Raven Power Animal Master Magician Keeper Of Secrets

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Ravens wisdom includes introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, healing, creation, rebirth, keeper of secrets, master magician, shape shifter, mysticism.

The largest songbirds in North America, Ravens are highly intelligent and clever mimics. They mimic and use the calls of other species in their own ’vocabulary’ and can show us how to understand ‘animal language’. Ravens have been known to learn some human words also. Early Europeans feared the Raven and regarded them as bad omens, because they would feed on the corpses of the dead hanging on the gallons. Truth of the matter is, the Raven – like all wildlife and nature – should be respected, not feared.

Ravens bear magic and mysticism, and have a long history of myth enshrouding them. Shamans know the power of an unexpected piercing sound in shifting consciousness. Ravens have this power, giving out varied sounds, and can assist us in shifting our consciousness into various dimensional realms. Hence this is a reason why the raven is referred to as a shape shifter with magical powers. ‘Raven people’ can expect continual changes and spiritual awakenings throughout their lifetime.

Some native tribes refer to them as the ‘keeper of secrets’. They are linked to the void, where universal secrets are kept. Obviously, their black colour is the colour linked to darkness, the place where unconscious fear resides. Ravens are master magicians and represent transformational energy, revealing to us how to rid ourselves of our inner fears. Raven will show you how to go within in yourself, into the dark areas and then illuminate them, making you ‘sparkle’ and bringing out your true self. Inner conflicts should then be resolved, however long buried they are – this is the deepest healing.

If raven has flown into your life, then magic and healing abound. Raven awakens the energy of magic, linking it to our will and intention. With Raven, you have the ability to make great changes in your life – now is the time when you can take the thought and make it reality. Raven knows the mystery of life, they are strongly linked with death and rebirth. Remember not to be fearful of Raven, rather give thanks for the teachings he brings. Raven chooses its student according to their knowledge. They usually stay as long as needed to help transmute karma, returning you to the light. They will lead you into the discovery of your multidimensional self and reunite you with the secrets of the multidimensional universe.

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  1. ..well, the Raven came into my life ages ago, always knew
    that he is my spirit power, but since about 3 years ago
    I am 110% sure that is the Raven! I know for sure coz
    we moved to the opposite side of town and not long after
    that, it was a difficult time in my life, the same Raven, I saw
    often before at the old place, came “around” – same time, same place – for about 2-3 weeks, til I coped all bad stuff.. since then I “meet” him regular..
    How do I know that it is the same Raven? We could almost
    think they all look the same! But they don’t.. and “my Raven”
    got some special.. one talon was a shade lighter as the other!
    I can tell, that since I be with a Raven.. my soul and heart
    feel a lot stronger!

  2. My mother & I were walking around my neighborhood to talk about some changes in my life that are unexpected & hurtful a bit. For a couple of days been worried. Right before we were close to my apartment building. A raven came sat of the fence & was making extremely loud sounds. He was jet black & sounds were aggressive, like notice me. Look at me now. I was truly intimated because he was literally looking at me & was getting louder & louder. I actually told my mother to stop walking because the fence he was on was about 3 feet away from us. I a believer in nature sent us signs (for warnings & comfort). I told myself maybe he was trying to send me a sign. After we stopped me made some more sounds a bit, then started to fly but came right back to the same spot on the fence just when we started to begin to walk away. He continued to make sounds until I got into my building. I’m guessing that was no coincidence.

  3. What a wonderful and deep article! Thank you!
    I have a couple of very interesting moments with ravens and crows. First was a winter time when I went down to my Prague university college.
    I was walking , absent minded, down the street and suddenly I had a strong feeling that ,,someone,, is looking at me. I looked in that direction
    and there was big old raven, who immediately started to squawk when we have eye contacted each other. I can not describe the feeling, but he was
    definitely saying something to me. I wish I could know, what he said.
    Second was in Lund, Sweden. I walked through park and on the trees all arround were maybe thousands of crows who were making lots of sound.
    In one moment they all went silent. I realised that and looked up to the trees. In next moment the as synchronized they started to make loud sounds all at once.
    Well that was really something! I have no rational explanation for this stories.

    🙂 Tomas

  4. I was reading in a spirit guide book a couple days ago about a raven guiding a lady in her spiritual quest. Then today i was at work and a raven landed on the building about 8 feet away from me. It stared at me for a bit then started talking to me. It talked for a little bit and watched me and I am sure it was giving me words of wisdom to help me in some way. I have been struggling a little in my spiritual journey for a short while as of late and I am sure this raven is here to help in some way.

  5. I have always held a fascination for ravens.. my family feeds crows ever since I can remember.. and I hear them call out in the most crowded of places in the bustle of the city.. the raven showed up as my animal spirit last month and that explained a lot..

