Hippo Hippopotamus Power Animal Symbol Of Emotional Depths Lucid Dreaming

By Ina Woolcott

The Hippos wisdom includes power, emotional depth, creation, imagination, healing, proper use of aggression, ability to move gracefully through emotions, protection of family, mother-fury when needed, birth of new ideas, lucid dreaming, spirit contact.

The hippopotamus is sacred in both Egyptian and African traditions. Its name means ‘Water Horse’, and it spends nearly all day in the water, and when not in water obviously on land. This is the ancient realm of birth, power, creation, imagination, and healing. Hippos are the second largest mammal on earth. This strong mammal can help guide us in grounding ourselves so we can face and break down negative emotional issues – the power of water, they are a link to the spiritual, artistic and healing realms of water.

The hippopotamus blends the elements of earth and water, and teaches us how to synthesise the attributes of both into our daily lives. Water is linked to intuitive knowing, and earth to practicality and stability. If this is your power animal, you are being asked to act upon your intuition without examining it, and to keep up a practical, balanced, grounded life style.

Traditionally, water represents birth, the emotions, creativity and healing. Hippo’s advocate the creative, flowing aspects of water. Therefore they are related to the creative energies of the second chakra, which are connected to the flow of blood. Hippos can submerge themselves in water for up to 5 minutes without taking a breath. This shows us that we can safely submerge ourselves in emotions or the creative process.

Hippos are amphibious and have special features to adapt to the water – their eyes and nostrils are high up on their heads, they can stay almost completely submerged and still be wise to what is going on above water. This shows us that we can participate in emotional depths without losing our perspective. They can also hear and breathe and still be almost completely covered in water.

When you have fully developed these abilities, you will have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. You will see and speak truth and demand that others respect that truth

If this is your power animal, your higher sensibilities will be awakened, activating lucid dreaming and spirit contact. You will be shown how to be adept in these. Learning to control powerful creative energies is the lesson taught you by the Hippo.

Hippo’s require water that is deep enough to cover them as their skin is delicate and thin, making it susceptible to overheating. If this is your power animal, you too may be susceptible to sun related problems including dehydration, so be careful when outdoors.

Though the Hippo is extremely nimble and flexible in its movement, they are often predisposed to develop set patterns. When leaving the water at dusk, they like to take the same path, creating a rut in the ground several feet deep. This shows us to find the path that is best suited to us, and to stay on it to reach our true destination.

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  1. I was really sick last night at the ER my blood pressure and my heart rate was very high I had strip throat come to find out and a fever of 103 so when I came home and fell to sleep I was dreaming of blue hippos laying in the sand what does that mean and I was walking by the wondering what’s going on

  2. It would seem that you were seeing yourself in a vulnerable place seeing blue hippos on the sand not in the water where they naturally go.
    and blue could be related to your throat since that is the color of your throat chakra or energy point
    so your body was showing you that you were in a fragile place
    very cool you got the vision an confirmation message

  3. I have been emotional lately got in a argument with my sister and my dad day before yesterday bout my nephew I have custody of him and they wasn’t taking care of him properly so I stepped in my uncle called me yesterday and ask me about it and I got emotional like I am now as I write this to you so I told then I get off the phone and go to sleep…I dreamed that the water was surround by a church we where visiting in Hawaii me my son and nephew my son had a big pineapple in his hand I told him to put it down it’s to heavy and he did so we was wondering how to get to the church and we started to walk this one way that looks like a ground with 3 baby hippos in it the other two hippos must of got frighting and my son went walking into the water wat we thought was a ground wit rain on it and I’m scared of dark water so me and my nephew reach our hands in there to save my son as we was doing that I was praying to god please don’t take my son and there was a hippo the last hippo was there the whole time and we grabbed my son up out of the water and he came up smiling so I ask him was he ok hugged him and he went walking off the other way smiling and the hippo still there and I woke up what does it mean???

