Skunk Power Animal Symbol Of Self Respect Reputation Sensuality Self Esteem

By Ina Woolcott

The skunk is linked with mystic and magic. Throughout history skunks have upheld a reputation that is respected, as well as feared. When a skunk feels in danger, it lifts its tail and stamps its front feet. If the ‘danger’ isn’t scared off, it hisses, turns around, raising its tail to unleash a spray of up to 10 to 14 feet with accuracy. The eyes are irritated and the victim is temporarily blinded. If skunk is your power animal, this is your call to develop inner vision and use it to see beyond what the physical eyes perceive. A study of aromatherapy may also be beneficial to you.

They are slow moving, solitary creatures, and spend nearly all day underground. Skunks help remind us that there is a time to be with people and a time to be completely alone.

Whilst they do dig their own dens, they will also take over abandoned homes of rabbits, foxes and marmots. Skunks are self-confident, from them we can learn to develop self esteem and self respect. In general these creatures are extremely gentle, though as before mentioned when feeling threatened they give off a foul smelling chemical. This trait however, is not the skunks special gift/power. The skunks medicine is the power of respect and reputation. They are very secure, easy going and confident. As they respect themselves, so others respect them right back. Their smelly reputation – usually – keeps others from bothering them. They are given the space they need, lest they feel under attack!

Through their silence, skunks teach us not to brag for this will only push people away rather than attract them to us. People notice you without any help. Opportunities will come to bring self-esteem and respect. There will also be heightened sexuality: physically, psychically and spiritually.

If the skunk finds you, you may need to question yourself whether you have self respect. What signals are you sending out to others? Do others respect you? If need be, learn to affirm who you are without overpowering or bullying others. Through and by the way act, you are able to show that you have self-respect and therefore respect others. This in turn will earn you respect off people too. This will also draw people into your lives who share similar interests to you – like attracts like remember – and people who don’t respect you will be deterred. When we learn to completely accept ourselves, who we are, and learn to express the essence of ourselves, without ego, we will begin to attract those who share our path and repel those who don’t.

Skunk teaches us to understand a warning. Our instinct often foretells trouble ahead, but often our mind gets in the way and gets in the way of this knowledge. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from skunk. You can learn how to honour the part of yourself, which like the skunk, gives you many warnings before an actual problem or disaster develops. If skunk appears in your life, it could well be your intuition sending you a signal of imminent danger or caution.

The stripe that runs from head to tail on the skunk is the outward sign of kundalini or life force. When skunk wafts into your life, your kundalini or life force activates and amplifies. You must learn to use this force effectively. When the creative life force within is fully developed, you will have the ability to direct your creative energy to manifest what you desire. If underdeveloped, you need to awaken the creative life force and look beyond the fence you have built around yourself, your beliefs.

Skunks do their thing quietly. If this is your power animal, you are advised to do the same. Unbalanced skunk people have a habit of blowing their own trumpet, looking for recognition. As skunk possesses intense energy, this can create problems in communicating with others. Those with skunk medicine are either well liked or disliked. The art of attracting and repelling are natural skills, and very beneficial when mastered effectively. Remember this – people notice you all the time, but how they notice you can be controlled by you.

If skunk is your power animal, you will find that the use of fragrances will elicit dynamic responses in the people around you. Your sexual response will be upped and you will have a better ability to attract people. You must however learn to balance the ability to draw and repel people.

6 thoughts on “Skunk Power Animal Symbol Of Self Respect Reputation Sensuality Self Esteem”

  1. Lots of skunks on my path lately but today a baby skunk was on the road. What does this mean from a native perspective?

    1. Good day to you. I would like to suggest that this is asking you to consider taking baby steps along your path of enlightenment. ~Phoenix~

  2. A friend has a White Skunk with black feet that has taken up with him. This friend is clearly going through an Awakening, how ever, he doesn’t BELIEVE in a lot of thing’s that he is seeing, hearing, sensing. Native American Heritage is clearly in his line. How does one go about helping him?
    Thank you
    Tammy Ivey??

  3. Can anyone tell me I see the skunk dead belly up in all realms..on the side of theroad. In my mind. In my dreams always the same. Should I be looking out of danger?

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