Sacred Music

Voices In Solidarity – Sacred Music

Voices In Solidarity is a not-for-profit organization that builds alliances with indigenous-led environmental movements. Our current work is with partner groups in the Brazilian Amazon, supporting reforestation, education, and cultural survival for tribal communities. Sacred music from around the world + a vision of the sacredness of the earth and all of its inhabitants = alliances for social and environmental action Voices in Solidarity is founded on a deep faith in the power of music to transcend differences and bring about positive change. It has two major goals, both related to building bridges.

Shamanic Rock

Primal rhythm, swirling dancers, ancient instruments and futuristic technologies blend with mythic archetypes and alternative rock to create a musical, visual, sensual experience. Kan’Nal’s “Shamanic Rock,” documented on their Sony Red debut, Dreamwalker, conveys the power of these spectacles.


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