Mockingbird Power Animal Symbol Of Overcoming Fear

By Ina Woolcott

Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song, recognizing your innate abilities, using knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside, learning through experience, curiosity, attitude, territoriality, overcoming fear, intelligence, power of song, confidence, master imitator.

The Northern mockingbird is around 10 inches long with a long tail that twitches vigorously when excited. Their long legs are perfect for looking through dead leaves and undergrowth for insects. Their dull grey colour certainly doesn’t grab ones attention, however, their various calls definitely do! The mockingbird is well known for its ability to copy the calls of other birds – and even cats and dogs – they are master imitators. The mockingbirds song is a combination of the calls of many other birds. Usually they repeat an imitation a few times before going onto other songs in quick succession. They have up to 30 songs in their repertory. Mockingbird is Latin for ‘many tongued mimic’. This is one of the few birds who sing whilst flying.

Mockingbird teaches many things – the power of song and voice is one. It can assist in learning new languages easily and to speak them fluently. People with this power animal often make excellent spokespersons and interpreters. They also help you find your ’sacred song’, your life’s purpose and inner talents. You will be given the strength to act on these fearlessly. Never forget that your inner song is always there, it cant be lost. If you miss one opportunity, another will always appear and that is just how it is meant to be or it wouldn’t have happened! You should ask for assistance in connecting with your personal sound frequency, for then healing will take place on all levels.

Mockingbird people are more known for their talents than how they look. Appearances are not important to people with this power animal. They are heard before they are seen – if they are seen at all. The mockingbird helps you to leave people and events that hurt you behind by seeing who and what they REALLY are. Everything in life is a lesson to help you grow, and even if you were hurt, this is but another lesson to learn and grow. Everything that happened to us in the past builds our character and who we are today. You will hear the true song of others and will follow your own path. Take what you can from a situation but always in a respectful and un-spiteful way. What goes around comes around. We are all here to learn form each other. Apply your creative imagination and intuition to all you do and you will live a life of harmony. On a subtle level, mockingbird shows us how to imitate ourselves, what we imitate reflects back to us and helps us see who we truly are. This can be a powerful transformational experience.

The fearless mockingbird defend their nests and territory, diving at and attacking predators and those who come too close. They teach us to develop self-confidence, to speak our truth and stand up for what is ours by right.

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  1. This is too perfect. Divine timing proves to show up more and more. Thank you for writing and researching this. My body was covered with goosebumps. <3 xo Cholly

    1. I know right I have been going through something very powerful and it relates to all the birds and people I see thank you so much for this information I literally cannot stop trembling

    2. The divine timing thing is happening to me all the time now. I know this is years after the fact, are you there Cholly?

    3. I rescued a single baby bird,(hatched the same day I rescued it) my dog was trying to get it because the nest was so low, it ended up being a mockingbird. The baby grew attached to me and would never fly away from me outside. Even as an adult bird. It was my best friend ❤️ it would even sleep with me on my shoulder.

  2. This is so timely. A mockingbird has befriended me in my yard. For the past several days, he is waiting for me and flies within 2 to 3 feet of me. Today he flew to me and hovered inflight in front of me while he looked me in the eye. We have also had call and response sessions. Amazing! I will learn and be open to him.

    1. Hi Julie- this happened to me today! A friend showed me this website so I can learn more about the folklore of Mockingbirds. I was meditating in the backyard when suddenly a vision of a man I know popped into my head but it was a welcome vision. I liked it. I looked up and noticed a mockingbird just staring at me! He was in midflight, about 4 feet away from me. Powerful! never happened to me before. I was wondering all day if this was a coincidence between my “vision” and seeing the mockingbird at the same time. It was quite amazing. ?

  3. I keep getting visit from the mockingbird bird as well.
    But I can’t put my finger on its message.
    Can anyone help me understand?
    Thxs in advance

  4. A grey mock inking bird keeps coming to my deck and going back and fourth as he sings to me. This has happen ended three days in a row at different times of the day.

