we are going through or are facing big changes and transitions.

Dove’s are members of the pigeon family. Both symbolise the qualities of home, security and maternal instincts. Many with this power animal will experience unsettling childhood’s and will be consistently challenged to help gain a solid and secure foundation in all areas of their lives.

Dove teaches us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch away – within us, and always available. Meditation and practicing deep breathing can help us to find inner peace, assisting us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose2

The dove embodies maternal instinct and is connected to Mother Earth and her creative energies. Their mournful coo speaks to our deepest self and stirs our emotions. The voice of dove is a rain song bringing us hope of a new beginning. Listen for their call with your soul.

As doves are ground feeders, mostly consuming seeds, those with this power animal would do well on a diet rich in wholesome seeds, nuts and grains. They would also be successful in any health profession relating to nutrition.

If dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony, be it of the past or the present. Dove helps us to rid trauma stored within our cellular memory. Humming can help you with this release.

Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner agitation is banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, the goodness awaits us. So we are able to receive the gifts doves present us, healing on all levels – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – is of utmost importance.

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    1. I received 2 doves this morning as God knew I was anxious. I received an accept this medicine with thanks to Our Lord, savior Jesus and God Creator of ALL and Everything.

      God Bless

      Love and Light

      ~ Indigo Thunderbird

        1. I’ve recently lost someone who I am deeply in love with, I lost her because I was blinded by anxiety and problems I should have dealt with a long time ago! I was too proud to change and seek help..she found someone else and left me, since then I’ve rarely left the house, I stopped meeting friends, basically my whole world collapsed. One night in august I had a vivid dream that I was near the ocean and their was a light, it was drawing me nearer then I woke, it inspired me to do something I’ve never done before, so I booked a well needed holiday to Crete, totally random and it took courage to go alone, I was half way through the trip and was contemplating getting a flight home, I was lonely and missing the love I lost, that day I went out on my quad I went off the road and into the wild, part of me was not wanting to return if I’m honest. As I drove along the rocky coast Miles from any town or anybody, in the distance I saw “it” a cross on the horizon, as I drove closer I found a tiny Greek chapel right by the cliffs edge and the door was unlocked, It was beautiful and had a small garden, but yet it was miles from anywhere, at first I didn’t enter, I sat on the wall outside and just cried and cried, I think in that moment I hit rock bottom,
          Then, I looked up, and in the rafters of the chapel there was a female dove resting peacefully in her nest, she was really close yet my presence didn’t bother her, I then felt compelled to go inside, as I walked through the door I saw a painting of Jesus and Mary, I put a Euro I had in my pocket in a little tin by the side, I picked up a candle and put it in the holder, I lit a match that was provided, and for the first time in my life there was no sound, no pain of my loss, no worries about the past, it only lasted a few seconds, but its impact for me will last an eternity, I said a prayer for my friends dad who had just passed days before, then walked out, as I did, I looked on the floor and in the door way was a feather, a dove feather, I picked it up and put it safely in my rucksack, then returned to my quad and eventually found my way back to the hotel, that night overwhelmed by that experience and everything I’d been through the past 9 months…I got stupidly drunk all by myself, I wandered down to the beach in the middle of the night, and just swam out into the darkness, i just kept going and going for around an hour or so, “this was it” i said to myself , my sins and failures have finally caught up with me and now it’s time for me to go, so I just stopped swimming, I knew I must have been at least a mile or so out, by this point I couldn’t see the lights from shore, to be honest I didn’t want too! So I just floated on my back and looked up at the stars as I bobbed away, then I felt sand on my back, I put my feet down and I’d washed up on a tiny little island, as I stood up in the waist deep water the dawn broke over the mountains to the east and the light hit me, and I saw “it” again, this little island had another tiny chapel on it, and the sun illuminated it into a silhouette and I saw the cross, I realised at that moment god had a plan for me, and that there was forgiveness through Jesus, I sat on the shore and just watched the sun rise, it was one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen! I then understood at that moment, at my lowest of lows….”time” is just a concept of what you believe it to be, we can be better as people, whoever we are, and if we believe in “Christ” or “allah” or whatever religion that’s is good, and try to be better and righteous, it’s what we do in present and the future that matters, whats done is done, we can’t change it, but we can learn from it and change the future it’s the only power we have,
          I felt some peace at last I then looked around and realised I was only about 200yrds from shore, I laughed realising I was probably just swimming round in circles, and looked at the cross once more in golden red light, and would you believe it, a dove landed on the roof right beside it and sung its morning song, we can be whatever we want to be, it’s our present choices that define us!
          The almighty surely does work in mysterious ways, and on that day I learnt a very valuable lesson and I found peace at last, amen…

          1. That is the most beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful lesson. I hope you are hopelessly happy now and at peace. I know what a hard thing it is to get over someone gone that was your whole life. Wishing you all the best.

          2. HALLELUJAH!!!
            Thank You!
            I needed a sense of hope, and your story provided that for me today. A dove landed on my window ceil this morning and I found this article. ? Father God you are awesome. ?

          3. Awesome and inspiring story. I too messed up with my fiance and lost her to my own selfishness. My sins and wrong doings finally caught up with me. It’s very hurtful to be brought back down to humility one minute you are the man and having your cake and eat it too. Life lesson to hold on to love when you find it, don’t take it for granted. I’m at a low point in my life and just said a prayer to God for peace in our home and to change mines and my fiance mindset so we can get pass this and renew our relationship. Not 30 min later I’m sitting in my driveway and a white dove flys in and lands only steps away from me. I’ve never seen a white dove in my area in the past 2yrs. I lived here. The dove walked around me not afraid and walked to my side door to enter then walked back out and stayed in my yard for about 3 min as I watched in amazement. Then flew away. I know this is God a d the universe speaking to me. I thank the creator for listening to me and showing me he’s listening.

          4. Beautiful! Thank you for uplifting my spirit.
            You are surely forgiven and deserve many second chances we all do. God is our EVERYTHING.
            My white dove passed in front of the windshield of my car today as I was driving to work. It impacted my day so deep in my soul. Thank you Lord for second chances.
            Peace & Blessings to all!

          5. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the faith, and hope. Wish you peace, hope, and all the best.

