Polar Bear Power Animal Symbol Of Purity Death Rebirth Transformation

By Ina Woolcott

Polar bear’s medicine includes the ability to navigate along the earth’s magnetic lines , introspection, ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes, purity of spirit, strength in the face of adversity, solitude, expert swimmer through emotional waters, finding ones way back from the brink, communication with Spirit, dreams, death and rebirth, transformation, creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries, defence and revenge.

Intelligent and fearless, native tribes throughout history have held the polar as a desirable ally and spirit helper. The white colour of the polar bear is very significant indeed, for it represents purity of spirit. As this bear is fearless and the universal energy only flows when fear is absent, the polar serves as a valuable ally in getting past fear, both physically and mentally.

To the Eskimo and Inuit peoples this animal is a source of both physical and spiritual nourishment. On a spiritual level, the polar bear is regarded as the embodiment of the spirit of the North, an animal who possesses ancient wisdom and has shamanic powers.

Of the bear family the polar is the most aggressive and carnivorous. They are exceptional hunters. Polar bears weigh up to 1600 lbs and are able to knock a 500lb seal out of the water with one blow. Incredibly strong, they are far more adaptable than other bear which is well suited to their excellent survival skills. Though they are one of the largest land carnivores, they are still capable of great speed on both ice and earth. They are able to swim 100 miles non-stop.

Although they have the same characteristics as other bears, the polar does have specific traits inherent to it. If this is your power animal you should read up on the information available about bears in general for a deeper understanding of this powerful medicine. If polar bear is (one of) your guide, you will have challenges linked with flexibility, change and stubbornness and should ask the polar for assistance in overcoming these obstacles.

Prior to acting the polar will observe the situation beforehand. They know how exactly how preserve their energy and strength and use both at the most appropriate time for the best outcome. This is just one of the lessons to be learned form the polar. Perhaps if this is your power animal, you would benefit by learning the art of energy management.

Within the animal kingdom the polar has no enemies. However, they do have but one enemy – the human hunter.

The polar is known as the “Ice Man” amongst some native tribes due to its preference for hunting on sea ice. How the polar appears to us is symbolic. If the polar were seen walking on ice, the message would be connected to the frozen, blocked, emotions stored within us and the need for allowing those emotions free flow, to express themselves. If seen looking for food, nourishment and replenishment of the body, mind and spirit would be the message. It is very important to watch the polar to get the right message.

15 thoughts on “Polar Bear Power Animal Symbol Of Purity Death Rebirth Transformation”

  1. I just recently finished working at a Homeless Drop In. During my time there I had many dreams. As a child growing up I would recurrently dream of Grizzlies lining hillsides, and I would ride this series of waterfalls and pools out into the ocean, in harmony with the bears. When I was in my twenties I moved out to the west coast. There is a river that resembled exactly that which I dreamt about over the years. It is a wandering river, there are black bears, who I had walked past without confrontation(real life here, hahaha) and then this river spills out into the ocean. So that had my attention. Okay, recently with the shelter. I dreamt I was staring down a big hole, the grizzlies den, which endlessly sank into the earth. Out of nowhere, a Polar Bear starts chasing the grizzly. I run from a shed to a cabin trying to avoid it, but it bites me and I wake up. Next dream I am up North at the tip of Canada, before Victoria Islands, or Kug… and there is a Polar Bear by the stream. I throw a rock at it to shue it away, but it grabs the rock and I start to play fetch with it, I awoke just after dreaming someone was invading and I was sad for the bear. Next dream was 5 or 6 polar bears walking around in a schoolyard of my old hometown. Thoughts anyone???

    1. Definitely, thoughts on this… as I was reading, each step was clear to me: bears are your tribe and now you reach the inner core where Polar Bear “graduates” you from shack to cabin, infusing you with its bite (not quite dismemberment, perhaps you are already connected to spirit enough that one bite will do!), then playfully exchanging earth with you, a solidification of your communication with PB. Hometown tribe, you are home.

