Jacques Mabit Ayahuasca Shamanism And Foreigners Part 1

This is the first part of an interesting interview with Jacques Mabit, the founder of Takiwasi which translates to hanting house. He says “The idea was the result of my experience as a medical doctor, when I saw how limited traditional treatments were. I met spiritual healers – Shamans – and realised they had resources unknown in the West.” He wanted to connect the spiritual healing of traditional practices with the rationalism of Western medicine.

He is very intrigued by the ritual use of a sacred plant called ayahuasca, which creates altered states of consciousness, but which he says is non-addictive. Ayahuasca gives visions in which users can engage with the underlying causes of their drug addiction. Strong physical reactions such as vomiting can also occur.

For the Takiwasi website click here: Takiwasi.Com

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