          6. Wow, that’s a powerful story, Ian. Very touching. I hope your recovery is progressing well. I had a dream about a white bird I cannot get out of my mind yesterday and think it has some meaning. Thanks for sharing your story .

          7. Amazing I decided to Google about doves as I saw 2 grey doves landing on my bedroom window this morning and gazing at me through the slightly open blinds as I lay in thought of the many things that have been going wrong in my life and family yet I was soo amazed at the inner peace and content as if to say it will all be alright in the end. Only God through the gift of the Holy Spirit can make one feel this way… It has made me realise how I should look at my past for lessons and wisdom so I can improve today for an even better tomorrow. I have realised today that nomatter how broken we think we are and no matter how twisted and unfixable we may feel our lives, families and relationships maybe God is always with us and he will never forsake us… All we need to do is choose Him and seek Him first in everything we do and we will be fulfilled… Thank you all for sharing and I feel this is a turning point in my life

          8. This story warmed my heart this morning, thank you. I have had several such intense spiritual moments in my life as well (Costa Rica is truly a magical place!) – God is good and God always looks out for us in our darkest hour. Blessings to you dear ?

          9. Wow! Such an inspiring journey you had! I’m so happy you could experience that peace! Just imagine,, because you’ve endured this life,, you will receive the gift of eternal life, that will come with a peace, Love, &joy you had never thought was possible!! But it is!! I’m probably at an all time low in life. My health is really bad and I’m still so young.. But I’ve been having my own experiences with the Rock Doves! 2yrs ago on my bday, my middle Son Jacob found a pigeon being abused by these gothic kids that come to our neighborhood to hurt them.. He ran up to them, grabbed the bird, & ran home with it! I have to be honest,, I felt really bad for this bird,, but I didn’t think she was going to survive! And I wasn’t impressed.. Now I had this poor bird I had to burry.. Her belly was torn open, she had a huge gash under her wing, her face was beaten.. We put her in a box outside overnight. The next morning she was still alive! We found a cat carrier& I thought WOW she just might recover!! But these kids came back &threatening to kill her.. So I broke down and let her inside..(I don’t stand for ANY abuse of ANY LIVING creature.) With in a day,, her personality WON ME OVER!! I had her sitting on my sterio next to my dresser where I get ready!! And she would come right up to the door& watch every little thing I did! And She Loved when I’d talk to her!! A few night’s in& my husband&Son went for a walk.. So I went over to spend time with her(Something told me she needed my love& friendship if she was going to survive)!! And she started moving her beak like she was trying to talk back.. Lol How ADORABLE WAS SHE!! Ahhh… I fell head over feet for this faultless creature!! How innocent& sweet!! About6months in and one day we had a fledge in our yard. He had hardened poop stuck to his leg.. And it had broken his leg. We brought him in not a moment too soon.. As a cat was closing in on him.. He wasn’t afraid at all!! He was in shock.. We washed that poo off his leg& he healed up quite quickly!! But how he found his way here amazed me!! &,,, 2yrs almost to the day,, just a few day’s before my bday this year,,, & AGAIN,, this time my husband& youngest son went for a morning walk.. And my son spotted a baby fledge in our yard!! There’s no nest or tree’s close by. So how they know to come here is beyond me!! They must have other ways!! I think something like genetically inherited memories& the ability to sence people,, led them here!! But certainly means a lot!! Pearly(our first pigeon recieved on my bday 2years ago, has since passed.. She passed away a week after my Grandmother passed (my maternal grandmother/She was full Native American) And it seems like there’s a connection there! Also I haven’t been well. My health is really bad.. And so is health care here.. So I’m not getting the treatment I need.. A week before baby bird came to us with the poo,, a horse had somehow gotten loose and went by on our back yard driveway(its more like a small gravel road, & shared by the townhouse complex we live at)! I was too sick that day to get up and look!! But everyone else here saw it! So I think that’s where the poo came from.. Lol.. These creatures play a vital role in our existence!! We just don’t realise it! Took me most of my life to figure it out!! Now I pay attention to those messages! And I always say hello when I see a Rock Dove, & other birds like crows! They bring me TONS OF JOY, HOPE, a feeling of PEACE, & like everything will be OK!! I feel like my ancestors are watching over us! And that God, the 1and only true God, whom created the heavens and the earth,, is always with us! Even(especially) during the hardest times! We will be rewarded for our suffering! Christ Jesus came to suffer along side us,, & gave us the gift of hope& eternal life!! That we can have eternal life if we want it! All we have to do is believe in him, repent of our sins, & do our best to follow the commandments set out for us! And of course treat other’s the way we want to be treated! Yes we have dominion over the animal’s on earth!! Just as God has dominion over us!! How would we want to be treated when at the mercy of a being that dominates us?? I think God watches for these type’s of thing’s!! But also sends good news,, through the dove!!
            When Jesus was baptized by John,, God descended upon them in the form of a dove!! That’s his messengers!! How AWESOME is that!
            Mathew 3:16 & John 3:16

          10. What an amazing experience, that you shared. I am Appreciative that I’m able to have received, this message as it was presented. I was able to visualize it as you describe it. And also spiritual be within the realm of your experience thanks for sharing…..

          11. Such an inspirational story. Thank you.

            We’ve had two doves hanging around our backyard for quite some time and so I decided to google for information. I was able to find some inspirational stories and yours (Ian) included. I have been trying to do some self healing especially after losing my son almost 3 years ago. Thank you for your story. It definitely helps with my journey for peace and harmony. God is good. Always.

          12. That story on this day… really touched me in the greatest way imaginable. And I appreciate you and God for guiding me to this..God is good …All the time Amen

          13. Today marks 9 mos and 1 day since I lost my other half, and the woman I looked up to and I sleep next to the window. I woke up with a heavy weight on my chest, then I hear a bird call next to my ear I really was thinking if was a owl ? but I open my eyes while thinking of a loved one that I don’t have in my life no more and it was a morning dove ? I’m looking at him through the window and he didn’t move just was looking at me recording him for like 6 minutes thank you Jesus and thanking you mom for reassurance of everything will be alright amen


          15. Brother, where are yu we meet? hahahaha! beautifully written. i went through the same thing but i used to swim in the indian ocean ffrom 3 am till 4 am. was 16. thank you for such a beautiful story. whats your email. have some ques if you dont mind answering. thanks again! You are truly blessed!

