Kinkajou Power Animal Symbol Of Connection To Mother Earth

By Ina Woolcott

The Kinkajou’s medicine is connection to mother earth, leaps of faith to unknown places, ability to grasp thoughts and concepts out of reach of others, gentleness, ability to see in the dark, connection to the plant kingdom, fertility, intelligence.

The kinkajou is a relative of the raccoon family. They can be told apart by their long, prehensile tail which is used for grabbing/grasping. With their large eyes that reflect their inquisitiveness and their low set rounded ears that are acutely harmonised to the sound waves within the element of mother earth and the fact that they can feel the delicate vibrations travelling through the earths crust, there are some cultures who believe the cute kinkajou has the ability to predict upcoming earth changes.

The kinkajous response to subtle vibrational frequencies is an indication that within these frequencies lie the mysteries of new beginnings. This reflects back to you if kinkajou has appeared in your life – anticipate that a new beginning in some aspect of your life is close by.

The kinkajou will teach you to hear what’s really being said and will help you in developing your inherent 6th sense. Kinkajou people should use their minds in an exploratory way, especially in the exploration of sound used to heal.

The highly intelligent kinkajous generally live alone or in pairs, spending nearly all their time up in trees and hardly ever leaving them. Their diet consists of fruit, honey, mammals and small birds. Their tiny digestive systems are unable to tolerate heavy foods. If this is your power animal, you would benefit from retreating frequently to replenish mind, body and soul. Spend time in forests, stay in tune with nature. Also, eating whole grains, fruit and vegetables would benefit you.

The mysteries of life intrigue the kinkajou, and they are highly curious and love to investigate, often ending up in unusual positions. On the other hand they can be timid and hide. An enraged or scared kinkajou may bite. If this is your power animal, don’t use biting words when provoked. Part of kinkajous gift id balanced action and reaction.

Kinkajous are sometimes kept as pets and if treated kindly will return the favour.

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