Ladybug Power Animal Symbol Of Past Lives Enlightenment

Ladybug’s medicine includes carrying the golden strand that leads to the centre of the universe, past lives, spiritual enlightenment, death and rebirth, renewal, regeneration, fearlessness, protection, good luck, wishes being fulfilled, protection.

The ladybug is small and brightly coloured, usually with black, yellow or red markings and belongs to the beetle family. They are to be found in nearly all climates and latitudes. The shell on the ladybugs back gives protection from predators, with their wings closing against their body’s to give protection to their soft underside. With their keen instincts the ladybugs feel vibrations through their legs, allowing them to sense the energy of what they touch, another form of protection. The ladybugs colouring also warns predators to stay away, and we should follow this example by sending out the same messages to our foes and woes. Also, like ladybug don’t be aggressive, yet defend yourself if needed.

Although the lady bug is a beetle, it is still liked by humans – their small size symbolises and gentle loving nature, and they give off an energy of being harmless. This shows us how to stop harming ourselves. Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living – we must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. We are also taught to restore our trust and faith in the universe, we have to get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with the flow.

The name ladybug has its roots in the middle ages, when it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the beetle of our lady. This links it to spiritual idealism and religious devotion. Ladybug people frequently have past lives linked to religion or church – daily meditation is recommended.

In general ladybugs reproduce sexually, with the female laying eggs. Their life cycle is only about 4 weeks long, meaning that over a summer several generations are produced, linking the ladybug to the energies of regeneration and renewal. Their short life span teaches us not to worry, and to live life to the full and always in the now. Let go, let the universe and your inner voice guide you. People with this totem are generally family orientated, have strong morals and social values.

Adult ladybugs can eat thousands of aphids and other scale insects in their life time, and have long been regarded as a good omen by farmers and crop growers as these can be detrimental to crop production. However, due to its diet the ladybug often has parasites – a message to those with this power animal to look after their digestive system.

Ladybug showing up in ones life foretells a time of luck and protection, where wishes start to become actualised. The seasons of autumn and spring will be the most plentiful times for those with this power animal. Worries will quickly disperse when ladybug appears as they shield us from our aggravations, paving the way for new found happiness – aim high, you will get what you focus on. However, ladybug also cautions us not to force things or try to hard to fulfil your wishes, go with the flow and let things take their natural course. Your wishes will come true when they do – in their own time!

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  1. I’ve been involved in the metaphysical arts for over 25 yrs. and recently had a wonderful ladybug experience I wanted to share: I was walking to a potential new employer’s store just to check them out and, unbeknownst to me, a ladybug alighted on my hair on the way over. When I got there, one of the current employees saw the ladybug and told me where it was. Of course, knowing the ladybug’s symbolism and spiritual assistance characteristics, that made me quite excited that this will be a good move to this employer should they select me. Pretty cool, eh?? I looked up your article on ladybugs and have it printed out and posted on my bathroom mirror. Blessed Be.

    1. There is a splendid truth to this article . You have helped me greatly! Ladybugs ? are congregating in my bedroom ceiling and the corners of my bedroom. I have great peace and calm now that I gained understanding about this incredible beetle. I am smiling more now because of this . I was tested greatly after Christmas. It makes sense now. Wow,,,, No worries

      1. I opened my back door and stood at tbe threshold admiring the beauty of my garden. I was intrigued as I noticed something flying to wards. As it came closer, I recognised it to be a ladybug and then another came towards me. Both landed on my back door. I have now noticed, i have ladybugs on the ceiling of my kitchen and bathroom. Thank you for the insight of why these beauties have come into my life.

    2. A couple of days ago in my dream I say a lady bug, that fell in my glass of white wine. It was a very small yellow ladybug with little back dots.. I was picking it out of my drink very carefully not to kill it and all of a sudden I worke up. I started googling dream dictionary what does yellow ladybug mean?! What’s the significance in my dream…
      Well today I was at work, and I was just talking to my co workers and all of a sudden they looked at me and said, hey don’t move! There is a yellow ladybug in your hair!..
      WOW! What’s the coincidence that the same colour ladybug as from my dream was in my hair at work today… I still don’t know what this means, but I don’t believe in coincidences.. I think something spiritual,..message from above or blessing is coming my way.

