Moth Power Animal Symbol Of Transformation

By Ina Woolcott

Moth’s gifts include the power of the whirlwind, ease of movement in darkness/shadow, transformation/metamorphosis, ability to confuse enemies, ability to find light in darkness, hearing spoken and unspoken messages.

Moths reside in all but polar regions. Their bodies, legs and wings are covered with numerous touch hairs that come off if the moth is touched – they are highly sensitive to touch. They can feel, smell, taste and tell the temperature with their feathery antennae, with the tiny pegs on them acting as receptors. The moth views everything clearly. Moth people usually have strong psychic and healing abilities and must watch out not to pick up others problems and carry them around in their energy fields, or confusion or irritability may occur.

Metamorphosis is part of moths magic – the egg stage is symbolic of the birth of an idea, the larvae stage is the foundation, the chrysalis stage is symbolic of the manifestation, and the growing of wings symbolises taking flight and exploring uncharted territory.

An interesting trait of the moth is hiow they use their wings. A resting moth either wraps its wings around itself, holds them extended to the side or folds the wings up. This implies a basic nurturing property and moth people may find themselves in the role of care giver.

With their acute hearing – their hearing organs are located on their legs, giving them the ability to sense vibrations around them – the moth is able to detect ultra sound. Pay attention to what is being spoken and also the unspoken, underlying messages in what is heard. Observe the body language of those around you and those you come in contact with if this is yoru power animal. Also pay attention to your sensitivity to others, the lacking side of it or the over side of it. Perhaps you are in a situation that needs to be rethought. Are you being honest to yourself and others?

The moth is an optimist and opportunist with countless transformative properties. From them we learn how to expand and perfect our inherent psiychic abilities, and how to let go of negative energies and unwelcome influences, helping us move into our personl power and happiness.

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    1. Thank you, i have been seeing Moths all week, I am going through change and upheaval just now. This explanation of the Moth spirit is very enlightening

    2. Please “edit” your share above, I love and believe everything you’ve shared, but your typos are distracting…just a bit.

  1. Thank you very much for this information. You could say I’m beginning my path in learning how to be a Shaman and the moth has become profound in the same day I reached this decision. On my way home from friends I’ve had two moths remain on my car for most og the trip, one remaining along the door, the other against my window. After about twenty minutes it was clearly there for some reason and decided to open my window. I outstretched my hand and it gladly traveled onto me where it rest for another five minutes before deciding to leave. I don’t entirely understand what happened but now I feel profoundly connected to them.

    1. When an animal touched you or appears in this fashion it is usually a two fold message. To recognize in yourself the similarities both positive and negative, and to accept the aid it is giving you. In this calm your heart, open you mind and seek to have a calm, open yet resilient spirit. It is a moment to listen. Best of wishes on your journey.

      1. I have a question if anyone knows please reply.
        What is the meaning when I was Starting having a discussion with my fiancee a moth came from nowhere flew out from between my legs it flew around me 2x and now we can’t seem to find it .

        1. trust your intuition on the subject that was being discussed whatever you know is true in your heart when you close your eyes and quiet your mind is what you should listen to in this situation.

        2. That’s interesting because I had just broken up with my lover yesterday and felt great anguish but also empowerment and after the breakup I had a performance for an event (had to be a zombie butcher on 4-foot-tall stilts) till 2am, then at 3:33ish-AM I’m laying on a concrete bench contemplating life and waiting for a Lyft home, and a massive moth flies frantically then dives to my forehead and lands on my third eye for almost a second before frantically whooshing off to it’s next destination. I was flabbergasted, though I knew in my soul that it was symbolic. Now I see it symbolizes Transformation and Metamorphosis, which I very much am in need of…

        3. I had the same thing happen to me, until I went to take a shower and it kept attacking me in the bathroom. I finally swatted it on my leg. Now the story goes, the black moth could also represent a spiritual transformation of someone that recently passed. No one that I know except my beloved English
          Bulldog that passed recently. When she was very ill the only place she wanted to be in was the bathroom for 3 months. For this moth that ended up in the bathroom after flying aggressively through my house, is it a coincidence? Draw your own conclusions. I heard it is also bad luck to kill a black moth. Google it sometimes.