    1. Hippos have a lot to do with boundaries and protecting and defending them: your custody of your nephew creates unavoidable boundary issues with his father, and your protectiveness comes out with intensity. The nearness of the church suggests to me that there is a sacred trust involved in your taking care of him. However you and your son and nephew don’t find your way to the church, which suggests to me that you feel a need to be sure of God’s blessing and protection, and in need of a place of harbor and rest. Your son carries a pineapple, which is a symbol of hospitality. If this were my dream, I might think I was overly protective of my son, by not allowing him to carry his own resources. Baby hippos symbolize a big project that is very fulfilling and takes up a lot of time, and there are three baby hippos and the three of you — so the your dream may be telling you, don’t leave yourself out of your own growth and development, it’s not all about your son and nephew, it’s about you as well.
      The two hippos that got frightened away may be your dad and sister that you had the argument with. The dream says to me that you will keep them at the distance they need to me.
      Your son goes into the water, which is “under the surface,” of things. Your protectiveness makes you afraid for him. You pray to God not to take him, rather than seeing he is gathering hippo powers, the power to see beneath the surface of things and harness creative energies. Then he goes one way and leaves the hippo there. The hippo has many meanings, and one is the devoted protectiveness the mothers have to their babies. To me, this says that you don’t need to protect him or worry about him, that he is safe and has a wonderful destiny. You will have to let him move toward it, even if it frightens you. Your inability to find the church and your fear that God may take your son makes me think you are not sure if you are doing the right thing, you want to know that God blesses you. To me this is so normal for mothers who love their children, they always worry if they’re the best mothers they can be and if they’re doing the right things. This dream to me shows your concerns, your need of reassurance, and also shows that your son IS blessed, because he can live in the underwater realm and also the “ordinary” realm. And that he has blessings to give to others, symbolized by the pineapple. Let him carry it, it’s not too heavy for him.

  4. Hi, I’am a bit depressed this past few days. Maybe because I still don’t have job for almost 4 months now. I keep on applying I passed all the exams and interview but I don’t know what may be the reason of not receiving a job offer. Another reason of my depression is that I cant pay my bills (utilities for my apartment) due to work problems. So last night I felt so lonely tears in my eyes and all I want is a hug from my boyfriend who is beside me. And so he did, and I fell asleep. I dreamt about a swimming pool that is big enough to cover the hippo with water. And the hippo’s color is like a dalmatian (black and white) then it comes near the ladder and bite the kids arm. All of a sudden people dive into the water but I didn’t see the hippo there anymore. What does my dream mean?

    1. The hippo here, to me, has a double meaning. You haven’t been working, and believe me, I know what that feels like! It can make you feel like a helpless little kid again. So when it bites the kid’s arm, it’s as if it’s emphasizing the helplessness of the child. At the same time, a magical dream animal can transfer its power. So to me, the bite on the arm is a transferring of the powers of the hippo to the child. Which arm was it, right or left? The right arm is considered the one we act with in the “ordinary” world, the left arm is the inner self and intuition. But the arms stand for taking action, whether to cultivate our inner world or to go out and get something in the ordinary world.
      Your hippo is black and white — if this were my dream, I would think it means I’m seeing things in a black and white way. Maybe you are seeing your not working in too much of a black and white way, Maybe there’s a purpose to your having this time away from work to deal with other things.
      The hippo itself, in a swimming pool, is a fantastically interesting image, and has humor in it. Hippos stand for boundaries, healing, the ability to see beneath the surface. The hippo gives its power to the child, then people jump in the pool. “Jumping in the pool” is an expression that is used to get in there and just go for it. The people jumping in show that it’s safe to go in there. To me, the hippo is acting as a protector.
      Did you have a bad experience in your last job? Is there a way you might be afraid to get back in there? This dream, to me, says it’s going to be fine, much better than before. The hippo is going to protect you and you will feel safe and confident when you get your job.

  5. I can’t remember the entire dream but I do remember walking in a park or something & turning to look at the lake & there was dancing hippos.. I was confused & kept saying hippos don’t dance.
    Any idea what that could mean?

    1. What a wonderful dream. To me, this symbolizes that your creative energies are going to get up and dance. It reminds me of the Disney movie, “Fantasia,” where hippos in tutus danced. Your dream might be telling you to let yourself be a kid again an be silly and playful and romp.

