Hawk Power Animal Messenger Discernment Intuition Observation Wisdom Courage Truth

By Ina Woolcott

The hawk’s gifts include clear sightedness, being observant, long distance memory, messages from the universe, guardianship, recalling past lives, courage, wisdom, illumination, seeing the bigger picture, creativity, truth, experience, wise use of opportunities, overcoming problems, magic, focus.

Hawk is associated with the number 14, with the tarot card Temperance. The Temperance card represents the teaching of higher expressions of psychic ability and vision.

The Hawk represents a messenger in the Native American culture. It often shows up in our life when we need to pay attention to the subtle messages found around us, and from those we come into contact with. As with all messages received, it is important to recognise the messages underlying truth. We will be taught to be observant and also pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we aren’t using, a gift or unexpected help for which we haven’t shown our gratitude for, or a message from the Universe. As there are so many hawk varieties, the messages vary and can affect all levels of our psyche.

Hawks are the protectors and visionaries of the Air. They hold the key to higher levels of consciousness. This power animal enables us to awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose. Having Hawk as power animal means your life will be filled with responsibility, because Hawk people seek the overall view. You will most probably be aware of omens and spirit messages.

A Red tailed Hawk is special. It will ALWAYS be with you, for life. It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of primal life force. It is linked to the base chakra. If you have this power animal, you need to be aware of and work toward fulfilling your soul’s destiny. It reflects far greater intensity of energy within your life: physically, emotionally and mentally. Spiritual forces will be felt strong within you.

One trait all hawks share, is the ability to move between the seen and unseen realms gracefully, joining both worlds together. Their acute vision attributes this ability, their discriminating nature keeps them out of dangers path. Hawks have a broad vision, allowing them to see what the future holds. In man this is a symbol of prophetic insight. If this gift is underdeveloped, it is common for people with this power animal to have a tendency of over analysing everything. When this is so, clear vision is lost. You must learn to keep your analytical mind under control, not allowing it to run wild.

Hawk posses many hunting skills. The most common, when pursuing prey, is to swiftly follow the prey’s efforts to get away. Once the prey is caught in the hawks mighty talons, it is then dismembered with their sharply pointed, powerful beak. For us, this may indicate that we may be able to run, but not hide from our destiny. For, eventually it will catch up with us.

The destiny of man is to awaken from their spiritual amnesia and to realign with the original intention of their soul. When the hawk gets a hold of us in his powerful talons, we will be asked to evaluate who we have become and to shatter our self created illusions. This will help our inner truth to come out into the open and for it to shine.

Hawk denotes union with All That Is. The hawk is a bird of the heavens, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our spiritual growth. Having this power animal can be bitter sweet. When accepting its presence in your life, you will be asked to surrender/give up anything that doesn’t honour the integrity of all life. Whether its an idea, feeling or action. Although hard work is involved, the rewards to be reaped are great, far outweighing this.

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  1. My son and I see hawks all the time..ever since my father passed in 2005…we both think it has something to do with my dad…I see them almost every day.
    Can you give us any insight on this incredible sight…

    1. I am amazed that you wrote this! My oldest son and I see hawks often, and usually I take it to mean that we are on the right path, wheather that be for the day or in our lives. My Father also passed, in 1995, and ever since, that is when I started noticing hawks when I would be out driving,etc. Then after my son was born 13 years ago, I started seeing them even more often. My son notices the hawks too, and whichever of us sees it first, points it out to the other, saying: “look it’s our hawk again”. I would be interested in the significance of a person’s passing and interaction/noticing animals as well. Guess this means more research! (Of course, when dosen’t it!)

      1. I have a hawk that comes to a tree outside my window. He just states at me. I have also taken his picture several times. I don’t know what this means but I’m sure he is trying to tell me something. I know seeing this hawk as much as I do means something, just have to figure it out. I love when I see him and hope he continues to visit me.

        1. This is a very strong confirmation that you have the gift of discernment and intuition! Allow the Spirit to use you for greater good. Open, surrendered, power.

          1. My friend found a full intact red hawk feather and gave it to me. I am of some Cherokee descent and I keep that feather close by for I know it has great ability and insight. Should I hold it when smudging my home?

          2. My wife seen a hawk outside our window , The only thing I can say my cat is staying inside, I was just wandering if the hawk was eyeing our cat that was looking out the window , I don;t want our pet to become lunch,

        2. Yesterday a hawk came on my air conditioner and ate his bird he caught I just watched it very closely it didn’t bother him as i took his picture of course from the inside of the window. He came back the next day very amazing .I’m just wondering why did he choose my window to come to?

          1. Hi Missy ! I wonder also when they’re in my face lol. In my gut I feel that whatever drama may be happening in our lives, we need to pay attention to what’s really going on. Or if no drama, then maybe drama coming to us lol. Have a good day 🙂

          2. Last week a hawk was flying high in the sky at my moms as we sat on her porch! It kept circling above us then lower and lower. My mom got spooked ran inside, I sat in such disbelief how far it flew down. This hawk was a few feet above me flapping its wings looking right at me?All my Years never ever had a hawk this close or do this. Then today I was just on my back steps and out of no where a black bird crow or something good size was flying around md then almost like at me flapping its wings ?Then it sat on my fence after all that stared at me a few seconds then flew off! Birds usually near me do I see this what the hawk and this crow black bird have done in the past week or two. Why? What does this mean ? Birds fly into my yard on the grass like anyone else’s yard, but these two a hawk one week now a crow?We are talking almost like I was their target or try and get closer to where I was sitting.

        3. My husband recently took his life, my children are tribal members. I am supposedly Cherokee (paperwork never filed, but my great grandfather was a chief) I had a red tail hawk (spirit animal fly 4 ft above me today). . ..I’ve seen three others bigger and higher since. That’s in hours. I have been on my knees praying for a sign, but I am not sure what this means. My husband had been hiding so much from me and then took his own life the day confronted him about things

          1. Sorry, CORRECTION to my recent post!
            A friend was visiting with me, as we were sitting on the back deck talking about similar problems and experiences in our lives, suddenly over the top of where we sat- came a loud noise, then we saw a large hawk being chased by many hawks surrounding it. I know this has meaning but not quite sure what. Any input?
            HAWK WAS BEING CHASED BY MANY CROWS! (not hawks)

          2. Hi Carol, I read this and I was sad for you and the kids. Your last sentence, did you mean to write “the day, ‘I’ confronted him”? Did you notice him leading a double life? Forgive me for being nosy, but I just felt that I had to ask, it’s none of my business really.

          3. I am sorry for your loss. My father passed and I started to be guarded by the hawk afterward. They are always nearby it seems. I looked it up and it is an ancient sign of a protector of a deceased
            person who was royal. I believe it is my dad watching over me, giving me signs. ? I hope you recover from your loss and have joy and connection again.

      2. My long time horse whose been my constant companion for 18 years passed away last November. Ever since his death a hawk has been hanging around my barn. I have one horse left. These two were best buds. Suddenly a second hawk has been hanging around with the first one. Every time I go out to feed my second horse, the hawks are either sitting on the fence posts, in the tall tree next to the barn, the roof peak of the barn or come screeching out of nowhere and swoop passed me as if to get my attention. This is nearly an every day occurrence and so far 3 I’ve found large feathers on the ground where I enter the barn, one at the gate and another right next to my truck at the driver’s side door. All within the path i walk every day. It has been very interesting. I do believe he is watching over us.

          1. My husband has recently passed away and not more than four five hours after his death I found white feathers all over the front porch and a red tail hawk sitting on defense looking right at me and he let me come very close to him and just stare at him and then he flew off there is no sign of him killing or hurting another animal just the white feathers everywhere what does this mean

      3. A couple years ago I was released from jail and I was in a Hampton inn and a hawk was sitting outside my window not close but not far away he was flying In circles and landed and a light pole. I just stood and watched him and he flew off. Yesterday I was riding a friend and I and we seen a baby hawk being chased by a few sparrows and he yelled thats a hawk. As im typing this I just seen a big hawk being chased by sparrows. What does that mean

        1. Means baby hawk tried to hunt one of the flock and the flock was training it to eat something other than sparrows.
          I had a baby hawk land in a small stand of bushes this fall..with a robin in its talons..at a little above eye level in my dads driveway..suddenly i was surrounded by robins..who surrounded the hawk..and then the jays came divebombing him..he flew to the top of a much taller tree about 20 ft in front of me ..surrounded by now hundreds of birds with the jays attacking him whole flight.
          I got out of my car and was showered in tiny hawk feathers as I approached the tree..those blue jays relentless..I knew where the nest was and was waiting to see mom or dad come to his aid..took about 5 min..and mama flew by and escorted him outta there..
          I was mesmorized at the power of bird community coming together and sad people arent more like that to provide mutual aid when necessary to each other more…..those jays meant business
          Pay attention..xoxo

          1. I went to see a house today as a potential purchase for the second time and when I came outside, there were 3 red-tailed hawks flying through the sky and hovering. One kept cawing. What does that mean? Is this the house for me or should I walk away?

      4. I was given a talon that was able to be worn as a necklace. I am facing having to step into a role of responsibility as a storyteller. I am afraid and I do not know if I am pulling my own leg or what… Some people refer to me as a healer, some a shaman, some an intuitive empath; no matter how you label me it is a job that carries with it a great deal of responsibility. I could really use some guidance and strength enough to eat any humble pie coming my way so that I can walk the talk. Thank you for writing this. It was on point for me. I will speak the the Hawk spirit and ask for guidance I seem to have a vary larg committee waiting for me to take my place. WOW did I just say that? Thank you sincerly.

