Wolf Power Animal Symbol Of Wildness Social And Family Values

By Ina Woolcott

Native American and Celtic custom regard Wolf as the way of find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition. This is symbolized by the image of the wolf howling at the moon. Native Americans have long regarded wolves as teachers or pathfinders. In astrology, Wolf is represented by the Dog, Sirius, thought by many aboriginal tribes to be the home of the Ancients.

Wolves are probably the most misunderstood of all wild animals. Stories of cold-bloodedness abound, in spite of their friendly, intelligent and social traits. The wolf, once a much feared and hated animal, has lately become much more appreciated. They now stand a better chance of survival, where they haven’t been hunted to extinction, or near extinction, in some countries. In the USA this culling of wolfs, who are a symbol of wildness, was down to the process of taming the wilderness. Especially where farms were trying to be founded. They were seen as the enemy, especially when they ate farm animals! Perhaps nowadays people are becoming more aware that keeping the harmony of nature and its inhabitants intact is necessary as wolf’s are being reintroduced back into the wilderness in the USA. Of course, farmers are protesting profusely. On a deeper level our emotions toward Wolf reflect our muddled feelings of ourselves as humans. Although we consider ourselves ‘civilized’ we are still animals with our own wild spirit. Wolf reminds us of this, often uneasily.

The wolf, is a symbol of the night. This time can seem lonesome and scary to us. But it is also the time when through dreams, we may discover valuable things about ourselves. This is a lonely path. To truly come to understand yourself, you must be alone, undeterred by the beliefs, judgements and views of others. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to discover our inner power and strength. However, to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears. Wolf requires sincerity. Though demanding a lot of us, much is given in return; a spirit helper that is always there to help, giving us extraordinary powers of endurance. Learn to hear the voice within yourself, which in silence is as clear as the sound of the wolf howling in the night.

Wolf is also an extremely gregarious animal, enjoying the company of others. Wolves mate for life. The clan has a solid social structure, in which all adults participate in the upbringing of the young. Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, with a strong sense of family whilst upholding individualism. Though their clans are highly organised, they are truly free spirits. They seem to go out of their way to avoid a fight. A shift in posture, a growl, or a glance gets the point across quite readily without violence. We are reminded not to waste resources and to learn how to avoid trouble and confrontations. People with Wolf as power animal have the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments. Trust your insights about these attachments, wolf will be there to guide you. Take control of your life with Wolf’s assistance and do so with harmony and discipline.

We can truly use wolf as an example in our lives. We can understand that there doesn’t need to be a hard separation between the solitary and social paths. Wolf teaches you to balance between the needs your family has of you and the needs you have for yourself. Wolves are totally loyal to the pack but do not give up their identity to the pack. If wolf has come into your life you are must look at where you are being too dependent and where you may be too independent.

Wolfs qualities, his medicine, are the ability to learn knew ideas and then teach them to others. Wolf is thought to be an independent explorer coming back to his pack to teach what he has discovered. We too in exploring the hidden paths of consciousness, may come across new truths to share with the rest of our clan, human beings. Wolf brings faithfulness, inner strength and intuition when he enters our lives, and also teaches us to live with ourselves.

If Wolf finds you, this may be an indication that you are a great teacher or thinker. Or if this is not so, perhaps you need to ponder whether there may be something you need to expand your mind about. Be receptive to new concepts/ideas. By doing so you can gain more wisdom. To increase your Wolf power, you can utilise your newly integrated wisdom and also share it with others. Wisdom is gained through experience, by walking the path. Another way to put it – practise what you preach.

When a lone wolf is spotted in the wilderness it embodies freedom. When seen in a pack it embodies a feel of community. If wolf appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to do the same within your own life.

The Wolf’s senses are highly developed. They are extremely intelligent with excellent hearing, sense of smell and strong feeling. As well as being determined animals they are also cunning. A wolfs howl is primal and penetrating. The howl is used to locate clan members or to let wolves from outside of the pack know their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl, this may be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries.