  2. I lived in a highrise building with my mother & 2 daughters on the 9th floor. There is a long story to this but ill tell it in short. Up to the happenings of my ladybug experience i had been unhappy inside somewhat and felt bitter or evil perhaps. Not to a point where id harm anyone, maybe by my hurtful words. But my mother had a dog that i really hated only because of how the dog acted and how dirty & smelly she could be. Anyways one day i kept finding a lady bug in our apartment, i picked it up & cruely flicked it out the window. This not only happened once but several times that i had found a ladybug in the home and flicked it out the blacony window. One day i had a ladybug crawling on my wrist and i finally told my mother about what keeps happening with the lady bug issue. I tell her i keep finding lady bugs this is so strange! She says maybe someone is trying to tell you something or a sign to change your ways?…that year my mom passed away from cancer in 2014 it was crazy because she went for a check up & the doctor said she had 6 months to a year to live. It was such a shock & 4 months later she had passed away…:( i repeatedly think about those lady bugs and feel guilty at the fact that i was so cruel to just flick them out the window. I have changed dramatically since then and ive been drawn alot closer to God . I feel a strong connection with him and the lady bugs. Lady bugs really are a sign and they are so Gentle & kind. Be nice to the ladybug the next time you see one because my mom was right. They really are a sign & symbol

    1. This happened to me too!! I have the same connection with God and ladybugs because I kept seeing them everywhere! I wish I could talk to you more. I knew this has happened to other people. Do you have an email?

        1. Me too!!!! I think it ties to god and my mom in heaven! The stuff that’s happened to me in regards
          With lady bugs is nuts! Magical! Inspiring!

  3. I have found tons of ladybugs all over my house. I’ll look down & see them at my feet. Some kind of message…

  4. I keep finding lady bugs all over my house. One day I joined some friends for lunch approx 20 miles from my home. I was sat down eating and a lady bug landed on my hand. It was so surprising because we were in a restaurant.
    At the moment I’m trying to get back to work after having a baby. Setting up a business can be hard. Perhaps the lady bug is telling me not to be discouraged and to keep believing work will come my way.
    Well I hope!

  5. It is no coincidence that I found this blog as an answer! Yesterday evening on my way back to home, I found a yellow-coloured ladybug on my coat sleeve. As I was trying to make meaning of this experience, I found your blog. And thank you so very much for sharing your words. It really helped me understand in this present journey.

  6. 13 days ago I had a gran mal seizure and after being rushed to hospital was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Needless to say, my perspective on life has drastically changed and I am now more than ever open to the energies and signs this universe has to offer.
    Today I went in for my pre-admittance meetings with my surgical team to have all my pre-surgery testing done. During my first test, bloodwork (with the needle in my arm I might add) my technician says to me, “I don’t mean to alarm you, but there is a ladybug in your beard.”
    My initial reaction was to knock it out of my mustache as I was now aware of its trajectory towards my right nostril. It fell to my lap where it remained on my shorts for the duration of the blood work and even while I got up to meet my mother (and show her my visitor). I’d also like to mention that my tumor is on my right frontal lobe… coincidence dear ladybug?
    I was well aware of the good luck aspect that ladybug represents; however I am now more than ever sure of the sign I received from the powers that be. The intense calm and centering I feel about my surgery tomorrow is hard to put to words. I want to take this moment to thank you for your article which has supplied more clarity and reassurance as I move forward in this healing journey.
    From my heart to yours, namaste.