      5. Hawks are in my life all day it’s like they follow me around it’s weird I’ve had over 100 encounters save my mom’s life three times eagles also I had a golden eagle come down hover above my car turn and look ed me right inmy eyes I seen his colors of his eyes and they had a white film over them it was really amazing

      6. This was a great description of what i been going thru. I noticed hawks coming into my life about 7 or 8 years ago. So in between that time and now i had lost everything and relationship with my sons. It has came back in my life strong where i see them flying around me and swoopi g down infront of me and everywhere i go i see them. I mean its alot!!!! I feel like the hawk gave me ssomething really spiritually and powerful and changed my whole thought process. The hawn is in my life really strong right now. See them everyday sometimes 5-12 times a day. My boys are back in my life and im living better than i ever have. But it does take alot of being focused on the big picture. Im just so use to seeing hawks now and accepted that they will be in my life until its my time to fly with them.

    2. Today a hawk visited my back yard (second summer in a row) I took a 3 mile walk today and prayed as I walked, prayed for self and others. Both of my parents are in the spirit world. I see Hawks all the time, I’m a visual person and very intuitive. Do You think the visit by this special bird has meaning for me personally, professionally and creatively?

      1. Kim,

        Your post meant a lot to me. Thanks for sharing. I too have lost both of my parents, my Dad just recently ( 1 year ago).. I too have taken many walks or time just sitting by the lake to pray. I’ve seen 6 hawks within the past 24 hrs just searching for meaning and truth. God Bless
        Rod Dagnan

        1. Wow I’m reading this and can’t stop crying .I was sitting facing my patio glass door maybe 10 feet from the doors and a hawk slammed into the glass twice it’s wings opened almost covered both sides of the glass . And then just flew off. I filed for divorce due to my husband’s adiction . Have been questioning my dicision . Because outside of his adictions he’s a good man . I’m so afraid of seeing him without life I just filed Friday and today this….

          1. I too have a loved one who is an addict. I’ve come to realize there’s very little one can do to “fix” them. Stay on the path, be open to truth et enlightenment. It will come. Wakan tannen kici un. May the creator bless you

          2. This means you are seeing things clearly now, do not go backwards! Keep seeing clearly. He will find his way on his own, you have to let him find his way by himself, unfortunately there is nothing you can do but take care of yourself for now. Maybe if he can learn how to manage his addictions, one day you can be there for him again. People with addictions have a tendency to wear people down around them…please take care of YOU so that you can be great for others that aren’t wearing you down:) <3

          3. My Brother and i was Traveling south on i 75 South in Jonesboro Ga 46 Years ago 55 mph it was Raining when the Truck i Was driving a 1973 International when we Started hydroplaning the Truck went over a steep Bank covered with big Rocks. When big Brown Wings covered the cab of The Truck flapping my Hands came off the Steering Wheel the wings covered our head and face the Truck Went off the bank over the Rocks. We were not hurt at All. an 18 Wheeler pulled up The Driver got out and said OMG never have i seen Anything like this God was Driving that Truck he said you took up all four lanes For about two miles Round And Round know other Vehicles was around he Said That truck should have Flipped. He pulled us out. My Brother said it had tobe Heaven sent. Well yesterday This same Bird Angel or Hawk was setting at the Foot of my Bed. Iam Under Hospice care for Heart Failure but i have an ok Brain. Never have i seen The face only the Wings And The Flapping i can fell the Wind and power. Ialso see Hawk’s Doctors say i should Have been dead years ago. But God is with me. Also When my brothet and Father started to pass It was Like thousands of Birds Started singing days before Death. Once death occurred The Birds stopped singing And instantly Gone. Dennis Worley dwbaldeagle@outlook.com Anyone with Knowledge please contact me.

          4. Iam part Creek and yes Hawks and Crows visit me seems like all the time. Red tail mostly but once a chicken hawk who landed right above my head in the woods. Now that type never gets within 70 yards of people. An they look like the Devil looking at you. But years ago I was working security in an old deserted mill worried about my ex wife taking my son to Dever on a plane. It was rainning hard outside . I was by a dock door at night when a sudden lightning bolt lit up the area to show a very large crow 7 feet away hovering in the rain looking at me and this at night. Yes everything turned out ok. Remember the Bible speaks a lot about birds and the birds you see are made and sent by Almighty God. So trust in him he made the birds in the first place.

        1. Koo
          A friend and I watch a hawk change colors from it’s normal self to slowly turn a complete glowing green bird ,, I did take it as a message but not really sure of the message yet

    3. For the second time today and several years ago, a bird of Prey has flown into my glass Balcony. Both were Falcons or hawks.

      They stayed for hours while i called rescue but then they seemed to become lifeless for a few minutes then flew away.

      The first one visits regularly and brings its mate they soar around and fly closely to my apartment.

      My husband passed away almost 15 years ago Istill miss him and feel lost.

      Is there any message or advice anyone can offer for the health of the birds, my puppy and myself please?

      1. Birds bring joy and Peace as Your Husband left this world Into heaven. This Happened when my Brother and Father Was dying the Birds stayed Day And Night until death. Your Husband is with Jesus Christ. Anniston Alabama.

    4. It is. The hawk is ur dad coming to tell u to get ur life kids together integrity for all even if its painful tell the truth and if u cant deal then stop what ur doing so u dont have to lie. Good luck amen??

      1. I dreamed a huge hawk and in my dream it was a cooper hawk..came down from the sky and I fell to the ground and covered my head. The hawk was bigger than I and may of had a wing span of 15 ft. I could see in color. He covered me and put his neck and mead next to mine and was nibbling at my fingers. No blood just nibbling. I cupped his beak in my hands and gently blow my breath to his beak. He then flew off and had a rabbit in his talons. He never hurt me..has got me to wondering. My totem sign is a raven…Kalanu in Cherokee..

        1. Omg my dream is almost exactly like yours, huge black/brownish hawk came up to me wrapped it great wings around me as if hugging me. VERY lucid dream rember the sun shining, even a gentle breeze. and it had it’s headed laid against my shoulder I remember feeling it’s beak moving by my,arms, not biting me but moving……weird dream

    5. My mom passed away in 2013 when I was 19, and she is always around me and I know its her that keeps sending a red tailed hawk. I’m going through some life changes right now, and I feel lost and unsure. Everytime I feel down or confused, a red tail hawk swoops 20 feet in front of me and lands in a nearby tree or on a building. Just a few moments ago, a hawk did just that, and it’s still in the maple tree which happens to be my mom’s favorite kind of tree, and I went under the tree, and looked at it for a bit. It stared at me, and it picked up its foot, ruffled and cleaned its feathers then watched me go back inside the house. I had been stading almost directly under it. I have no doubt that the hawk you and your son see is your father. Sometimes there is no message and it’s just a friendly hello, whereas other times it’s yor dad saying he’s proud of you and is always with you. I know that’s what my mom does. 🙂

    6. Oh, my goodness! A hawk follows me. It has since my dad passed in 2010. It also comes to my daughter (who never met him) and my mother.

    7. I see a red tail at work in the trees all the time once recently on my way to work i saw 2 red tail faceing obset eachother side by side

    8. Jan 9th this year i was driving to pick up my 22 yr old daughter from the bank she was employed with. About 5 min into the drive my sister called and moments later in the middle of the street was a hawk on top of a pigeon. The hawk saw me coming and let the pigeon go or lost grip and the pigeon looked like it flapped away . The hawk flew into a tree close by and stared at me as i slowly drove away. As this all was happening i was talking to my sister who immiediatley got upset and said oh no someone is gonna die , i bet its uncle al who was 96 at the time. I thought it was a very strange citing as i live in a busy city and dont see many hawks at all. However, i picked my daughter up and we went home where we lived together with my 6 yr old grandchild and her father, my daughters first and only boyfreind since kids at age 12. I told my daughter i was gonna take a nap as it would be about 2 hrs before my grandchild and son in law came home from work and school. My daughter was cleaning and said she was tired as well and most likely take a nap too. I woke 330pm and saw the bathroom door open and found my daughter who just turned 22 less then a month prior on the floor dead. It wasnt until i saw her face i knew she was gone. My whole world collapsed that day and the pain everyday since has consumed me to where im just going through life in somewhat of a daze just waiting for the i am reunited with my child again. Life has no joy anymore and 6 months later my only grandchild who lived with me since birth moved out with her dad and although i am lucky enough to get her once a week , im very sad once she goes back with dad. I have always wondered if that hawk was a premonition or sign because my daughter was dead literally 2 hrs after seeing the hawk.

      1. I also saw a hawk on a pigeon right in my path only for it to release the pigeon who then flapped away.I wonder what it means.

        1. I just saw a hawk chasing a pigeon,caught it,landed in the middle of the road, and I stopped,rolled my window down, started talking to it,and it stared at me, then let go of the pigeon, and flew away, what does this mean?

    9. I have been visited by birds of pretty for years. Mostly, the red tail hawk. I have taken pictures of them and feel a connection to them. Over the course of the past several months I have seen the red tail hawk flying over me with a snake. Then today I saw a big Raven with a snake. The one had the snake and the others 3 or 4 were trying to get the snake. Any ideas what this could mean?