          16. Amen! Hi Ian,

            This is exactly what happen to me but a little different…

            I got drunk alone also, I was not really doing so well due to past events failures and mistakes, remember. But thought drinking would be fun, which actually (wasn’t). Later me drinking I had went back to see a toxin person. And broke down then my flesh was trying to find maybe happiness … Which I certainly did not and forgot of everything what the Lord has done … You can say (was blinded) . However, soon after seeing him. I headed towards the beach with pain and sadness. Thinking no one loves me. Then got on my knees at the beach and weept to Jesus calling to see him in person to come comfort me because I’m a women who needs him.

            I want to lay on my back on the sand, but didn’t but ended up gazing into the night time sky’s and spotted the southern cross. Then stated to calm down and had the peace that I was ready to go back home. Which I did, the next day. I went outside and saw three doves on top of my neighbours house. Then knew God (Jesus) had send them to know he is he with me and wants the best for me and loves me…. Which made me realise God is good and that we only truly need him and he can only fill our void…
            He is really good and kind, and patient with us ❤️.

          17. Thank you, such an inspiring story. Today a dove came to my window and started singing. I always update my calendar whenever a Dove comes to my window, and sometimes i take photos. June 14th will be my birthday will be turning 38 years old and have been single for six years, people say i lie for calling myself single.
            I have learnt to put my trust in God. I don’t like talking about my personal life, because i feel pain, and don’t want to suffer from depression again.
            You’ve really inspired me with your story, thank you.

          18. Thank you for sharing this it made me tear up because I am going thru a similar situation. God bless you.

        2. I received two doves today as I took my afternoon walk. I thanked God because I know they were from him. The day before I saw one and two months earlier as I sat on my porch step one flew down in front of me. He knows I seek peace during this time of sadness and disappointment. He’s close to the brokenhearted. Glory to God 🙏

      1. Indigo Thunderbird, how do you reconcile Christianity and Shamanism? I ask out of sincere desire for the truth, not out of judgmentalism. They seem to be mutually exclusive to me. If Jesus is my peace then that seems to be at odds with this article. Please share your insights.

        1. God is greater than the religion we try to put him/her in. God created everything and is in everything, including us. You don’t have to choose between the two.

      2. I recieved two doves this morning they flew past my window seal. I am grateful for that blessing. Peace be still. Gods live and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

      3. Yes they are two that arrive to me every morning when I sit outside and look right at me I feel it’s Jesus letting me me know I’ll be okay.

    2. I am 6 months pregnant and for a while it’s been very hard to meditate and find peace. Yesterday for the first time in 6 months I meditated on gratitude and my mantra and was able to find true bliss and peace. Thinking of the abundance in my life and feeling great connection to some who have now left the physical body. This morning I woke up and felt a little bit more unsettled than yesterday. I open the blinds to my kitchen window and was startled by a white pigeon/ dove ( a very rare
      type in my area) sitting just outside my window and I admired how it flew away elegantly in another direction.
      Having read this it all makes perfect sense .

    3. I was praising and worshiping God wasing up in front of me is a window the dove fly against it got a fright when I look out is a dove that white nd brown spots siting in front of my door when I went to open he flew the the pilar nd watching me I was standing again by the window

  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful insight. It has touched my soul on its deepest levels. Peace Love and Prosperity to U and yours

  2. Whilst chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo this morning for a new home, we have one week to move out and havent anything suitable yet, I noticed a wood pigeon on the tree oitside. I was admiring its markings when two more wood pigeons flew onto the balcony railing right in front of me. I carried on chanting and to my surprise they didnt fly off. They stayed there for about five mins bobbing in rythmn to my chant. I had look up what the symbolism was and reading this makes perfect sense. Thank you for the insight!

  3. A mourning dove came to visit me today on my window sill. I was putting on a shirt and not paying attention when I heard the call of the dove and it startled me out of my thoughts. I stood and watched for five minutes as it cooed and sang until it flew out into the world. It seems he or she specifically found me and came to soothe my soul. I was moving around and making noise only feet away with the window open when it landed and began its song with such conviction and certainty of its duty. Time almost stood still in a profoundly simple moment. Beautiful reminder of my maternal goddess and to live free of past conditioning. Gratitude to the dove and her medicine.

    1. Thank you ! I felt the same this AM when I was refreshing my cup of coffee a dove was singing outide my kitchen window seal. I stood and amired her beauty , she flew away when my husband came over to the window.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful insight!! I take care of several children, and the white doves seem to love us and hang around the yard all the time while we are playing. We cherish the blessings they bring, and thank them for encouraging our group to be peaceful and harmonious!!!

  5. I’ve had a white pigeon/dove hanging around my house for little over a week. At first I thought it was injured but it has tried to fly to me on several occasions. It really is nice having it around. I don’t know if there is any meaning behind it. But it’s definitely a welcome guest. I do feel at peace with it around. I like how it gets all excited when I come home. Do these birds usually hang around for so long?

    1. I had the exact same thing happen to me- I thought it was injured because it stayed on my balcony. I tried to pick it up and it stepped on my hand so I let it stay there for a few minutes. I put it on the ledge of the balcony and it eventually took off. I had done yoga about an hour prior and was feeling peaceful. Don’t think it is a coincidence 🙂

  6. I had just had a difficult morning discovering my husband was still in contact with a past affair – I was lost, defeated, full of self judgment and blame, not knowing where to put my next foot. A white dove came and tried to get into my home and then just sat for a while on the balcony. On reading this and other posts on the meaning of doves, the visit has given me renewed belief in starting afresh, moving forward, forgiving, believing, allowing my own naivity to keep my innocence in tact, whatever my husband may do or think. It has brought a ray of peace to my troubled mind! God is good!

  7. I was sitting in my backyard, watching a movie on my iPad when a young white wing flew over, perched on the head rest of my chair. Then onto my grey head. Then onto my finger. He sat quietly looking at me, let me move him down to the arm rest. Was very content to move to my palm and nestled down. He started doing the sleepy-eye blink and stayed with me for about 1/2 hour. We watched Mame on the iPad. He only left when my dogs came out to see why we hadn’t come inside yet.