  6. Interesting that we have dreams about hippos very recently. Two mornings ago, I woke up from a dream where I was on a sunny beach, sitting on big rocks and a giant turtle came to me and pushed me gently in the ocean and guided me to the other side of the rocks where a hundred baby hippos and large Disney like fish were gathering to the sandy shore within a few feet. The water was clear and warm and they all wanted to touch me in a sweet playful way yet continuing their floating movement to reach the sand. As I woke up, I wondered what hippos were doing there since they are usually seen in more murky, muddy waters.

  7. This dream to me is a great blessing. The turtle that pushes you into the water stands for the whole world: in mythology the world rests on a giant turtle. The turtle wants you to go into the waters of your own creativity and emotions and bring your gifts back to “land.” It guides you to the 100 baby hippos. which to me symbolize the many projects or people you will affect in a beautiful way. You have many, many gifts to offer and you will only gain more for yourself and others by giving them.

  8. I vaguely remember the dream, but I do recall a hippo swimming very fast in water, presumably ocean, and leaping out of the water. My first instinct was to be frightened, but then something told me it was safe. So I felt reassured, and then in awe of the hippo.

  9. I had a dream last night that I had somehow ended up owning a baby hippo. I played with it in my house and I remember smiling and laughing. When he started to get bigger I would ride him around and he would also look like he was smiling. But then he started breaking things in the house and got too big. That’s when I woke up. What does that mean? I’ve been a writer and actor for about 6 years and recently finished a feature length screen play that is getting some attention. I have really been trying to take steps forward to advance my career this year more than any. I have made some new bold decisions in my love life and recently got a date with a beautiful woman . Any thoughts?

  10. I had a dream that the hippo was in the water, holding me up on the water surface and i had a feeling that he is helping me. there i felt fear and then i realized that nothing to be afraid of.
    and then i woke up.
    Do you have any other idea what more that could represent?
    Thank you.♡

  11. Hi im a filipina i had a dream last night like hippopotamus . im so much scared . i look hippopotamus far away because maybe attact me . and the color is black then i run i was laydown to many rocks what does that means ?

  12. The dream I had was that I came home and there was a half eaten crocodile(the bones of head and spine) and my two cat circling something in my kitchen and I go down to pet what I though was a white dog but was actually a white baby hippo then I see the head rise and attack my knee cap as I frantically try to get it off from biting my leg off then I wake up. Weird dream I don’t know what that means but at first I thought that the crocadile carcus was a pet toy at first.

  13. I had a dream that I was walking on a street near my job when I saw 2 baby hippos in front of me. I walked right up to them with no second thought and started hugging them. I did wonder in the back of my mind what they were doing in the street in the middle of the city. After a couple of minutes, I saw another baby hippo but he was in the road and 1 of his legs was wounded. I wasn’t sure if he got hit by a car or what but I began to run to him but saw to my left the big mother hippo. I froze! She started running after me and I was afraid. I ran as fast as I could but she was right behind me. Help!

    1. Had a dream and I was in a new place there were a lot of people that was probably a school environment because I never finished college and so School seems to be a reoccurring theme. I was in my own place, and all of the maintenance people were all women, no men. And there were animals everywhere outside. And I found two baby hippos on the ground. They let me pet them. While I was petting them they grew long shaggy pink fur. What was this about?

  14. I dreamt that I was being chased by two hippos when I still in the water. Came out of the water but one continued chasing after me. I dived in to another deep looking stream only to find there wasn’t enough water, stayed put hoping the hippo would not see me and the dream ended

  15. Last night I dreamed I was in a house I had never been to before and there were flies everywhere – I couldn’t escape them. They landed on me, but didn’t bite. I walk outside and they are still swarming – everywhere. I go to the backyard and notice a dead hippo. Then I wake up – any insight into this dream would be appreciated.

  16. Hello there.

    I had a dream last night that I was flying on a plane to a destination (for some reason i thought it was China even though I’ve never been there) and when I arrived I was suddenly on an old ship (sort of like a pirate ship) with people on it.

