Whale Power Animal Symbol Of Wisdom Record Keeper For Eternity

By Ina Woolcott

The whale’s gifts includes – record keeper for all eternity, power of song, all knowledge associated with voice, all aspects of the sea, beauty of movement, psychic and telepathic abilities, wisdom, provider, inner depth.

Using the rhythm and patterns of sound, the whale teaches us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths, thus knowing wisdom and feeling the heartbeat of the universe.

You will be shown how to go deep within yourself to stir your inner creativity and imagination. You will also be taught not to become too lost in your imagination but to live in the ‘real world’ – every day waking reality.

Give your own creative intuition to formulas – this is what charges them with power and magic. The whale does not teach creativity for the sake of creativity. A deep, creative inspiration is awakened, but you must add your own colour and light to your outer life to make it glorious.

The whales sound teaches us how to create with song. Along with dolphins, whales are the other sentient beings of our planet. They too are self-aware and have souls. Accordingly to some teachings, they are on their 4th cycle, while most of mankind is on its 11th or 12th cycle.

Personally I think that EVERYTHING has a soul, not just ‘sentient beings’. All animals, plants, as well as the so called ’non-living matter’ like rocks I believe have their own consciousness/soul and are experiencing being a rock, or a stick. Just like some people believe that stones/precious stones have to be asked to be taken out of the earth, why ask if they are just dead, non living matter? They must have a certain level of consciousness to know that they even want to be in the ground, or wherever they may be!

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  1. Last week I watched a film documenting the rescue of a whale. A few individuals in a small fishing boat came across a whale, it’s dorsal fin and tail entangled in a fishing net, making it a struggle for the whale to surface for air. They had one knife and worked as hard as they could to cut it free but realized their progress was slow, and called for help. They were told it would be an hour and the whale couldn’t wait an hour. Diligently they cut away the net, piling it into their small boat. Once they finally freed both the fin and tail, the whale began to swim. It circled the boat for over an hour, leaping and splashing in a display of gratitude. Earlier today we were playing a game and the question “if you could be any animal, what would you be?” came up. As I thought to myself The word whale suddenly came to mind. I shared it out loud. When we listened to Jia Lakshmi and Ananda chant and sing for us tonight, she told a story about recently sitting on a cliff by the beach with a few friends. I pod of whales swam into the bay and she heard their message, we are here to spread love (I may have to ask her tomorrow to make sure that was the wording) but it was the essence of the message. She was inspired to write a song that she proceeded to play. It was absolutely beautiful! Then I looked up at a wooden box with art decoration, just left of the stage and there were images of a whale taped to it. I believe I’m being sent a message by Spirit, to tap into whale medicine. When I did my personal spread many years ago, with medicine cards, the whale was one of my Spirit Animals (of the 7). I have always felt that I’m in communication with the keepers of wisdom. It’s time to deepen my connection with whale medicine.

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