Owl Power Animal Symbol Of Wisdom Stealth Secrecy Part II

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Humans are able to block out that which we don’t want to remember or deal with, e.g. memories with negative emotions attached to them, traumas, and accidents etc. We deny that about ourselves which we do not wish to see. When dreaming, sometimes our unconscious mind becomes conscious. However, again these dreams are forgotten on purpose. Hiding from our selves, our feelings, emotions and thoughts means we are being deceitful – to our selves. If owl has found you – they have the ability to unmask and see what is truly beneath the surface. They pierce illusion. On the flip side, perhaps you have the ability to pierce illusions and see what is really going on behind the scenes, to see what is going on in the darkness of others souls. Perhaps you have noticed that people are a little uncomfortable around you. Use this gift carefully and compassionately. It would be good for this gift to develop in all humans, for owl teaches us to look into the darkest parts of our souls and learn from this darkness.

There are circa 135 species of Owl, 17 0f which are found in North America. They come in all sizes, from a tiny miniature that lives inside the cactus in the desert, to the great horned owl – the only bird able to out-fly the golden eagle. To see a fully grown great horned is awe inspiring. They have furry talons that closely resemble the paws of a baby mountain lion with claws extended. Being meat-eaters means they are a force to be reckoned with if challenged, or if something dear to them is threatened. Their large and forward facing eyes gives them a wise appearance. They have a greater range of movement in their necks than any other animal with a spinal column. Owls turn their heads, not their eyes, which are stationary.

The owl is keenly aware of its surroundings. Its night vision is so powerful that it can see prey when the light is the same as a candle burning 2500 feet away. Their extremely soft, thick wings let them fly silently to swoop down on their prey. Their ability to move unnoticed teaches us how to do the same. As well as their almost supernatural eyesight, they have supernatural hearing.

Their secretive ways, silent flight and differing calls such as whistles, shrill screeches and hoots, have made the owl symbols of superstition and even fear in some parts of the world. Some native tribes regard owl as a symbol of death, whilst others will believe that they represent the mysteries of shamanism and witchcraft. Owls are sometimes believed to visit those about to die. This doesn’t so much mean a physical death as much as it means letting go of a part of you that no longer serves you. With their spectral senses, the owl helps guide us through the dark tunnels of fear, change and unknowing to the light at the other end.

Owl people generally are private complex people and don’t like others to know what they are really thinking. Sometimes this can cause misinterpretations, especially in personal relationships. Owl people also often have clairvoyant and psychic abilities. People born with this power animal have chosen a path that implies a need to develop these gifts for the aid of others and they make excellent therapists, psychologists and counsellors.

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  1. Recently, I have graduated high school. As many people who have been there know, it is a confusing time. It opens up many questions about the self. I have recently been experiencing inner turmoil and fright. However, lately there has been a small, yet visible, transition into self appreciation and understanding. As my thoughts seem to let themselves wander freely, I have witnessed many strange behaviors in my mind. I do many things spontaneously. For instance the other day, I was walking through the forest with my dog. The same forest I walk through just about daily. But this day I decided to go a completely random, or so I thought random, way. Upon thinking about the future and having many frightening thoughts about it, I stumbled upon what seemed to be a dead bird. With closer inspection I discovered it to be an owl. This sent chills down my spine. I stood in awe and mystery. I felt a sort of connection with the animal. I felt a very powerful presence. I looked around out of paranoia and saw that there was nothing. So I came to conclude that it was the spirit of the owl contacting me. It was a great horned owl, which I learned is the strongest, most courageous of all owls. After having stumbled across the owl and feeling energies connect, I went on with my business. I didn’t think much about the incident. But what I have noticed is that since then I have been more open, more loving, and more courageous towards others and myself. I further researched the great horned owl tonight, and found out many things that make complete sense. I learned of the traits of the owl spirit totem. I thoroughly inspected my thoughts and aspects of life and I have come to believe that the owl is my spirit animal.

