Spirit World

By Viola Woolcott

The habitation of spirits is the spirit world. The spirit world is composed of various kinds of spheres, planes, or levels, which seem to be merging into each other with different levels of vibrational energy, the lowest being in the first sphere. Physical surroundings as well as the amount of light all vary depending on the sphere. Time or space do not exist in the spirit world as they have no need for it.

All living things, including plants were created as spirits. They have existed long before physical creation and their souls consist of a spirit body united with a physical body.

The spirit world is all around and always with us. It is a world of energy and higher vibration. Spirits are on a much higher vibration, that is why it makes it so hard to see them unless we are able to tune in to their vibration.

Due to the lower vibrations on the earth plane, spirits feel our world as loud, slow and heavy.

The spirit world is not a physical place, but for the spirits that are present there it is very real, just like the earth plane is real to us, and the spirit people see our earth plane as the non-reality.

Shamans are guided by their spirit guides to the mysterious, transcendent reality beyond the material world, where they are lead to different dimensions of time and space. By passing through such a portal, the shaman gains his contact with his ancestors who reside there. He communicates with the spirits having his spirit guide in the form of a totem animal by his side. This is how he acquires wisdom as well as knowledge which will serve his tribe or those who came to him to ask for help from the world beyond death.

2 thoughts on “Spirit World”

  1. Hello, My spirit guide is the albino deer . Would you be willing to please give me some information on this guide ? Or point me in a direction where I might be able to get some information? I have been aware of my guide for about five years now, reaching six years. I am interested in gaining truth that I can harness and integrate into my life. My awareness of my deer is something unavoidable and (for lack of a better word) it haunts me. I know there is something to be conscious of, I need to be pointed in the right direction.

    Best Regards,
    Leslie Goldman

    1. read books by carlos castenada,they are a brujos journey to the way of a shamen,sorcerer.one thing they dont mention is a rebirth through fire,or a near death experience.further elaboration on this is on the web.still trying to relocate.sunburn might be ok for rebirth,not recomended for this life though

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