  8. 3 weeks ago I was at the lake and saw a baby pigeon fell from a nest. The nest was very high. So I took the Pigeon home, when I was feeding the pigeon I always made a sound to imitate her parents,I got so attached to her. my daughter named her flappy because she flaps every time we see her. I believe that every in counter that we have in our life, come to show us a play about our life, so Today I wanted to know about the energy of a pigeon, Learning that the sound that I was making was a mourning sound not realizing that I was holding so much pain from loosing my mom in a very young age. A day Before my mom passed away,she had given me a gold bracelet,that I kept and cherished,And I realized that it was missing I was looking for it and all of a sudden the pain of loss came over me,and I started to cry feeling the exact mourning feeling the day my mom passed away. Now I understand that all these pain had been locked for longtime. my little daughter come to me holding the bracelet, with joy, mom I found it. To her surprise,mom are you crying? We hugged and We both laughed.

  9. I lost my best friend and better half in dec. I miss him sooo very much. my granddaughters lost their only papa also. ….yesterday i came home and there were 2 doves on our roof…..i didnt think too much of it.This morning i went out to go to the store and one was sitting on the hood of my .car….no im wondering if this is my better half coming to say “hi”

  10. My life partner and I have lived in our house for 27 years. This year is the first year I’ve ever heard mourning doves in our neighborhood. They have been in our trees but I’ve not seen them until today. The sun had come up and just as I was looking out my window into the distance, 2 doves flew onto the top a evergreen close by, just for a second, then flew over my house.. They were so beautiful as they tried to land together. I’ve never seen or felt anything like it. It was a sign of peace like no other. I too, worried over possible indiscretions. Now I will remember their beauty and the awesome feeling that washed over me when I saw them. I knew what it meant..Their coupleness at that time in that space was like a flashing neon sign. As I write this I am overcome with emotion and will forever remember this experience.
    I always wondered about their significance and have longed to see them since first hearing them.
    I give thanks to the Universe for this blessing..

    1. I came home to a pigeon living above the door of Mr apartment. It’s an old building and it sees me in my home. I have yet to see it leave the nest but it changes the direction it sits. Thank you for the message and I will work with it. Blessed be-

  11. Two days ago I was standing outside on my tea break when a wild rock dove randomly landed on my arm made its way to my shoulder & starting cooing. I stroked its chest while it just sat & looked back at me. After approx 5 min when I walked back to the office I had to actually lift it & send it on its way. The most EVER unusual & random thing that I cannot explain.

  12. I have had the privilege of witnessing a set of doves bring two little babies into this world. They made a nest on my bedroom air conditioner. I listen to their sounds in the morning and throughout the day. Her two babies were finally big enough to fly off. But just a short week later I was blessed with another two eggs. I get to witness for the second time how wonderful mother nature is. How loving she can really be. And how messed up our world is. How defunct and broken our relationships are. When I see this family nurture and take care of each other in such an innocent,pure loving way, it gives me hope. I will certainly miss my friends when they fly away for the winter. They have been keeping me company since june. I never knew a dove could lay eggs twice in a season. A true miracle.

  13. My husband and I also have had the privilege of witnessing a set of doves bringing their babies into this world. The same set of doves brought a total of 8 living babies (2 babies every month) into our front and back garden. I never knew the mother dove would be so productive.
    The 1st brood of baby doves – hatched on March 19, in a hanging flowering pot, in our front garden. I named them, Penny and Paul.
    The 2nd brood of baby doves – hatched on April 18, on our plum tree in our backyard garden – no name was given because the baby dove died on April 24, six days later.
    The 3rd brood baby doves – hatched on May 13, in another hanging flowering pot in our backyard. I named them, Peppy and Bluie.
    The 4th brood baby doves – hatched on June 14, on the same plum tree again. I named them, Lucky and Tigger.
    The 5th brood two eggs – laid on July 4 & 5, on an umbrella which was hanging above the previous 3rd nest flowering pot. One egg was eaten by the possum at night, while the other egg, mother dove tossed it away.
    The 6th brood baby doves – laid on July 12 & 14, back into their first nest which was the first hanging flowering pot in our front garden. They were hatched on July 27 & 28. I named them Polly and Noddy. They took their first flight out of the nest on August 9.
    The mother and father doves showed them how to fly out of the nest and brought them from our front garden to our backyard. The mother dove showed them how to feed off the ground.
    We are very fortunate as we got to see their whole birth cycle 6 times since March. The same set of doves are still here. We have Tigger, coming to our backyard, everyday with the father dove. The other young siblings got shooed away by the mother dove as she was very protective over her nestling ground. Tigger is very special and she loves the backyard and she has her favorite spot. When her name is called, she will come out from her hiding spot and let us know she is in our backyard. She will stay the whole and wait for father dove to pick her up at night.
    It is an amazing first experience for us and I think we are very lucky and truly blessed.

  14. I buried my brother a month ago he had taken his life and since that day I’ve 2 doves coming around my back yard i find so much peace and comfort with them around they can coo and i know there there when i get up each day and this morning when i got up to my surprise on my wall there was 7 of them is this a sign can anyone help me love to know thank u XXX

    1. I feel it’s a sign. I posted today. My name is Joann. I lost my father last November. A dove was flying around my sisters house and she took a picture and on the picture next to doves head is my fathers face. I feel that it was sent to tell us he’s ok at peace.

  15. I’m sitting out the back feeling a little lonely and sad, as today marks 8 days since my white wild pigeon/dove flew away without returning, wondering if she we will ever come home, I’d be happy to think she would return often just to visit. She flew in on April the 29th this year (2015) and never returned home on the night of the 13th of October. I do feel blessed she stayed for a little over 5 months, but I would have loved it if she chose to stay forever. I loved feeding her, cleaning up after her, talking to her and most of all just sitting in silence with her. My time alone is not the same without her. I hope I get over this feeling soon and just hope that one day soon she returns even just for a visit, I named her Joanie after my Mum who passed away in January 2014. I would attach a picture but not sure how to

  16. I rarely see pigeons this close to home . This morning was as I returned from dropping off my boys from school With an overcast weather, to my surprise I encountered about 20 pigeons on my driveway. They were enjoying of a small puddle of water running across, and As I arrived they all flew away . I read that pigeon/doves have to do with maternal instincts in which I am at this moment working with my 3 boys and making changes progress,I want to be their example mom teach them the best paths for their life. Also my father passed away this year and my family and I have that memory in our hearts .