Wolves express themselves a lot with body language. If angry, they may stick their ears straight up and show their teeth. A suspicious wolf pulls its ears back and squints. Fear is often indicated by flattening the ears against the head. A wolf wanting to play, dances and bows playfully. Their body language is symbolic to you. Humans also uses body language to send out messages. The study of this art can increase your perception of this power animal.

Wolves hunt in packs, depending on endurance to run down weak and older animals. They have been known to cover 35 miles a day in pursuit. Wolf is a symbol of stamina and strength, teaching you to know who you are, and to develop strength and confidence in what you do.

Wolf’s medicine includes death and rebirth, facing death with dignity and courage, Spirit teaching, guidance in dreams and meditations, instinct linked with intelligence, social and family values, steadfastness, skill in protection of self and family, outwitting enemies, ability to pass unseen, taking advantage of change.

Unbelievable, sad, sadistic, unholy, no respect for life and all that is sacred – from my blog today – : Limpy Killing the Wolves Again

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    1. I agree with you. I saw a wolf pup with its ears pulled back in my hallway after I had a really rough day. I instantly thought of an innocent long talk that I had with my child earlier that evening. Amen to wolves and for their enlightening gifts they bring to us when we need them and when they perhaps might need us to listen.

    2. I saw a wolf about 2 weeks ago. I have been going through a deep personal journey and I walked outside and this large Wolfe was strolling up to my back patio!!! I wasn’t scared and it stopped about 10 ft from me and sat and just stared at me and I at him. He was alone. It’s like he wanted to tell me something. I finally remembered my cat and shooed him away, he seemed like he wanted to stay. I now read that they are social creatures and am a bit sad that I shooed him away… any insights on this? He turned and looked at me again for about 30 seconds and then ran to the other side of the pond behind my house…. was very surreal and I have thought much about the encounter much since then and wondered if it were a sign. I felt peaceful, protected….thank you for any insight…

    3. march 25th my birthday, so my bd wish is I wish i could save all the wolves that inhabit our planet but I know I cannot. although i donate largely to Int’l Wolf Center in Ely, it is with hopes that they are educating enough ppl to understand the vast importance of their place in our ecosystem, but it is not enough as wolves have again been removed from the endangered species list. how grave. mankind fails once again to create a win-win with these majestic animals. will we once again lean on Canada to bring back wolves into the usa due to our own ignorance of how the planet ticks? looks like it. save da wolves!!!

  1. Thank you!
    I had a terrifying dream in which I came face to face with a wolf in fire who was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. I was terrified. Now, I am beginning to understand that the wolf was not threatening me but showing me a truer version of the self I long to discover.

  2. Wolves and tigers are my brothers when I killed wolves in games I always cryed and why did I do that I love wolves that much

  3. I’ve been followed by wolf for about a week when I was 7 then he just left. dose this mean anything?

    1. It depends what you want it to mean. Were you sad when he left? Curious? Puzzled? Perhaps these are things that may hold great learning for you. It’s wonderful to have had this happen, I’d consider it an honour, a blessing – lucky you!

  4. I had a dream last night after meditating…there was a white wolf he was thin and he stairing at me and I stairs at him with a smile and then his legs went apart and head dropped to the level of his back keeping his eyes on me and then he growled and I’m total lost as to what this could mean please some let me know I need to learn more I have to

    1. I had a vision of white wolf with green eyes about the same time as you. We simply looked into each others eyes before it disappeared. Beautiful. Felt at peace within for months

  5. In 2007 I was working as an egg picker. One day I was working away and my eyes felt like the were shaking really fast…At that point I looked down and there was a wolf sitting by my side. Has never happened again and I still don’t understand what it was about.

  6. I had a very weird dream that a black wolf came and howl @ me. I don’t know one minute i was on the side of i guess was a house with a stick hitting it. And all of a sudden out of the blue comes this black wolf, he was howling. Then it was right in my face like i can literally just touch it. I woke up so fast, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I still don’t know what that was about. Help..