      I would never have shared what I thought as I was reading your dreams, but then you asked 🙂

    2. I only read half. you relate to people who you respect or big players in your life as bears. they are powerful and they take what they want by force. learn the art of a gentle bear and to not sulk when taken from

  2. I have been doing bio-feedback and sometimes I go into a deep meditative state. Several times I’ve had deep spiritual experiences. The last time my spirit connected with my sweet deceased husbands spirit. We flew through the forest and he took me to visit several animals. The first I got to visit was the elephant. I got to lie on the elephants back in my spiritual form. I could tell the elephant liked it. I got to smell in the aroma of desert dirt and river water. It was awesome. Then we flew. Glenn took me to the ocean and I got to twirl in the water with dolphins. Next in just a thought I was snuggling in the powerful arms of a polar bear. I snuggled in but only for a second or two. I was then whisked off to swim on the back of a whale. I got to look in the whales eye and I saw only love. I saw thousands of sprits, then Glenn took me to my dad and moms spirits. The lady who was doing the bio-feedback told me my brainwaves were the type monks go into when deeply meditating. I cried after the experience. It was so real, so beautiful. She also said I should look up the animals I visited so she gave me this website. Thank you for the explanations. Each animal I visited and read about in this website means something to me but more so now then ever. Thanks for taking time to read this.

  3. Awesome read. I was at a healing lodge and told my spirit animal was the white bear.
    On a side note, denaii and northern indigenous peoplet aren’t a big fan of the term Eskimo. I was told it means raw meat eater.

  4. What if polar bear is hugging you? I’ve had the polar cimingbin dreams trying to, then hugging me,,, very pleasant

  5. I dreamt that I found a polar bear den in my home town. There were 2 baby polar bears with their mama. They were different sizes but both were still so young that their eyes were shut. I picked one up and then put it back. I was really amazed that there were polar bears in our town. *In real life, I live thousands of miles away from polar bears.

  6. I recently had a dream that I came around the side of my house to find a huge white polar bear skined and dead. I realized that my husband had done this and was shocked because the bear is one of our totems and we would never kill one. I remember being disturbed and confused about what to do or what to say but knowing that I had to say something, and then I startled awake. Seeking input, we are having a difficult time in our relationship right now and I’m at a loss for how to proceed.

  7. In my dream I heard the loud crykng of a (human) infant. As I followed the sound I saw a giant white bear lying face down and sobbing loudly. His bed looked cozy and he was beautiful.
    He turned and looked at me as soon as I arrived. His eyes were red and piffy and face all swollen from the crying. He turned back and resumed.
    I turned to the person beside me and said “It is emotionally heartbreaking hearing this sobbing coming from this bear” I welled up with tears but did not cry. I woke up feeling very sad.

  8. I dreamed I was looking out my bedroom window that was above head of my bed..and a baby Polar Bear was sliding down a hill right outside…the bottom of the hill being at my window and giggling in the fun and toward me in a good way.
    At end of dream, a Snowy Owl was kinda doing peek-a-boo from bottom of hill at my window….was very sweet

  9. Last night I had a dream about a polar bear. I was at some type of learning location I was walking down the side of the road to the crosswalk when I saw this large polar bear going across the crosswalk. I remember thinking what is this a polar bear doing here in the warm weather. I just watched it cross and go along it’s way then I proceeded to cross the crosswalk to get to where I was going. Then I woke up. If anyone has any feedback about this meaning. I would appreciate it. Thanks

  10. I had a dream that a polar bear was hanging close by. My kids were fascinated by it and wanted to play with it. The polar bear seemed friendly and playful. My youngest son was playing with it. Though it was very big compared to my son, he didn’t fear it at all. I, on the other hand was worried that it would turn vicious and attack him. I remember thinking that it’s their nature to eat and the bear might end up eating my son. But as I worried to myself, my late daughter was near the bear. And trying to let me know that it’s ok and not to worry. Almost telling me that the bear was not going to harm anyone. Does this mean anything?

  11. I have had multiple dreams with the polar bear where it acted like a guide for me.
    One dream in particular was where I was riding on the back of one and we dove into the ocean. It took me to an underwater cave that had a fire burning inside. The cave was dry, well lit and warm. I remember feeling like I was safe, but I was confused on how the ocean water wasn’t filling the cave up since it was quite deep and had an open mouth to it.
    I took the dream as an invite to dive into my emotional body on a deeper level with a reassurance that I would find nothing but love and warmth there but I’m sure the symbolism goes deeper than that.

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