      1. Bullies will give in to justice. The Raven is a cousin to the crow and signifies change.
        Those who have oppressed will now be oppressed.
        Todo lo que va, vuelve. (what comes around also goes around)

  2. Chris you are right about your intuition. People’s deaths are often used to push us to look at life from higher perspective

  3. We have been having serious marital trouble and have made considerable progress this past week. Within the last four days, I’ve truly lost count of how many hawks we have seen. Any insight? Thanks 🙂

    1. **”We have been having serious. marital trouble and have made considerable progress this past week. Within the last four days, I’ve truly lost count of how many hawks we have seen. Any insight? Thanks :)”**

      If you and your spouse have been having serious marital problems, your marital spiritual body (when a couple is joined in marital union your spirits entertwine as well) begins to separate, or unbind.
      When you and your spouse began working together on your marriage, your spirits began to re-intertwine and rebond, as a marital body needs to be.
      Seeing the hawk(s) (same one or not, I don’t know) means that you and your spouse are on the right track towards keeping your spiritual union entertwined.
      In short, seeing the hawk(s) mean that you and your spouse are on the right track with your entertwined spirits towards a lasting spiritual union. So keep doing whatever y’all were doing that week!

      1. My husband divorced me almost 6 years ago and something(God) has been telling me to not give up on my husband. When I hear things about him & that I am told he doesn’t seem to be happy but tries to cover it up I start seeing hawks. I have seen 4 in the past week and they fly right in front of me almost hitting my vehicle.

        Any insight on this? I am hoping it means that things will start changing and my husband will contact me to talk. Any insight would definitely help.

  4. I have seen 3 hawks in 3 different places normally where hawks would not be. Last month I was home trying to rest before I went to work and I kept hearing this screeching noise for about 1 hour. I decided to get up and look out the window. Sitting on my fence was a hawk. He looked me in the eyes, shook his feathers then flew away. In which I found kind of strange since I live in the city. 2nd incident was on Monday I got off the highway stopped at a signal light and a hawk flew on the wires in front of my car. 3rd incident I work in a doctors office in which its across the street from a cementary. I just so happen to look out the window and behold at that moment a hawk swoop down pick up a twig and flew away. I have a friend who is a reader and she said it is one of my spirit guides. Could that be?

    1. Aynesia,

      That is definitely a spiritual message that you need to reevaluate your life, because there is clearly something bothering your spirit.
      You stated that your first and third hawk encounters had something to do with your work place (1st encounter while trying to rest before work, and 3rd encounter while actually at work). The hawk removing a dead or dying object (twig) from the cemetery is quite significant. It symbolis removing something from your life that is dead or dying. (maybe even toxic, such as a person that your relationship with has been dwindling, or someone that does not help your spirit’s full potential by leaving you feeling drained and such). But with the cemetery incident being right beside your work place, I would suggest retrospecting on your work life and if you feel you’re living up to your spirit’sfull potential and destiny. I wish I knew where you were headed to or coming from when you saw the second hawk at the stoplight. It does sound like you are either having an inner struggle with yourself whether or not you are on the right path with your work talents, or there is a spiritual struggle with someone in your life (I’m thinking at work) who is holding you back from your true destiny and potential.

      1. A hawk will visit me everytime I go outside . He now has changed his screehing noise to a different tone. What is he trying to tell me?

    2. I had something happen to me like that just now! I have birds and i was reading on the couch peacefully and my birds started screatching and all flew down to the bottom of the cage. I get up to look over and to go calm them down when i see this beautiful red hawk with glittering amber eyes staring at my birds and then it sees me staring at it awestruck. It’s eyes lock onto my eyes and we stare at eachother for what felt like forever for me, he then flies off but i still can’t get his image out of my mind! I try to go back to reading but I can’t focus on the book anymore. That is the first time i saw him but maybe in the future I’ll see more of them.

    3. “On wings of eagles”, hawks are cousins to the eagle and the falcon and the kestrel, etc. He looked you in the eye so you would know that is for you. He rustled his feathers and flew away. It is time for you to make that move you have been thinking of.

      “On wings of eagles” remember that scripture. I need to go there too. It’s time, and we are late.

  5. Aynesia,
    I can see with the help of my guides this is a strong message to clear out what no longer serves you. You have an important role in your destiny, this message serves you as not living your highest self your authentic purpose. You know what your purpose is here on this earth. There is fear that you need to let go of, and once this is done you will be soaring high with your messanger.

    I am personally grateful for this message the universe has brought to me, and to the spirit animal and guides. This message has revealed so much insight and so much vision and clarity, I am truly grateful for the strength it has given me to continue my journey with pure insight I am worth it.
    Thank you,

    1. Me n my partner have been together for six years now we met when we were 18, ever since we became sober after finding out about our pregnancy we started seeing red tails two every time soaring together. It give you such a good feeling like everything is perfect in that moment incredible feeling. Recently I went out of town for work and on the way home I seen 7 perched in trees n I thought to myself I hope everything is okay back home, I had thanked creator for his signs and asked that we’d have a warm welcoming home just as I let my tobacco out of my hand.. there they were right there getting off the highway to London two Hawks swooped down and they landed one in front of the other , I knew that moment everything was great… Yawako ” thank you” creator for the great gifts you have giving us all.. Sight and knowledge that we’re all together belonging to the same Mother Earth

      1. dear all
        I am replying here. i am not sure how to do a new post.

        I have long had associations with red tailed hawks, too numerous to mentions.

        Recently I have three red shouldered hawks that have taken up rescidence bear my home. they call me, when i am insde the house & I go outsde and they are in the trees or flying overhead.
        it aspppears to be a pair and a thrid. I don’t think the third is offspring, but not sure. it does not come as close as the apir.

        I can’t find any symbolism on red shouldered hawks. lots out there on red tails.
        anyone have igfo on red shouldered hawks significance??

  6. I have an interesting tale to tell…
    Today, while I was walking my 8 month old daughter in my arms around the block (it’s the best way I found to get her to sleep) I felt a sharp blow to the back of my head. When I looked up, I saw a Red tail hawk flying by. I touched the back of my head, to find it covered with blood. I ran home and even though it was painful and scary, I’m glad my daughter and I are OK.

    The funny part about this, if you can call it funny, is that I had recently been unemployed for over 7 months. I had finally found a job though a recruiting agency and everything seemed to be going fine. I loved the work, got along with the people there and was at one point even told that the company I had been placed at had a good track record for hiring contract workers.

    Of course that did not happen, because for some mysterious reason I got a call earlier from the recruiting agency telling me not to go back on Monday because the job did not “work out”. I have been racking my brains all day trying to figure out why that had happened.

    I showed up early every day, left late, was enthusiastic and honestly loved what I was doing there. My co-workers and managers also seemed pleased with the job I was making. Maybe there is no correlation between both of these attacks, but after reading this I get the feeling that maybe there is some painful revelation about some reason that I did not see coming until it was too late.

    I wonder if anyone would maybe have some insight on this.
    And please forgive me for the long winded narrative…

    1. Jon, while I am quite late to answer your question, I hope you get the message anyway.

      Both instances are connected, in that they both changed your direction. Your path — whether it was crossing a road at an upcoming intersection, a drunk driver, or a career with the wrong company — was abruptly changed. In both cases, you were forced to veer off the path you had set out before you. Your path was being corrected. Let me repeat that: Your path was being corrected. The blow from the hawk was extreme, so extreme that I believe hawk saved you and your daughter from an immediate tragedy.

      Look at it this way: you experienced divine intervention through hawk. Hawk used its abilities to get the message across. If hawk had brush your head with its wing, you probably would have rubbed your head, said, “Wow, that was weird,” and kept on your path. Or, if it had perched on a pole so you could see it, you probably would have said, “Cool,” and continued on your way. So hawk, being a bird of prey, used its hunting abilities, not to do permanent harm, but to get your undivided attention, which effectively sent you and your baby running for home. Do not be afraid of hawk. It did not attack you in the face, nor did it attack again and again. Moreover, considering the power of hawk as a bird of prey, your wound was rather superficial. If it was attacking you, it would have been much worse.

      Thank hawk for saving you and your daughter that day. And showing you that your path had to be corrected. I don’t know if the hawk encounter was before or after your news of losing your job, but it resonates the same message that your path was being corrected. Confirmation, if you will. Hawk is your spirit guide, particularly the red-tailed hawk. I highly encourage you to learn more about this noble bird, and its role as a spirit guide.


      1. This is very cool. A hawk flew almost directly at me in my bedroom. Maybe this is my spirit animal. I thought it was an owl, but this seems very important somehow.

        1. Last summer I stopped on the side of the road the checkout what was wrong with a bird. I realized this was a red tail hawk and apparently somehow had been hurt. I went up to the red tail hawk and picked it up it did not fight me and I put it in the back of my vehicle in the van and took it to the Columbia South Carolina Zoo. I did not contain the Red tail hawk in the van it just looked around inside van. When I arrived at the zoo, the folks had a hard time getting the hawk out of the van. I picked the kawk and put it in the box with ease. The folks at the zoo where amazed I could handle the hawk.

      2. Hello,

        We have had this red tailed hawk come and sit on my balcony twice now (which i think is amazing considering that i live in a condo building and he chooses my balcony out of hundreds).

        Yesterday he sat perched facing us, on the ledge of my balcony for three solid hours and did not move. He only turned around and faced outwards when he flew away. I thought it was a falcon, but I have shown the picture to a Biologist and he has confirmed it is a red tailed hawk. I have read that if a red tailed hawk shows itself to you, it is special.