  7. I had a dream about a black wolf but not ordinary it was huge it led me into a thick forest and there were others but old spirits I think they were my ancestors sine my families blood is uniqe and my grandmother was there bit what did it mean

  8. I’ve been searching for my spirit animal for a while. I found out that the wolf suits my personality perfectly. I’m so much more at peace now.

  9. The wolf appeared to my then 3 year old after my husband died 20 years ago. She said wolves were lying on my bed with red glowing eyes. I remember telling her that they were there to help and protect us. 15 years later, while hiking, I suddenly found myself standing square in front of a black wolf with yellow eyes. Had my dog not chased it away and run after it, I might have thought it was my imagination, so incredible was that experience. We had locked eyes and both of us couldn’t move, til the dog showed up. Like the wolf I have an extremely developed sense of hearing and smell. In the emergency medical field I was able to distinguish between the smells of different diseases, even death has a smell, long before it arrives. It helped me save lives. I expect the wolves to pick me up when I die to guide me home. I played dog as a child and had fits about wanting a dog. I feel a kinship and now I found out that the wolf is my spirit animal, so befitting. Thank you wolf, you make me feel protected and strong

  10. My boyfriend of 11 yrs was wondering what his dream meant. He was walking along and came across two wolves just sitting there staring at him. Out of nowhere a voice told him to turn and walk away. What does this mean? Please help with deciphering this dream.

    1. Ani Guwasi gives this dream to her people. I have the same one. Once (not in a dream, in real life) millions of dragonflies swarmed all around me while I was waiting for a train in coastal New York and I heard a clear voice: get out. I have also seen the jaguar referred to below.

      If you live in a city, get out before the day it will turn to steam. I do not know when the day is but it is in this lifetime. Paris is a sign of things to come. You still have some time, but not much. More important than being scared and moving now is knowing when to move. Listen to the dreams and if they tell you more to move, then do so. Our great mother knew when to move and those who did not listen died on the frozen path.

      Do not stay in the center of a city. Give yourself enough room to turn home. Look for his ancestors– trace a history to Chota, Tenn., Pearl Bluff, or South Carolina. Look there. The ones with Christian names and no parents. Look for second, third marriages. Check census records. They will be living with their tribe in late 1700’s-early 1800’s. 1810 is when they took the voice of the great grandmother away. After that she buried her descendants, hid them in plain sight. More is in the rattlesnake prophecies. Her children will run lost for seven generations until her children begin to awaken and return home. Those who do not return home will be turned to steam when the great cities turn to steam.

      We have a great chance to come together now and open a portal to the happy universe and our own eden if we come together and link our nation. The roads must run North-South instead of East-West. And we must connect this land in a great circle.

  11. I dreamt a black wolf came to find me, and I ran with him out towards open country. He was running with me, frolicking playfully, and rolling onto his back. As I was running, I remember feeling very slow and clumsy, and as I was thinking this thought, it appeared to me that black wolf ate me so I could in turn become a wolf and run like he did, free and swift. I am wondering what this could mean. I have also had a dream in the past where I met Jaguar in a dream, who when I touched, I also became a jaguar, and /or he passed his energy into me. Neither of these dreams have scared me.

