Purpose Of The Shaman

By Viola Woolcott

The role of the Shaman is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world. In his own way he has many purposes. Many people wonder what that purpose entails as they are not familiar with the Shamans powers (refers to energy), knowledge and abilities he is said to own.

Shamans believe that the main causes of illness is separation from the Source.

The Shamans primary task is to keep the people as a whole as well as assisting any individual who suffers with loss of Spirit or Soul. Shamans have sacred healing powers as well as ceremonial responsibilities. They use a repertoire of different healing methods like energy healing, body work, crystals, dance and sounds as well as shamanic medicines, removing damaging energies which are believed to cause illnesses and despair. Shamans believe that the main causes of illness is separation from the Source.

The Shaman is the doctor of the Soul for both the community as well as for the individual, as he is the middle man for the person in need as he has the power (energy) to be the communicator between the spirit world and the modern day world. He retrieves lost or stolen Souls as well as their fragments. To the ill and dying he restores health, interprets dreams as well as messages from spirit. Ceremonies are carried out to mark rites of passage or other meaningful milestones in someone’s life. At births and death he assists, helping in the arrival as well as the departure of Souls to and also from this world.

The Shaman must also work on himself as he has to free himself from ego and projections to give his full attention as well as being fully present without being judgmental or energetically drained. He lives by the soul and the spirit concept. The soul concept deals with healings based on the belief system. The spirit concept is based on giving hope and also wellness.

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