Kangaroo Power Animal Symbol Of Balance And Strength

Kangaroo’s medicine includes leaping away from bad situations, creating a safe home environment, protection of the young, ability to adapt to new situations, strength, stamina, balance.

Kangaroo’s are herbivorous. They reside throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroos have powerful, long hind legs and feet for leaping and jumping with. Their long tails thicken at the base to help them balance. Each of their hind feet has 4 toes, this number represents foundations. If the kangaroo leaps into your life, you are being asked to assess the foundation on which stand, your beliefs and actions. If there have been things preventing you from fulfilling your wishes and dreams, then take a big leap over these hindrances.

The kangaroos feet symbolise many things. Through the feet the body makes the essential contact with the earth plane. The muscular control of the feet keep the balance in the body. Feet represent the part of the individual most closely related to the material plane of manifestation. From the kangaroo we can learn to balance our physical existence with our spiritual knowledge. Foot and leg problems can occur when this is out of balance. Kangaroo people are excellent movement therapists and reflexologists.

When being hunted, kangaroos are very fast and hop effortlessly to safety, without a moments thought of where they are going, instead they use their instinct to guide them. For us humans, there is a great lesson to be learned from this – instead of thinking about every single most minute step we take in great detail, instead we too must let our instincts guide us.

Kangaroos have a chambered stomach, that works in much the same way as cattle and sheep. They regurgitate what they have eaten, then chew it as cud after which it is swallowed for final digestion. Kangaroo peoples digestive and eliminatory systems are very sensitive. You must pay your tummy due attention, chewing food thoroughly and eating plenty of herbs.

Kangaroos are extremely focused beings, with their energy fields tightly woven around them with no room for distractions. If this is your power animal you must keep your personal energy fields clear of external influence so that you remain centred and focussed.

If kangaroo hops into your life, prepare for adventure and change. You are being called upon to leap into the unknown without fear, remember, the kangaroo only ever moves forwards, not backwards. The kangaroo will teach you how to balance the creative energies necessary to complete tasks, you will be given the strength, stamina and power needed.

14 thoughts on “Kangaroo Power Animal Symbol Of Balance And Strength”

  1. Finally! 🙂 I was at a knife shop and the man there told me to look at the carved handle on a particular dagger. He asked me to name the animal I saw. My parents saw a fox and a wolf, but I saw a kangaroo. He scoffed at my answer and proceeded to explain to my parents what the fox and wolf symbolized and then laughed off my answer as having looked at the carving wrong.
    I’d been a little annoyed at that occurance ever since and wondered if in fact a kangaroo did have symbolism.
    Finding this has settled an internal score for me. And the description resonates with me which is a bonus! Thank you for writing

  2. Thank you for this article. I had a kangaroo in my driveway for the first time yesterday just looking directly at me through my window for about 10 minutes. It was amazing. I am going through big shifts at the moment and your article is amazing.

  3. I was walking through the Australian bush and I asked for a sign of my spirit guide. Right at that moment I came around a bush and there was a family of Roos grazing, they all looked at me and the big buck stood up and puffed his chest out. We locked eyes and I felt an electric energy between us and then a total understanding of their meaning. I looked it up on this sight and it all made sense. Thank you so much for the info and part of my journey
    Light and love

  4. Thank you so much for this information. I had a dream several nights ago that a kangaroo (that was almost smiling) was attempting to enter into my house.

    The information you have posted is not only helpful but spot-on.


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  6. Thank you so much! I was traveling around Australia the last four months. When I got home I got a little kangaroo tattoo on my ankle just knowing that it means strenght. Now 2 months later I read this article and it makes so much sense – change and adventure! Fits perfectly on my life right now:)

  7. I dreamt many years ago (perhaps in late teens or early twenties?) about riding on the back of a kangaroo who leapt through the air smoothly and seemingly effortlessly with great strength. I marveled and was amazed at the ease and comfort with which s/he moved. I clung tightly with my arms around her warm powerful lower neck, and felt the joy of flying. I felt blessed and have never forgotten that experience.

  8. This saturday I met a wonderful young woman from Brazil, later that night, just before café closing time, she used the receipt to first make an origami bird, which she then transformed into a kangaroo and gave to me.
    Why a kangaroo…?, i was thinking all day today. But reading your info here makes me realize the spot on significance of her gift; I am in spiritual recovery and about to make a blind leap of faith for my own wellbeing.

    1. Lately I e been thinking of a Kangaroo and I had no clue as to why? Now I know why after reading your article.

  9. Well that’s interesting My totem animal happens be theEastern grey Kangaroo the head male one in particular. I did a meditation years ago and that kangaroo appeared. I actually saw him one morning as I was driving to my son’s place in Mickelahm Victoria he was magnificent over 1.8m tall

  10. Today a kangaroo hopped into the drive way and sat outside my front door. I live in the suburbs and the nearest reserve is over a km away. A friendly told me to check out the kangaroo medicine and I’m definitely ready to leap forward!!

  11. I am not Australian, but I was being chased, attacked and harassed by what I thought to be a deer at first then it turned into a kangaroo… we fought and I ran away and it followed me and wouldnt give up , trying to get me, I finally awoke to realize I was choking in my sleep and it was clear to me, this animal was trying to wake me up from death… saved my life.

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