  12. Sharpening my creative writing skills by putting a very vivid dream I had last night into words. It even was interrupted and continued when I went back to sleep.
    I am sitting alone, deep in the evergreen forest, waiting for something. Not waiting anxiously, but just enjoying being in the woods, feeling the wild energy of the woods and the life that lives here. It is lightly snowing, but there is knee deep snow on the ground. I moisten my lips, surprised to find frost in my mustache and beard. I am compelled to keep watching upwind and uphill for signs of whatever it is I am waiting for.
    A face materializes between the low scrubs, just watching me, sizing me up. It eyes drill into mine, seeing straight into the depths of me, not threatening or menacing, perhaps disappointed if anything. I am no longer alone, as several more faces appear around the edges of the small clearing in front of me. Wolves, heads the size of basketballs, impossibly long legs for a dog. Faces breath steam out of frosted muzzles, testing the air for my scent and anything else that may interfere with what is about to happen. Somehow I know they are individuals and not a pack, individuals drawn together for this purpose. Almost as one they all slowly approach the center of the 10 yard clearing in the trees, as wary of one another as they are of me. They are all looking at me, expecting me to do something.
    It is unnaturally quiet now, as if the forest life has picked up on the tension in the air. The beasts in front of me have grown anxious from the stress of coming together like this. They continue to just watch me until the largest among them, a magnificent being with a steel grey coat, gives a low, impatient growl. I extend my hands in a calming gesture, and they tense. I notice now that I am wearing furs from head to foot, like a druid or trapper, the spirits and furs of many creatures adorning me. I slowly stand, and they crouch, ready to launch at me or flee, except one seems to be unaffected by my movement. The first face to have appeared in the trees, a lighter gray female, approaches me. The large male growls again, a warning to the female, but she is undeterred. She makes eye contact, sniffs my outstretched hand, and her posture changes. She is more confident and relaxed. She turns her back to me to face the group, and sneezes in the snow, a powdery explosion in the chill night air. The others startle, I laugh at them, the tension in the group eases. The large male approaches the female, they exchange looks, touch muzzle to ear and cheek to cheek, and he gives me a stern and expectant look. He is ready and waiting for me to do something. The remaining 3 have all accepted the large male and the females assesment of me, and are willing to follow, if I would just lead. I walk past the female into the clearing, they move aside to surround me. I keep walking and they follow as I head downhill and break into a run. They continue to follow, running slightly behind me or even beside me.
    I have done nothing to earn their loyalty, but I know that they are with me and will follow me through the very gates of hell if need be. They have entrusted me with their lives, will give their lives for me and expect the same of me. I will not take that lightly.
    2 females and 4 males altogether, all light to dark gray in color, All previously “lone wolves” drawn together by the unseen force of the forest, woods, nature and earth. Drawn to me as their leader, to form a new kind of pack.
    I know now we are to be protectors.

  13. I was 3 days old when adopted into a drug and alcoholic family, I never took to that families path, although I grew up with them, in my dreams thoughout my child hood, My true parent was a white wolf, in which was the leader of a pack. They never fought and all the others were different colors. ALL stayed close and around me at the center when little sleeping at the base of a tree in a forest the white wolf would cuddle me other sleep around me . We would run at night in the forest, as I grew up I Ran in the middlebehind yhe white wolf, then the back right of her, as I became a teen almost adult, we ran I slowly ran ahead of the white wolf, 1st I thought, I lost my pack, I looked back to see, then saw they were still with me, I was in front of the white wolf leading them on the run. I knew I wouldn’t see them anymore, but they would Always be part of me, I felt love and pride around me and in me! So that night we ran, one last time! I do miss them! I have looked my whole life searching for my biological family, I did find them! I met them at 31 yrs old, my highschool sweetheart and wife and our two children,met and love them deeply, The adopted family, I still keep in touch, though from a distance letting them live their lives, I reiterate, I miss my white wolf and pack, I know they see what happened in my life, I do wish to see them again , I always felt like their always there, just out of sight but here! I search the net for answers of who, what, where, about them, I love them, All Of Them!

    1. I had a dream about a white wolf in my kitchen,he stood there staring at me,he had a desperate look in his eyes like he was trying to tell me something.

    2. learn wolf drumming, then go into a forest they have been reintroduced to, and play for them with sincerity in your heart.

  14. I believe that my spirit animal might be a wolf because one night last year I had a strange dream where I was at this weird place like a shop it was realy dark and all and there was this guy I knew who came form my school and we started to get to know each other ,later on he walked of down a dark hallway and into this small Asian food shop so I followed him ,as we entered he turned the corner of one of the shelves and a realy Long hallway appeared.i hesitated to follow him because all of a sudden he changed ,he wasn’t the person I was following so I let him run down the hallway and I turned around to exit the small shop but as I did I felt strange like something was coming,as I went to exit the shop a black wolf with amber eyes entered the shop slowely walking towards me growling at me,I wasn’t afraid for some reason, the wolf stopped growling looked at me curious as to why I wasn’t afraid of it I stared at the wolf for a minute thinking of what I should do ,I thought if trying to pat the wolf but I didn’t want to take the risk it still looked a bit wary about me ,so I cautiously walks down the long hallway that led to an upstairs Car park where I found a group of people and that guy I was talking to before ,I walked onward from them and woke up from my dream.