  17. I found a pigeon on my step. My son and fiancée tookvhim in our house since we thought he couldn’t fly,why elese would he let us hold him! We give him rice to eat and water to drink. He was happy for that. But because he wouldn’t stay put he was place in a box outside for the night. The next day , I came home from work to hear hawk was the reason he was hiding in the dark behind our door. My fiancée put him in the yard to eat that day and allvofva sudden a hawk swoop down to grab him but he flew in a nearby bush and we never saw it back. Ivwas reallyvsad as ibwantedvto keep him. Also at my work place I would see a lotvofvthem they come right in front ofvmectoveat seeds everyday at 14 hoursvor not long after. I would admire them I love howvthevhave so many colours. And I learn to tell the man from woman as well. They always flew together . lovely animals are they.

  18. Last November I lost my father to cancer and the family has a hard time excepting it. My father a Christian man never missed church for any reason. Two months ago in Oklahoma a mourning dove visited my sister who is grieving the death worse than any of family members. As she set outside the dove would fly around her house like a speeding bullet. She went inside her house brought out some bread to lure the dove closer for a picture. She placed the bread on her sons truck and the dove flew in to eat the bread. My sister took a picture of the dove to identify the bird. When back in her house she viewed the picture and there beside the doves head was a picture of our father. We cried viewing it saying it’s going to be ok. Our father was at rest and peace. Through this mourning dove our lives are spiritus filled. Thank you Heavenly Father for this beautiful dove.

  19. I have looked after and reared many fallen dove nestlings. I have had endless joy in receiving their affection and alsofrom observing their development and gradual release into the world. They have taught me about unconditional love, peace and letting go when the time is right (not an easy lesson). A few months ago, on a shamanic journey to find my spirit animal, I expected Tiger or Panther or Raven or some such powerful totem animal. I was most astounded when, unexpectedly, Dove flew towards me and around me and alighted on my shoulder. I asked Dove if she was my spirit animal and she indicated her consent by cooing and pecking on my neck affectionately. I was overwhelmed! Dove has come with me/taken me on a few more shamanic journeys since.
    Thank you for this clear description of the gifts brought by Dove.

  20. I recieved a dove yesterday and this morning and it chooed for me. I couldn’t sleep last night early morning and I was feeling ill. The same dove that came yesterday came today and entered my apartment and then flew out my window and sat upon my AC. The peace that it brought took all the pain away. I’m going to be that messenger he wants me to be AMEN!!

  21. I had an rough relationship and a tough year last year. The day before yesterday a pigeon/dove touched my head wit its wing as it flew over me. I feel very blessed by this and makes me determin to let go of my negative feelings towards the past en make a new start in my life.

  22. How true this is. There are forty to sixty dove around the house this winter. Big, light in color and not our usual summer visitors. I am walking a transitional path and the guides surround me. Thank you for the reassurance that my feeling towards them were correct. Dreams have been frequent and leading lately. Now comes for me the more difficult part….quiet and listening to the message.

  23. We put our dog Charlie to sleep two days ago, and have done nothing but cry and feel guilt. He was the most loving and caring dog to us, but had terrible anxieties and had problems with others. He had bitten a couple people and we were always worried about the grandkids. We miss him so so much, but we had to make the decision before something drastic happened. This is all my husband and I have been thinking about lately. We just cry continuously wondering if Charlie would still love us and forgive us. He loved us with all of his heart and sole and we loved him with our heart and sole. Coming back from the store today, a mourning dove was by our bushes. We got out of the truck, and it stood there looking at us. It did not move. My husband went to get some corn for it, and it flew a way. I told my husband that this was a sign from Charlie that everything is okay. He is safe and sound in heaven and that he does not blame us.

  24. I was at work and a beautiful bright gray pigeon flew between my friend and I. and then it sat on a rail looking and cleaning itself. I then saw it walking in the market I used to work. I was at a meeting that night going over a visit to Rome. Could you please help in this matter.

  25. I came home this morning from seeing a cardiologist . He said my heart is strong and healthy. He told me my symptoms were caused by the deep grif I am suffering because my daughter is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. I looked out my window and 7 mourning doves were sitting in a circle on top off an abandoned bird bath. I have lived in this house over 40 years and this is the first time a dove has come to visit. I feel truly blessed.

  26. Only a short time ago, I noticed a pigeon standing motionless on the footpath. He was not content.
    I picked him up and took him inside. For the next hour as I lay on the ground only centimetres away, I watched it die.
    It was the most profound experience of my life.
    The bird is in me and I believe I am within it.
    Anthony 🙂

  27. A dove can be heard singing the song we have shared since I first heard her last week when I moved here to my trailer in the foothills of California. Until a couple days ago, I was the only one who could hear her mourn-masked joyful repetition. My sister lives next door and finally heard her. My fiancé finally heard her too. We are all Cherokee nation children. I have been called a shaman by witches who couldn’t convert me. Anyway, I am just a native woman.

    The holy spirit disturbed me to search for this informative article and it feeds my soul!


  28. This is a beautiful post! This morning is my Twin Soul’s birthday and I am in the midst of a very challenging situation for me. He has recently invited another woman into his life experience and yet we are still in contact; in fact, he and I will get together today for brunch. As I was purging more tears this morning, I was looking out my window and two morning doves flew by from right to left cooing as they went by. Powerful reading here on this page as it supports perfectly what I am going through and what I need to help me. I just did some breathing and humming–NICE!! I am Grateful for people like you who post this kind of info and I want to express I am Grateful for my Twin Soul and our connection and all those who show up to help our Souls progress. Bless Each and Every One… Thank You!

    1. Love this! I just bumped into the love of my life today, my twin soul, i think <3 Its was so wonderful to see and hug her again!! But it filled me with intense longing for her after that short encounter. Then a dove came to my bench and its went all close and circled me for 10 min giving me comfort and peace <3 As a message of not to worry, she will come back to you when the timing is right. Thank you Dove! <3

  29. My first granddaughter was born today on March 17. My daughter named her new baby after her mother that had passed away a few years ago. As we just came in to see the baby, a dove landed on the window sill, as I leaned towards the window the dove came closer to me. I turned to tell my daughter to look, and when I turned around then dove was gone. I had a feeling that I can’t get out of my mind that it was her mother came to to see, little Mary Helen.