    When we looked around we saw a part of something swimming in the water and I immediately thought it was a serpent creature of some kind so I got concerned and a little scared.

    Anyway, it finally surfaced and it was a small dingy type of boat with a huge hippopotamus just standing on it. I was no longer scared, just wasn’t sure what to make of it.

    Any thoughts would be awesome 🙂

  17. Can you help me understand this dream that I had?

    First part:

    I had a dream today about visiting the doctor. After my appointment there was an older woman in the lobby who said something about more good looking healer showing up in her life- and then said like you for example and then kissed me on the mouth. Then she drew herself in a corner and kind’ve ignored what she had done. I felt somewhat violated.

    Second part:

    I saw my mom at the lobby. She said something so me about how to take care of myself. I then said that I am not a child anymore and that she should sort out her own problems first instead’ve projecting them onto me.

    I felt like I was a bit mean to her.

    Third part:

    It seemed fun for me to swim up the Nile river from egypte to some other country. I suggested that my mom could do it aswell- She said it would be dangerous because there are crocodiles.

    I then saw people swimming up the river and said that others are doing it aswell. There was crocodile eating frenzy.. the crocs then massed up in a clump and a woman joined the clump.. spinning around with them.

    Then a hippo appeared that attacked the clump and bit one of the crocs.
    I said jokingly to my mom ”actually, hippo’s are more dangerous then crocs”.
    The hippo then started chasing me. He was really fast and agile and could move almost exactly like I was doing but in a hippo way. The hippo kept following me.. and was really close behind me all the time.. like centimeters away.

    There was a man giving me advice on where to run to. Then I ran past a little dirt jardspace ( 4 x 4) with a high fence around it and a very little water tub/ or hole in the middle. The hippo then cried and said ”this used to be my gym”. I saw the man who was advising me… he showed up and calmed the hippo down. I felt like this is where the baby hippo grew up.. in that little space and that man used to take care of him.

  18. I am a 67 yr. old artist, songwriter/musician. I have always had psychic gifts. My husband and I have a wonderful opportunity now to have much of our songs produced.
    I just now recall that three nights ago I
    Dreamed that two hippos were walking through our large back yard to a half acre pond we have.
    The wonderful description above is right on point with the strong creativity I am emmersed in….some of which is due to (I believe) the passing of my 91 yr. old mother three weeks ago after my husband and I took on the honor of caring for her ourselves for the past 6 months, as she transitioned through the veil. I now feel strongly that she is our Muse! Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

  19. Last night I dreamed of a small heard of mostly baby or small hippos with one adult hippo. They were being chased by two female lions through the river behind my home. When I opened my back door, the hippos ran inside and the lions stopped in their tracks. They stayed back on the river bank and eventually retreated.
    I’ve never dreamed of hippos before that I can recall, but I am a Pisces and feel very connected to all things water. I also have keen insight and a strong intuition.
    What do you think the hippos’ message could be?

  20. My dream last night was about a herd of hippos playing around in the ocean waves with a horses. Theybwere frolicking around and looking into each others eyes. When I asked what the animals were doing, someone in my dream told me that they do this to re-energize each other. When they have done this done this playing in the waves and gazing at each other they then go off and no longer need to do it for ages again.
    When I woke up I felt happy and had a wonderful energy in me, but I was still wondering what it all meant. Could you add a little more detail to my dream please. Thank you.

  21. Dream about a hippo, didn’t know if a friend or foe at first. I wanted to pet st first but wasn’t sure. Hippo running around the room and up walls chasing other things (people). Hippo was friendly to me I realized. I woke up snorting calling to the hippo who was chasing after somthing. I woke up pointing at the tie rack on the wall with my girlfriends jewlery on it instead of ties. The hippo transformed into the tie rack on the wall; I woke up with my eyes open, snorting a call to hippo and pointing at tie rack. I got up and wrote this after looking for interpretation of the dream of hippo who I felt was my friend protecting me.