  7. Wow, this last one from Aynesia and the response to it was like it was exactly about me. Both, the 1st instance of the hawk and the reply about it resonates so much with me. I’d like to share a short version. Saturday I attended Holotropic breathwork event. At the end of the day, when everyone shared their experience and talked about their drawings, one lady who had a twin sister who passed away (I forgot her name), placed her drawing of a hawk on the floor. It was done very nicely, one with big eyes and something that looked like a third eye in the forehead. Interestingly, the way the hack was placed, it’s was positioned at a perfect angle at which it was ‘staring’ directly at me. It really caught my attention since out of all the drawings arranged randomly on the floor, this specific one was perfectly aligned toward me. It had very piercing eyes which were difficult to miss. I left for the evening and a thought came to mind: “What was the message of the hawk staring directly at me?”. Nevertheless, went home and didn’t give it a second thought thereafter.

    This (Sunday) morning, some loud bird noises outside of my bedroom window were getting me out of my dream. The noises were not soothing as every other day, but sounded much more disturbed. I kept trying to remain asleep, but it wasn’t working. Finally, facing my bedroom windows, I opened my eyes. In that moment, I could not believe what I was seeing:

    It was a large Hawk, sitting on the juliette balcony fence, REALLY STARING at me. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He sat there peacefully just looking at me, with those intense eyes, while this other bird was flying around him, screeching loudly and even picking at his tail. He was calm, almost not bothered by the other small bird who was obviously trying to chase him away. This must have lasted another 5-10 minutes and then he flew away. I thought this was very interesting you wouldn’t see this bird in Houston.

    It seems that the answer for Aynesia is the same for me. Thank you!

  8. when I first moved to Albuquerque which was probably 10 years ago, I was sitting on a rock out of dam at this letter reservation is very beautiful sight I was eating lunch and reading a book, and a red tailed hawk flew up and sat on the rock beside me scared the crap out of me because I had never seen anything of wild, and here was just beautiful bird just sitting there I fed it the rest of my sandwich lol scared to death that it would attack me but it did not it just SAT with me for over a minute or two it screached and it flew off….it was one of the most amazing things in my life for some reason it felt like that bird I connected. I have also found out recently that I am part Jicarilla Apache which has really sparked my wanting to know, pS I’m adopted and very interested in who I am and my history. I find this all so fascinating

  9. Thank you for sharing this, and for enlightening us on so many qualities of the hawk. I saw a red-tailed hawk in a couple different meditations I did, then also became the hawk in one of them. Everything you wrote rings true for me, in terms of what messages this has for my life. Thank you!

  10. Three years ago, as I walked out of one of my daughters bedrooms, in our family’s house nestled within a magical wooded area in the outskirts of a major Canadian city, I was startled by a big bang sounding like something had hit the house. I looked outside the front door, and was horrified to see feathers flying and on the ground a hawk directly below my daughter’s bedroom window.

    I texted my daughter immediately and told her what happened. She texted me back right away and told me that she was in the middle of a presentation at her school by a local zoo, and that as she was texting me, a handler was holding a hawk and explaining that the number one cause of death for hawks is hitting windows.
    Although initially knocked unconscious, the hawk came too. I managed to track down a bird sanctuary and was on the way to pick up my daughter from school so we could bring the hawk to the bird sanctuary, but it died before we could get it there.

    A few months later, I had the most amazing shock of my life discovering something that negatively effects 7 million people living world wide and 1 million of them living in Canada (including myself). I have become an activist for this cause, and have also discovered that the cause is even bigger than I originally thought and actually has the momentum to be catastrophic to the freedom of all people everywhere – without getting too specific.

    The hawk experience, combined with the synchronistic episode with my daughter was personally an amazing harbinger experience, but I am afraid that I am powerless to do anything about it and wonder what is the point in knowing.

  11. I have had a tough month. My dad had a stroke last month. I have been honored to be asked to step into a leadership role at the nonprofit I work with and my family is having a hard time coping.

    I have noticed redtailed hawks on my way to work nearly every day over this past month. At first I thought this must just be a breeding area for them, however today within 15 minutes I saw two in very interesting activity.

    One was diving to capture a small prey animal, I think a small snake. The second time it was being chased and pecked at by a murder of crows.

    Historically crows have showed up when my memories of people lost are strong.

    This blog resonated with what I was feeling.

  12. I lost one of my closest friends back in 2008 and I can remember handling it really hard. The day of his funeral we were at the cemetery and I can remember like it was yesterday, I had this anxiety attack as they were getting ready to lower him into the ground so to catch my breath I went and sat under this big pine tree and I look over where I left my friends to say their good byes and above them were these three red tailed hawks. And even now that so many years have passed if I find myself stressed upset or out near where my friend is buried I always see anywhere from 3 to more recently 9 red tailed hawks circling over head. I’ve always believed in signs and growing up I always felt like my connection to people got stronger after they past my sister calls me an old soul tells me she’s always believed I was an empathic and I don’t about all that but I know I believe my friend sends me the hawks to show he’s okay and that I’m going to be fine I just need to find a way to have faith in something again.

  13. Megan-

    (Hugs) You are right. Your friend is still with you, guiding you and supporting you. Have faith in your journey and most of all have faith in yourself, no matter where the journey leads or what you encounter along the way.

    Your anxiety attack was literal physical discomfort it took to bring you to your place under the tree so you could be at the right place at the right time to find the solace, comfort and guidance of the hawk and your dear friend.

    Wishing you all the best,


  14. Aynesia, I agree with Charleen. Loss clears and prepares the way for new growth; often better and richer. You are growing, not losing. Have faith and stay grounded. Our daily work and details of life are not meaningless, even if we sometimes see them that way. Keep thriving and keep enjoying yourself in the process…

    Wishing you the very best,


  15. This morning i drove out of my garage i saw a hawk sitting on my landscaping trailer about five feet away not only that the tree behind it were 2 more sitting so 3 in total i was so surprised!! And happy because i been trying to start a business what could this mean?

  16. I’ve been seeing Hawks just before something happens. I have to drop off a loved one to turn themselves in for something we don’t know or be informed till court. A hawk showed up at the airport. I’m going to put out in the universe that the hawk showed to let us know everything will work out

  17. I have been seeing a lot of hawks lately as I am driving. The other night I dreamt of one flying and landing on my shoulder, she talked to me. Unfortunately I’m unable to remember our discussion, however I remember her saying to me “if you need me call out to me” and then she flew away.. What does this mean??

  18. My husband and I were going down the stairs today and there was a Hawk on our front doorstep. We couldn’t help but stop and be in awe with what we were witnessing and in disbelief that a Hawk could be this close to us. My husband was able to take a picture, it was sitting on the railing, near the top step. WHAT CAN THIS MEAN?!?! or…is it just coincidence? Is this normal? Is it unheard of Hawks being this close to homes and people?

  19. Hello all,
    This afternoon my significant other and I were having some issues, and for the first time in a long time we seemed to simmer down and intimately speak to each other about what had been going on, we were definitely closer than we have been lately. After about 60 seconds went by, us both cuddled up on the couch, a dove and a hawk crashed into the sliding glass door directly in front of us. I rushed outside to see if I could help either of them, but I painfully came to realize that there was nothing I could do, I just ended up sitting with them until they were at peace so that they weren’t leaving this world alone. After this all had happened, my SO and I started to consider if this event meant anything, good or bad.

    Anyway, I’ve been browsing many websites to find any useful information on the subject, and unfortunately haven’t came to any conclusions. If anyone could shed any insight concerning what I witnessed today, I’d be greatly appreciative! Thanks!

    1. Hawks eat doves as well as other birds. They never saw the glass while the attack was on. The dove trying to flee for its life and the hawk wanted dinner. Neither of them saw the danger as glass is clear, upon impact their neck were broken. Coloured curtains, or blinds would show the birds that the window, or something was there, thus making a turn away from the window, blinds also help. City windows are the cause of many birds being killed, by flying into them, as it appears like an open area. Some say it is the number 1 cause of birds deaths.

  20. I have been feeding the birds since we moved here 3 years ago. No birds initially, now a few coming and so are the hawks feeding on them. How do I get the hawks out of the area and using the birds as dinner. I know that is what they do and I feel bad feeding the birds, thus setting them up as prey. We want the birds around. If I can`t find a way to keep the hawks out, my shot gun will come out. Any suggestions?

  21. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but a few months ago I found half of a red tailed hawk wing, the primary flight feathers, about 9 of them still attached to a piece of bone.. I thought this was a very odd thing to find, and the other day I was walking in the woods and found a full wing this time and eleven red tail feathers next to it. As I said before Im not really sure what this means or if its a good thing or a bad thing that I am finding full wings. Help?

  22. I would like to know why the hawk has come into my life? This is how I ended up here. I see Hawks alllll the time. I do live behind a forestry type of area in my back yard. So at first I figured it was why. But I find these feather a lot. Actually feather are constantly on my path to the point it’s freaky but the halk feather always stand out I have about 5. I see them in my back yard on my posts on my fence driving to work I mean all the time. I’m going down a very spiritual path. My energy has been so strong and I feel myself changing deeply. I’m meeting so many people on my path that I seen to help and something about my engery or spirit connects us? These are all special people in meeting. They all have some type of gift? Musically or or have some strange story that’s moving? I’m drawn to these people. I know I have something special? I can’t figure out why or what it is but something is telling I’m different? I wish I knew what my purpose was cause I know it’s great! Any help w this would be appreciated:)

  23. I was at a store in my city where I live and a hawk landed on my car! I am Native American and need so insight does this mean something bad is going to happen to my family or me?!