  7. I have a very special ladybug story to share.. I came on this site looking for some kind of symbolism because I’ve never been a spiritual person, but this story is incomprehensible. My brothers’ best friends were both killed in a terrible accident last October, and it devastated many people in our community. They were a couple on their way to a family thanksgiving dinner. They were the most beautiful kids I’ve ever met inside and out, and both had very promising futures and were great rugby players. When the boy, Cody, was born his mother got a ladybug tattoo on her foot, and after Cody passed away the ladybug became a symbol for him, used by everyone. His mother had memorial socks made and they had ladybugs on them, every post on Facebook included the ladybug symbol – when you saw a ladybug you thought of Cody. My brothers’ rugby team went on tour recently to Japan and South Korea. The whole tour was centered around Cody – the boys jerseys had his initials on the shoulder, the ladybug socks were given out to the man of the match, and they spread some of his ashes when they were in Japan. My brother was to give a speech to the boys before the tournament started and as he stood there in Japan, thousands of miles away from home, a ladybug landed on him. The bug stayed on him all through the speech. My brother, who has always claimed to be a true “realist” with no spiritual beliefs was in complete shock and collapsed in tears. All of the boys on the team claimed that they felt Cody’s presence that day. When that happens to someone you love, and a whole team of boys feel it, it’s really hard to deny that there’s more to life than we know.

    1. Wonderful and powerful story! Share it more, again and again…the world needs inspiration right now and to believe in the spiritual realms again ?? Thank you ??

  8. I was wondering if it means something specific if you see a “albino” ladybug??
    I was looking outsite my window, thinking about the future, when this white beautiful creature landed just in front of my eyes… It was beautiful… But infact this is my third “albino” bug in a very short time (within two weeks) – so couldn’t stop wondering what the universe is trying to tell me ? Hope someone outthere has a clue for me❤️

    1. I think it means “think out of the box”. Trust to what is not generic. Universe is full of suprises and it is not always what we think. An albino ladybug is a ladybug. It is not in the colors you expect it to be. It is different, just like you. Maybe its a message for you to expand your horizons. You definitely have luck on the extraordinary side. Enjoy!

    2. Albino Butterflies might represent something really special because albino’s represent peace and prosperity . . .
      They give everything to their colorful friends . . . anything to maintain peace google albino’s and native american

    3. White animals (and insects?) are the fulfillment to a prophecy…the times we’re in. Look up White Buffalo Calf Woman prophecy.

  9. Let me start off that my wonderful grandmother past in 2012 . Since her passing me and my family have gone thru such trials and tribulations . I found out my husband wasn’t being faithful in our marriage before her death to cancer and I went thru a rough divorce And while going thru the divorce my Uncle passed and they suspected foul play do I need to say more . Our family has gone thru so much more on top of this that I wish not to get into. After she passes I see ladybug appear all the time …It could be a live ladybug or an object that is a ladybug! I came across this page in 2012 and was blown away . This week it was three times once at my job once at the store and get a load out of this my sister ordered toys from a site to sent my dog and they send you the toys they think is best for your dog and guess what one of them is yup a ladybug …I feel see is telling me something and I’m not getting the message…..Does anyone have any input ?

  10. There was a ladybug on my car Sept 4, yesterday on the left side on the passenger door. I haven’t heard from my fiancé since Wednesday night, talking about the wedding plans and what has been transpiring negatively. Yesterday the 4, he called been in I.C.U. and still is..they discovered he is seriously ill. Last night, I got a vision God was standing near his bedside for a long time keeping his eyes on him, then into the morning today, non stop God is sitting on his bed, still keeping his eyes on my fiancé. I asked God, please don’t take him home (heaven) yet. Still no word from my fiancé. I felt my fiancé slipped away during the night and yet I feel me fiancé holding his arms around me, very powerful! Yet, they won’t let me see him.

    1. The negative things is not between him and me, its indirectly to me. It’s what people close to him, did alot of damage to him and his livelihood. We both are in 60’s. He believes in God as much as I do.. God is # 1 with us. Is the lady bug telling us something? The 1st time the ladybug came to us a few months ago, when we went to his sister’s grave site. This is twice now. Yesterday on my car and with my fiance and me, a few months ago.

  11. So this past couple weeks have been quite stressful, broke up with my boyfriend and subsequently signed off work for a month for depression. I have been feeling a bit better last couple days and this afternoon when leaving my house and shutting my front door is saw about 20 ladybugs all around my door , ceilings in the block and windows. This really scared me at first but after reading these posts not so sure I should be scared. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm is there hope through ladybugs????