    1. ….there was a pool involved in the center of yhe room. Hippo was running on the walls, up and down chasing bad people away. Hippo was my friend, feeling got stronger through the dream. I will try to post more as it comes.

  22. I was dreaming of a nest that my friends were looking after. Soon the nest started pulsing, about “to give birth”. Very soon a multitude of minituare adolescent hippos hatched from the nest, launching into multiple directions. Then they directed their attention to me and proceeded to surround me. That’s when I chose to wake up, because it felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t a nightmare, though.

    Thank you for opening up the symbolism of the hippopotamus!

  23. I envisioned a hippo with the head of an alligator in it’s mouth. The hippos mouth was wide open. The alligator head was coming out of its mouth. What can this mean?

    1. I had a similar dream lately at the base of a tree, whose roots were exposed. It was shimmering like it was wet but not in water. The hippo and alligator were dry. They were both very young or at least very small. The hippo was tiny and ferocious. I watched in awe but didn’t judge the situation in my dream.

  24. I am pregnant. I had a vivid (though not quite lucid) dream of being taken through a very narrow small doorway to a hidden storeroom. From there my guide took me into a boat in a beautiful canyon of cold water. We saw a family of hippos swimming and knew the water was likely too cold for them. We worked to get them onto the boat. In the dream I recalled having dreamt about hippos very recently and recounted this, amazed, to my guide.

  25. Last night I dreamt that I was on a dugout canoe trip down a river with some unknown people and in an unfamiliar place( though in the dream it did feel like I knew the area/place). Suddenly, we ran into a herd of hippos. Everyone panicked but I stayed calm and told the others that if they too stayed calm, the hippos would not attack.
    Would really love to know what this means?

  26. I dreamt that I was on an unknown deserted island. It was dark and dreary after the rain and the water level had risen. A bunch of people were trying to get off the island. Somehow we ended up in this glass vault that took us into the water and there were so many gray/black shiny hippos swimming around and you could see their noses on top of the water. As the vault kept getting deeper, the water was full of them but they didn’t bother us, just scary.
    There was one particular hippo that kept swimming and crashing into the vault to get us. He was trying to brake the glass. Then helicopters were flying over the vault to to rescue us. As I caught onto the ladder of the helicopter, the hippo jumped out of the water to catch me but it couldn’t.

  27. My fiance told me yesterday that he had a very vivid dream that he and I were swimming together in a river. He realized as we were swimming that we were surrounded by hippos, peeking their eyes up out of the water. They were not aggressive, but he became concerned that they might attack us and told me to be careful if I felt anything brush against my legs in the water and then he woke up. what does this mean if anything?

  28. In a dream my friend had about me, she says this ” you had a house sitting in the air on this pole, with 3 hippos inside and middle one kept jumping, making the house rock and sway and nearly making us fall which was making you mad” and so i thought i would see what you thought of this?

  29. Good Morning,

    I had two dreams this morning just a few hours apart:

    1st: I was in space looking and circling planet Earth and noticed it was covered with hippos all over, the view was incredible, just like a cinema view of the planet Earth but with billions of hippos all over the land and in the oceans. It felt wonderful.

    2nd: I was in a building and there was a person talking to what looked like a patient in a bed but I could only see the person talking to the patient in the bed because of the angle I was standing. Then I noticed a baby hippo in the corridor and it came up to me, I had a cup of tea in my hand and I got a bit nervous and tipped some of the tea on the hippo which the hippo then lay on the floor due to the heat from the tea I think. I than ran to the sink and tipped the tea and when I returned the hippo was up and started walking towards me, I got paranoid and ran to a room but before I could enter the room the hippo reached me and just stayed next to me like nothing happened.

    What does this mean?


  30. I dreamt I was sneaking into a rock alcove littered with blue and pink spit out gum, and these large smooth rocks… And the sound of me walking on these rocks hitting each other alerted a hippo that was high up on a hill, I came into a pathway where my friend looked up and saw the hippo charging down so she ran and I ran forward up onto a dock to hide behind barrels, the angle that the dock entrance was on compared to where the hippo was charging slowed it enough for me to hide. This was the 2nd time in the dream the hippo was alerted, the first time i only saw his back while I hid on the side of the rocky hill he was coming down. I’ve been having vivid dreams for the past week (yesterday’s dream was all water and waterspouts). I just got a second job that I love and my main job has been crushing my soul with panic attacks ..