      2. Interesting reading. Today I was in a interview for a new job. While sit and wait for the person to call me in to the room I decide stand up. When I rise a moth fly out from my jacket a big one. It’s strange how it have stayed with me for so long and in the day light. Usually they come in the night.

      3. Wow reading these comments is , well, revolutionary for me, in the smallest sense. I had an experience with a the white plume moth (I now know after research) at first I was like wow this is pretty and it was flying towards me and landed on my top. Was fighting the natural urge to swoosh it away, because it looked mosquito like, but I wanted to stare at it, so I did for about 10 seconds and then swooshed it. A minute passed trying to look for it, and it was right there on my pillow in front of me. I stare at it, and take pictures hoping it won’t fly away. I take them and look again, some moments pass and he flies out the window. I just knew it meant something, it was so beautiful, pure white with feathers. I do some simple research and go to look back at the pictures I took, and they vanished, I’m sure I took them. Now reading this article this relates to me in every way, even my very thoughts before the encounter relate to this article. I now truly believe in God or some power overseeing and checking in on us and not just watching us live our free will out with his creation

        1. I had a white plun moth land on me bout 4 years ago. It landed on my arm. I can tell you that from that point on my reality was not what anyone was seeing. It took me years to be able to see the world as it once was. However my family has history of insanity on both sides. Learning to seperate life lines or dementionsons or both have me the clarity of my own sanity. So although I believe the white moth brought forth a trait of mine that could destroy my life. I also believe it pushed me to overcome and master my own thoughts. The family members who suffer from insanity all start losing touch with reality because they hear God speaking to them. My cousin has a church that uses rattlesnakes. My father lead a few hundred in the spirit of Jesus to a forest and all will attest they saw what they thought to be God. My grandmother heard God and was told to give her material worth to a church and join the Christian hells angels. She did. I myself follow instructions from a entity that feels like love and I believe it be God. I was wondering if maybe you too had a spiritual calling that was blessed with a plun moth

    2. That is so cool. I just asked the universe for a sign and then a white moth appeared I looked up symbolism here my brothers name is Nathan! The white moth says it could be the soul of a loved one sending a message!

      1. Tonight a little brown moth appeared, landed on my head, i paniked ha thinking “ahh what is that”then it landed on me, and stayed for ages. I lost my Mum Last year, haven’t been dealing with it well ATALL Also I am struggling with something rightnow, health problems, decisions, I’m Tired ALL Of the time, I could go on but more importantly thus moth stayed on me. I asked
        “If this is you Mum, tap your legs” It did?!! And just continued to walk from my hand around my wrist, for a very long time, so I decided to record it & it never moved whilst I got the camera ready on my phone & recorded for over 2-3mins & I probably could’ve kept it there longer.
        it then landed on the blanket next to me, then eventually moved onto a Writing pad next to me on the side table. I then touched, it moved & it is now sitting underneath a Biscuit carton on the side table next to me.
        This may all seem ‘Obvious’ to so e people but if Anyone can shed anymore light on this PLEASE it would be greatly appreciated?! THANKYOU ♡

  2. In January, a little white moth flew into my life. I was washing my sink when I noticed it hiding behind the curtains of the window above my sink. It flew out and landed on my hand.

    Since then, I have considered it a very powerful messenger and animal guide associated with one of medicines.

    When in Peru, I forgot one of my protective medicines in my hotel room. I looked up during the meeting I was attending, and there above me was a giant black moth. I couldn’t help by feel like it was moth’s way of telling me that it was watching out for me, even without my medicine on my physical body.

    I find that moth often comes into my life to warn me about people or places. If I see a moth somewhere, I go in with caution or avoid the place altogether; If I see a moth around someone, I know to steer clear of them. It shows me where the energy is toxic. It shows me where I need to protect myself energetically.

    1. I was just writing about today when a black moth was flying from my jacket when I was waiting for a interview for a new job. It fly from me when I rise and was landing on a wall before I was going in for the interview. What do you think? Was it bad energy from me or the job or is it saying something about development? It was in the daylight.

  3. I’ve been having interesting interactions with animals since I was a very young child. I used to have butterflies visit with me all the time, but now moths are making their way gently toward me. Just yesterday a moth had some how gotten into my apartment. It waited until I was distracted with the back door right open to flutter onto my leg, and then took the opportunity to jet out the open door. Another landed on my cheek today. Both during broad daylight. Is there any clear difference between the symbolism of the butterfly compared to the moth? Thanks.