  12. Yesterday morning I ran into my ex husband. We were married for over 20 years. Divorced for 17 years. It was a brief, chance encounter and for a few minutes I felt as though all the personal and career changes and advancements I’ve accomplished never took place. Instead of mentally planning my day’s work I was once again a new mother with an abusive husband. The years melted away and it was an odd feeling. I felt a bit off kilter. I stopped just outside the building to get my thoughts together. As soon as I stopped, a ladybug flew straight to me and landed on my chest. It stayed there for about a minute. I found it oddly calming. I gathered my thoughts and went on my way. This morning I decided to look up ladybug symbolism. I came across this blog and now it makes perfect sense.

  13. For the past month ladybugs are everywhere in our house! Ive always known them to be good luck so we didnt object. Now on a daily basis there are at least five in the house and my house hasnt been more calm and pleasant in months! Financial stability, love for my wife and our future, is overwhelming now! My mom and my wife grandmother spirits are here too i think. Its an awesome feeling

  14. As I woke just now after a nap in my recliner chair I saw a swarm of ladybugs flying from my lap up towards the overhead lamp light. I looked to see where they landed but it was an hallucination, so I wondered what it might mean….

  15. It was recently that a ladybug landed on my arm and made it to my hand. Yes, a single ladybug in the month of December. We were crafting these amazing gift bags, when it appeared. And, not wanting to harm it, I sat it in the sunny wide window frame. Icame came across this information because I waz searching for

    1. I was feeling quite alone somewhat depressed having my dinner when a beautiful ladybug with many spots crawled onto the table. This unusual since it is December and I am in highrise…..but when I looked up the symbolism was very happy to learn she signifies gentleness luck and love and I thanked her and took outside to release to natural home. Namaste everyone.

  16. Hi Everyone I just barely ran into this blog, and I am happy to read all your stories. I would also like to share my ladybug story. On January 3rd of 2016 I lost my baby at only 7 weeks pregnant due to a miscarriage . I have been so devastated, and wondering why this has happend to me! I could not believe that I became a statistic 1 in 4 women. My husband and I were so excited to start our family since our little angel would of had been our first born. Today I was talking to my husband about my check up tomorrow and how I was so sad because it would of been my confirmation appointment. As I was cleaning the kitchen when I saw a little tiny lady bug on our counter. As I read what a lady bug meant I have a feeling it was a sign from my baby that everything would be alright! <3

  17. In the past two weeks, a ladybug has landed on me twice. Once after a fun run when I started talking about something that was upsetting to me. Then another today flew on my arm while I was at the beach talking to my mom about something that was bothering me. This time it was grey with black spots. First time I’ve ever seen one this color. I feel like someone or something is trying to tell me something.

  18. Can anyone possibly tell me how this is happening? For several weeks now there have been ladybugs in my room. This morning as it is now about 3:40 am I was awakened from my rest state to the sound of a ladybug flying around the wall. When i looked around i noticed 2 more there are three live ladybugs flying around my room. They like being on the ceiling above me or next to my bed under the lamp shade. It is winter time. Instead of symbolism…..whatever the message is I wish it were more direct. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and or sincere replies