  24. absolutely not…it means that you have hawk medicine in your Soul and to pay attention to the gifts it provides to you…that Hawk was your Shaman self getting your attention…this site gives you much info on this wonderful Power…use it wisely…

  25. Sorry this might be long but I have a specific question I’d like to ask.
    My mother and I have always had what we called a psychotic ability. It can vary from seeing things before they happen to what I can only describe as thought projections. We think of something and others respond.
    A couple years ago my family and I took a trip to the river to go fishing. Not something I’d normally do because I’m allergic to most all sea life so I can’t eat it and don’t enjoy the sport of the catch. While walking the banks with my husband we each found 2 perfectly intact hawk feathers. I’m Native and believed it’d bring luck but today I’ve questioned if it might be more than that.
    My mom lost her job just before this last eclipse. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all of the “coincidences” that have occurred. For some reason those feathers pop into my mind so I start researching hawk totems which led me here. While reading your article a hawk flew over my house and screeched. I’m still covered with goosebumps as its pouring rain here in the SE US with what some are calling the 200 year flood. I’ve not seen or heard wildlife in days.
    My question is where can I look to learn to channel or focus this energy so I’m not living on the edge of anxiety attacks? The line between reality and thought gets blurred when thoughts become reality.

  26. I have been seeing red-tailed hawks since I was little. I have always correlated a sighting with a message from God that I am loved and on the right track and that He is with me. Yesterday I was having a hard day and I saw one in a light pole by my job so I took a few pictures. Then as I was walking away, he flew down and landed near some bushes, so I crept toward him while snapping photos, hoping to get close enough for a decent one…I was able to get within a yard of him as he hunted in the bushes! I took so many beautiful photos of him but I had to work so I left him at which point he flew back up to the light pole! It was an incredibly special moment for me. Nobody could believe how close the hawk allowed me to get to him. It was like we shared a quiet understanding and he knew I was respectfully and reverently approaching him. He looked right into my eyes and I got chills. It was incredible! I wish I could link my pictures!!

  27. Today I witnessed Red Tailed Hawk hunting from a tree. It did a dive bomb maneuver. When it came back up, it flew straight back to it’s perch.

  28. I see this beautiful hawk often in my fence. Gorgeous and even when I open the door, she let me sit there in awe of her! I feel like it is gods way of saying I need to get out of my situation and he’s watching over me as I struggle. Maybe reading too much into it, but God she makes me feel better sitting on my fence and hanging out. I often too see her sitting with deer just hanging out! It’s weird and amazing

  29. I am in process of selling my farm after 11 years. I close in 11 days. In all my time on farm, none of my animals has ever been hurt or killed by hawks.
    Yesterday, new buyers came by to visit. When they opened the front gate to property, a huge hawk swooped down upon them, then grabbed a small bird in mid-air. They relayed this info to me saying how weird and horrible it was.
    This morning, hens were raising Cain. When I went outside, I see a huge hawk fly away and one of my hens decapitated.
    My farm has brought me much sorrow over all these years. I have been bed ridden with sickness, went through divorce, many personal accidents on farm (fell in fire-3rd degree burns after buying property, falling off ladders, broken bones from other incidents). Was advised back then that Native American spirits were angry. (Land had never been developed when I purchased, but I have totally respected land – had to have well dug, electricity, home).
    This is frightening me. What do you ,make of this hawk suddenly appearing and killing?

  30. My wife has been witnessing a red-tailed hawk perched on a utility wire in the back yard of our lot. Occasionally, he has been perched in an adjacent lot of our neighbor, sitting low in one of the birch trees — just out of reach of our dogs. My wife thinks that he has taunted them by placing himself there.

    As far as perching on the utility wire, he has looked directly north into our house, peering through the dining room window. Our dogs has been spooked by his presence, and go bananas by barking. Meanwhile, he just sits there, starring at our house.

    She has pointed out that he has been around our neighborhood for not-quite one week, and today (29-Nov), she noticed, and pointed him out to me. Interestingly enough, when she raised the blinds, it was as if he allowed her to take a photo of him; in fact, he turned his head in both directions, as if he was posing for her. Once I approached the window, he immediately flew off.

    My question to this group is — who was he there for, and what message is he bringing?

  31. A hawk has been flying into my bathroom window over and over again. I thought it was someone throwing a brick and I almost called 911. What does this mean?

  32. For 3 days every time my nephew was with me we saw a red tailed hawk the day I dropped him off when we saw one and on my way home it flew right out in front of my car I’m trying to figure out is it me or is it him the Hawks trying to send a message.

  33. Since I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated by Hawks and Falcons. But it wasn’t until today that I realized how often I see them.
    Today, I was getting ready for work when I heard what I thought was a rock hit my window. I went to see what it was and to my shock, looking back at me was Coopers Hawk. It was tangled in my bush wings spread, I was afraid it was dying. I rushed outside wanting to help it and it let me!! It let me pick it up and untangle its feet and wings. I took it to my porch bench and placed it on the cushion and he sat next to me, calmly watching me. It let me stroke its head and back, but I noticed that one of his feet seemed like it was hurt. But I can’t be sure. He sat with me for 10 minutes before he decided to fly away and sit in the tree across from me.
    As I went to work I saw more hawks flying above me and realized how many times a day I see them. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve been in close proximity even handling, with birds, wild birds. But my first hawk.
    I know birds have lots of different meanings with the spiritual realm, But what does this mean?

  34. Hi, I know this is gunna sound a little strange to most but last night I had the strong sense of spirits being around me (good and bad). I had also been answering questions aswell as making statements in reply or in agreeance of my loved ones before they had the chance to to ask the question. I was litterally hearing them speak outloud when infact these were still thoughts in their heads. (I know, you think I’m crazy right? But I swear to you on my two kids lives this was all too real.)
    So anyways, after this strange Friday evening/early Saturday morning, I woke up with the kids, got them their bowl of cerial, and proceeded outside in the backyard for my morning smoke. Upon opening the door I noticed a Red Tailed Hawk eating a smaller bird while being perched on a low tree branch.
    I found this to be quite odd, considering I live in a townhouse that’s less than 5 yrs old, with no mature tree aound that’s in the suburbs of toronto.
    Now, being that I’m one who believe’s in the symbolic meaning of things, I decided I’d look up what’s to be said on the red tailed hawk.

    Well, we all read the symbolic meaning of the hawk (It’s the whole reason why we’re here). And the meanings make total sence to me.
    I was just wondering tho, that if anybbody knows if there’s any additional meanings that may be pertaining to how the hawk was eating a smaller bird. If anybody can shed light on that aspect of the hawk it’d be greatly appreciated.

    Thx n God Bless

  35. I love Hawks and have always had Red Tails guiding me. Today, one hit my window as I was driving. I went back to see if it was injured but didn’t see it. I know this is a lesson about paying attention but, does that mean to what just happened or what is currently happening in my life?

  36. I have been having problems in my relationship. My boyfriend drank heavily, and I don’t. We’ve had 7 years, and 2 beautiful kids together. I have 3 daughters. I am fearful of them seeing him while he’s intoxicated. So I have been telling him it is over. My oldest daughters dad told me he will help me if I relocate the kids. I had a bad break up with him 7 years ago. While going to see him in November, I was packing and looked out of my window. Sitting on my air conditioner was a red tailed hawk. He sat staring at me through my see through curtain. Ok, after coming back from seeing him a second time, the day I got back, the same hawk was sitting on my air conditioner. This time he didn’t fly away when I opened the curtain. Instead he stood there and stared at me. He held his head up, beak in the air, and stared directly into my eyes. He goes away after about two minutes. What does this mean?

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  38. Hello,

    I just lost my mother back in November. I had such an amazing experience with ahawk about a week ago. I live in a suburb of Chicago. My mother was very close to my son who is 6. I happened to go into his room that looks into the yard and there was a huge hawk sitting on the fence looking into his bedroom window. The hawk and I made direct eye contact. Before I could take a picture he flew away. My mother was a very spiritual person and so am I. I was very comforted that this had happened. Just felt compelled to tell my experience 🙂
    Thank you

  39. I am so glad to read that all of you have had similar experiences with hawks. After my uncle passed away who I was very close with I wondered if he would send me a sign or something. On the one year anniversary of his death a very large red tailed hawk landed right on the railing of my deck and looked directly at me for several minutes then flew away. After that they kept showing up all the time. I was coming out of work one day and one flew right up to the building and over my head. It was so close it almost touched me with it’s wings. It then landed in the grass right where I was walking. I got very close to him and took a picture. So beautiful. Today I was thinking a lot about my uncle as it is his birthday. Driving home from work another hawk came out of nowhere and landed right next to my car while I was stopped at a light. I’m just fascinated by what it could mean. I feel it is my uncle letting me know he’s still there. I also feel it is reminding me to keep focused on my higher purpose.

  40. My mom had a dream before I was born, I can’t recall all of it but a native man shot a white hawk from the sky and gave it to her, he told her that it was mine, or a part of me. What does the white hawk symbolize?

  41. Hello. I have been seeing a red-tailed hawk whenever I think a certain type of thought. I was on a yogic/guru based path for 5 years and stopped due to back pain in 2012. In 2012 as I had stopped doing the guru path and was realizing I had bypassed early life trauma, I would often look up and see a hawk soaring above my backyard (like 5 or 6 times at least) when I was contemplating moving on from the path. I did move on and in the following years I realized that maybe I should not have been on this fiery, transcendent path, doesn’t feel like my disposition. Alas, I got on the path because I was unconsciously avoiding early life abuse which disempowered me and caused me to lose my center. I still feel strong Kundalini energy which opened through the path I was on.

    So, 2 months ago I was driving down the road and I thought I just need to surrender to this energy (the Kundalini) and immediately this big, beautiful Hawk came down out of the tree to my right and landed on the ground. It was magical to see it’s size and power up close. I knew it was no coincidence.

