Tribe Babongo Iboga

Ibogaine is a powerful hallucinogenic.

Join Bruce Parry as he takes part in an extraordinary initiation ritual with
the Babongo tribe, implementing the use of powerful hallucinogen, Iboga, or
Ibogain, deep in the rainforest of central Africa. Bruce believes the only
way to truly understanding another culture is to live as they do, and to
become, for a short while, one of the tribe. He plans to stay with the
Babongo tribe for a month. 2 days after he arrives there are 2 deaths and he
is allowed to film the funeral taking place and the rituals surrounding it,
giving insights into this way of life. Parry also goes along on hunting
expeditions. He is an amazing human being who has genuine respect,
compassion and love of tribal people and their belief systems.

The entheogen Iboga makes you violently sick, purging your body of
negativity. Then strong hallucinations begin. The Babongo tribe believe
your soul leaves your body and is free to go on a great journey. They are
able to wander amongst the dead, seeing visions that will change them
forever. You are also able to speak with the spirits of animals and plants,
they say Iboga allows you to see yourself as you really are, from the INSIDE
OUT, similar to Ayahuasca. You discover who you really are. Days later you
emerge cleansed, reborn. This rebirth is not without risk as people have
died doing this, their hearts failing as the drug pumps through their body.
Ibogain is no pleasure drug and once you have taken it once, will want a
very long break from it to integrate all you have learned on this spiritual

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