Rods Staffs And Other Tools For Communication

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As a seer, I get random visions. Even as a young child, I had the ability of receiving dejavus, interacting with spirits, and communicating with plants. These past couple of years, I have started on my spiritual journey and now know how to understand the visions and manage them appropriately.

Recently, I have been getting visions of tools to make for myself and my friends. Last month, I made a staff out of a Birch tree that contains the power of a strong, wise feminine spirit. Then, later that month, I came across a thick and short oak branch on a frozen lake. Again, I got a strong impulse to pull it out and make something out of it. I didn’t know why (as is usually the case), but I listened. I brought it home and make a gorgeous rod decorated with a quartz crystal, a leather handle, onyx, magma, and a few Ogham runes. The spirit within this ‘rod’ was very, very strong. I have this to a friend of mine who is wise in the ways of other-worldly communication and telepathy.

Does anyone else have this happen to them? If so, what do you make?

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  1. I talk to the birch somtimes. Suddenly, while meditating against a birch, there was pictures in my head. I also sensed a feminine power, stabile, firm with a warm core of life force and strong will. It was a soft but powerful feeling. The birch learnd me about the birch-sap that runs in her core during the springtime and how we exchanges life energy on many levels.

    As a child I was running away to a birch by the lake when I needed some time alone, and my mother have told me that I used to walk around in the meadows back home, talking to the flowers. My connection to nature is both healing and learning.

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