Middle World Parallel Non Ordinary Version Of Our World

By Viola Woolcott

The middle world is the spiritual dimension of our physical world and it is the world in which we live and breathe. The parallel non-ordinary version of our world. With all its beauty, trickery, strangeness as well as horror it is a world of controlled visionary experience. The world of ordinary reality. A world shadowed by other worlds, so that we may move from one dimension into another it constantly overlaps.

It is the world where vibes, hunches, psychic phenomena, telepathy, thought forms, extra sensory perception, unexplainable things happen. Where disease as well as illness manifest themselves before moving into the physical body. Where psychic healers work and where psychic ‘darts’ are thrown. In a healing ritual, the shaman most often travels to the middle world to gather facts about people, animals and plants, finds lost items or determines who is responsible for crimes or actions which are significant to the condition of the person in need.

The shaman seeks a cure before getting ill. When someone feels ill or dis-spirited they should seek a shaman for advice and to look at their energy field to make sure there is no intrusion or that an intrusion may be removed. Shamans see disease as a result of dis-ease as a result of an invasive force acting against health.

As there is an infinite number of lower worlds, upper worlds and middle worlds, not to mention that time can operate differently there, journeying can be very tricky. You need to be very experienced before attempting the middle world, as it is a very difficult place to navigate.

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