Hopi Prophecy

Posted by Viola Woolcott

A beautiful video with beautiful music, I LOVE it! The video contains a prophecy about the Hopi people, that talks about us all living as one and going through great changes and destruction on Earth. It is very positive, inspiring, and rings true in my heart and soul.

The Hopi are a Native American people who primarily live on the 6,557,262 km² (2,531.773 sq mi) Hopi Reservation in north-eastern Arizona. In 2000 a census of the population counted 6,946 persons. The largest community is First Mesa, Arizona. Townsdwellers for many centuries, the Hopi village of Old Oraibi, located on Third Mesa, is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the USA, founded about the year 1100. The Navajo reservation surrounds the Hopi the reservation.

The name Hopi, is a shortening of what these Native American people call themselves, Hopi’sinom, or “People Who Live in the Correct Way.” The catholic encyclopaedia states the name Hopi as having been derived from ‘Hopita’, which means those who are “peaceful ones.” Hopi is a concept deeply rooted in the culture’s spirituality, and its view of morality and ethics. To be Hopi is to endeavour toward this concept, which involves a state of total reverence and respect for all things, to be at peace with these things, and to live in accordance with the instructions of Maasaw, the Creator/Caretaker of Earth. The Hopi observe their traditional ceremonies for the benefit of the whole world.

2 thoughts on “Hopi Prophecy”

  1. I was born in the UK My Nan Irish my Grandfather a mystery whom I never knew my Irish grandmother had Lacota features and had spiritual gifts which I also have and I carried this forward to embrace Shamanic teachings of the four directions and utilise this in all I do, evil has had a long dominion over us and tried to suppress the truth, and control us but free spirits are like the wind, I do not believe that God created us to sit inside and attach ourselves to technology like the TV and mobile phones the path to enlightenment is the good red road to peace where we relearn to connect with the land and balance our shields.

  2. Sup, it’s satan, probably didnt expect to meet me.
    Its whatever, I need someone here to help me move to egypt.

    By the way, look up my family crest if you do not believe me.

    Burkes general armory anthology from the 1800s, search Hearle.

    Spade mounted by a maunch, crosier bent to the left.

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