  30. Hello I came home from work around 3:30, 4 o’clock yesterday evening and I opened my blinds because my window was cracked to get some air all of a sudden A white pigeon had land on my window sill and I didn’t know what to think of it until I showed my granddaughter it and I was just sitting on the bed just looking at it. I said just take a picture of it it took about, I took three picture of it and then I videoed it it was walking back and forth and I was just saying hello are you here could you see me and then I was thinking okay this must be my mom because sometimes when I go through things I think about her this is my second time receiving a message from her and the first time it was in my sleep. I first seen her since she passed away 25 26 years ago and now I see this pigeon on my window sill and it was a pretty beautiful white. It was looking at me like it knew what I was talking about, so I was watching it for a couple hours and then I got tired I lay down it was still sitting there, it stayed there all night long. I got up for work around 5 a.m. and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and came back and it was gone. I felt good I’m still thinking about it and then I looked it up and this is what I got out of it at the I read others comments, this is the second time that I got a message from my mom. I miss her, I love her, and I thank you all for your comments thank you so much.

  31. Hi my name is Joey G I’m from Phila. PA I was wondering what does it mean when 2 dove/pigeons sit on my window about a week ago then crow’s came for the 2 days now around the tree at my house as well as the doves…any insight or thoughts will be greatly appreciate it

  32. I need to share with you this incredible gift. My wife and I were sitting in the living room this morning doing our morning time together. Today is the day my mom died five years ago. I was talking about how I was feeling sad missing mom and remembering that I was unable to be at her funeral. I was remembering the eulogy I wrote where I noted that the morning after she died I was in my prison bathroom and saw and heard birds in the barred window singing that I had never seen or heard before and my feeling that they carried her spirit and were letting me know she was ok. As I talked about this with my wife the dove in this picture flew and landed on the transom window over our door. We have never seen a bird in this window before. I truly believe this dove, a symbol of peace and love, is my mom sitting there looking in and telling me everything is ok. What a gift from God.

  33. What do you do when you don’t know what to do?!?!? Been going through a lot lately, I have been talking to God, and asking Him to HELP me, and give me strength. Sometimes, our situations can overtake us. I was looking out my window, and along came a Dove on my deck. I felt a sense of peace. Jesus died for EVERY situation we go through. I TRUST Him hold heartily. PEACE BE STILL In The Name of Jesus……

  34. I just received 2 in my window seal pecking each other it was amazing I receive my healing and peace Thank You Jesus Amen

  35. Ever since I was little the age of 7 I saw doves on my mothers (adoptive )telephone post …or where ever I walked they would fly right past me..still to this day.. I think Its my parents visiting me I was adopted my parents died when I was very young and never met them…. It makes me feel safe and loved when I see them fly by me

  36. Have been receiving doves to my windows alot recently and it’s never happened before I got no garden coz I’m very high up in a flat there no reasons for one or both to come and about 10 times in just over a week and they keep coming back some times very quickly. I love them coming.

  37. My life has been filled with chaos domestic abuse and financial insecurity. This morning when I awoke to go get coffee I was stopped in my tracks to see a brown dove sitting on the windowsill right in front of my room as I walked closer there was a second brown dove nearby on the roof. I sat down and watched them and googled the meaning and found this page. I’m unworthy of this blessing and sign of peace. Thanks be to God and the Holy Spirit for this awesome gift to tell me that I’m not alone and I can find peace inside of me.

  38. Having a real bad week, a few minutes ago I’m here at work doing my Bible study on the battle is not mine but the Lord.Just finish reading Luke 9:1 when I look out the window there was a dove on the grass. As I started glorifying God and giving Him thanks and praise the dove started walking closer and closer. He came to the window and when I stand up he flew away. God is always on time. I thank God for his peace!!!

  39. I heard knocking at my front door. At first I thought my cat was doing something. Then I heard it again and figured it was a package delivery. When I looked through the door, there was a Love Dove sitting at my front door. The dove was knocking at my door! My husband said he saw it yesterday at our front door. So I googled this situation and found this web site. The significance is my mother went into the hospital yesterday when my husband first saw the dove. Now it is knocking at my door as I await news of my mother’s condition.

  40. I don’t know exactly what to make of this.. There are a 2 mourning doves that have been coming to my balcony the last couple days look in to my window and fly away and it’s not the first time I have seen them they came a couple months back and they come throughout the day when they do appear, they seem so peaceful though…

  41. Beautiful 🙂 Pigeon came to me perhaps 3 years ago. They multiplied in every corner of my apartment patio despite *bird* people telling me ‘don’t worry, they’ll leave, they don’t hang around people’. In all fairness I didn’t want them to leave anyway. I liked seeing the eggs hatch and accepted the gift God had sent my way. I can definitely say I recognize the family & maternal aspect with these misunderstood … as some others might say ‘rats with wings’. I am down to two nests now on the very outset of my second floor patio. They still refuse to leave me and that could be another lesson they are trying to teach me. Perhaps they are helping to carry/fly with me threw my daily journeys. In any case, it just occurred to me that their cooing is of the lone wolfs howl. It doesn’t feel sad to me but reminds me that wherever I/we are in our own place of stillness and quietness, we are all still connected and we are still together.

  42. This morning for 3 hrs a pigeon sat on my windowsill which is on the 12th floor top floor of the building. Many times she looked at me and it’s beak kept opening and closing like she was talking to me. I felt at peace, she even took a nap there. Later in the afternoon I received some very heartbreaking news. my sons prison appeal was denied. He will need to spend another eight years in prison. Any ideas what this meant today?

  43. At midnight I had a visit from a pigeon into my apartment. Despite my efforts to calmly send it on its way, it stayed the night even though I had left windows open. It left about 7 in the morning. I also have two cats who were really agitated. I’m freaking out because my dad has been ill for a year and I’m not sure what this sign may mean

  44. A beautiful, valiant dove walked on my stone path. I noticed it seemed unsteady. Later I saw it again and it fell head first into my grass and was unable to get up. I went out to help it. I noticed the left side under it’s wing had no meat or feathers. It had been valiantly trying to find food to survive. It took in inside and placed it in a basket. Fed it water which it seemed to need and a slurry of sunflower seeds and water. This lovely creature touched my heart. It waited until I got home today to die.
    What does this mean? My heart hurts. None of what is written says anything about a hurt dove.
    Symbolism of it.