  5. Amazing interlude with Mockingbird last night around 11 p.m. I taped the songs on my phone – couldn’t believe how powerful and entrancing they were — changing rapidly, minute to minute. Never heard such birdsongs before. Coincidentally, just wrote a piece of fiction about a manifested bird. Wondering —

  6. Loved your article. After listening to “Requiem” by Clare Stagg/Solarstone, I went on a hunt to find the deeper meaning in the lyrics. Came across your article and it beautifully complements the song lyrics:

    Silence killed a mockingbird,
    With no one left to hear,
    With not one eye set on her.
    She ceases to sing
    If a tree falls and no one’s there to hear it,
    Does it truly make a sound?
    Won’t you cup your hands beneath it?
    As she tumbles to the ground,
    Sing a requiem.

    Feathers floating on downstream,
    On the screaming rush of tide.
    If silence killed a mockingbird,
    There’s no body left to hide.
    Oh, how I miss her warble now,
    That gentle lifting swell,
    No, she only sings her requiem,
    In the silence that she dwells,
    Sing a requiem.

    My heart cries for her colours,
    And those dark all-seeing eyes,
    And if silence killed a mockingbird,
    There’s no morning surprise.
    And the clouds gather confused,
    Now she never writes the signs,
    But the ‘planes go on unfazed,
    And burn the sky with their lines.
    Sing a requiem.

  7. I’ve always liked mockingbirds and never put much thought to them but one day about a few months ago I found a mockingbird dead in front of my bedroom window. Nothing seemed to outwardly cause it’s death; no teeth marks, no visible wounds, it was just laying there. Then a few weeks ago I came home to find mockingbird feathers scattered about my front lawn and even some in the back without a body or any blood. What would this mean?

    1. A cat was stalking the mockingbirds and the first one may have died from fright actually because cat’s “play” with a mouse between it’s paws, wearing it out, causing it to be exhausted and die. I have seen this one time. I always thought a cat injured a mouse causing it’s death. Now, I wonder, after the mouse dies, then the cats eat it or leave it for a companion cat, or the “head cat” in a family of cats who are feral in the woods. Then, your other mockingbird was attacked or exhausted, I am sure, by a cat and then eaten. Sorry about that. A mockingbird sang to my brother and I in the one tree in the front yard outside of our apt. before he died. He loved that mockingbird song. After he passed, I never heard one again in the tree but it was December, Jan, Feb, and then March. Now, it’s April and I am buying a house. The mockingbird is back I just noticed yesterday!

        1. I heard that guy speak about the problem with feral domestic housecats nationwide. He also said that feral cats, (Felix domesticus) ate overpopulated because in the U. S. (other than a pit bull or two that have a diet deficient in cat meat, who hunt, kill and eat cats) very few other animals will eat cats. It’s different in other parts of the world ( like Turkey, where they use them to make cat kabobs). Then he spoke in a very specific verse type of language in which both message and solution were told. And I quote….His talk was entitled: “Ode to Felix d.” So ever more feral panthers, Toxoplasmic spells purr answer. Quantum physics, multi-tasking…Future -present Past, none asking. Cold blue steel, set in wood warm… Damascus twist ensures good harm.
          Scat cat! Shoo!!! Cat scat.. Poo!!! None to heareth, be non the wiser.
          Nar lick, nay scratch nor sniff be made…. Sureth the bullet miser.
          (Dr. P. A. Rabble Ph.D Catskill Mt. University, 2012

  8. This gives me great comfort. I had a nervous breakdown and literally this article is so on point for me it’s almost eerie!! I have had a mockingbird sing outside all night long and welcome me when I wake in the morning ! I feel it’s a true sign I’m going to be better after so many months of fighting for my health!

  9. My Mom passed away six years ago, today I said a prayer in her intention, and during my lunch break I had to go and check my tires on my car, once I did open the car I noticed a bird inside my car, it was a mocking bird, I like to think that this was a message from her.