    1. I would say moths deal with the shadow or more darker aspects of transformation versus the butterfly which is the lighter side. Think about it, moths come out at night and buyterflues areseen during the day.

      1. The moth and butterfly are related. The butterfly usually represents love and completed transformation, the Blessing. The moth represents the ability to create the blessing, from the void, dark matter, transformation, from nothing to something, out bad to blessed, very powerful. In many other aspects the two totem’s are the same, sacred knowledge, ecc.

  4. A moth landed center on my throat to night while I was biking it stung but no harm so far has been done. why did it land on my neck I don’t understand.

    1. This is what some would call the 5th Chakra, and is a form of purity. Be sure to speak your truth in a positive and loving way. For example of there is something you want to obtain speak in affirmation, I am enough. Then get what is yours. Think of it as a family style meal. You help prepare and please your palate. The nourishment, in other words, is yours but you must be willing to consume it, to grow stronger with it, and to live with it. Be ever positive and pure, Natalie.

  5. I find this very interesting. The other night a moth flew into our room and kept bashing itself off the lamp shade. I found myself questioning why a moth would kill itself in its determination to get to the light. My partner grabbed some kitchen roll to catch and kill the moth, I reached my hands out to the moth and very firmly asked God to give me the moth in order to save its life. The moth climbed onto me and I seen orange light shining from its eyes as we locked our gaze. It stayed on me until I gently blew him off my hand into the air outside. I woke up with a moth directly above my head this morning. I felt safe to know it had been above me as I slept, as bad dreams are a regular occurrence for me.

  6. A large Polyphemus Moth appeared fluttering in my yard this morning after a rain. Later I found it on the trunk of a tree. It has remained there all day not moving more than a couple of imches and remains there at sundown. Is there any significance to this?

  7. Thank you for the article.
    My mother passed away just 2 weeks ago. Every night since then, a single moth has made it’s way into my room and fluttered around my side of the bed. Instinctually, I said out loud, “Mom?”
    I understand that one attribute of the Moth, is that it represents those close to us that have passed. I find comfort in this. My mother is still finding a way to comfort me. Mothers are wonderful.
    I just keep asking… “What would you like to tell me Mom?”
    and see what else I can learn from this relationship to Moth.
    Blessings and Hugs

  8. Its been 7 days thaty husband and I are not talking. He yells at me, painful words. He told me words that no one. An bear. He cuss at me and told me thay I am low lowest pf lowest and lowest than a.cockroach. His assistant spreading rumors that my husband going to file husband said he did not tell his assistant like that. But when I asked his assistant he said he told pne of his co-worker jokingly. But he twist thing around.that it was me.thay said it. I.was down graded by mu husband because of that and he said he will take me to court and I will not win and hw will.get his children. I.was hurt really bad and been affected to bad because of the fight. I dont believe in.divorce because I love my children and of course my husband. I been so down. Sitting in.front of mu house crying, feeling the pain and praying everything will be ok. Then this evening. Sitting front door, hoping for mu husband to talk to me, to hug me and say sorry. Suddenly, a big brown moth came and sits on top of the wall where I am sitting down. I want my relationship to be mend. What is the moth meaning to me and my situation. This is the first time it happen to me. I hoping for positive result.

    1. I see this post was written long ago. i know staying with your children and your husband is important to you but you must also care for yourself if your husband is belittling you and you feel small if you can possibly get away for a few days or even a night away to clear your mind someplace you feel safe, you will feel better and be able to help your children better from a more grounded place. No one should have to stay in an abusive situation that is not love. Love is available to you but sometimes we have to take a break. I believe the moth came to u as spiritual support to help u learn to trust yourself about what is really best for you and your family. Sometimes that takes a little time to learn to trust yourself again and to see what toxic things are around u that u may have to let go of!

  9. 6:00am Pacific NW while raining. Walking to the bus headed to work. A Moth simply landed on the tip of my right thumb. So I stopped to notice it . and with a short breath I sent It on his/her? Way. Then immediately started this very research on the such creature.

