Shazzle Dazzle Ayahuasca Experience

Shazzle Dazzle did an immensely healing ayahuasca ceremony with Admmm’s mum and sis on Saturday. My shaman was outstanding, and we had the ecstatic pleasure of seeing Admmm fully restored and looking divine. Our pain has lessened to a degree where we are feeling only appreciation and awe at the love that surrounds us in all worlds. For the full story click RIGHT HERE!

I personally am a big fan of Shazzie and love her website and products. Her

One thought on “Shazzle Dazzle Ayahuasca Experience”

  1. yikes! is it just me or does that whole trance/trip/drug ineudcd vomitting coma in the jungle thing scare the crap out of anyone else? being someone who finds driving on the interstate frightening, calling up the recesses of my feeble brain seems like a totally un-fun thing to do. I buried that stuff back there for a reason! but hey, more power to you, for giving it a shot. i was a bit shocked at reading such deep musings by my favorite, light hearted British TV presenter! so wow. i have to think on this for a while. hmmmmmmmmm.

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