  15. I was running with a pack of wolves at night during my morning and night meditation and it was amazing experience. The most connected I felt during a meditation session so far. It felt like home. I felt so free and comfortable but safe. I felt it deeply to the point where I got emotional and tears ran down my face. Beautiful ?

  16. I dreamed about a big white wolf and I was in my house in my own kitchen, he was staring at me as if trying to tell me something, judging by the look in his eyes he was desperately trying to communicate with me.

  17. hi, want a second with wolves spirits. but the first time I had the wolf spirit. it felt weird. & nerves at the same time. but I do want the changes of my life style & I am not afraid wolves anymore. but my life has been stress a lot lately & I feel truly alone. I feel like lost wolf pup human. be because i’m lame. but I need help. & now wolf spirits won’t even talk me anymore. my heart is truly broken. I have been howling a lot. but no answers from any wolf spirits. but I do wish for a real second chance. but I need help. I need to feel wolf love. & mate. but now i’m lost in my mind & my heart. I just want to be forgiving & give me a real second chance. I do wolf changes I really do. I can’t see. & I real blind but I have to use glass & contacts lens & my smell is still good. but my hearing is good. but not the best. I want to hear more. & teach some dogs some manners. & I want to under my cats & there language. but I do need some help can ya please help me? please.

  18. My grandson Dad died and one evening He saw a white wolf at the window It was looking at my grandson and it disappear is that a sign or was his dad the white wolf

  19. Hi, is any good real life werewolves out there? I do need a real werewolf help. Please answer my lone wolf pup. Help. I’ll try to answer any werewolf questions. To be one. Please will you please help me out. Please. 🙁

  20. I was in travelling on holiday with my family and friends to see the Terracotta Army in XiAn in China. I dosed off for a short while and was startled awake by a very vivid vision of a wolf facing me snarling and bearing its teeth. It didn’t frighten me as don’t think the snarl was directed at me. When we arrived shortly after at the museum location there were outdoor stalls/market selling pelts of animals which looked like wolves or some canine. I found this very unsettling and I was so angry and saddened to see the waton destruction. My guide said they were fake but I knew she was lying. I am now back in the Uk I investigated and they are dog at the least. I am sad and angry and unsettled from what I saw and feel I was being prepared by my vision. What does it mean? I took pictures of the pelts am I being asked to say something on behalf these poor creatures. Recently I have developed a strong affinity for Wolves which is out of the blue. This is unusual asI am not a person who has visions etc. actually quite the opposite I tend to be very sceptical. The strength of the image was so powerful that I feel the need to understand. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    1. Hi! Maybe the Spirit of the dead dog came to you because you are evolved enough to hear and see it. Maybe it just needed you to understand its anger at how cruel and selfish people are. Do you wear fur? All fur is a skinned animal, even leather and Ugg Boots. Animals die in horrid ways for their skin to be uselessly worn.

  21. I’m amid a phase where nothing is consistent except struggle. I truly feel like life is pressuring me to leave. The interesting thing about it all is that nothing happens in this world without money. Even when I decided to seek therapy, I could n’t continue such without money. To me, this basically communicates that one is more than able to decide suicide as a way out, if you don’t have the money to pay for therapy or drugs. I’ve prayed for months, and the same things are happening over and over again. I’ve been into totems, but even that is doing the same thing over and over again. Relationships have also the same, but once again, what do you do? The interesting thing was what I saw on the golf course behind my house today, a wandering wolf. I took this as a sign that I have to face my fears(facing the reality that women are n’t worth s***, racism is all around me and it won’t stop, etc.) but this is happening at a time, when so much is just not proceeding. I’ve decided to stop reading my affirmations, delete them, and do nothing. That’s innately what my struggles have brought me toward.