    1. That’s amazing. I just recently graduated as well! I have had a huge awakening that seems to be increasing over the last couple months. The biggest thing I have noticed seems to be that I attract things to me, yet, I can be attracted to things as well. I try to go with my gut feeling. Recently I have noticed a strong pull towards the Owl as a guide, as well as the Moth. I notice myself seeing moths a lot, at anytime of the day or night, and I feel greatly connected, or I get a strong positive vibe and feel as if something is falling in place or about to happen. The owl seems to be a head guide though, and appears less often. The descriptions of these animals as spirit guides both match up perfectly with me

  2. I completely enjoyed each word as encouragement! Thank you for this. It gives confirmation to what my spirit already knows. I am preparing to embrace and jump into the winds of change instead of fighting them. Your wisdom and insight are greatly appreciated.

  3. WOW ……I have just at the beginning of a special transformation in life and the live of the people around me .Thank you so much for this insight. I STILL HAVE to figure out the Snowy owl part of my totem(s)…..blessed be.

  4. I have a question.I was driving an owl down in front of me I hit it.it hit the windshield (driver side) and got stuck on windshield visor on the outside.it was still alive when I left it at the animal hospital. My question is what is it telling me. I know my dad going to pass way this year. The owl death is really bothering me.

  5. I have recently just started Year 10 and have been trying to find guidance from the spirits. After reading this I began meditating and through it I saw the owl. I felt such a connection with it. This has helped me realise who I am and I thank you for that. I just need to learn the traits of an owl and let it become one with me.

  6. I really enjoyed reading part I and part II of this discussion about Owl medicine. I have long felt an affinity with owls, the animals as well as their totem meaning, and this is such an excellent and concise description of their energy.

    I especially loved the part about them being a guide to the light at the other end of the tunnel, rather than an omen to be feared. I would love to have Owl bring me to the beyond when it is my time. It’s a beautiful and comforting thought.

    I came upon your site while doing research for a customer, who has asked for an oil that incorporates the power of the Owl. I really like the things people come up with and your descriptions here have helped me come up with what I think will be a pretty good formula to channel Owl energy.

  7. Dear kittyruiz,
    The owl flew into your car. Perhaps its purpose was to teach you about owl medicine. After all, you did discover much about owl medicine and owl spirit guide here. Trust the message. Trust the medicine. I suspect it will help with what you are going through with your father. My father passed on in 2013. It was the single most difficult and enlightening time of my life.
    Love and light.

  8. Iv just had the honor of an incrediblevowl cime to spend time in my oak tree grove but tonite… as i camebout the house to a balcolny he flew in frontbof balcolny and landdd on peak of house where stood and looked up to him and he hooted and i raised my arms in gratitude and saidcto him thank you my fridnd. Thank u. He frlt the live and sent back magnificence if infinity to me and did not fly away all about 15 ft above me in moonlit silohette. I went in saying pkease come back. And came out he is in trees hooting in great harmony ……currently my life is in great transformation and trust and fsith are big right now……… amazing to know that owls are of prehistoric times and have not changed. It is oldest bird .. ancient. Im not sure whats up. But i wil say it feels like im on right track to receive transformation. And i beleive Live Deeper Love. He is still hooting

  9. Another thing, I am clearly a mix breed, however, I am three separate indian tribes. I have this connection with the moon, I can’t quite explain. Whenever it’s out I feel as if I’m being protected and safe. Yet when its not out, I feel weary, and distressed. I too, have the owl as my spirit guide due to the native animal signs. But, I feel like somethings missing, or I haven’t done yet. It’s quite unusual. If shamans really do use this site, I would really like to speak with one, or someone for that matter.

  10. Fascinating… I had a dream last night where Owl came to me in two different forms, one small, one large. After seeing them (in totally normal circumstances, btw, no weird dream action, just mee in my bed on waking, seeing the owls looking at me from the floor of my living room, which I can see from my bed), I said aloud in the dream “Maybe the owl is my spirit animal…”

    I’ve practiced shamanic journeying since 2014, so I went to look at my documented journeys, within which are all sorts of animals, some more than others, but not one mention of an owl. Very cool! “COOL, COOL” ha…

  11. I’m an old guy. Owl has followed me my entire life. When I have moved owl will show up in my first nights there.
    Owl medicine can be contrary. Owl can take things away from You.

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