Raccoon Power Animal Symbol Of Our Many Masks Dexterity

By Ina Woolcott

Raccoon’s Wisdom Includes understanding the nature of masks, disguise, dexterity, seeking guidance and confidence, questioning without fear, balancing curiosity, shape shifting, secrecy.

In some ways, the racoon is a clever scavenger. Their magic is their mask, though often the raccoon’s mask is linked with its ‘banditry’ – they have been known to open peoples house doors and bin lids to take food – the mask has a far deeper meaning. No one, including you and I, are ever quite what we may seem – even to ourselves, for in our lives we can experience the freedom of many identities. Be it with friends, partners, children, parents, work colleagues, strangers etc. This medicine helps us to take on and let go of the many roles we fill. Having various identities isn’t negative, for we can learn to become adept at changing identities when appropriate. Over time this becomes as easy as selecting and changing ones clothes. Your many faces are about to be revealed to you. The racoon will assist you how to mask, disguise and transform yourself. Masks are a powerful tool – through the use of masks, altered states can be reached. Racoon people generally do well in professions to do with theatre.

Raccoons seem indifferent when caught ‘stealing’, although if provoked they can become ferocious. They are strong and muscular and can hold their own in nearly all situations, teaching us to do the same.

If Raccoon is your power animal, eating mainly fruit and vegetables will be beneficial to your health. Raccoon will have a long influence on your life, staying with you for a long time.

Racoons are for the main nocturnal animals, travelling in small groups of 1 or 2 families searching for fruits, vegetables, and small animals. Often they can be seen sloshing their hands and food in water before eating. The symbol of hands represent holding, receiving or giving. If raccoon comes to you may be being asked to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit. Reversely, the message may be for you to receive the gifts being offered to you by the Universe.

They are excellent swimmers, though they prefer being up a tree – which is where they are often found. Up here they are aware of everything around them and see danger a long way off. Racoons are highly curious leaving no stone unturned. This has its up and down sides. Following ones curiosity can pave the way for new and exciting things. However curiosity without caution can pave the way to trouble.

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  1. Hi,

    Ten days back I have seen a raccoon dead beside the foot path when I went for a walk. I remember this occasion so much because raccoon was not there when I was going up the foot path but I have seen it dead beside the footpath while coming back – the gap was only a minute I think and the raccoon looked like it was sleeping and it will get up soon. I would like to know the significance of this event to me.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, I had an English that also minored in mythology. Except, she didn’t finish her education there. She traveled the world, learning mythology on her own. She says that anytime you lose something or in this instance, death, it’s symbolizes that you no longer need that in your life. Either it wasn’t you to began with or you have spiritually achieved it.

  2. What mask have you been wearing that no longer serve your highest good? Is it time to let that aspect go and be renewed into the next phase?
    Is time to step out of hiding and share your gifts?

  3. I was outside on my porch trying to sit and meditate when I saw a baby raccoon. Is this just a coincidence or a meaning behind seeing this animal?

    Thank you,

  4. Last night on the way home from work I had a mother raccoon with four of her little ones cross the road in front of me. I spent the weekend at an intuitive event, so I am more aware that nature is trying to talk to me through my spirit guides. I felt immediately like this crossing was meant to be a first sign in my own awareness, my journey. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  5. this morning i was on my porch when a raccoon walks up to me it showed no fear and lick my toe and then walk away
    i live in the city its very unusual to see wildlife here and its the first time seen a raccoon here.

    1. I’m still amazed at the fact that I was sitting outside, texting my son when all of the sudden a raccoon walked around the corner, licked my toes, looked up at me then walked back around the corner. I didn’t even have a chance to take a pic. I too, live in the city. I just held my breath until it was gone. The only meaning I could think of was that I was Blessed. Really weird. Weirder than witnessing a ufo

  6. I dreamed that it was night and I found two baby raccoons by themselves out in the woods. I was concerned and felt great empathy for them. So I scooped them up to take them home. Then as I was walking there were many full-size raccoons around me milling about behaving the way raccoons do. Then I was concerned as to how I was going to take all these raccoons home and care for them.
    I am then still in the woods at night and then I come upon two wet dark grey rabbits. So very soft and sweet. I dont know what happened to the raccoons but now im concerned about their welfare and i pack them home.