  19. Maria Espernca on February 3, 2016 at 12:19 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hello and thank you so much for this post.
    I am at the lowest of my life, I suffer from chronic depression and fibromyalsia. I am 55 years old and ready to go…the only thing that keeps me here are my wonderful kids and grandsons who are suffering because of me.
    One of my sons had to go away for 2 weeks for work. I live with my beautiful daughter and 2 grandsons. He suggested to me if i wanted to take a break I should go to the apartment and just relax and not feel guilt about being sick. I did.
    I was sitting on his balcony on the third floor, and I look at the floor and I saw a ladybug. I love ladybugs and all kinds of animals. What happened worried me a lot, and don’t know the meaning of it, I am so hoping someone can help me with this.
    This beautiful lady bug, was looking at me, almost asking for help. I could see her lifting her little front legs and moving her head up and down. I was hoping she would give me a message, but looked like she was struggling as she would fall. I wondered if she was hungry or thirsty (my way of taking care of people and animals is feeding them) I came in the apartment and got little celery leaves I cut them in really tiny pieces and took a bit of water. When I went back to the balcony the little darling was upside down. I turned her around and again she would look at me almost like she was asking for help. She really was looking at me, actually it was the first time I saw how beautiful their faces are. I didn’t know what to do, I was asking her to please give me a message as I didn’t know what to do. It was really cold outside so I blocked her from the cold, but leaving space for her to get out of course, but she was no longer moving.
    I was so upset did not know what to do. I kept checking on her but she didn’t move. I got up this morning and she is still in the same position, I think she died…. 🙁
    Can someone please tell me what this means? I would so much appreciate it.
    In numerology I’m an 11 and a 22 day of birth.
    I thank you all in advance and wish you all health and happiness.
    with love
    Maria Esperanca

  20. I have been researching what ladybugs mean because for the last several months I have been finding them EVERYWHERE… in my purse, in my car, on my chair. The other day my husband and I found a few in our house. Well we finally figured out that up at the top of our vaulted ceilings where they meet the wall (above a set of bay windows) we had a whole nest of them. There were hundreds of them up there crawling around. We leave windows open so they can get out and go do things but when we look up there (even as I write this there are 3 up there) we see ladybugs. The last 3 years have been the worst years of our lives and just recently things have started to feel like they might be OK. Maybe this all ties together… who knows but seeing so many of them urged me to research more about them which brought me here.

  21. A few days ago I woke up and found a lady bug crawling on my bathroom mirror. Could anyone give me any insight to what message this might mean?

    Thank you, my excellent friends.

  22. Hi ever one four weeks ago my husband passed way today there was a lady bug in my bed room and it is winter here is this a sign for me.

  23. 27 years ago I was dropped off at this cabin in place called pulga which used be an old Indian village one of the last in northern CA. It turns out it was a hibernating area for lady bugs during winter. I had been addicted to methamphetamine for sometime and was left there by other addicts because I was on my way out and was a liability to them. It was November cold rainy and dark. I had found some dry wood and buildt a small fire in the fire place to warm room. What didn’t know was in 2 corners of the room were 2 large hives of dormant ladybugs as the room warmed the hives became active there were literally thousands of lady bugs fly and covering evry Ares of the room. I first thought DTs I began to pray and something occured that o have never experienced since a warm sense of well being completely overcame me a sense that all things will be set right. My whole life would be put in complete order. There was absolutely no fear just completely unconditional love. That was 27 yrs ago and one night I looked up lady bug totems and found it represents complete change. Today when I see a lady bug I stop everything including thought and iam reminded that all things are working in absolute love and no need for fear ever

  24. In the last years of being a target of overt power abuses, some speices have annonced their arrival and stayed with me for a while: Hare, great tit, sea gull, spider and magpie, in the given order.
    Today a lady bug presented her self when I was out walking. She landed on my leg and I greeted her. When I came home she followed me inside. I helped her to one of my flowers, so I would not hurt her, and thanked her for visiting me this day. I felt blessed?

  25. I was walking along the beach when I noticed all these butterflies I tried to save as many as I could then two weeks later I thought of going for another walk on the beach when I notice ladybugs so I tried to save as many as I could of the ladybugs I thought it was quite strange to see the butterflies and then the lady bugs I wonder what does it mean spiritually mean

  26. Although it is Fall and Winter is slowly creeping up on our coattails, here in the Ohio, there are still some Ladybugs and Asian Lady Beetles flying around. There have been a few in my house and I just saw another one outside of my bedroom window today. And as soon as I got close to my window to give thanks for this beautiful sight, he/she flew away into the sun. Supreme confirmation that all of the hard work that I have been putting is paying off and that 2017 is going to be a year or great abundance and opportunities. Give thanks! <3

  27. Does anyone know what seeing a ladybug with a baby on its back may signify? I have been having bad thoughts in my head reoccurring almost daily, like a darkness is looming over my shoulders and something is watching everything I do. I feel like it thinks it owns me and when it is around, I have been finding lady bugs everywhere.
    Could this be a sign that the darkness is going to be dispersed and finally fade away? The baby or second lady bug sitting on the bigger ones back was set down and the bigger one went away without the smaller one, doing its own thing.