    1. look for the joy. the struggle and the joy both exist at the same time. my partner died this year and I have come to realize that all things are there to look at although at times the shit just does seem to pile up. I get it. its real. its fucking awful. but at the same time the wind still blows, the birds still call, the sun still rises. there is beauty, there is love, there is greatness. i hope this message finds you well and that things have improved for you since this post. <3

  22. Ina, do you ever personally respond to questions? I do not see a place to send an email to you beyond this public forum. I share a loss in common with yours, and I have had significant symbol drop in through my dream relative to the wolf; it is haunting and unclear. With gratitude for you and your work.

  23. I am half Native American on my mom’s side and a quarter on my fathers. For years I lived in a very scary home that had demons, and ghosts that would take on the form of my children, black shadows and something that looked like a grim reaper. It wore a cloak that was see through and it had its very round hood put up over its head. From the inside and swirling far out from its cloak waa black, white and grey smoke and it bellowed in and out of the cloak. They looked like spirits of dark light and inbetween being trapped by this being. With every step it took towards me the night I saw it my dog’s barked loudly. With each step it got taller and taller up to 9 feet or more. I could not look at it directly in the face there was blackness but I was too afraid to look into its face. Over and over in my head I felt it tell me it was a soul eater. This was after years and years of seeing things that werent human, door open or unlock without anyone touching it. This home I lived in I truly believed was a gateway/vortex to the spirit world. Everyone who came to this home experienced something from seeing things be thrown to viewing apperitions. After seeing years of these things I finally saw the grim reaper being and it was too much for my family and I to handle a few in nt family has seen it as well including children and my husband. So I did a cleansing of the home using white sage and telling the spirits they were not allowed any more. I also prayed and prayed for all of these things to leave my home of 13 years. The day after I did the cleansing a very large black wolf spirit showed up in my room. But this was something good. Every night you could see it pace back and forth in front of my bed like a sentry. If I wasn’t in bed it walked up and down the hallways and stairs. It would disappear into the vents on the walls and walk through door ways. Everyone in my family saw this black wolf. It wasn’t solid but very much looked like a spirit. After it came to my home all the activity stopped. Except for the basement. There was something very evil in our basement. It said it’s name was Molech. I was dumb founded to find Molech was in the bible and worshiped for years. I even found pictures online that exactly matched what we saw in that Moloch. It was green had red eyes and wings like a large green muscled bat. Taller than any human. With horns ob it’s head. I have since moved from my home to live in the mountians where I haven’t seen one thing out of the ordinary. I thank God for the black wolf that was sent by my passed away family members. I know God and my family were protecting me by sending this amazing wolf. That home changed my life. I now know there is a world that exsists right in front of our very eyes that most people can not see. Some of it is terrifying to say the least especially the thing that trapped souls and the demon named Moloch who people worship even today. It’s sick that people still worship this Moloch. I was shocked to hear so many men of power go to Bohemium grove to worship this creature I never even knew of until I saw it for myself in my old home. But I know with my entire heart God has protected me and kept vigalint watch over my family. This is the first time I have ever shared this outside of my own family. I don’t care if anyone feels I am crazy or making it up. My family lived this for a very long time and I am thankful to be out of that house. I have not seen the wolf since I have moved. But then again there’s had been nothing to guard us against in my current home of 2 years. All of this has strenghthened my faith and made me get closer to my Native heritage. I wish I could see the wolf again to thank it but then again I don’t ever want to experience the horrors of that home. Not even for one second. I’m sorry for the long story but I really felt like I wanted to share the gift of safety that wolf spirit gave my entire family.

  24. Today a Wolf appeared in a tree. I showed my husband and he saw it too. It was a ghost like appearance…..
    My sister has a dangerous “pain body” she hasn’t healed. She causes much damage acting it out. She has destroyed others life’s. I’ve been sensing she’s coming around my way. And I am more than thankful Wolf appeared. I need that kind of help dealing with her as not to create bad karma. I’d love to neutralize my dealings with her and end our relationship for good. Thank you Wolf Spirit!!!