  6. Hi recently i have been going through a lot but being the strong person i am anyway i was walking through the park a raven landed on the grass near me and it started what sounded like talking walking roundabout and looking straight at me with its bright green eyes it was the most surreal experience i have had in a long time

  7. Some years ago we walked by a huge farm field that had just been tilled. There was about 50 Ravens mixed with Crows. I know the difference. I thought to myself, this is HUGE Raven/Crow medicine.
    We lived in a terrible place, violence was all around us. Something bad happened and we lost our home. We were homeless with our five rescue dogs. 5 months of being homeless and no one helped us we finally met our landlord. He owns about 80 acres. Much of it is good farmland. Now we are miles from violence and have a safe place to live. Our landlord has a Pug. We have 4!!
    Raven helped us to get here. Raven warned us and guided us and protected us. Raven gave us a glimpse of our future in the farmlands and here we are❤️

  8. Since i begun with meditation the raven is showing itself to me. like many other faces i can see. The raven will always stick around or come back often.

    Just a few minutes ago the raven shows up once again in my meditation session. this time a little different. i appears to me that the raven wanted to show me something but couldn’t find out what. so i continue to focus my energy on the raven.

    The raven disappeared after some time and at the same spot i could see another face a Human face. I immediately thought if the raven was able to shapeshift. This happened like 5 times i think.

    So now im here to get some more information and found out the the raven was indeed capable of shapeshifting. now it makes alot more sense to me. Hope i can found out more, i’ve yet to learn how to communicate with this spirit.

  9. My mother was a Raven, and she had the ability to shape shift into a Raven, teleport, and keep secrets.

    When she passed away, she returned to me, and passed on her gift: a gift that I’m now attempting to gain access to, and for which I’m seeking help from a spiritual guide.

    It’s my awakening. I’m excited about and look forward to the journey.

    1. Hi larry im keen to find out more myself i was told by an oracle that i was a raven seer i think i heard her right and she said that i see visions etc during sleep state and that i can bring messages to people. As much as im confused im eager to find out more about or how to go about mastering this gift, this ability i can use to my advantage an to help others in wich she said im already doing naturally an unaware. She says that once i mastered it great things will happen. Im so entrigued an dont knw where to start or how to go about it without seeming crazy to people . How do you control or use ur raven gift!?. Look forward to your reply. Rach x

  10. My Raven has been showing up for the past month now. It was just now sitting outside of my window. I look forward to all teachings and opportunites for growth. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  11. This is so synchronistic. My friend just tagged this to my post about how I feel like a magician (my name is Raven). I just got off the phone with a good friend that told me how much I’ve blown her mind and expanded her spiritual knowledge. I feel like I’m constantly triggering people to think on a multidimensional level. The raven is my main spiritual totem but it is very extreme right now. This is so exciting! I feel like I can feel my soul on different vibrational levels throughout time and space. I am not just a human body but a soul essence living in multi dimensions and connecting to a constant source with everyone else. I can feel reality shift with this knowledge and the snake totem helping shed another layer of ego off of my authentic self ? yay for Ravens!

  12. Ive seen ravens my intire live when i was 7 this massive one talked at me .Every morning same wire by grandmothers house he made i noise i repeated than he repeated as did i did he choose me cause now wherever i go not the same but various ravens always without fail i have i raven nearby

  13. I need advice from someone. I’m trying to get in touch with my spirit guide. Ever since I have been doing this. I see Ravens everywhere. On my lunch break one was sat above me in a tree talking away. I think my spirit guide is called Henry and I joked to my friend that the Raven was him. We said Henry is that you? He stopped talking and flew onto a near by wall. I meditated and I kept writing his name but I also wrote omen. Yesterday I went to the Tower of London and again Ravens everywhere and obviously all day I kept hearing Henry Henry. Is Henry my spirit guide and is he a Raven. Any advice please??

  14. I met Raven this morning. Parking my car, I could hear his calls and once I got out and started on foot I was searching the trees, nearly bare of leaves now, and thought I’d spot him easily. The calls kept coming as I scanned and scanned. Then, the loudest screech of all and I realized he was right over head on a tall streetlamp. When I looked up, he was looking right at me and unfurling his wings. Within just a few seconds he lifted off and flew away.

  15. On my way home from taking my dog for a walk. I came across a dead Raven lying on it’s back. It was around 8 pm, at first I thought it was litter such as a piece of a platic tray or garbage bag. When I got up close I realized it was a Raven. Not too sure what to make of it symbolically other than a way of thinking or a pattern/behavior is dying/changing? Any insights?

    Thank you
    P.S. I haven’t found anything on the internet in reference to this.

  16. my daughter and I were having a discussion about life in the morning, we drove about 9 miles to another park, while we were just sitting in the car, A big raven walked on the ground by our car and flew on the roof of our car and stayed there for a couple of minutes,. I got scared and closed out windows. waited until it flew up on the tree branch. first time I was looking at a very big fat raven next to me, I don’t know what it meant or message it is sending to me and my daughter, I am a very superstitious person so it makes me think “a lot” I had been searching since, what it means or maybe I am just overthinking

  17. every time I’m going to the German language I always saw a raven they’re too many and if I nearby them they same like they’re talking to me and it gets louder they voice and if going home two of the raven watching and flow me.

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