  10. Wonderful information.
    Could you please tell me if it is good or bad omen when
    If mocking bird flies into the house, sat on fan for few secs, then flies out sameway, backdoor.

    1. Seeing or hearing a mockingbird is never a bad omen. The mockingbird is a mediator for the higher power, the Great Spirit. It is passed on in folklore or a kind of traditional knowledge or belief, but very few people actually recognize their encounters or experiences with mockingbirds as Divine communication. I would have to say that the mockingbird is one of God’s messengers and doesn’t know it’s role in the lives of those who are going through times of uncertainty or despair. During my childhood and adolescent years, even though it was forbidden I would seek refuge in the safety of a woods, away from a frustrated mother with an anger problem and a hair trigger. She sincerely thought that she would eventually beat the bad out of me, regardless if she was right or wrong, or whether I was guilty or not. For about 8 years except for running away to the woods and taking my whipping when I got back it was hopeless to escape the brutality and pain of very intense, extremely violent, prolonged, cut your skin switch whippings that would not end until there was no place on your naked butt and back of your thighs without a welt. Over a period of several years beginning at about age 5 or 6, but became especially frequent between the ages of 8 and 13 or after I learned that if I could take it without crying she wouldn’t whip me so long. I couldn’t do it at first, even though my brain would secrete dopamine in preparation for what was to come and I would go numb to the pain, I could never control the psychological and emotional effects that even as a child left me feeling more and more spiritually depreciated. The frequency of insensitive cruelty, after being brainwashed into a state of submission and unquestioned obedience through a regimen of negative self reinforcing guilt and blind respect for authority became manifest. Those years of physical and verbal abuse, psychological and emotional stress hardened my heart, produced dysfunction in my mind, weakened my spirit, changed and all but destroyed my God given personality. I saw no good reason in being good and I became mean, rebellious, contrary and very insensitive. I killed things. I hurt things. I thought that animals had no soul and they couldn’t feel pain. I shot and killed cats, dogs, possums, skunks, raccoons you name it, if I saw an animal, and I could get to a gun it was dead. I got into fights. I got good at it. Even if out matched I never lost a fight. I didn’t start any fights, but I was little, I was mean, I was a smart fighter, I was fast and I hit hard. Today I still regret the punishment I put on some people even though that’s what they wanted to do to me. My reaction time was lightning fast. I was a place hitter in baseball, and in a fight the adrenaline was coming out of my ears because most of the time, I was scared. That was mistaken for cowardice. I was afraid, but I was never a coward and that was their mistake, which I learned to capitalize on. And I never took the first swing, which usually happened while I was trying to convince my opponent that I didn’t want to fight and didn’t understand why they wanted to fight with me. Usually, I was lured to a place by an older guy that I looked up to, somewhere deep in the woods or in a remote area where the fight could happen and nobody could be there to stop it. In some fights, I was outmatched by a couple of years in age, size, strength, reach and 20 or 30 pounds so it was do or die. After pleading for them not to have to fight with them, they wouldn’t take no for an answer and they were taking a swing at me. Thats what taught me about balance. I learned to let them take the first swing and I would even bait them. And I was waiting to duck that first swing knowing that the momentum of a miss would make them lose their balance even for a half a second and before they could recover from their miss, I was already in motion with what became my signature punch. The invisible straight jab right between the eyes with all of my 115 pounds behind it. Kapow! That was usually the end of the fight. A broken nose and two black eyes that they would have to wear to school for two weeks with one punch. In the beginning, it took a while for me to get in control a fight, but if they didn’t quit trying to hit me, I