  25. When I was younger I was at a point where I felt lost since I, like many other recent college graduates, could not find work. As I was driving home one day, with tears in my eyes and uncertainty filling my mind, I noticed a truck ahead of me carrying a crate which read “Wild Animals” on it. I thought nothing of it until I saw three pairs of golden eyes peering at me from within. Suddenly, as if knowing the curiosity going through my mind, I saw a wolf poke its face through the opening in the crate and I realized that the eyes belonged to three wolves. A few weeks after this experience I received the opportunity to join a program that allowed me to earn a teaching credential and now I work with special needs students and I truly enjoy it. It was only after telling the story to my friend, who is Native American, did I learn that the wolf is my spirit animal. It was a memorable experience and I don’t think I’ll ever forget those eyes looking at me with such fierce determination.

  26. I had a dream recently, I think it was a dream, in the dream I was in bed asleep and awoke to a black wolf with bright yellow eyes sitting next to me on my bed. I communicated with him without speaking. I said “hello love”. I woke up sitting up in bed with my arms outstreched like I was touching the wolf. ♡♡

  27. Thank you so much! This has helped me understand my dreams and why i feel so drawn to the wolf, i love wolves with everything i feel very protective of them and i also feel they give me strength and hope. <3

  28. Is there a way I become a real life wolf? Because I want to be one & save the human race & wolf race. & see what the future would be like with wolf abilities. Turn into ur favorite wolf color and name for ur animal. I love wolves. I love Indians. & Indians and wolves are pals.

  29. A couple of years ago I was out washing clothes late and walking back to my block I notice a white wolf. It was on the same side of my home and I stood there watching from afar because I didn’t know what to do and was anybody else seeing this. I waited and it still didn’t move just watched so I took the chance and hurried into my gate. I still had to go out for my clothes and still no one was outside or passing by to see this. When I came back out for my clothes later. It wasn’t there. When I came back it was. I have never seen a pure white wolf in my life and it was beautiful. Now at that moment I felt that I was being told something.

  30. hi, i have a story of my encounter with a black wolf.

    it was around midnight and i was 18 (currently still 18) and me and my friend were hanging out at a baseball field when suddenly i looked into the distance and saw a pitch black wolf standing there. it wasnt looking at me but i knew it was there for me. my friend was scared to death. she was grabbing onto me so tightly. she was frightened. but for some reason, i was not. i think the wolf somehow gave me a message to not be afraid, so i wasnt. even though every survival instinct inside me was screaming “be afraid!”. but i wasnt. a wild animal was 20 feet in front of me and i was not one bit scared. also every dog in the houses around the field was barking like crazy. i told my friend “do not be scared, animals can sense fear” but she continued on freaking out as i just watched the wolf. it moved behind a fence and behind a sign on that fence. when i moved my head to look behind it, it was gone. then the dogs stopped barking. i knew i wasnt imagining it because my friend saw it too. at first i didnt know what it was. it seemed bigger than a dog but smaller than a deer. i came to conclusion it was a wolf. i also saw a visable snout and tail. its ears seemed to be back but im not sure. i never saw its eyes though. after that me and my friend ran back to her car and drove away. ive been back to the place but nothing out of the ordinary happened. i have a feeling that i might see it again soon.

  31. I had a dream a beautiful white wolf long just beautiful fur almost shining walked up to me calmly and not bit but tugged on my hand to make me follow her lead me to a pond almost green shimmer like my mom was in the middle not standing in the water but hover just above it the wolf gracefully ran across the water and left and I just saw my mom glowing at this time in my life I Hadn’t seen my mom in about 10 years I’ve never forgotten this colorful bright dream that wolf felt so protective over me and two years ago I found my mom by the way

  32. I had a dream that a native man was running through a field and of course I was running with him when I got to the end of the field I seen a great big black wolf I looked at him and asked who he was he said I am you and good things are coming your way he had a booming voice.