  45. I miss my dove. Named him Prince as he came to my home a week before Prince the singer had passed. Prince a white dove stayed us for a few weeks, disappeared for another few weeks then came back to us…until the neighbours cat pounced on him. We had taken Prince to the vet, willing to pay whatever to get him fixed & then we were told we couldn’t keep him as he’s a protected bird. Prince brought peace to our dramatic live, so devastated that we couldn’t get him back

  46. God Spirit has been showing me Doves for a while. I couldn’t figure it out. I’m a gentle person and very trusting, like Dove, they nest in dangerous places. I’m learning to really examine where I place my trust. I’m learning to protect my loving gentle nature from the hidden attacks of mean people, energy vampires. I’m so gentle that I attract passive aggressive types. I think Dove also represents protecting ourselves from harm by watching out where we invest our energies.
    I feed Wild birds and Doves are the favorite prey of bird eating Hawks. Doves just sit out in the open for far too long. Other birds eat and flush.
    Us Dove people need to protect ourselves by not being gullible or blindly gentle.

  47. Grateful for this article for giving me great understanding. For the past few weeks, every evening, after yoga, there had been a pigeon on my porch waiting to greet me. Shortly after it was two that greeted me every evening. Then I started noticing them during the day as well. Just hanging around my porch. They were not afraid of me, and would let me get pretty close to them as well. Found it kinda strange until getting greater understanding from this article.

    Thank You!

  48. Hi, last night I went for a walk near an old chapel, it was quite dark so wasnt sure if I saw a dove or a pigeon but he was just sat on the arm of a bench all alone. He seemed quite peaceful, not in pain and when I went closer to him, he didnt show any signs of flying away. I was only about 6ft away and we looked at each other for a few minutes and I made a small noise and he was moving his head with interest. I think we shared a connection – it felt like it. After a few minutes I walked away and left the bird sat still on the bench. The area by the chapel is very peaceful and was used to be run by monks in around the 13th C. In the last year I have got significantly more spiritual and wondering would anyone have any idea what the significance of this was or could be? It certainly felt positive and it was only by chance that I felt the need to go for a spontaneous walk (so wondering if that was meant to happen?)

    Many thanks in advance to you all

  49. I went outside to find twenty pigeons in my backyard yesterday. I have two teen daughters and their father is suing me for custody. I feel like it is a gift and a messenge to stand my ground in love.
    Thank you for this forum!

  50. Several years ago I experienced a period of extended unemployment. It was during the last big recession of 2008 that I found myself occupationally dead in the water.
    I would struggle to get to sleep every night agonizing over what was to become of me and my family,  only to be awakened without fail each morning at 4Am soaked in my own cold sweat and shaking with panic.
    Like a broken record my mind would run over all the different scenarios of what lie ahead, and none of them were at all encouraging. Then one morning, in the midst of all this misery, I awoke to a sound that had not been there before. It was the sound of a mourning dove singing outside my bedroom window.  For some reason, that sound
    seemed to reach deep inside me,  giving voice to the sadness andloneliness I was experiencing. 
    I have now emerged from that dark valley into the light of gainful employment, and my little morning visitor has not returned since.
    I am convinced that Our gracious Heavenly Father dispatched that winged servant of His to tell me that He was near and that His heart was breaking for me also.
    Baruch HaShem! He never abandons us! Bless His Holy Name!

  51. I don’t know maybe I am blonde… I still cant put my finger on it? Its a baby pigeon every morning when I open the door for the past few days besides this morning she just flies in moves around a bit and flies away… Sometimes I am busy getting dressed or rushing to get out but I always notice her and wonder what does she want or what does this mean?

  52. Yesterday And today theres been this white same pigeon flying into my window trying to come in but cant cuz of of the window screen….i try to ignore it n so when i do the pigeon flys again straight to the window wanting to get my full attention.. as i walk to the window it flys couple feet away from me n then just stands there looking at me nodding its head n looking directly at me….what does this mean?? Its been 2 days straight n the pigeon is still there posted looking at me.. right now is 3:30pm n the pigeon is at the window now as im writing this post….

  53. I went into pre term labor at 6 months and my son was stillborn. I was devastated. He was my first child. I didn’t understand why it happened or what I was to learn from this. I was confused and deeply hurt. I prayed and asked for clarity and peace. 2 weeks after I gave birth, a few days before my birthday, I saw a dove perched outside my greenhouse. Went outside for a closer look, she was so beautiful up close. She just stared at me and never moved. I felt such peace in that moment. I kept going outside to see if she was there; each time she was sleeping but didn’t mind being woken. Stayed with me the entire night. I no longer felt hurt. My healing had begun and I accepted the peace and promise that I would bear another child. Now I’m expecting again and I couldn’t be happier.

  54. My birthday was on the 5th feb brothers passed 24th Feb. When he was passing..he said I will never leave you..Well yesterday a Dove flew into the house and I started to cry. It settled and just stared at me. I was hysterical as I knew this was my brothers spirit to wish me Happy Birthday. I asked my cousin to help him to freedom. He caught the dove and it just stared at me..whilst letting it go it let out all these feathers over my head. And in my face. Thats when I really started to cry. I know this is called BLESSINGS? I AM GREATFUL!

  55. Ifound apeagon at my kitchen window the passed 4days and this morning it laid two egg iknow it has agood massage for me from God

  56. thank you for the insight on doves. I had one outside my bedroom window on the roof the other day and it struck me as a messenger of hope serenity and peace from the Goddess ancient mothers.

  57. I saw your article please tell me the truth’behalf astrology it’s being a good to I have laughing Dove at home. please reply me as soon as possible . it’s a baby which is 4days I save it but as besides a astrology it’s a good for me.

