Yeha Noha Native American Chant Wishes Of Happiness And Prosperity

Yeha-Noha, Native American Chant | Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity

Posted By Ina Woolcott

This video reveals images of power animals/totems to the song Yeha-Noha “wishes of happiness and prosperity.” It reveals our planet and our animals, in their purest state, the way the first Americans saw them. The animals have beautiful eyes, windows to the soul, without any of the negative emotions sometimes shown by man. Very proud and graceful.

The song Yeha-Noha comes form the beautiful album called Sacred Spirit, which is available on Amazon, (see below). I was 15 when the album first came out, and I asked for it for Christmas. My parents bought it for me, and I still have it and listen to it often. I used to be afraid of what my friends would think when they came round so I used to hide it, that they would make fun of me for being into Native Americans. Now, as I have gotten older I am proud about my love for the Native American culture. Never be ashamed or be afraid of what people will say or think. Be your own person and be true to yourself.

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