  33. I have been told that white wolf is always by my side. I have not seem the wolf yet I love wolves and have one on my front door (made of fiberglass)
    How can I see my guides and what die white wolf mean?

  34. Most of my life I have sensed a feeling of a large black dog-like creature following me. As I grew older I came to feel threatened by it and ive seen it twice. It appears as a large black wolf with red eyes but it doesn’t come around too often but when it does the energy levels around me feel dark and threatening. When that wolf isnt around ive been told there are 3 other black wolves that follow me everywhere I go. Two seem to be neutral and one looks angry. I know a wolf can be a symbol of protection but What could all this mean?

  35. As I woke up, in my mind, I saw a wolf with what looked like a violet coloured crystal or gemstone hanging around it’s neck. Any idea what this may symbolise?

  36. I had a vision during my meditation. My ex came back asking to get him back and I just don’t know if I can trust him again. So decided to do visual meditation asking for some answers. In my meditation wolf came over to me, it was a huge wolf, he was alone, he wasn’t scared and I wasn’t scared. He came over to me almost asking for my acceptance, came close, lowered his head and I put my hand on his head. When I looked at my arm it was shining in red dots like little shinny berries. And that was it. Now any ideas to what it may mean to my question

  37. Hi, I was wondering in my thoughts, I am a black panther and I am driven to the white wolf animal. Do you think there might be a connection between this two animals? thank you. Lot’s of light in the darkness to you.

  38. I have been seeing white and black wolves in my dreams I don’t know what it means they were fighting for something I don’t know what it was for can you help can you tell me. why?

  39. When I was five years old I would get scared at night and go to my mother who prefered to sleep alone in the living room on the floor. I would watch her face while she slept and with each exhalation she transformed into a wolf. At first I froze in fear then I would lay down besides my wolf/mom and watch her transform. In the morning she would ask me why I was next to her and I never told her I saw the wolf in her because in my five year old head I thought it would hurt her feelings. I have seen others turn into animals when they talk but never like my mother, the wolf.

  40. Fascinating reading, including the comments!

    Recently I had an intense dream that was long and involved. I’ve forgotten all of it except this part.

    I was in a snow storm, with a person who needed to give me something. We left a building we were in and walked through the driving snow to her car. It was in a city, and it was deserted. It was place that was completely foreign to me. She warned me that there were wolves around; that I ought to fear them because they were hunting.

    As she bent over into her car to find some document to give me, I saw across the road a pack of wolves that had brought down prey. They were white wolves, camouflaged in the snow. The blood of their prey contrasted starkly with their white fur, and the surrounding snow.

    One of them saw me. I locked eyes with this wolf, and, while my friend was afraid, I knew being afraid was a waste of energy. They weren’t afraid of me, nor I of them. Any fear I had disappeared, and I became fascinated.

    Then, as I watched, the wolf I’d been looking at walked over to a huge throne that towered over the road at the end of the street. She made sure I was looking at her. Just as she reached the throne, she turned into a stunning woman, dressed all in white, with red trimmings. She sat on this throne, proud, strong, wise. I recognised her, and then everything else about the dream became irrelevant.

    Since then I’ve been faintly obsessed by this wolf-becoming-a-woman figure. She recalls herself to me in my daily life, and the more she does, the more I feel that there’s something about it that is significant.

  41. As a child I used to believe that what I was seeing was real. To this day I believe they were my spirit animals protecting me and trying to show me something.
    I was about 6 years old and I would try to get to my parents bed but it was surrounded by 4 or 5 wolves. They would be surrounding their bed, growling with their teeth wide. I was scared because I couldn’t get to my parents and tried to jump on the Hope chest that was at the foot of the bed. I did get there eventually. For a long time I thought this was a reoccurring dream, which it may have been. I also believed it to be negative. I’ve realized that the wolves were trying to keep me from my parents and were protecting me all along. My spirit animal was with me from a very young age. There’s a lot more to why I needed the protection and don’t know all of it myself. I know though that I need to trust my intuition more because that wolf is inside me.

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