Lion Power Animal Symbol Of Brotherhood Feminine Energy

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Lion’s medicine includes brotherhood, letting go of stress, strong family ties, strength, courage, energy, self fulfilment, feminine energy, co-operation, community, Power of feminine energy, creativity, intuituion, imagination.

Creature of the Sun Lord, beloved of the Lady,
Reveal to me the ancient methods of magic.
Walk beside me as I grow in strength and courage.
Show me when to keep ties strong and when to break them.
Help me to understand the times for work and the times for rest.
Mighty lion, lend me your energies.

Lions reside in the Savannah’s of Africa. The male looks regal with his mane, and hence they are also known as the king of the cats. The coarse grasses and scattered trees to be found there offer little protection from the outside world and make them a prime target for hunters. Lions are frequently spotted lying around not doing much. They seem to be radiating the words don’t bother me ‘cause I’m busy relaxing – one reason why the energy of fearlessness has been linked to this proud animal. Mankind associates the lion with fearlessness because of its mighty roar. From the lion we can learn how to be fearless if we allow ourselves to relax long enough to learn from it.

Their is great myth and lore shrouding the lion. The Egyptians linked it to power and wealth. And also in ancient Egypt, a young lion symbolised the rising sun. So if Lion enters your life, you may experience your own true, radiant selves – your soul – rising to the surface. The Lion is the symbol of the sun and of gold, medieval alchemists associated Lion with sulphur.

Lions are perhaps the most social of the big cats. They live in communities called prides., living together in harmony and hardly ever fight – although the male lions are very passionate and can become very jealous (ah bless!) of the females. They work as a team to kill their prey. Males roar to scare prey and force them towards the females, who wait patiently for the right time to attack. Not only do the females hunt and feed the pride, they are also the primary caretakers of the cubs. The males protect the group from predators, however they do not look for confrontation or attack unnecessarily. They only attack when challenged and will fight to the death. Really though, they prefer the peaceful and simple life. All adults are affectionate toward all the cubs, who live a playful and worry free existence.

The lion represents and means many things. Some of these things are family, cooperation, and community. Lion people need to understand that one’s well-being is based on living and working in harmony with others, without giving up one’s individuality.

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  1. Lions have nothing to do with feminine energy – maybe lionesses, but not lions.

    Lions are symbols of masculine energy and the Sun.

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