  58. I felt inner peace as i used to find pidgins calling out to me in our old house i was going through some really tough times an saddly i lost my dog who i was really close too. Pidgins would fly into our home in our bathrooms i caught one in a towel an just before i was going to release it, i felt inner peace an calmness i was holding the towel the pidgin decided to stay sitting on the towel an was calm we stared at each other for ages at it was not trying to attach me as i thought being a wild bird i started chatting to it. At another house now I have also had a willy wag tail pop on in at times too quiet frequently gets up really close hopping around. When ever i put the washing on the line i hear a bee an then it flys around me for a bit then flys away, it gets up really close to me. Even today i had a bee approach me when i was walking to the shops i was stopped by a friend who was driving passed an she mentioned u have a bee that nearly landed on u, while we were chatting, i then said out allowed i wonder what bees represent regards the meaning so she googled it an read out what she found, wowzers i can so relate to what the meaning is! Amazing! God Bless 🙂 x

  59. My name is serenity I am only 11 years old and I am Jewish but not traditional. I have always felt that jewdeism was a holy religion but never felt close ties with it when I see other people talking this way about Jesus it makes me feel connected. I feel a sense of happiness and peace and emotional. I want to convert and know my mom will try to support me but I need courage to tell her how I feel. I am also really scared of how my sister shay will react because once I told her about how I bought a virgin Mary ring at a cathedral in st augistine she said that I was ridiculous for buying that because I’m supposed to be Jewish pls respond anyone

  60. This morning I started to pray about my daughter and a pigeon flew into the glass window. It backed up hoovered then flew away. It’s timing made we question the meaning. What do you think? I going through a divorce and I’m very open with my 12 year old I was asking god should I not do that.

  61. My father recently passed away and I prayed for him to send me a sign. A day or so later there was a beautiful white pigeon in the road in front of my house. I was surprised since i have never seen a white pigeon before. It was just walking around. I tried too feed it b but it was not interested. I didn’t think about it then but a few days later i started thinking about it and realized that it was my sign father that he is at peace. It has filled my soul with a beautiful peace. God is so good!

  62. Shortly after coming home from putting my 18 year old cat down today, I found a dead dove peacefully sitting on a landscape rock in my front yard. Wondering if there is any connection to the passing of my beloved cat and finding the dove soon after?

  63. I have a question few years ago after my mom and dad died … i found a black pigeon in my yard he had one eye hurt and the wing on that side was broken .. so i took it in the house use medicine on her and i feed her and keep it in the house… and what is wierd that after 2 years exactly on the easter day ..another bird drop in to my yard this one was brown red whit white and he was really chill just standing there and had a feather in his mouth he look like it was in a fight or something so i took in the house feed it and i wanted tot keep it for the other bird i had … but second day he was readdy to fly and i let it fly … u think is sign from god ,spirits ? /

  64. I was sitting out on my patio today under a big umbrella that covered my head. A morning dove swooped down from my right and almost landed on my shoulder and flew away on my left. I felt his wings on my back. He sat on my small shed right in front of me and looked at me as I said hello. I’ve been going through some real adversity. But to have it almost land on me and to feel it’s wings. What could it mean?

  65. Had been quarreling with my wife for some days now. And to my perplexity today the dove came inside the sitting room frequently. What does that mean to my family

  66. Forgot to mention when I was talking about white dove circling me that it also looked right at me a couple of times. I thought that was kind of amazing. Literally looking right into my eyes. I’ve never even seen a bird in a situation like that do something like that. Almost like it was talking to me you’re trying to communicate with me silently somehow again, I think it was sent by God

  67. I have a white pigeon that has been hanging around the back of my business for about a couple months now This morning I notice there are two what is the significance of this
    Does anyone know the answers bc I would love to know

  68. While we as a family was working in the garden a pigeon appears and was following us around the place he came very close to us and weren’t even afraid when we reached out and touched it .What can be the meaning of this

  69. My mother experienced something like this today at work while she was outside. What surprised me was that she said the bird was flying above her and as soon as she extended her arm out to see what would happen the dove landed in the palm of her hand, and said that it didnt struggle at all when she went to touch it and after wards she let it go and it went into the woods. What could this possibly mean?

  70. Reading your story I felt hurt, good, and a new beginning in my life. In May 29, 2002. I experience a moment in my life” I had too step away which never meant to hurt in no other way this gentle man I only known for a day that was not my intention. My mother had spoken words I never agreed. the years have pass on and I need too put that past behind Im. Talking with god last night I had a dream of a white dove he was a big one and in the dream I felt he was a male, I notice he was sitting on top of my hand I don’t know if it was right or let I wanted him to get of my hand and i push up for him too go and the dove kept sitting on the palm of hand pressing with all strength and I push up for him to go with all my mighty and he got up from laying on hand and began to go and flayed up high away. I awoke this morning different thank you for sharing your story I wanted to share my story As Well thanks and god bless.

  71. Every Saturday morning, I go to the beach in Florida. I was soaking up the sun and woke up to a mourning dove right in front on me on the sand. Same beach for 19 years, and while there are always seagulls, never a dove or pigeon. At first I thought it might be hurt, so I stood up and it flew away. I dozed off again and woke up to a man asking if I brought my pet bird to the beach today. The dove was at my feet, hanging by my towel. And, no I wasn’t eating, but others were around me that day. That little bird stayed with me for 3 hours until I left. I thought it was a sign or omen, so I searched and ended up on this page. My father passed away 3 years ago this week. I snapped a few photos of the dove and looking at them, it’s just so bizarre to see a dove on the beach! I’ll take this as a message from my Dad to not be sad this week.

  72. recently before my doughter was born out of four boys i received 2 doves i have no clue why but a few days ago one flew to my bedroom window seal while my family was sitting in my room watching a movie it just looked like it belong like it was looking at all of us it was there for a good hour then flew off i was looking up meanings and found this page now i kind of understan being that i hade lost my job a few months back and me and my wife just hade our new born its been about a year since ive seen my mom she has notseen our baby doughter but i hope and pray she comes around ive been going through some hardships but mabie its a sign letting us know this will be ok wich im sure they will faith is everything and all i can say to all is just have faith in god everything will fall in place thanks.

  73. Yesterday I was walking back home and a pigeon got hit by a strong wind and fell on her head on the ground… She couldn’t lift herself so I helped. She had a broken neck and died in my hands. I moved her outside the pathway… so sad. I saw her last gasp of breath.
    So sad… what does it mean when a pigeon or dove dies trying to reach you? I noticed in the comments two people asked the same questions but no one responded.
    I am currently having problems at work being heavily bullied by my boss.

    1. Ever

      It means it’s death is renewal for you. A better and more peaceful path lays ahead of you.
      You need to take steps to ensure it by adopting an optimistic attitude and not giving in to
      Defeat at your situation .

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