    A few weeks ago I thought I need to just surrender to this Guru whom I was involved with and I looked up and saw a Hawk.

    Yesterday, I thought I just need to let go of what I think my life should have been (if I had not gotten involved with fiery yogic path) and get on with Enlightenment/Self Realization; I looked to my left and saw a Hawk.

    I’ve read that the Hawk is a messenger from the Great Spirit and it’s obvious to me there is a message happening here. The thing is I don’t know if the Hawk medicine is supporting my thoughts, or trying to communicate for me to widen my thoughts beyond what I’m thinking at that moment. Is it supporting the thoughts, or suggesting a different way of seeing?

    As you can see I’m confused. I know the answer will need to come from within me. But, I wanted to share my experience and perhaps others may be able to shed some light from their own experiences.


  42. Yesterday I heard a loud noise in my garage and wet to investigate. one of my dogs had a hawk cornered on a shelf. I ran into the house and got a towel and tried to catch it so my dog wouldn’t hurt it and finally ended up tossing the towel over it. I gently grabbed the hawk in the towel and rushed into the fenced in area of my back yard to keep the dogs away from the bird. It was a beautiful creature with bright gold eyes and curled talons tipped with needle sharp points.
    I gradually released the hawk from the towel and it just sat there on the ground and stared at me for at least 2 minutes. It was an amazing and blessed experience for me. My dog ran up to the fence and startled the hawk and it stood tall, spread its wings and opened its beak. I would have given anything to have had a cmera. Finally the hawk took off and flew so gracefully through my back yard and into the forest.

  43. I was walking to the store and noticed a woman in the passenger seat of her car taking a picture with her phone. I thought she was taking a selfie, however, as I walked in front of her vehicle( which was to my left) I found myself looking to the right and noticed I was standing two feet from a red tail hawk that was standing at eye level with me. The hawks back was to me. I was stunned. I said, “Hello.”. The hawk turned its head and I saw its left eye its beak, its talons, I felt it’s power and then it opened it’s wings and flew away to the north west. This happened on February 13th.

  44. Hello,
    My brother was murdered in Aug 2015. One day in the fall I saw a hawk and it flew down by my feet and just stared at me. Ever since that day, I have been seeing hawks everywhere. One even moved in across the street from my house. I’m not looking for them they just show up right there for me to see. Most recently I was on a highway and a friend said oh my gosh look out the window. I did and it was a hawk flying along the side of us and its head turned and looked at me.
    Is this a coincidence that this is happening so much after my brothers death or is it him sending a message he is ok? Any insight would be helpful.

    1. Just to add to this. It is a red tailed hawk that I always see. One flew by me right before Christmas then a rainbow came out of the cloudy sky.

  45. Last summer while working alone on restoring a vintage camper I had a hawk visit me 3 times. I would look up and he would be sitting about 10 feet from me just watching me. Our daughter got married last summer in a barn. Since then I have started looking and wanting a barn to start a business for event venue. I would often be thinking about this while working on the camper. I go out a drive around looking for property with barns on them. While I am out, I see Hawks all of the time. They constantly swoop down at my car and then up and away. Or just sitting on a fence post watching me as I drive by. Or flying high circling around.
    Just wondering if it is telling me to follow through with this barn venue thing I would love to do or if it could be telling me to stay away?

  46. My husband passed away December 15th of last year, we were together 25 years. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May it was a shock and to lose him at 47. I’m doing day by day grief is hard. Our oldest daughter is deployed and I’m watching her girls. I had,to pack up our house and move to another state, lost everything . I don’t care avoid any of that I would of given anything for him. This morning I was going to let the little dog out , and right in front of me was a hawk. I shut the door so the dog didn’t get out. I then went outside by myself and he came back and sat on the fence for a while he wasn’t bothered by me at all. Could it be a sign from my husband?

  47. I’m trying to interpret recent dreams and interactions with both eagle and hawk and understand what spirit is telling me:

    Last week I had a dream that I was in the forest with a guide and we came upon a cliff with a hawk in a nest in a crevice. An eagle swooped in and attacked and killed the hawk and then proceeded to take over it’s nest. In my dream, while I felt I should be frightened or appalled (Hawk is my spirit animal.) I looked at the eagle and it was calm and regal and I couldn’t be angry or scared.

    Today ( My birthday!) A bald eagle flew right over me, very low while I was driving. I could see it’s eyes it was so close. I continued to drive along the cliffs of the coast line when I saw a Hawk swoop down in front of my car and land on it’s prey. I was getting ready to rejoice that I was being visited by Hawk spirit when it suddenly tried to take off with it’s prey in it’s talons and flew right in front of my bumper and my car hit it! I could see it flapping it’s long wings in my rear view mirror. I couldn’t stop the car and there was a steep drop off on one side and cliff/rock on the other side of the road. My 3 kids were asleep in the car and it was far to dangerous. I feel horrible and I’m racking my mind what spirit is telling me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Love and Light! ~ Morgan

  48. I have been seeing hawks for quite some time now. As far as I know, they arent too uncommon in my area of new jersey. But one particular time always resonated with me very strongly. While on a hike in new york with a friend and my brother, we’d stopped on the trail for a snack and break, as we’d walked a long way and had not yet found the connecting trail we were heading for. As we sat, a red tailed hawk flew over us very close and landed on a very nearby branch. I remember having a very strong feeling about this wonderful occurrence as it happened. He stayed for perhaps a few minutes, I remember him looking directly at me. I couldn’t help feeling, he was there for me. At the time, it was a very difficult and emotional time for me in my life. Although I had seen many hawks before, and certianly many since, nothing has made me feel more certain the red tailed hawk is my spirit animal. When I see them now, I thank them for being in my life, and reminding me to find my path, sometimes they are simply a comfort to me, knowing when I need them, they are Always there.

  49. I have a couple of things happen dreams happen often of Hawks and a hawk man but beyond that, when I moved into my current house that very day. A hawk flew down my street about head high, gliding effortlessly, veered up and circled. I lost sight for about 30 seconds and it came back with two smaller Hawks almost as he he was introducing me to them, still effortlessly and head high. Yes they were red tails. Then, more recently I had a very dear friend pass away but the neat and interesting thing about it was that the day before he passed I was awakens by some noises in my back yard. So I got out of bed and I went out back. Only to see five red tails in my tree. I sat and stared for a while as they stared back, then one by one each of the red tails flew off. As if they were trying to say something to me. Then on another day, the day my son graduated from college, a red tail soared high above us seeming to be proud. Also I should mention that on a random day while my son was at school a red tail was on a pillar in my sons path so close he could have touched it. Just sitting there watching him. What does this mean?

  50. I’ve been wondering what it might mean to see …Hawks and bald eagles. As well as a red tail hawk, all within a weeks time?

  51. My Daughter just moved to Tucson Arizona to attend the University of Arizona she had been there for about two months and one day as she was leaving her apt a Hawk was on her balcony with another bird that he caught sinking his Talons into it oh and by the way my daughters name is Talon she’s studying veterinary Medicine do you think this had a special message for her she didn’t get I wish I could post the pic it’s remarkable

  52. My adult son found a falcon in his garage this morning. It was sitting in his old jeep. He had to get close to get it out of garage so he could leave to work. The falcon landed on a shelf before flying away.

    In the 70s, my son’s father would raise birds of prey including falcons. He loved these birds. He passed in the late 80s and he had an old jeep before he died. My son bought his jeep in memory of his father. The night his dad died, he dreamed of a funeral procession. He was 13.
    I feel there is a message here. Do you?

  53. Just came back from a trip that took me to take care of my 90 and 85 year old parents, very stressful not because of them but to see the greed an wrong intentions from some of my brothers and sisters in regards of property and whatever my parents have, We are a Family of 12 very separated as if we come from different worlds, as I am the oldest daughter and very sensitive towards what is going on and have always had a good intuition about things, just the venom that runs through the Family and unable to mediate or at least have some peace before my parents go has left me feeling helpless and with extreme anxiety and depression, also I mention my son is having surgery on Wednesdsy, I was meditating this morning looking for answers when I turn my head to look through the French doors were I was sitting and one of the 2 doves that have been playing in my garden for 2 years crashed on one of the little Windows and behind her a hawk, I got up and open the door, the hawk flew to my tree while the five laid on the hound bleeding from its beak, I put her in my hand and caressed her till it died I didn’t know what to do but The hawk was looking at me during this few minutes, Ibdecided to put her on the ground and wait, in about 10 minutes he picked the dove and flew back to the tree, I look up and on the electrical wire cables above me was the doves partner, I have been crying and I don’t know what is going to happen to the other dove, now I am asking myself the meaning of this, I have always been able to see or feel things that will happen but I am through so much pain and stress right now I am lost, add to that problems with my relationship since I got back just trying right now to let it be! thanks for reading

  54. Today I asked for a clear, reconizable sign from the heavens that I was heard and am be guided. One immediately flew low in front of me on a walk. I got it. Thank you .

  55. I recently completed yoga teacher training. In the training spirit animals were mentioned as an animal encountered quite often. I realized then that the hawk must be my spirit animal. As I drove home (across the country) at the end of the training, I told this story to a friend on the phone. I mentioned that I am constantly seeing hawks. We hung up the phone and within 30 minutes I’d seen 8 hawks, having not had seen a single one before the phone call. I was blown away and began counting as they appeared before me. I wasn’t seeking them out. They just came to me. That day alone I saw 40 red tailed hawks. It was very emotional and a bit jarring. I am still processing the experience and will never forget it!

