Jay Power Animal Symbol Of Being In The Present

By Ina Woolcott

Jay’s gifts include understanding how to use power wisely, warning, courage, ability to check on future trouble spots, power of presence (being in the eternal now), fearlessness, resourcefulness, adaptability.

Both the blue jay and the stellar jay are esteemed for stealing food off campers and also nesting materials form other birds – after these have laboriously gathered the necessary materials. This aside, jays have far more important qualities – they are bold and fearless and hold the power of presence.

When in the act of stealing, both the blue and stellar jay make a huge racket – in fact this always works in their favour because the louder they are, the more helter-skelter the situation seems. This energy distortion becomes the jays victory song.

Jay’s show us how to use personal power correctly and effectively, reminding us to pay attention and to not allow ourselves to be put in a situation where power is misused against us. If this is your power animal, bear this in mind.

The bright blue crest atop the blue jays head, connects it to the sky, reminding you true power must be applied in a balanced and honourable fashion. Jays are tremendously resourceful, which may symbolise a need inside of you to learn adaptability for survival with the as less effort possible.

The fearless jay’s are able to gang up and drive away hawks and owls – they know how to play the game of life and come out on top.

Jays symbolise huge talent, however, this talent must be developed and used correctly. If jay has flown into your life, this may be a signal that you are coming into a time where you can begin to help the inherent wisdom that lies within you (within us all!) to mature.

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  1. Recently I prayed on my knees to God asking him what is my next step or phase in my life and why I here, in this house living with a man who leaves me waiting for him for lengthy time periods. The other day, I was in my yard playing with my Grandson, when I spotted a blue jay feather. I live in RI where blue Jays are seen frequently. I took the feather inside. Since then, I’ve been reading about finding the feather, trying to see how this feathers symbolism refers to me. I’ve had very special men in my life. They have passed on. One is an uncle named Jay. Also, I am an empath. I am scattered with talents. From nursing to tarot card reading. My animal card is a monkey. Yet I have very dishonest friends, one in particular. The blue jay feather has a few meanings, it seems. I’m wondering how I should apply these meanings to my life.

    1. I think you may already know what to do. Ask your higher self, be still & listen & honor yourself. As long as You are on the right path and seeking I think all will be revealed

    2. Trust that still small voice inside that speaks calmly and clearly…that you know in your heart is right. I sometimes will distort that truth with fear based logic in order to avoid the uncomfortability of marching to the beat of my own drum. But when I do, the peace, joy and feeling of freedom is exhilarating. Only I can limit me. A good friend often reminds me that I create my own problems, particularly in relationships, by . “shrinking to fit.” That way I don’t have to have the courage to Be. This may or not be the case for you, but we’re both seeing jays for a reason. Trust your gut. Have a wonder-filled day…everyday! ?

    3. Very interesting, Rock Island Illinois I live in Davenport Iowa. Blackhawk Park singing Bird Lounge there is a drum circle there every third Sunday brought to you by the joyful Journey. Steve and Angel are the Shawn monak practitioners who run it and I am there at one of their apprentices. There are a lot more of us around you than you think there are get in touch we would love to have you.

  2. Thankyou for the first time as i now live in a shelter i picked up a beautiful bluejay feather. It was directly in my path as if it was just placed there and left for me

    1. Have faith in You. I pray and meditate daily for both courage and wisdom as well as clarity. Many times when we have been through so much old fears and patterns seem to try and take a permanent residence in our minds. I try to be aware as I continue to work through my wounds not to cloud the present with the past. I also watch for patterns in both myself and others. As mentioned above in another comment, I try to find the balance between victim-hood (acting small) and that false cloak of outer strength that I used to wear to protect myself…The balance between fear and blind faith. Fear is the great paralyzer and as I was reminded in a dream not too long age, “Caution not fear. In other words, “Walk softly but carry a big stick”. No, we don’t want to hurt others, nor should we fear the world, but nether can we who have given so much in the past, continue to be side-swiped by those that see our kindnesses as easy targets. Take the time to heal (it takes time so be persistent, aware and patient with yourself) and take the time to discover your gifts/talents. Be courageous and peruse them as you continue to heal yourself. Be a candle by your example for others to discover their own way. Peace, love, wisdom, healing and light always <3 .

  3. Today I seen a Blue Jay bird. I had been praying for my husband and I for months. This morning my husband woke up asking me “what and who I was looking at?” First thing early morning on mother’s day. So he goes straight outside to smoke I follow and what catches my eyes a beautiful BLUE JAY BIRD. It commicated with me directly and gave me a piece of mind. Seconds later we walked into our home my husband asked could we pray he asked for forgiveness and I did as well. The Blue Jay brought a peace and clarity into our home and helped me answer a prayer. Just had to share we all believe in what we want . We also ask for help when we need it no matter who or where. Keep your beliefs true to who you are and all you seek shall be right in front of you. Favor is forever, faith is trust, live is for living, & Faith is FOREVER!

  4. Today I find out my oldest dogs kidneys are slowly failing and of all days I find a baby blue Jay in my garden with a broken leg. Im not sure what it means….if anything at all

  5. Blue Jay has been following me for days BEGGING me to notice. This morning I finally stopped and communed with him a while. Asking him what his message was.
    This week has been transitional for me with work, finances and all things interpersonal. A complete dynamic change. Even a culmination of all of the past 20 years of gathered resources are Manifesting in real ways and new ones just emerging are too. What a wonderful meaning he has validated to me! I love seeing spirit reaffirming that you don’t have to be the pretty blue bird or the regal eagle to be effective, beautiful by human standards, or distinguished to be resourceful and effective. He makes me happy to be just me..
    Outgoing, (even obnoxious!) but cunning, loyal and resourceful for a full filled life!
    My 2 children have been given scholarships to local colleges and universities this week. A new fridge for nearly nothing, a furnace, a phone, kitchen sink and toilet. And a new job is on the horizon. My husband an I are healing in leaps, my deceased best friends home next door has new owners with lots of love and babies ( so good to see Love move in!)
    My friendships are strengthening amidst struggles and I’m blessed. The storm rages on around me but it’s good to count my blessings with the Jay!
    Thank you for your site.

  6. The Jay has been a background animal in my life linked to the paternal side of my family. It seems bird totums are as Mockingbird is a totum that runs with my sister and daughter and my biological father.
    I feed the birds daily and over the past few years my Jay mob has grown from 2 (i counted 8 perhaps 9 the other day). I love them but have not considered them as a particular totum until recently. Now, I understand the circle of life and all. And, since the Jay population is growing it makes sense that a few weeks ago a bird of prey snatched one up for a meal leaving feathers scattered all over the yard. I was saddened of course but also felt humbled and said a prayer to honor the life of the Jay, its nourishment to the other bird and gratitude for the gift of feathers. I have a vast collection of feathers and display them around the house. I meant to look up Jay meaning then, and actually last night on my walk I thought to look at it when I returned home but forgot.
    Today, I was walking my property with some white sage (things have been quite heavy this past 6 months) in preparation for clearing the way to solstice and some re birth. In my front flower bed, there lay a Jay. He? may have flown into my window. That has happened with other birds in the past.
    This is the second “sign” from Jay and it prompted me to finally look up the medicine meaning. Right on point. Thank you for publishing this information. I have used your site in the past at various times when animal medicine sends the signs. I appreciate the work that you have put in. It has helped me. Jay medicine is EXACTLY what I need in my life at this time. I am getting the message loud and clear from Jay. Thank you for putting words to Jay so that I may move forward.
    Gratitude and Love and Light

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