  31. Hi, I had a dream last night. It was night, very warm and beautiful summer weather and me and a bunch of friends went walking around the city, there was a long river and we were on the road/bridge that was above the river. Then I have noticed that there was a statue of a wolf and a few children. I went and for some reason I bent down and prayed. After that we went to a park and have found a lost hippo though he was very calm and friendly. However, by the end of our walk through the park we decided to call the authorities to come and take the hippo. The man in charge, came and pretended to take the hippo, but when I went to see , apparently that was not the hippo I’ve seen in the park…

  32. We were at my step grand mums place when a hippo came up. I tried locking the door , but it wasnt fully locked when it came closer. So , i hid. I had told my cousin and brother about it entering the house. It had come into the room that moment. My cousin and brother picked it and flinged it toward a door behind me. It was as if they didnt see me standing there. I stopped the hippo from hitting me by a pillow. The hippo fell back on the bed. Thats how i woke up. I have this deja vu feeling that I’ve seen this dream before

  33. I had a dream that I was being trapped by my doctor. She wanted me to touch myself and touch me in front of my friends. When I refused she threw me into the ocean, I think? The only place I could go was back into the hospital island or onto a tiny wooden dock in the middle of the water. The water was full of hippos that were trying to get to me and I was scared. I could only see the hippos under the water, though. Really strange dream for me, I have a good, comfortable relationship with the doctor, a woman, like myself. I remember thinking sharks would be in the water, but when I saw the hippos I was much more frightened.

  34. Oooh! I had a hippopotamus dream last night that I would be elated to get a perspective on! I was in motion, walking, moving thru a wilderness landscape and then thru the trees I saw a stretch of water and my spirit jumped in excitement, “Water!” And so then I’m running up to what looks like a large watering hole, maybe lake, and I’m excited, and I’m running up to it and then I stop dead in my tracks because I see this watering hole is inhabited by a herd of hippos. It startled me at first because I realized I was amount a group of wild hippos and I hoped that they wouldn’t sense danger, but I sensed a slight bit of danger. And as I stood still for a moment I observed that there was no alarm amongst them and that they looked pretty happy in their fresh cool watering hole. So, I kinda giggled and chalked it up to a big, oh well! And moved along in my dream. Any interpretation?

  35. Hi, I saw a baby hippo and a mother. The baby hippo was injured. And was down in the muddy pond of my backyard. The mother hippo was angry. I saw my mom screaming at me saying that don’t run. The mother hippo won’t hurt you. But I kept running and hid under the bushes. But the mother hippo didn’t hurt me but she saw me. Does it mean that I was running from problems and now it’s time to face and solve the problems? Again I’m dating a girl but may be her mom is against the idea about both of us dating? May be her mother is furious cos she had issues in the past. I’m also a musician I’m trying to create new stuff may be it’s time to get more creative?

  36. Does anyone know the compatibility of a female with a Panther (Black Jaguar) Spirit Animal and fire element and a male with a Firefly Spirit Animal and wood element?

  37. I dreamt that tiny little hippos, the size of a rat, became like a fashion. People would give them as gifts and the receiver didn’t know what to do with them. In the dream I visited a friend and I accidentally sat on one and killed it, we laughed. Later in the dream my mother told me that they were supposed to be a delicacy but now suddenly they were a dime a dozen in the supermarket. My parents had received some as a gift but they thought they were kind of yucky and that I could eat as many as I wanted. They were in the fridge in a box. I ate some hippos but I thought it was to harsh to kill them so I would drop the alive into a boiling sauce and them come back 20 minutes later and eat the meal. At the end of the dream it suddenly occurred to me that it might be painful for the hippo to be boiled alive so I decided to stay and watch. The hippo jumped out of the pan, I thought I hoped it didn’t feel any pain and pushed it back in to the pan and went away. When I came back the hippo like several times before was dead in the sauce. I looked at it and it suddenly occurred to me how cruel I had been to boil something living, I was overcome with grief. How could I not have realized the cruelty before? I started crying uncontrollably in the dream, the tears were running down my face. Then I woke up. I have been feeling really disturbed now for hours about this dream. Would like some input on what this could mean.

