Plants Used By Shamans

By Viola Woolcott

Shamans and spiritual seekers have been using plants for millennia. Teacher plants are a gift from the plant kingdom. A consciousness raising medicine. They are one of the most common, sacred ways for gaining knowledge of the universe. But bear in mind that the teacher plants are not necessary for the shamanic journey, they are a tool to give help to those who find it difficult opening to the universe.

The plants seem to communicate with animals as well as humans as their psychoactive molecules join certain brain receptors. Depending on the psychic skills as well as the intent of the shaman or spiritual seeker the plant spirit can exchange information with its embedded intelligence.

The spirit world and the use of plants are very closely related. The Shaman uses the teacher plants for healing as well as to achieve ascendance into the spirit world.

These plants listed below are used for altering states of consciousness and the aromas have been used at spiritual welcoming.

Plants to induce altered states of consciousness as well as incense (aromatics) like:

=> Ayahuasca – Quechua for Vine of the Dead – also called Yage
=> Cannabis
=> Cedar
=> Datura
=> Deadly Nightshade
=> Fly agaric
=> Iboga
=> Jimson weed
=> Morning Glory
=> Psychedelic mushrooms
=> Peyote
=> Sage
=> Salvia Divinorum – also called Diviners’s sage
=> San Pedros Cactus – named after St. Peter. Guard and holder of the keys to heaven
=> Sweetgrass
=> Tobacco

Caution: Teacher plants should only be taken in the presence and with the guidance of a master of the plants in a safe environment. Every person will have their own unique experience. The teacher plants should only with the greatest degree of respect.

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