  56. Today I saw a hawk 2Xbox in less than 1/2 hour. My contact worker was gIrving me a ride home cause my car is in shop, as we got in truck he notice a hawk sitting on large rock eating something – amazing to see this but then he drop me home and I decided to take walk up to restaurant to get some food as I shut my side door there was another hawk scooping down low and then soar up in sky – wings were stunning to see and how graceful hawk was flying in sky
    Amazing and early that day I was praying
    things has been piling up for me and I been overwhelmed, then I see a hawk , twice in 1/2 hour wondering what it means if it means anything.

  57. Since a breakup that left me hurting, I have been seeing red tailed hawk everywhere. More frequently now as I am working on my self to get over that relationship. Recently, I saw a psychic and she told me my animal energy was a tigress; upon researching the tigress I found that it was the red tailed hawk. As I stated, I see them everywhere now, my work even has a family of them flying all around the property and they sit on the top of the building near my window; this morning on my way to work a juvenile hawk flew across the road literally in front of my car where I had to slow down so I didnt hit it. What does this mean and what should I be expecting?

  58. I recently had a dream involving a hawk in such a strange way i couldnt help but search up on it and found this amazing page. (Ill skip to the end of my dream) i was in some type of school( im still in HS) and i felt something coming is was a girl who was a snake(as her spirit animal but some how i knew) well to cut the story short she was trying to attack me (in human form) but it felt like a snake attacking i had warned her and i looked down at my shadow while i walked and saw my arms turn into wings of a hawk treatening her to stay away, I was a hawk (sorry i cant explain it good) but since then ive been looking trying to figure out what it meant. Me as a person believe everything in dreams have meaning. Well yea just wanted to get that out there anyone have any idea what it could possibly mean ? And im not quite sure if theres ever hawks around me as most people have said but i dont really go out unless i have to (online hs) and im not one to take notice if i see hawks that much

  59. Today i.e. 28/03/3026 b/w 4;30 PM to 4:45 PM, Hawk hit me on my head, i don’t no what exatly it means.
    In our Hindu Hawk is a sacred bird, we call it as our lord Vishnu’s vehicle

  60. I had a dream last night of a huge red tail hawk. It was about 4-6 feet from tail to head. It landed on a branch about 25 feet away and looked at me. After a few moments of being in awe, other people nearby also noticed the hawk. As they approached the hawk flew away. They took out their phones and took pictures of hawk as it soared around. Hawk then landed further away. It flew and landed in various spots a few times. Then I woke up.

  61. My husband and I were standing in our driveway sadden as we found out our grandaughter has cp. As we were talking tears in our eyes a redtail hawk flew between us touching us both what could this mean?

  62. I have been seeing hawks frequently lately. I don’t recall ever seeing a hawk before now. I even saw one at Racetrac while pumping gas! My grandmother was pure Choctaw Indian What can this possibly mean?

  63. Yesterday, April 16,2016. I had a very interesting experience. While working on my tree farm, I had 2 hawks come in and circle us. . I made a comment regarding that something must be dead. . Moments later a mini type tornado picked up about 20ft from me. . Picking up a bunch of dead grass and carrying it 100ft up in the air. The mini tornado then swept over me toward my house. . After it past about 70ft from me it dissipated into thin air and the hawks were gonna at the same time. . . . . Very strange and I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this.

  64. I walked outside today to see 13 Red Tailed Hawks circling my house. They were there for a good 10-15 min. I spoke to them and 1 by 1 they flew away. A feather dropped so I put it in my medicine bag. What could be the reason for this?

  65. Opening to new experiences and unsure of the meaning. I went for a stroll in a nearby wood and was drawn to a particular tree, left it at that. Weeks later bought a book on Shamanic practice, trying new things followed the guidance on a ceremony of a star maidens circle, chose the tree I felt drawn to. After setting the ceremony and making an offering I happened to see a hawk or buzzards leg (bone) and foot on the west cardinal. My rational mind said “what a coincidence” and wrote it off. After uming and ahing I took it home and have since placed in salt to preserve it. I am assuming there is some meaning behind this, but cant define it, any suggestions?

  66. I had posted earlier, but apparently, because I wrote in a youtube address so you could see the beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk that landed in front of my security cam no. 1, your anti-spam program vaporized my post. So if you/your readers want to see it, you’ll just have to manually go to that site and key in “Hawk- Native American Animal Messenger Far NE Heights Albuquerque. Thank you for this information, it has given me many insights.

    1. April 28th 2016. Hope Hospice Bonita Springs , Fl
      A large bird swooped down ,wings spread open , flew low and up it went. I said to my daughter looks like a hawk.
      At 12:26 they said my John had passed..found out it was a red tail hawk we saw ,found poem for his In the Memory Of John R Wenner. “I , the Hawk. By C.Albano
      Yesterday…a person , never knew, said”have property
      in Michigan off Lake Huron. Told me nesting ground for
      R T H. She named her dog Red Hawk….
      Now I have a Tiger swallowtail butterfly flying around.
      My husband always said he was my tiger …his. Special
      Growl in my ear . What does all of this mean ??? I love it
      All !!!!!

  67. This week I’ve been struggling with the question of what my life purpose is. I know that there’s something I’m supposed to fulfill, but I can’t seem to grasp it. I’m passionate about many things but lately all my work just seems worthless and falls flat for me. I’ve been so depressed. This morning I woke up and was having trouble getting up. I saw a hawk sitting on my neighbor’s roof. Once I noticed it, it flew away. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  68. I have known for about 4 years that Red-Tailed Hawk is my spirit guide, having experienced a multitude of encounters, some clearly protective or directional. This began following a death.

    For a little over a month I have been having a difficult time dealing with another death. This morning, for no identifiable reason, my alarm failed to go off and I overslept. My friend, who is Native American and very spiritual, was waiting for me in my driveway when she saw, in the sycamore trees across from my house, “my” resident Red-Tailed Hawk and in the tree next to him a Bald Eagle! Normally these 2 birds fight over territory, but there they were sitting together watching my house. I feel protected but at the same time a little uneasy, this being so unusual…Would appreciate some feedback…Thanks

  69. I have had so many encounters with Hawks over the last year, and I don’t want to bring my agenda to their meaning. Every time I would be analyzing or talking about my relationship with
    this one particular person, a hawk would appear. One person said that she felt I had a past life connection with this person. We’ve put each other through so much, I think we’re going to need a couple more lives to work it out. However, I felt like I was getting signs that not only would we reconcile, but that we’d be together romantically, which is highly problematic given that we’re both married. As I wrestled with my confusion one evening as I drove down the interstate. I said, “The only way this works is if the Kingdom of God is built up by this reconciliation.” Just then a hawk dove in front of my car to grab some prey on in the ditch, then flew in front of my car, literally leading me, for at least 10 seconds, before it flew off. Another friend thinks that the hawk may be sending me the message that I need to see myself as the hawk does, more objectively and with value. Any insight is appreciated.

  70. My best friend that I ever had, and I, drifted apart foolishly January of 2016. In the afternoon of May 24th, while walking my dogs in a overgrown field near a park, I found a hawk feather. Just one by itself. I could find no others though I looked hard. I found out they can be a link to the spiritual world. That very evening, I found out that my best friend had passed away, a few weeks earlier. I miss her so much.

  71. My husband has Alzheimer’s disease, I work full time at a job which I like but I am constant odds with my bosses. I am trying to complete my phd. and struggle with feeling overwhelmed . At the start of all of this I saw alone hawk sitting in the tree directly facing me. Today, almost two years later I see another hawk in the same tree. Except this time he is gripping a small bird. He flew off with the bird. My heart sank for the little bird but understood the truth of nature. Interpret this to mean that no matter how much I want my situation to chanege. I am in the grip of it. My heart may sink but I have to accept the truth of nature .

  72. My grandpa died 4 years ago this past April. The day he died I did not know it yet and a Hawk flew within 6 feet of my head and perched in my backyard at the time. I had never in my 4 years of living there had one in my yard or seen one in the area of my home. My son who was almost 3 asked what it was. I explained it was a hawk and we walked to the tree it was perched in. We proceeded to discuss this beautiful bird. However the first this I spoke of was its tallons and how they fish with them. Later that day while Inwas working I found out my grandpa had passed away that morning. My grandpa was a pro-fisherman with many awards and trophys and famous fishing buddies. The day we burried him the cemetery was swarming with hawks above us, it was so beautiful. Now ever since then I hardly see hawks. However I do see them when I am in need of my grandpa (it could be joyous or a sad moment), in moments when I would need him one will swoop down or soar above me but only for a moment then its gone. I truly beleive that it is his way of saying I am still here with you and all will be right and all is good. I beleive that the hawk is my spirit animal because when I see it not only do I think of him and talk to him but it makes me stop and evaluate what is going on in my life and what should be done better or to continue down the path I am on.
    This is a great write up and it brought tears to my eyes and just justified all my thoughts over these 4 years.

  73. I constantly have a hawk around sometimes it’s sitting, other times flying, in time I swear I thought it was going to land on my head, but I see him constantly. I have a large back yard so I’m always out there tending to something and I’ll see him sitting somewhere or just flying around and I’ll hear him at night screeching and more frequently I’ve seen a hawk on my way to work I did today. I quite enjoy seeing Him and I just wanted to make sure that I’m not missing something and that’s why I see him alot or am I just lucky?

  74. Yesterday morning while sitting at my dining room table drinking coffee, a hawk came & landed on the railing of my deck. He looked in the sliding glass door at me, we locked eyes for a few seconds, I fumbled for my phone to take a picture of him never taking my eyes off him & then he flew off. While I do have a feeder here for cardinals, jays, junkos etc., a hawk has never come down here like that.

