Keepers Of The Children Native American Wisdom And Parenting Laura Ramirez

Keepers of the Children, Native American Wisdom and Parenting uses little known Native American secrets to teach parents how to raise children who know their nature and use their strengths to create lives of meaning and contribution. By bringing up children to unfold the uniqueness in their hearts, parents touch the depths of their own. By teaching children the secrets of genuine fulfilment, they grow up to lead purposeful lives and cherish their parents for this gift.

I personally have this book in my collection, and it is a truly amazing book. It is easy to read, and makes sense – you read it and think how obvious, why didn’t I think of that? If only all children were raised this way. (Minus the going to public school bit!) I love the Native American wisdom and simple yet effect adnd correct approach to life, how they treat each other and themselves.

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