Shaman Disease Sickness Doctor Of The Soul

The Shaman is the ‘Doctor of the Soul’ for the individual as well as for the community.

As a result of disharmony in the body the spirit has the ability to manifest an illness, a dis-ease, in the form of physical, mental and emotional sickness, or it can even manifest pure joy. All things have spirit, a blueprint, a creative force, which brings them and their own consciousness to life and which can also be communicated with. Without a doubt, everything is made of energy, which can be transformed and moved. It should be respected that all things are interconnected, that they affect each other. Dis-ease has spiritual sources. By identifying the underlying issue, healing will take place by putting right the flow of energy.

Shamans say that the reasons for physical, mental and emotional suffering is caused by parts of our power (over oneself) being lost. That the cause of illness is ‘separation‘. Separation from nature, from the source, the core, from oneness. The Soul ‘leaves’ to escape the trauma. Spiritual intrusion to our being can be the consequence in many aspects of trauma. For example accidents, abuse, disappointment, loss, bereavement, giving birth, even being born. For this part of the Soul it is a kind of protection, which may cause a void and therefore leaves the spirit open to disturbances.

Thought forms are sent out all of the time. Everything is connected, all things influence all things. Separated, unaware people will cause harm to themselves as well as others when they enter their lives with bad vibes, hostility and their dark thoughts. The Shaman works with the powers of the universe to end separation from nature, the source, the core, from oneness.

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