  10. Feeling a lot of sadness through Me and my gf having major problems as I cry and listen to music a giant moth flew in and startled Me lol xx my gut told me to research the meaning thank you xx

  11. I’m surprised yesterday night when i came home from duty when two moth landed first on my chest then flew & landed on my dresser. At first i didn’t noticed that they are mating until i stared on them. They are in two different colors, one is brown & the other one is white. I’m just curious about what message they want to relay on me as this is the first time i saw a mating moth. Could anyone interpret the exact message these two moth wants to convey on me? Ur ideas & comments are very much welcome. Thank you!

  12. The. Butterfly. Effect. Is. Real. The moth effect is clear, distance is our problem. Stop trying to remember your dreams. Elephants[moths] never forget. Daydream&Nightlive. Much love. Keep in touch.

  13. Interesting…I found your article today- exactly 1 year after you posted it. I had a emotional weekend – I was thinking about my marriage …we have some issue …it was early morning and I couldn’t sleep and suddenly the big black moth flew in our bedroom , flew twice around me and then flew above my sleeping husband and started to flew against the wall like angry and I got scared and just hide under my blanket …when I peeked out it was gone …nowhere and I couldn’t find it anywhere. disappeared…thank you so much for your article,I feel better but still do know exactly what that meant …any help?

  14. I was outside with my dog at night and a whole bunch of moths came flying on my deck to the light. I didn’t think nothing of it because I knew light attracts moths. Since reading this article I am amazed what the moths mean in spirit world. There were a lot of moths on the floor of the deck and on my house and flying around the light. I never seen so many. The next night was the same thing… If anybody knows why there was all these moths at my house, please let me know.. Thank you.

  15. A White Moth is currentlt just outside my front door, over my right shoulder….I elt drawn to it, but I only observed, I did not touch it, as to not to disturb….but i know there is meaning here.

    1. Just outside my front door, over my right shoulder, I felt drawn to it, but i did not disturb it, for I know there is meaning here.

  16. Thank You for putting out such positive meaning of The Beautiful Moth you must also be one of Her Caretakers

  17. Thanks for the information it landed on my shoulder last night , it was awsome, , then hundreds of June bugs began to land all over me I couldn’t hang with them thanks again I believe we have to listen to hear. Thanks again

  18. I recently joined a group to meditate and have my aura cleared. A week after the first meeting, I had a dream that I was covered by brown moths, from my feet up to my neck. My arms were outstretched and they covered them too. I was wearing a layer of moths. Reading your page has given me some insight on what I should be doing – continuing my spiritual transformation. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. You inspired me and enlightened me to go on my path of spiritual/psychic growth. Thank you and let love be your light:)

  19. last week a moth appeared in my room. my 4 year old son saw it but was really afraid. It was in my room for 3 days. It was during the problems i was havin with my significant other. I was having dreams of him cheating on me with his exgirlfriend. Then i just kept having these emotional outbreaks. Again this week a big moth appears in my car . i still feel my boyfriend not being honest.

  20. I’ve been having a lot of problems this past week and I’ve seen on huge white moth on the window and it stayed there until I left and when I got home a small white moth flew around me and landed on my right hand and just stayed there for awhile..what does this mean?

  21. Early this morning as I was walking into my room, I saw a white moth flutter over my bed. By the time I was fully in my room, the moth disappeared. This is not the first time I’ve experienced some sort of “energy moth” come to me as a manifested symbol then nowhere to be found, a little joy from the Universe creating miracles just for us. This has also happened to me with spiders which I have a soul connection with.

  22. I did a prayer of sorts for a financial blessing. Minutes later i sat outside on the stairs with my hands folded, a black moth flew directly at me n fluttered in my forearms back n forth for a moment n seemed to disappear.. (?) i read some bad things online about black moths then found this site. Does anyone have a positive outlook for me?

    1. Forgot to mention that after it seemingly disappeared i felt an over powering tingly sensation from head to toe.

  23. I am on my shamanic journey and past few days moths have been here.
    I just had one land on my shoulder and i offered my finger and it crept onto my finger i said hello and it seemed to look at me and move its antenas before taking flight was on my finger for around ten seconds. I feel really connected right now

  24. My oldest son’s dad passed away a month ago on the 10th. I was getting my kids ready for bed in his dad’s bedroom and a white moth just appeared. I was scared at first cause I’m afraid of insects and was gonna kill it. Then something came over me as I tried to swat it with my hand and I felt like it was his dad watching over us. I cry all the time and miss him so much since his funeral I haven’t been able to leave his house( He lived with his parents). As I backed down it flew around for a bit and then just disappeared. Can anyone tell me what this means

  25. Also I forgot to mention shortly before he passed away. I seen 2 white moth in my house. Please help me understand what this means. I need closure and feel like the moth is him telling me everything will be ok.

