Soul Loss Fragmented Self

By Viola Woolcott

The Soul (vital essence) can leave the body when someone suffers physical or psychological trauma. It finds a safe place in other realms of non-ordinary realities and goes into hiding. This is a healthy mechanism for protection, helping someone to ‘survive’ without having to experience the full impact of the trauma. In some cases the fragmented parts will return on their own, but sometimes mending the fragmented self needs assistance by shamanic practises for the life force it contains to find their way back.

There are various reasons as well as traumas that may cause soul loss. Some examples are abuse, severe accidents, death of a loved one, witness of destruction, surgery as well as break up of a significant relationship.

Soul loss can also manifest itself in a number of ways. Some examples may be addiction, physical as well as chronic illness, bad health repeats itself, inability to focus and concentrate, grief that doesn’t heal, depression, a feeling of being ‘spaced out’ and not really here, frustration, a feeling of fear, disassociation or lack of connection to the emotional body.

Another way of experiencing soul loss is shock, where the individuals soul has not returned or has not fully re-entered the body.

You can also loose your soul by giving it to someone or by someone stealing it from you. It is very common and happens when a person holds part of another persons soul captive and that person cannot escape, which may happen intentionally or may happen unintentionally. Both souls are wrapped up within each other and both parties suffer the impact on each other. But only the main soul is influenced by the foreign presence and his mental, physical and emotional health suffers. The Shaman works in a respectful manner for both souls to ‘disentangle’ them.

A classical example for the body protecting itself, is when the body goes into a coma. This is the most extreme situation of soul loss, where the soul is pending between realities. More of the soul has left the body, and as it is in a great deal of pain or the soul emphasising necessity to re-consider its situation, a coma provides that needed time.

Conventional medicines very rarely address that loss of soul is a very common phenomenon. Using ancient shamanic soul retrieval, soul loss can be healed with dramatic success.

Many of us, if not everyone of us have gone through the experience of soul loss and the life force it contains. I certainly have!

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