  28. I recently found a lady bug in my apartment and another one appeared in my room right now and then literally disappeared after a few minutes. I didnt think much of the first lady bug and got him outside on a sheet of paper and let him free. That was about a month ago, now its feburary and where i live it gets freezing cold! So anyway, i found out yesterday that my sister who is very sick has to have emergency spinal surgery. She left today for the operation tomorrow and with this going on and school kicking my ass right now ive been super stressed and depressed. Since the first lady bug appearence, however, I have finally started to get out of the deep depression I was in, i finally was feeling like myself again. I got the news yesterday about my sister and that was definitely a blow to everything that was just starting to get better. When i saw the ladybug tonight i was surprised at first that a ladybug could survive this long winter and i started googling about what ladybugs mean from a spiritual perspective and it definitely makes sense to me now. Im so happy i found this blog.
    God Bless ?

  29. Hey I’ve been down the last few days cuz of car problems..I dicided too sell my car.. Found a ladybug as I was cleaning the inside.. before someone was gonna come check it out.. Made me really happy after watching the movie called The Shake I put my finger up too it.. As it climbed on too my finger I saw that it had one black spot and it was pushed in a little on one side of its shell what could this mean?

  30. So I’ve always liked ladybugs and I recently got the nickname ladybug. I used to see them a lot in my friends apartment where I spent a lot of time. I decided to look up the meaning and symbolism of ladybugs and crazy enough it fits me so well! Even the digestive health and parasite part! I think I found my animal totem??

  31. Two days ago I lost my grandmother to a traumatic brain injury. For the whole week she was in the hospital and was fighting for her life following surgery I had been praying, begging, and pleading with God not to take her from us. She was my best friend, my everything. She started showing signs of improvement the night before but the next morning things took a turn for the worst and my family and I were faced with the most heartbreaking loss we have ever experienced. I felt so angry with God for taking her and had even been thinking about renouncing my faith… until tonight.

    My fiance found a lady bug on our kitchen light crawling in circles. This little guy was really moving fast. I live in the country and we have our fair share of insects but rarely see ladybugs here. I went to go put the poor little guy outside thinking he was afraid by how he kept running back and forth over the light. When I reached our back door I not only found another red lady bug but also a yellow one and two crickets (which we always hear but oddly never see). It felt too odd to be a coincidence so I started looking online and found this page and now I have to wonder if it isn’t some sort of sign saying that my grandmother is okay and she and God are looking out for us. After reading all the comments, my faith now feels stronger than ever.

  32. Just wanted to share my ladybug story…
    Few weeks ago we lost our first child due to my incompetent cervix, I went into labor early(21weeks)and although she lived on her own for an hour the doctors didn’t have the right equipment to save her..she was not in the vital stage of surviving as well.I’ve been so depressed, decided not to go back to my job/cut myself out of living life. My fiancé has been extremely helpful financially and supportive. I’ve been spending most of my day in my bedroom with my thoughts and missing my daughter. About 2 weeks ago I heard a ladybug flying around under the shutters in the bedroom window. At first I thought it was a fly bc it was so loud but realized it wasn’t(it’s not hot enough). I gently picked her up and gently blew her out the window onto the grass below.
    I assumed that would be the last time I saw her because the yard is filled with grass…. everyday since the ladybug has been returning, I’ll find her on the same window, I’ll repeat letting her go and the next day the same thing would happen. It’s been going on 2weeks now and I’ve accepted it’s my daughter stopping by(she was so tiny and pre ious)
    Now I’ve landed a new job at the hospital aiming towards my nursing career and I decided to get back into school to receive my BSN. The ladybug has filled my heart with joy and hope for better days! God bless you all for your stories who’ve helped me as well. Thought I was going crazy for a moment with the reoccurrence of the ladybug until I found this website!