  26. I feel compelled to add to your moth stories! Two days ago, I had just had some bio energy work done and I was walking back to my hotel, quite weak and emotional from it. A nun passed in front of me and fell. I helped her up and she asked my name. I am Christian, but not particularly religious. Then a lady leant out of the window of her home and asked me the time. Over breakfast in the hotel with my mum, which I barely touched due to nausea, a moth landed by the windowsill. It slowly turned around and stared at me for ten minutes. I know this sounds bizarre but I really felt it was staring at me and that it was going to land on me. My left arm was in a lot of pain from the session; I was told by the energy worker that it was where I was releasing a lot of baggage. The moth then dived quite quickly to that arm. I was quit alarmed and jumped up in fright! I feel like there’s a connection between all those events which I don’t quite understand but somehow don’t feel I need to. That evening I slept in a tent with my dad (I think I am effected by EMF waves so wanted to get into the countryside without wifi to see if my discomfort eased). I found a dead moth in my tent. That night I saw a light come from a tree which I put down to coming from the road but later on there was a storm, my dad and I were out securing the lines and he saw flashing lights. We had camped by a crannog and old heritage sites. The next day (yesterday) I was admitted to ER due to severe weakness, nausea, vertigo, feeling like electricity is running through body, insomnia and muscle numbness. All what I had been experiencing in rye last while but much more severe. I am between believing I am effected by EMFs and geo energy (my house is under a pagan and energy line spot) and that I am going insane! My energy person thinks this is moving from the 3rd to 5th dimension and is all part of the healing process. I am still in hospital, have had a tingling beneath my eyebrows since. The above sounds absolutely crazy to me having written it down. If anyone has any thoughts on the above I would be very interested to hear them. I know little about shamanism or this world that seems to be so far from my usual life. Thank you

    1. Hi there. I read your post. About EMFs: If you feel sick a lot of the time at your residence due to ley lines, it may be a sign for you to find another residence somewhere else. Not everyone who’s sensitive to them has positive reactions to them. It may be a hardship or hassle to have to move, but your health is important. It sounds like you have a good energy worker you deal with. Ask for more specific advice. Try grounding stones like black onyx, hematite (can be magnetic), and jet (dark stones). All are used in jewelry and can be quite affordable. Clear quartz and amethyst are also good for bringing in and maintaining positive energy. If you already have jewelry with any of these stones, wear what appeals to you and see how you feel physically. Watch what happens and take notes. Consult your energy worker. I’d also keep a medical doctor on speed dial, just to be safe.

  27. I’ll try to keep this short. Literally a few minutes ago I was meditating to ease anxiety and worry by visualizing a golden white light around myself (I do this frequently almost every morning for comfort not just for stress) then a ‘vision’ of a LARGE white moth appeared in the distance and flew directly to the front my face, where it hovered for about two seconds before I opened my eyes. The feelings were somewhere between neutral and calm.

  28. On a more detailed note, I was visualizing all the negative emotions being transmutated into positive ones or at least being released from me when something returned as a gentle but large white moth. And by large I mean the size of a basketball with wings.

    I’m pretty anxious right now at this point in my life. I generally just feel like I’m going through some strong emotional and spiritual changes that I just can’t talk about to others around me.
    Meditating daily for about a year has brought calmness and reassurance even in frustrating situations such as paying for school or letting go of old patterns, friends, habits.
    What’s really interesting and becoming more common is the vivid things I experience in meditation and dreams. I pretty much google everything, wondering if anyone experiences the same and knows the meaning.

  29. This article was very useful to me..

    You see I been going through complete hell this past month.. I felt like giving up. Then one night a white moth landed on me.. I actually was going to kill it because I hate bugs.. But something came over me. I felt more intrigued than anything. The weird part is when I moved it wouldn’t leave.. After a while I brushed it off and let it out the window. I feel that it was sign. A sign to maybe see the light not the darkness.