  38. Hello! I had a dream that I was watching a live theatre production, and they were using real lions. They brought the lions through the crowd, but one was becoming a bit difficult for the trainer to hold on his leash. The lion came and laid right by my feet. I was terrified that he was going to bite me or attack but he never did. Later, I went for a tour of the animal quarters (where the animals for the play were being kept). I walked into an empty stall that had a doorway with a door. All of a sudden, a hippo came racing toward the door and I tried quickly to slam the door shut before it could attack me. I could see it’s face up very close, and I kept trying to shut it, while it forced it’s way inside. Finally, the door blew open entirely and I started running while the hippo chased me through the corridors. May I ask what you think this dream might mean? Thank you! <3

  39. I dreamed that I was swimming in a river filled with thick water lilies on either side of me, but a clear open path of water in front of me. I begin to swin down the path, and directly in front of me was a huge hippo, swimming fast towards me. I panic and try to turn but am hemmed in on every side by lilies except forward. Then I wake up. I don’t remember what was going on in my life, it was several years ago, but I remember the dream very clearly. The only animal dream I remember (except a Narnia dream which I’m not sure counts, lol). Does that mean the hippo is my spirit animal? If so, why would I be terrified of my spirit animal? Or should I perhaps try meditating to find my true spirit animal?

  40. Was dreaming of mini hippos in my aunt’s living room. One of the hippos came close to me and started giving birth. I remember petting her as she contracted to ease her pain. I was however afraid to get close enough to her face I’m fear of getting attack. She gave birth to three normal mini hippos and three tiny preemies. I wasn’t sure if the tiny ones would make it as there was and odor with the tiny ones. I also remember the was a leak in her toilet and the floor being with. I did put all the hippos babies and adults in a room to keep them safe. I was then awoken by a phone call from my daughter, what does that mean?

  41. I dreamt of a plane crashing into the water. I ran towards the crash site and ended up next to at least 50 Hippos sleeping. I tried to get out quietly however, one woke up and from there I woke up. What would that mean to you?

  42. I dreamt I was opening the front door to my house and to my surprise there was someone riding the hippo and there were more than one. I closed the door while calling my husband to come and see and there was a baby hippo in front of me inside my house. I think I got scared so I woke up

  43. Last night I dreamed that I went to a local park. I saw two hippos and still got in the lake to swim. All of a sudden, while under the water, a hippo tossed me high into the air and I splashed down in the water. It happened once more. I was so excited and just briefly afraid. Felt like an amusement park ride!!!! After that I got out and wanted to tell the world.

    In reality my life has been a mess. Lost my job 2 years ago and my apartment. Recently found my true professional path and will be attending school to become a teacher this year. My creative endeavors are stuck and I’m always in my head. I’m a Leo sun.

    Please tell me something…


  44. I dreamed me and my boyfriend were petting a very friendly baby hippo, who was behind a low fence. The hippo then laid down on his back as a dog would when wanting his belly rubbed. Any idea what this may mean?

  45. I dreamed there was a hippo and someone with it on my frontyard and the person said that I needed to clean a place in my frontyard so the hippo could live there. Then, on another night, I had another dream with the hippo and that person, and I was cleaning the designated place where the hippo would live from then on. I never dreamed with them again.

  46. I had a dream that my 20yr old deceased son was a child again and I had 3 pet hippos and 1 rhino that was small. The 3 pet hippos were in our home and I would cautiously have him stop sleeping on the floor where they would lay with him for fear he would be hurt but the hippos would go lay with him where ever he chose to lay. They let me pet them but they were like his dogs. Any idea what this could mean? It’s been 3.5 years since my son’s death and I still struggle over it. Thank you so much.

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