  33. Ladybugs are appearing everywhere, I found one on my window, in my car, three times on different occasions. Love this blog, I think my past family members are coming to bring me peace in my life.

  34. Oh no! My arm was too wet. The lady bug died on me. 🙁 what does that mean! I didn’t know my arm was so wet 🙁

  35. my grandma passed away November 19,2017. She is the rock of our family. It has been extremely hard to get through these holidays and with Christmas evening today I cry every day and no day seems to get better I don’t see anything in the near future getting better my life has completely changed I was extremely close to her. Yesterday I had a really hard day last night I had been crying at my kitchen table, it’s snowing hard here in Colorado it was -8 last night, and all of a sudden a ladybug landed on my kitchen table out of nowhere. I pray to God that that is a sign from my grandmother or my grandmother, some of the flowers I took off her casket I put in a glass to dry I put the ladybug on the flowers and the ladybug is still there anybody know what that means ?? And a ladybug in the middle of winter in my house just seems so off

  36. So I must leave my comment here because I was googling ladybugs also… I have had a rough 3 months dealing with health/anxiety issues from getting choked on milk and then having trouble with my Throat And Ive focused on it for so Lo I’ve talked to God more than I ever have during these times. During this trial I have encountered seeing the ladybug in many ways. 4x In different places it was the actual insect & then I’ll save the last 2x For the end. So after seeing the ladybug quite a few times I asked my Mom “do you think this means to stop worrying or at least try to because ladybugs are good luck?” And she said “that’s what they say”… well I continued to worry and the day of Christmas 12/25/17 my mom said “you did really good today with your emotions” and I said “but In my thoughts, I’m not, because I’m still worried. How will I know I’m okay and my Throat is normal?” And my mom said “I don’t know but you will.” So I said “how will he show me?” (being scared) I asked her with disbelief “Do you think he will show me another ladybug?”… two hours later that night we went to Waffle House and it wasn’t by choice. The restaurant we were going to was closing early so we went to WH by default. When we got there, I walked up to the door and beside it was a rock painted as a ladybug. I was shocked. Literally! 2 hours after I asked my Mom “how will he show me? Another ladybug?” And it was Christmas! Happy for the moment, I felt ok but My mind continued to focus on my Throat and then today 12/27 I went to the hospital with my boyfriend to get him a check up and there were 3 ladybugs painted on the wall of the room we were in. God is talking to me huh?

  37. I have seen all colors of lady bugs. I had one land on my jacket while I was sitting in church one day. But lately I have seen a lot of them in my home. They are in my bathroom, kitchen and my living room. I recently moved my plant in so was wondering if she came in on my plant. Happy to know they are a symbol of luck! I could use some. I’ve seen a lot of them so maybe that’s a lot of luck!

  38. So I have the most unusual thing just happen to me yesterday I was 2 hours away from home in the hotel room where I was staying there was this one random ladybug ? in there ! I thought it was really weird it’s January ! And I’m on the 7th floor! Lol so anyway It wouldn’t leave but the next day when I checked out I didn’t see it , my intention was to take her outside and set her free . I should add that today I was crying a lot as I’m dealing with feelings of loneliness. So I got back home It’s morning went out to work this afternoon came back this evening got out of the shower and I kid you not this little ladybug is sitting on my bed !!! ? it Must have crawled in my bag and followed me home !!! At first I thought it was dead it wasn’t moving then I removed her put her on a white paper towel and all of a sudden she started crawling !! I was shocked she still alive and followed me on a 2 Hour drive ?! ? There has got to be some really serious significance to this one lady bug following me ! ?????

  39. At my dawn 7 years ago… Awful awful dark time… Seem like there were pests of ladybugs… Crowds of ladybugs in the park i would go to with my beloved daughters. I did dress my daughter as a lady bug every october… 2021 ladybugs are always on my body and make me happy those little happy be8ngs

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