  30. After the loss of my Grandmother and Aunt a few years ago, I found it extremely hard to shake my grief. For about a week I was bombarded with moths, they were everywhere I went, hitting me in the head, one even landed on my window while I was driving 90km an hour. Eventually I realised they were trying to get my attention and I googled the spiritual meaning of moths. That night I had a visit from two large moths, I knew it was my GM and Aunt. My daughter was in her teens and was acting out at the time. She was scared of the moths and one night during a black out with the candles on they were picking on her. It was the funniest thing to watch her screaming and hiding under the blanket. She would pop her head out and they would repeatedly fly at her hitting her in the head. I would’ve felt sorry for her, but it was definitely my GM and Aunt knocking some sense into her and she did deserve it at the time. They stayed around for 3 days, at the end of it my faith in spirit was restored and I was no longer in that stage of grief. My daughter also changed her view after her moth butt-kicking and was more respectful. Now, we look back at that experience as a wonderful fond memory and have a good laugh.

  31. Wow great article! I have noticed about 20 moths on my front door. I never took notice before. Im going through lots of upheaval in my life with intense dreams.

  32. Very strange. I awoke this morning to find what appeared to be (after some investigation) a wax moth larvae sitting upon my chest. It was resting peacefully between my pectoral muscles on my chest bone. I found this odd for a variety of reasons. One, it was still alive. My covers were pulled up to my neck and it had somehow survived the entire night (ostensibly) as I tossed and turned and hugged my pillows, as I am given to do. Upon discovering the little creature, I took him outside and lay him upon the ground, whereupon he then when about his day, no doubt to become a moth I presume. In any event, it was something that gave me little doubt or pause in the assumption that I should investigate the meaning of such a symbol. As to whether or not anyone knows exactly, that is entirely a different matter. I can say though, transformation, did come to mind. Any thoughts beyond what you have written in your article?

  33. I have been seeing a cream striped owl moth in three instances , one was dead when I found it, the other alive when I saw it and today the other one seemed to be alive but noticed it was dead. What could it mean

  34. Moths have been around me for as long as I can remember. Three yrs ago mouths moved into my home. Tiny ones. It’s very annoying. I can’t get rid of them. But tonight I walked out the front door and there was a large one scattering around and it looked like it was going to bother me. So I told it, I see you okay, now go. And it flew off. Input on why my life is full of moths please. I’d appreciate some understanding so maybe they’ll leave the house at least.

    Thank you,

  35. I dreamt of 2 deaths head moths dancing in sync with each other as if they were a mating pair, they spun in opposite directions but were in time with each other.
    Any thoughts on understanding this?


  36. I just did the egg cleansing ritual on myself earlier today then later in the evening coming back home I found a small moth near my living room light bulb what could it mean?

  37. I was leaving my house for a colonoscopy procedure ilooked down and see two i thought butterfly wings but later on i found out that was a promethea moth wings only two of them i am thinking its a sign i get back from worries about findings and they were positive i look and find the other two around my door also
    Also i have had two experiences where i been lying in bed listening to tarot messages for my scorpio sign and all the sudden bolts of energy althrough my body that didnt last long but scared me im thhinking it maybe sun center energy
    The 2 d time i Was more relaxed and feelt myself up in air looking down not sure where I was there was light in one area of the bottom what is going on
    Oh fprgot to mention im starting to have the palms of my hands at times are very hot
    Please let me know what you think

  38. Hello, I had a moth land on my shirt this morning. It was moving around all over me. Eventually, it let me put it back outside. I thought it was pretty cool for it to land on me. Usually this time of year you don’t see them as much.

  39. What does it mean when a turquoise moth comes to you and stays for two days? Turquoise is my birthstone. I did not know that such a moth even existed. It ended up falling into the dogs water dish. I fished it out still alive, and carefully placed it on the window sill to dry out, but it’s wings were damaged. It was gone later when I returned. I thanked it for coming into my life.
    Any thoughts on this? Turquoise is my favourite colour.

  40. I was grabbing the laundry clothes from the line yesterday evening and placed the basket in the room. I started to fold the clothes and as I picked up a pair of my soulmates pants a decent size brown looking moth that looked like it had a dark face on its upper back of it flew out of the pair of pants. I have animals in my home (budgies, cockatiel, a rock pigeon and a yorkie) and any of them can get a hold of it easily so I decided to take it outside. I gently cupped it but then it disappeared from my hand. I figured it may have flown under the nightstand, perhaps it will pop up in the room I was in and pay attention to it when it does. Well, a few moments later it ended up in the main room where my guy and the birds were. I was afraid he would smash it or the flock gets to it so I immediately cupped it again and took it outside. I think at the very least in the outdoors it has a much better chance to fly away on an open range and land somewhere safer.