would get that hot under the collar feeling and just switch from defence to offence in an instant, which was unpredictable by them after my just getting by up to that point, avoiding their swings at me and always moving away so they couldn’t grab me and bring me to the ground. From that point on it was no rules, put the hurting on them as hard and as fast as I could, till they looked like they had stuck their head in a hornet’s nest and couldn’t do anything but quit fighting back. I had gone on “automatic” and time stands still when you’re in that zone. When they quit fighting back, I stopped hitting them. I’m not proud of it, but I didn’t want to fight in the first place, they would have done the same thing to me, were planning to, and I did what I had to do. No matter what, I still have a bad reputation with a lot of people because of those years.
      When I was about 20 years old, I decided I didn’t want to be like that anymore. Nobody liked me, others feared me, and some older guys respected me for being so tough for my size. But I was not happy with myself, and my bad behaviors continued and as my depressive mental state got worse, anxiety set in making my life even harder. Obsessive and compulsive behaviors developed into full blown anxiety disorder. Before too long I started to learn how to manage my anxiety by developing my own coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety, compulsive behavior, intrusive thoughts, acting out on a regular basis. Self justified, illegal and
      risky behaviors became my new coping mechanisms and symptoms of what is identified today as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder developed and continued to effect me for the next few years. I learned to live like an outlaw and just accepted that everything that I did was for survival and that’s all I could do because that was just my life. I was always depressed during the day and anxiety kept me awake at night. I lived in a constant state of despair which is a sin, but I did not feel worthy of the Grace and forgiveness that God has for everyone regardless of how much of a mess they’ve made of their life. As paradoxical and as timeless as the human condition seems to be in relation to who we are or who we can be in one short life in today’s material world, it is the feeling of hopelessness (also a sin) and believing that I was helpless to change my situation for the better was at the same time the very same thing that led me to the following years of soul searching. As the saying goes, “God works in mysterious ways” and experiences with call or song of a mockingbird nearby, I grew to recognize how special they were, how personal, specifically for me, to experience, no matter where I was, at the precise moment, in perfect synchronicity with my feelings, my emotions, my need for reassurance. We can’t make it happen, we couldn’t conjure up a mockingbird in a million years if we tried. That bird is just doing what comes natural for mockingbirds to do at any given time. Or is it doing what God sent it to do? What’s the difference? There is no difference. The mocking answers it’s calling and its calling is to call out to those of us who need to hear it. The mocking bird, of all birds…. lives in the moment. What could be more spontaneous? There is no time but the present. We can remember the past and hope for a future but in reality, the truth is there is no time but the here and now of the present. On the opposite side of the coin are birds of bad omen. They don’t predict the future or tell us to beware the Ides of March. What they do is remind us of the ever present presence of evil, lest we forget. The birds of bad omen to me were always crows and bluejays. I later learned that they are both in the same family or order of birds, Cordids. What a coincidence. Guess what? There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything that happens, and I do I mean everything, from the orbiting of protons, electrons and neutrons in a single atomic particle of energy to anything and everything else in the entire universe it is never ending and is always in a state of perpetual synchronicity. That is no coincidence. Whether or not it is perceived as harmonious, balanced or not, one thing cannot exist without another of equal and opposite properties. If their are birds that bring the message of good omen those in need, so there are also birds that bring the message of warning. Lest we forget.

