Lower World Realm Of Ancestors And Spirits

By Viola Woolcott

The lower world is the realm of ancestors and spirits. The lower world is based in the natural world and it is the deepest aspect of our Soul. The root of our deepest thoughts and emotions. It is a beautiful, earthy dimension, where we can connect with power animals. Since the beginning of time it contains nature’s secrets which are instinctual to our nature. This is where all that exists happens. Where the power of the earth, its elements and its kingdoms can be encountered. Where wisdom as well as power may be brought forward into life itself. Every thought and idea planted and cultivated by humans throughout history are imprinted in the Lower World. Here is where the light within the earth may be accessed to bring growth as well as healing.

Travelling deep into the lower world is a sacred journey of initiation for the shaman. To retrieve their power, the shaman makes their descent into the lower world through powerful dreams or through altered states of consciousness.

The portal into the lower world can be entered through an opening like a hollow tree, a cave or maybe even a deep pool. Bringing back the visions from their journeys to their tribes, they will be acted out through sacred rites as well as ceremonies.

To describe the lower world, modern psychology uses the term “collective unconscious“. The lower world is where powerful archetypes dance with the elements of nature and where our personalities today are still influenced.

It is believed that the lower world is the land where fairy stories are set, where Alice’s Wonderland as well as many other cartoons are based on.

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