    From all of the other comments I have read here, I believe we all have a unique ability. We are all different yet the same and meant for something greater. There are hidden messages out there in nature, the plants, the air, the water, the animals (all living creatures) and in dreams that we should connect to… I just don’t know how to heighten it. All I know is what I know which is not much. Just prepare for changes to come is the message I felt from the moth.

  41. hey just saw a Orange-tipped Oakworm moth give birth on my front door… Can this be a sign? of what? Or should I just move her eggs to a near by tree?

  42. I woke up in the middle of the night, maybe 4am. I couldn’t stop thinking about my first love who passed many years ago. No matter the time of day, I am reminded of him so strongly. So I decided to drive by our old routes. His house, his grandmothers home, our school route, and then I went to visit his grave. I let out all of my tears for a while until daylight came. I then walked to my car, and as soon as I get in and close the door there’s a tan/brown moth on the drivers side door suddenly. So I stay still and just watch it, immediately feeling like it’s him! It took its time to go from the door to the middle where the ac/radio buttons are, then retreats to the back seats. I just glanced back as it flew over, then drove away. It was the most comforting feeling, thinking that the moth was him somehow. Visiting me when I needed him most. He was and still is very special to me, someone who was a great blessing in my life. It’s hard to deal with his loss even after all of these years. It seems to get harder with time. I feel this was him consoling me. I’m grateful to witness such a sign that he is with me still!

  43. Can someone please share a lil info as to what they think about this? So there’s this pretty large yellow moth with big eyes i know we’ve made eye contact and i even speak to him/her because it’s been on the side of my mirror outside above a sink on my front porch. It’s been here for days just keeps to the mirror been all over and it didn’t move about allot. I was sad cause i actually thought it died. But it’s still alive. Why is this moth here please help

  44. If I wasn’t sure of a descision i was going to make i would ask the universe a sign, And i was always asking the universe a butterfly as a sign, i asked the universe only in my mind to show me a big beautiful butterfly for only 24 hours, but it didnt. The other day came and in the middle of the day i saw rather a moth, it is dark brown in color and it stays there in the door until now, it’s the second day today. The door to the office is has a sign “Please use the other door.” Because we always locked that door and use the other one instead. Please help, what is the universe trying to tell me.

  45. Has anyone heard of a moth flying out of someones mouth? Not a physical moth but looking real then dissipating into dust or smoke in the air shortly after emerging.

  46. When I was attuned to reiki, I was told I have a huge white moth on both sides of me! Thank you for sharing!

  47. I’ve looked everywhere for some answers about a pretty specific incident that happened to me but I’m not seeing anything. Maybe someone can help me out here.

    Last summer I was cleaning a house and I stepped outside to shake out a pink colored towel I was using to dust and such. But as I went to fold the rag back up, somehow, out of absolutely freaking nowhere, these moths appeared ON MY HAND. They were giant silky moths, aka rosy maple moth, and there were like 4 or 5 and in no hurry to flutter away. Also, this was middle of the day, sunny af outside. They were perched on my hand for at least 2 whole minutes.

    It made me feel very happy and excited so much that I even shed a few tears. Of course, I usually cry a lot anyways, but given that I was going through a very difficult time, I know I needed their visit. But I’d like to know if there is anything deeper about these types of interactions.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey there,
      beautiful experience, I’m so happy you had it!
      I’m not really sure about what it could mean concretely because it was your own experience.
      But I do know whatever you felt from them was probably what they were there for and that in itself is deep.
      Maybe meditate on what it made you feel and the colour association to you personally and see what comes up <3

  48. Is there anyone else from 2022?
    I have a Virgin tiger moth living on my bedroom wall for the past 3 days. I don’t know what to think. Could I really be going through a transformational change to develop my psychic gifts?

  49. Thank you very much for this lovely information about the moth! I really enjoyed reading it and all of the comments! I’m so glad that other people have such magical experiences too! ❤

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