    1. That’s so interesting! Every time I see a raccoon, I almost always also come into contact with a rabbit or two within the same day. I wonder what their relation is?
      It’s always either a raccoon and a rabbit or a raccoon and deer that I’ll see in them within the same day, sometimes less than a minute apart!

      1. That’s trippy. I see the racoons and rabbits within short periods of time too. And I’m the only one that sees them, so it’s not like they’re just abundant in the area. As I was reading the first post, I thought about my own rabbit/racoon sightings. That is very interesting. I wonder if there is a specific meaning when you see both!

  7. I have had the strangest but most beautiful raccoon experience. Shortly after I got home from my first chemo treatment I found a raccoon slept safely and soundly in front of my kitchen window for at least three hours between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.. My kitchen window is in front of my sink. Below my kitchen window is a roof that overhangs a patio and it slept on that roof just in front of my kitchen window where I could observe it sleep. I just wanted to pick it up and cuddle it if I could (but not advisable I’m sure).

    I have just recently been listening to Sandra Ingerman tapes in the morning and at bedtime. So this is a sign of something but I am not sure what it means as I am new to shamanism. I do not believe it is just a coincidence that I saw a raccoon sleeping in front of me on the very day I started a difficult part of my cancer journey. Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. Warmfuzzies…maybe the Raccoon is teaching you to not worry and “Rest Easy”.
      You are going through a difficult journey now and the universe wants you to trust it…prayers & peace to you…Kia Sue

  8. All summer I’d been seeing these dead raccoons everywhere. I even saw a mom with her babies. These are more raccoons than I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t think of it as a warning, but later on in the last of the summer my boyfriend broke up with me for being inconsistently the same person from moment to moment. I also found out that I have borderline personality disorder. I really wish that I had heeded the advice of the raccoons.

    1. Very helpful for my own insight as i saw a dead racoon in the middle of the street and almost started crying feeling as if its body was left there dis-regarded while people in cars going both ways never acknowledge the stillness of one of God’s lifeforms as well….and then I got the feeling/reminder of my ex saying that I had a pattern of putting up a mental wall back and forth between us which created room for infiltration. …i have been holding on for years the confusion and hurt of him impregnating/ having a son with a woman who visually looked like me who already had 3 other children….he told me two days be g orw his child was born….not until a year after his son with her was born, did I tell him that I was pregnant at the same time and had mis-carried with my first pregnancy ….I thought I had been in a monogamous relationship, but obviously was not. …energy and accountability is important on both sides and although I am not responsible for his actions, I have to take responsibility for my own fear and display of my back and forth letting him into my heart and then putting upa wall early on in the relationship. …thank you for your transparency and it helped me share my own…Namaste’

    2. That is very interesting.. but .. i dont see it as all bad. i just was reading another raccoon experience with dead raccoon even though that part was not real life but halucination.. anyway.
      that lady.. had a dead raccoion and then a wolf. She had also seen all the pain she endured in her life and what she gave to others plus she revealed family secrets to her sister. so dead raccoon in her case was change of life .. which is similar to you. also that secrets will come out with change of life. Also that what was unknown to her.. came out.. and in this case for you also.. you were not aware that.. you have that diagnosis. And this is why i dont see it as all bad.. because you need to find out.. and its better.. its out in the opeen for you to get meds and help .. and be more balanced and probably happy. so yuou are done with it being secret to yourself .. i think its ok.. maybe your boyfriend could have handled it better.. but maybe it took a breakup for you to take it seriously and deal with it the way you need. Get yourself in a good shape .. and ready for your new guy. 🙂

  9. school term got out. I needed to go camping, stressed levels being bad. woke up at midnight to something furry in my hammock. after several tries, figured the only way to get some sleep was to just let this creature sleep in my hammock with me. I wish I could have taken him home, but I can barely take care of my family. but for one night felt like a kid again with a new pet. Who knew they purred like cats…I do now. here is one of four vids i posted to my youtube of this grand adventure. https://youtu.be/3jwDouvW2h4 “mainly because who would believe me” any insights would be appreciated.

  10. On the subject regarding totem magic, the act finding one’s totem animal in dreams, and shamanistic symbolism, etc, here is something I’d like to share:

    I was reading a book on Totem Magic. My favorite animal(s) as far back as I can remember have always been reptiles, more specifically serpents. I have always identified as a snake, boasting on their primordial and instinctive nature.
    I also constantly defend these animals since they are usually associated with a bad image (i.e. serpent tongue = liar; in the Bible the snake “supposedly” tricked Eve into eating forbidden fruit; etc), declaring that snakes usually give warnings before striking, but if cornered or threatened are dangerous beyond words.

