Soul Retrieval

By Viola Woolcott

Soul Retrieval originated in ancient shamanic practices. It is bringing back the part of the fragmented soul and the life force it contains.

Soul retrieval is not a therapy, but can be a therapeutic process.

Once the shaman decides that your soul can be retrieved, he will look for signs of the life force, this happens when the shaman looks into the eyes, the windows of the soul.

The Shaman creates a sacred space, one where you feel safe, surrounded by love and where you feel protected from interference from the outside world. During the ceremony he uses drumming to go into a trance like state, to travel into the past, down the tunnel to the lower world. There he connects with his power animal and maybe some other helpers and they travel together into alternate realities to find the part of the soul of the person that is missing to invite it to come back. Usually the soul fragment is in a state of stress and may not want to come back as it doesn’t believe that it is save until the shaman proves that it is safe to do so. Bringing back the fragmented part creates an energy change which may take up to two weeks for integration.

Things always get worse before they are getting better and it is a good sign that deep healing is taking place, when uncomfortable emotions and deep routed memories come to the surface after bringing back the fragmented soul parts.

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