We Are All One A Call To Spiritual Uprising J M Harrison

“When you venture beyond identity, you realize that what you are is awakened consciousness. No longer a separate piece of the puzzle of life, but interconnected existence itself.” J.M. Harrison

An ordinary man tells an extraordinary story – written in just 6 days following a near death experience, this book shares the insights of the author’s meeting with universal consciousness. Using simple language and everyday examples, he reveals how the present global spiritual awakening is revolutionising our understanding of the links between mind, matter and spirit, reflecting upon the profound effects it has on our lives and the collective future reality of our species.

His message is that through consciously aligning with the spiritual truism “We are all one”, we can learn how to access our true selves with increasing frequency, gradually overcoming our addiction to the “I”, eventually entering a new realm where oneness is a living reality. J.M.Harrison is a spiritual guide, intuitive healer, and mystic. We Are All One, is his first publication, offering followers on the path of self-realisation, a doorway to the deepening of awareness by sharing his experiences of awakening. This book is original, pure and a blessing to all spiritual truth seekers.

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