    Long story short however, I now realize why I the raccoon might very well be my totem animal (or at least, one of them, if there are multiple.)
    You see, the book suggested that, in order to find one’s totem animal, a person should meditate on __said__ scenario, and keep that particular image their head whilst drifting off into REM. It claimed that the animal best suited to the personality type would manifest itself and (more importantly) not to force dream an animal that you had preference to, or the animal you feel connected with, like a favorite animal, etc. (i.e. the snake, in my case).

    Be open and the mind would subconsciously ensure the correct animal manifests itself in dream state.

    Truth be told, the only animal that I can honestly remember dreaming of that night was the raccoon.

    At the time I was disappointed that I had not been visited by a snake, or wolf, my two favorite animals. But I kept the author’s words in my head: be open minded and embrace whatever animal was in the dream.

    And I did, and so now I understand why it was the raccoon that CHOSE ME, and for so many reasons.

    Everything listed about the personality traits surrounding raccoon symbolism as totem spirits, the consistent depiction listed… for instance, having the tendency to be mischievous, kleptomania compulsion (I’m not a bandit but I had to do things to survive, things I recognize are not moral but necessary); the truth that I cover my emotions many a day; the fact that I am very shy around individuals I don’t know, preferring to listen as opposed to speaking, but once in my comfort zone, transition to the incredibly impulsive, creative and oh so charismatic

    Final facet of proof verifying the above= the only time I’ve ever felt truly comfortable is on Halloween, whilst in costume/character (I hypothesize, as I keep reading, that the makeup is symbolic, suggesting that the raccoon’s mask is comparable to my metaphorical mask, and the fact that I feel comfortable in an almost dissociative manner, whereas it allows me to be someone else for the time being, exemplifying my creative performance driven personality whilst also letting my guard down).

    Just wanted to share that. Sorry for the long story- ha.


  11. Last night I had a dream that I got into my car and rolled the windows down. All of a sudden a racoon comes from the backseat to get out of car through my front passenger window. I did not see its face; it didn’t attack. But I could tell it was a racoon by its tail. I felt a frightened at first then (since it didn’t turn to attack me) I was confused.

  12. just now i was sitting on my porch (it’s late at night) when all of the sudden i see a raccoon standing up in front of me and looking at me from just a few feet away. i gave a start, but then instinctively said “hello”, since i love animals. then i looked away from him and he left shortly after. i’m not sure what i think, but perhaps it is worth mentioning that i work in a costume shop. 🙂 in any case, at the moment i am sort of grieving a short romance i just ended, and am also trying to quit smoking. another thing is that i am dealing with a burdening secret. so yeah. if anyone has any thoughts they would be much appreciated!

  13. I was once chased by a family of very large raccoons almost a decade ago during a run I went in. You lose many things in the passage of time but I vividly remember every part of that memory. Raccoons have always been creatures I’m drawn to but afraid of, not terror afraid, but representing a part of me I try to deny frequently. I want to be a genuine person but know I have masks, if my child needs medicine I can’t afford I know I will steal it. I’m not proud of those aspects of myself and seek to change them frequently but maybe if I embrace raccoon instead of pushing him away I can better control those things? Just a thought.

  14. Hi, today my sister died. When I got home I went out on my porch and saw two raccoons walking in the grass right in front of me. Two really big ones. Do you think it could be a message from my sister? Made me think of how we would run in the grass together when we were kids.

    1. That is certainly symbolism of your sister “taking off the mask”of this physical body.death is very much a shed of this physical vehicle.the recognition of them symbolizing both of you is very important aswell,as you too will shed many masks and grow spiritually through this happening.sending so much love to all!!~*•*~<33

    2. Alicia,

      I am truly sorry for your loss and you have not only mine but all of our sympathies, I am sure. I pray peace and comfort find you quickly.

      As for your question I do get that it was her. It seems she is with someone else (a male) who was close to you who has also crossed and wants you to know all is well. I get that she also wants for you to think of simpler times when adventures were near and fun.

      Keep your eyes, heart and mind open. She will be leaving you messages again through this process and the upcoming years. I am sorry I do not have more for you. Please try to be at peace and know that she is.