      1. That just made me cry…and I’m listening to a mockingbird that sings all night long outside my window right after watching (for the first time) a video about atoms and electricity…and then I googled mockingbirds singing at night and then read this…. I nearly dropped my phone at the end of your message…
        I love you. *goes back in time to you as a child and gives you the sweet-mommy unconditional love and snuggles and lullabies you needed*

      2. I don’t know if you will ever see this, but thank you for your beautiful story of redemption. May the divine sing forever in your heart. Listening to mockingbirds sing their hearts out right now and gaining so much strength from this reading and all of the inspired comments. “…All us stumblers who believe Love rules, Stand up and let it shine.”

  11. Today my husband ashes put into river. My daughter and I. Beside the river. Was. A sculpture. Of. A. Blue hEron that her art teacher had made. It helped so much. Then a mockingbird perched. On top of the sculpture. And stayed. My daughter. Got. Many pictures. Now I know. That. Bird. Knew. Our sadness. Thank you ?????

  12. Mocking birds have always been a sacred bird to me. They show up out of nowhere, and instantly sing a song of affirmation. If I was worried, or in a state of anxiety or despair, a mockingbird would instantly show up no matter where I was (every time, without fail)) and chirp, once or twice to let me know…..God hasn’t forgotten about me. Then after I felt reassured the mockingbird began to sing with a pleasant and melodious mix of songs and busy chatter that spoke the language of carefree happiness. Nothing I needed to hear more than that. The mockingbird is a medium, a medicine bird or one of nature’s native traiteurs. If you listen, you will hear. If you open your eyes, you will see. And if you learn, you will come to understand. God sees the Earth and His Children through the eyes of every living thing that see
    but from a flying bird, He gets an overview of His creation. The sounds and songs of certain birds is God’s voice, specifically sent to us. And if we get that “Healing Feeling” take time to reflect, give thanks and relax. God sent one of His messengers directly to you because He always knows what’s in a heavy heart or on a troubled mind. We all could have less worry, live in the moment and be happy with what we have. The mockingbird does it every day!

  13. Thank you for this beautiful message, it is truly divine and was set for this moment in my life. I am grateful for you sharing this knowledge. This is a compass for my journey. May God bless you according to your works!

  14. Hi everyone,
    This morning a Mockingbird flew down and perched on a brick post at head level next me only inches away, He stood there staring intently at me and wouldn’t leave. I was talking to him and he kept looking at me, not moving. I moved towards him when he flew over to the next post and he flew back to the original post leading me to believe he wanted me to follow him. He sat on top of the post right next to me and I walked closer, he stood still and intently stared at me and then flew away.
    I’m spiritually awake and a lot is being revealed about God’s purpose for me which is unfolding, is amazing, and has me in awe of His Glory. God is preparing me and He is going to do wonderful things with me to help others, the beauty is His grace upon me to not try to figure out what and instead have an attitude of great humility and gratitude.
    Upon reading about the Mockingbird I understand that through life many trials have proven to try to choke my / God’s voice/ truth from being spoken through the illusion of self doubt-
    Discernment and awareness are key to identify these obstacles and attacks from the enemy.
    The enemies lies were identified and I didn’t give any thought to let them flourish.
    God’s truth has prevailed, refined me, proofed me. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen now that this Mockingbird stood next to me.

  15. This may be silly but I thought I’d share it anyway. Years ago my paternal grandmother passed away. I was extremely close to her and actually can say that she taught me about everything good that’s inside me. I remember as a very young child her commenting about listening to a mocking bird that was singing. I never forgot that and I turn 69 tomorrow! I visited her grave a few times after she passed and on one occasion I saw, in a holly tree just adjacent to her grave, a mocking bird. I was a bit taken back that such an occurrence like that should happen at that particular moment. Later in life I moved to Florida where my father was living at the time and with whom I was extremely close, my biological mother having passed away by then. She and I never had the kind of connection that my dad and I did. Dad became gravely ill and passed away though I was able to be with him the day before he died. Very early one morning we received a call from the care facility that the end was near so my stepmother and I rushed to get to him but he was gone before we got there. We each took some time along with dad and while I was at his bedside I glanced out of the window and low and behold, there was a mocking bird in a small tree right outside and next to his room’s window. Needless to say, I about lost it at that point. A few years later my wife and I decided to permanently relocate to Florida as I have always loved the state. And guess what. Where we live there are mocking birds all over. Each morning when I go out to water plants there’s always one just singing its heart out. I always say hello to my grandmother and my father at that time. I know all of this may be just coincidence but I believe deep inside that somehow the mocking bird is my spiritual connection to two of the most important people in my life and that they perhaps are incarnate somehow and keeping tabs on me.

  16. My wife has been calling a pair of Mockingbirds cat birds because they get after cats and squirrels. So, I was getting ready to move a suet cage out of their territory. However, as I was contemplating the move, one perched on my front stoop and ripped off all the songs in his repertoire. When he flew off, his mate did the same. I now know that there are many qualities that are hidden in every aspect of people, animals and nature. All we have to do is look a little closer. Thank you Mockingbird!

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