Owl Power Animal Symbol Of Wisdom Stealth Secrecy Part I

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Owl’s medicine includes wisdom, stealth, secrecy, silent and swift movement, seeing behind masks, seeing what truly lies below the surface, keen sight, messenger of secrets and omens, shape-shifting. the link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light. Comfort with shadow self, moon magick, freedom, deception, clairvoyance, insight, vision, omens, Owl symbolises the feminine, the moon and the night

Owl symbolises the feminine, the moon and the night. They are the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. The owl is linked to Athena. The owl is also referred to as the night eagle a messenger from the darkness and a guide through all the mysteries that it contains. They are night hunters and therefore have the ability to see what others may miss. The owl will give you the gift of seeing what is truly beneath the surface and not to be deceived by appearance.

The owl is also sometimes referred to as a cat with wings. These two creatures are linked with magic, heightened senses, intuition, and wisdom, more so than any other creature. Like the cat, the owl has keen hearing and vision in the night world – a place many fear. This fear can also make us feel uncomfortable about night creatures. The reason for this uncomfortableness is because the night is dark and symbolic of the unknown – that which we cant, or do not want to see.

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