  15. Hello,
    I was visited by racoon last night in a dream. I was in the backyard and I’d noticed the trash had been opened up and scattered in the yard. As I started cleaning up the trash bags, a racoon surprised me and began to attack me aggressively. I’ve never dreamt of an animal attacking me so physically. Do you have any personal insight concerning how racoon may play a role here? Thank you for any insights!

  16. I used to sneak out of my house and feed racoons at night. My mother said I did this from age 4-6. She was at first quite scarred when she got up and didn’t find me and then she learned where I was which she also was a bit scarred of. She said she was afraid to startle me spoon feeding a racoon mama and her babies thinking that I might get attacked. I did it about once a month for two yrs my mom said. What might this mean?

  17. Raccoons have been popping up everywhere for me over the past couple of days. Tonight I saw one cross the road in front of me. I’ve been getting messages that the woman that I have been seeing has been deceiving me, either that or I am deceiving myself. I’ve been getting these messages for close to two months now. I get the feeling that i am supposed to either let this person go, or let go of the belief that she is deceiving me. A fox told me that she was tricking me and an opossum told me that things are not what they seem. If anyone has any advice on this issue it would be much appreciated. Thank you, brothers and sisters. I love you!

  18. I had a strange dream that we had a pet raccoon and I was taking it out to do his business. But it continued to try and attack me. I had a big piece of wood I used to block myself with but it continued. Woke me up feeling awful any meaning behind this? I’m a animal friendly person and even in the dream I only blocked it and never attacked back. Strange.

  19. Hi I woke up to the roofers fixing my roof . An they found the raccon sleeping in roof of the house. She is expecting baby’s. They remove it from my home and set it free.
    I have a son that is going through wrought time right now.
    I can you help me understand the messages.

  20. My wife and I were sitting on the patio, I had just done a Reiki treatment on her, we have been going through a stressful time over finances, and my wife has issues with her hip. When along came a mother and a baby raccoon came around the corner they looked at us calmly for several seconds, then Mona directed her baby to the fences and climbed the fence the baby tried to climb the fence but could only made it 1/2 way to hen momma climbed down took the baby in her mouth as the baby wrapped its arms around her neck and momma climbed the fence and walked across the fence to safety. Fortunately I closed the door behind because our fully grown Siberian Husky was inside. I feel totally blessed and very grateful for this encounter in the middle of the afternoon.

  21. A raccoon came out in daylight to raid our compost. My teenage daughters and I watched “Frank” for some time. Later, my younger daughter complained of vertigo. This has been going on for some time and I have been near panic that it is part of a larger potential disease. I am a brain cancer widow, so all brain symptoms terrify me. I am hoping the raccoon was telling me to let go of these beliefs and see that we are all fine in this moment. I do not want to turn over every stone as there is no easy answer- no one can predict my daughter’s path and me looking for answers out of fear will destroy me.

    At least I know Frank had a good dinner.

  22. Four raccoons in my backyard tonight
    When I came into the house I looked through the slider door they were all there staring at me …one came closer to the window and just started for about 15 seconds and slapped his hands on the ground … don’t know what to make of it ?

  23. A racoon has been climbing up the downspouts of my home the last several nights and then attempting to climb up in my screen to the window of my room. What message might this be trying to tell me?

  24. I live in California near a water drainage area. It is one square block in size, surrounded by a chain link fence with barbed wire on top. The outer part of the area is circled by tall trees, some of which have died, some of which have also fallen down. The bottom of the drainage area is grassy and wild. When it rains, a pond is created which slowly drains away to the ocean. There is a mysterious look to the whole thing. I walk by dog around this area several times a day and I have taken to looking out for coyotes since I see a couple of areas where they have dug under the fence to get out. Nothing coyotes so far, though neighbors have see them in their yards hunting. About two weeks ago, I was walking my dog late at night and saw a racoon staring at me from one of the drainage openings that is along the street curb. He was looking right at me the whole time I walked by. It was as though he knew me. I was a little afraid because the racoon was not afraid. I wondered if he was going to attack me. For some reason I spoke to it, saying “I see you!” several times. Somehow I felt this would prevent it from attacking me. Last week I attended my first Shamanic workshop. I thought I saw a racoon when I went to look for my power animal. I wondered if the racoon I saw walking the dog was my power animal in ordinary reality. I keep thinking it was.

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