Mouse Power Animal Symbol Of Scrutiny Order

By Ina Woolcott

Mouse’s wisdom includes scrutiny, order, organisation, examining life’s lessons, shyness, quietness, understanding details, seeing double meanings in things, invisibility, stealth, guidance in signing contracts, discovery, ability to be unseen.

The mouse is a wise animal, quietly getting on with his business and accomplishing his purpose without too much attention. From the mouse we can learn to pay attention to the little details which may get overlooked in our over-eagerness to see the big picture. We are reminded not to overlook the obvious. Also as a side note though it is good to pay attention to all detail, it is bad to over-analyse everything too. There needs to be a balance here.

People with mouse in their lives can become too fixated on methodology and come across as nit-pickers, finding fault with insignificant details and being overconcerened with trivia. This will make them approach the most mundane, simplest of tasks with difficulty. They can be over-dramatic and over-emotional.

In a mouse home, everything must be in order. Even if you live in the most smallest of abodes, you are still a vital part of the universe and earth itself. Mouse people are frequently fearful of life. Try to see the larger picture, but as before mentioned don’t over-analyze.

If Mouse has come into your life, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life. Have you become too fixed on one or more activities and are not paying attention to opportunities around you? Are you trying to do too many things all at once? Mouse can teach us how to focus and how to achieve the ‘big’ things by working on the little things.

22 thoughts on “Mouse Power Animal Symbol Of Scrutiny Order”

  1. So…a little mouse came to my front door tonight…it ran in circles then flipped over in his/her back – as if dead. I opened the door…he just laid there. I closed the door – he did it again – then ran off, around the corner…gone. WHAT does that symbolize?!?

    1. Haha! I’d say do something different because each time you do the same thing you run around in circles only to come to a dead end. Also, let off the drama a little – because that is quite a show for a little mouse! And quite brave I might add.

    2. He’s trying to tell you something is wrong with the land around you , it’s going to sink , cave in , somerging of that nature.

  2. I just revived a mouse from a cat attack and I don’t know how. He let me hold him and pet him and give him attention. He stuck around for more than an hour. If I’m right, and this is right, then it seems my ability to take things step by step had nearly dissipated right in front of me.

    He was the sweetest little guy, though. <3

  3. How about a dead mouse? I can home from an amazing 4 day seminar on living your life to the fullest and came home to a dead bloody mouse in my living room?

  4. Thank you for the super mouse totem!!
    I just saw a 2 different Crows with a dead mouse in their mouth while flying! Aha, my lesson is over! My lesson with a mundane person or task!
    I always think dead animals are the end of the lesson. Or you are symbolically dead to the lesson you are suppose to learn.
    Crows always warn me of a person who is NOT spiritual ❤️

  5. I have been woken up by this litte bugger of a mouse chewing somthing.
    See when i spleep i become more aware of everything. And this little mouse chewing, sounding like he/she was right in my ear..
    Cheeky little bugger

  6. I lI’ve in an area where I get many mice… I have lost so much in my sheds and in my storage spacedue to mice. They come into my home and create havoc.. I cannot kill them . I use have a heart traps. last night I caught one in a trap in my cabin, it was cold last night. went I went to see if I caught the mouse, that I noticed was leaving droppings …she was dead in the trap I think it was too you understand the meaning?

  7. I found a dead mouse floating in the toilet. I have never had a mouse in the house before. I thought it was weird. Any thoughts???

    1. Symbollically water might be feelings, emotions… and toilets a place of disposal, elimination…

      If going with the idea that a dead animal signifies you are done with a lesson, could be the end of a process related to this

      If not… drowning because of too much water.. inability to process emotions


  8. Yesterday I found a mangled dead mouse on my back walkway area. I wondered what it meant and then scooted off a ledge into a loosely caged leafy area. Today it was right back where I moved it from. Mind you all the while I was doing chemo I could hear a mouse in the ceiling above my head. I just finished radiation and like to think the mouse is symbolic of the end of treatment. Also been doing a lot of spiritual inner healing… it creeped me out to see it 2x but I also know there is a message there.

  9. I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m curious if you could give me some insight nonetheless.
    I the area where I live we definitely have plenty of mice, but it’s rare to see them out and about. They usually just come out at night or stick to the shadows. But I had nearly the exact same experience twice, where a mouse crossed my path. Both times I was driving and noticed a mouse underneath the car in front of me. The first time I was stuck in traffic and watched the poor little guy, scared shirtless try to figure out how to get to the bushes on the side of the road. Eventually he made it, after dodging a couple sets of tired. The second time, I drove over the mouse (he went under my car, not my tires) and watched in my mirror as he stayed for a little while, then ran to the side of the road.
    It was very interesting. Not up close and personal, but that’s never happened to me before. Then twice in the span of a week or two. Any thoughts?

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