Junco Power Animal Symbol Of Diversity And Adaptability

By Ina Woolcott

Junco’s medicine includes interspecies communication, diversity, wanderer, ability to survive, adaptability, expression.

Juncos belong to the American finch family – there are over 300 varieties of finch. This in itself is symbolic, showing the finches ability to multiply and reside comfortably in a wide variety of environments. They are small birds, around 6 inches long varying in colour, although they are most commonly grey. All have white outer tail feathers that are flashed during flight together with twittering or snapping calls – they have a lovely singing ability.

The humans voice is the expression of spirit, and because of the junco’s playful character we will be shown how to express the truth of spirit in a joyous and light-hearted manner. If this is your power animal then you will frequently find yourself in the company of people where precious lessons about equality and communication are learned.

The Junco will bring with it increased activity and opportunity, creating movement and change in one or more aspects of your life. You will be pushed into new avenues, with your strengths enhanced, as well as your shortcomings – it will be revealed how to blend everything together in a balanced harmonious style.

The junco’s preferred habitat is mixed or coniferous forests, though they are often spotted in fields, thickets and cities. Perky and sometimes bold, the junco can hold its own against many kinds of predators. If this is your power animal, adaptability and survival will be taught.

Pay attention to how you express yourself -are you respecting your truth and voicing it adequately, or are you talking just to hear yourself talk. If the latter is true, find the reason behind for this incessant talk, and then ask the junco to carry it away on its wings releasing it into the 4 winds.

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  1. No, I think that was a little brown wren. Their song is startlingly huge, complicated and beautiful in comparison to their size. They seems to sing with their entire body. Just like Bernie.

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