The Wind Is My Mother Bear Heart Molly Larkin

I love this book, I have read it many times and recommend it to anyone, whether interested in Native American Culture or not. This is a book about life. Easy to read, but jam packed with wisdom and direction.

What people have said:

“Every time I read a book where a native american speak I am in tears, the beautifulness and simplicity of their speech, and at the same time the deep meaing of their words and they connection with the Earth and all life is so natural for them…”

“Bear Heart has shown in simple words what honesty, courage, spirituality and beauty can really mean and how it can work to develop the reader and stir the soul. He says ‘find your own path’, at the same time I would suggest that him writing about his, will give a searcher a helping hand. The humour in the book is wonderful and the insight into the many levels that we can exist on can lead to a greater awareness of the universe we dwell in. I am left with respect for the immense humility he has displayed writing in this style. To be clear though, this book is not about being flowery or fanciful, Bear Heart’s story is about a tough journey as well as a wonder-full one and all who go down the spirit road will know what I mean by that. Thank you.”

The Wind Is My Mother, is a truly amazing book, by an even more amazing man. Grandfather Bear Heart tells us his story, from a child, up to the present time. It tells of his quest for knowledge about the ways of the Shaman, and his teachers along the way. Any time that I’m feeling depressed, I reread this book. It is a very uplifting work, and demonstrates that while the man is one of great Shamanic skills, he also is very humble, and humorous. Grandfather Bear Heart is a man of immense passion for Mother Earth and all her children. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Native American Spirituality, or just in becoming a better person. After reading it, try to attend one of the Bear Tribe’s Medicine Wheel Gatherings, where he frequently gives seminars. It, and he, will truly change your life, as it did mine.”

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