  75. I am a remote viewer, physical medium, empath, and astral traveler, just for starters. I read energies of both the living and dead. I walk between worlds. I was born with this. It is as natural to me as breathing. When I astral travel, I ascend and travel as a red tail hawk, and land as a human to be greeted by a wolf and raven. I have walked and communed with three shaman, shown the inner workings of an area I did not know or have ever been, to be shown the cave where a tribe of First Peoples laid down to die after being chased by an army bent on their total destruction. I received a message from Cochise that I do not understand as he gave it in Apache. I am Native American in part. I am Celtic in the other part. Hawk comes when I need to work between worlds, dragonfly is as strong as hawk. Bear, horse, and puma also walks with me. I am a “spirit runner.” I love my life, but outer influences take a toll on my body. I open myself to help others even when I am not at my strongest. Any suggestions as to how to rest more effectively?

  76. I Dreampt about a bear, adolescent, in my years, I call my lil dogs go come in my house. There was a spot in the wood fence that this beauty bear exited thru, then climbed a tree. I wanted him to be safe. Then about 2:30 pm, I was on the phone with doctors office, n someone or something hit the window really hard, but didn’t break it. I looked out the window n there was a Beautiful sleek hawk not 3 ft away from me. He stared at me while his head went side to side for about 2 minutes, then flew at the window but hit it with his feet then flew to the tree for another minute staring at me then flew away to my right. My awakening started full time about 2 years ago, then last September I’ve been inundated all day n all night. I’m having surgery on the 13th (my luck number) in July. Please let me know your thought, oh, when I looked at the time the hawk flew away it was 2:22. Thank you penny

  77. I saw a hawk feather as I got out of my friends car, looked at it turned to go. It called me back and I knew it was for me. I will treasure it and be open to the message it carries.

  78. About 30 hawks just flew around my house for about 5 mins and one specifically circled my house. What are they telling me?

  79. In late February of 2016 My wife told me she wanted a divorce. I fell apart and left work to talk to her. I drove through Golden gate park in San Francisco and on the road was what I believe a red tailed hawk on its back I could see it was kicking i pulled over right awat threw my sweater over and carried it to the side walk it had beautiful dark eyes and looked at me as i tried to call some one to help it the hawk turned over and flew away. After that day A few weeks later i found out the real reason my wife was leaving and all the lies I discovered. Is there any other meaning to this?

  80. I was working, doing my patrol as a security officer. Started thinking about God and what he has in store for me. As soon as it came to mind I looked up and there was a rainbow and underneath the rainbow standing on top of the fence ten feet away was a Hawk. It literally looked like it was underneath the rainbow.What do you think this means

  81. Found 2 dead.Hawks on top of each other like they had been fighting an hit the ground what a site very strange. Where I live there is a big nest in a cottonwood tree that the hawks live so I see them everyday.

  82. I dream of a boy turning into a white hawk carrying me away from danger that treat both me and the boy …..any meaning on that ….

  83. I found a sick hawk in the middle of the road. It allowed my husband to carry it to the side of the road, and we went home to prepare to try to help it. We see hawks everywhere we go, daily… so we feel close to them. We were gone about ten minutes, and when we came back, another hawk had come and killed it, and was standing over her with wings spread, eating her. It also allowed my husband to gently stroke her back, and she watched us intently. She stayed with the dead hawk for over 2 hours. This was the most amazing and emotional thing we have ever witnessed. Is there some significance to this? I certainly do not know. When we returned to our home, a male hawk was perched on our electric pole, watching us. So amazing.

  84. I was walking through the narrow alley in a small downtown and I am positive that I was the only one who had seen this, so I am completely sure that the message was for my eyes only. I saw a hawk carrying a dead bloodied pigeon that it just killed toward me. When bird’s eyes and mine crossed he dropped his prey on some rooftop, landed on the railing and sat there for about two minutes starring at me. Because I was still walking I had to look away to scan the road ahead so I wouldn’t trip. By the time I looked back at the bird he was gone. When I was walking down the same alley about half-hour later I saw a live pigeon sitting not far from where the hawk was.
    Please… I need help here, I know it’s a significant sign, I desperately need to know what it means.

  85. Today I saw a hawk that was all white. I had to look it up to be sure that a white hawk exists. I’m really happy to receive a blessing at this time in my life. I’ve read of these hawks (a strain or red tail) being sited up north. Currently I’m working in Texas but hoping/praying that doors may open for me up north. Everything lately seems like a tiring challenge. I hope I’m on the right track though and that my plans & dreams will be facilitated with ease and grace.

  86. A red tail hawk was sitting on a post then flew directly into the windshield of my tractor trailer. What does this mean?

  87. This morning a red tail hawk landed on a branch next to me under my tree while I was sitting there drinking my coffee, it looked at me for a moment and then flew off.

  88. I had been seeing pairs of birds everywhere, driving to work, walking outside etc etc.. this went on for weeks. Then it stopped. Then I would randomly see one bird close to me. Now this morning, a hawk flew all the way down and in front of my car with his wings open. I had to slow down to not hit it. I have been struggling mentally and physically for years. Just wondering what the birds, and now the hawk could mean..if anything?

  89. I’ve always had a connection to animals, particularly birds. I lost my father and grandfather years before I married and became pregnant with our 1st child. Pregnancy was something I struggled with emotionally and felt I had lost my identity. Being very career driven, the exhaustion and absent mindedness were an uphill battle at work everyday. I think the days I struggled most were the days I’d see a red-tailed Hawk perched on the tall, highway lights above me. During my drives to or from work, I’ve always been comforted by their presence as a sign of clarity and strength. I also felt they were an extension of my grandfather and dad- when I missed them most. I’m not sure if they are trying to provide a greater significance other than strength and clarity but I found a wing feather this morning on my walk with the dog and feel like they are more influential in my life now than ever before. It was on top of the grass where I walk everyday and it just spoke to me. I have it on our bookcase next to some meangful things that were my grandpas. I am continuing to be open and receptive to see if they provide more meaning or a sign of something to come.

  90. I got out of my car at work and someone pointed out a red tail hawk about 15 feet away on a light post. I was amazed as he let us stand so close while we were talking, taking pictures, and admiring him. It lasted several minutes. I can’t help thinking it was a sign.

  91. I was on a bike ride I have done often, close to my home but in a rural area. I am alone riding slowly and I see 2 hawks on a pole over a large mint field. One of the hawks comes straight at me eye level and flew right over my head, circled to my left and came back flying so close to me I heard his wings and felt the air he created. I admit I was a little frightened. He flew on out into the field to meet up with the other hawk. I should mention earlier on my ride another hawk flew to a roof 20 feet away from me and ruffled his/her feathers, I thought hmmm I think he is telling me something.

  92. Hi, I think this is my first time to this particular site. I’ve been going through intense changes over the last year and learned so much about spirituality and animal, bird and insect symbolism over the 11 years since my son passed. I’ve had what I would call many wake up calls and especially today.

    This afternoon about a 4:30pm on Saturday(not sure if time or the day has anything to do with it) a pretty good size hawk half circled the house in staying at, then flew right above the trees where I could see it perfectly. It then flew away.

    I’ve been asking for some time now for guidance to exactly what I need to do in my life to be of real help to others. I always have had people in my life who say I’m pretty intuitive and wise and share with them the best I can when a conversation comes up.

    I like what I’ve read so far and would love to know if you could tell me about the hawk I explained. I’ve seen hawks many times but not lately till this one just now. I have seen a few owls in the last month.

    Thank you for helping if you can.


  93. I have always seen Hawks, and lately there have been too many to count. One flew over the hood of my pickup truck in the yard, a foot off the hood! Others have flown over my truck while driving, and then land on a telephone pole and look down at me. Today when I went our to get breakfast for my wife and son, 3 Hawks were circling over me screeching looking straight down at me! As soon as I saw them and stared at them they flew off in a straight line one behind the other heading north. I know this means something. I have always been in touch with animals and take care of them whenever the occasion arrises, but this is too strange. Any ideas?

  94. I came across what appeared to be fresh pieces of a dead hawk remains all over the road as I was walking. The feathers were scattered everywhere. I found one feather that stood out to me off to the side of the road I picked up and brought home. Also that evening. A hawk flew over the house.

  95. I have been seeing Red Tail Hawks for the past 10 years, seems like I always notice them when others don’t, often by the highway sitting in trees during winter and enjoying the warm summer winds in summer. My husband and best friend call them “my birds” when they see them. I just wonder what it means that I notice them so often, I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t see them. On 3 occasions in the past 3 years I have had a much closer encounter, the first right before I moved back to UK one flew in front of my car windshield but not so close I could hit it. The second was in my new house back in the USA in CT, it flew low across my deck and into the woods behind my house. The next was also in the woods behind my house and he flew into the trees and sat on a branch a little into the woods so I could see him but not close enough to see his detail but I knew it was as always my red tail hawk. I feel so privileged each time I see one, I feel love actually but I don’t know why they are so important to me. I am a very intuitive person, not judgmental but I know a person when I meet them. I feel my red tail hawk is somewhat of a guardian but I’d love to learn more and understand their meaning.


  97. I had a small hawk fly right into my garden window and sadly he broke his neck on impact. I just wondered what the medicine of this would indicate. Did he sacrifice himself for me somehow? If you have any insight it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  98. So I have been seeing Hawks everywhere lately. Literally everywhere. I’ve received a number of signs this summer and wondering if this is one of them.
    Normally I only see one or two but this year literally hundreds. This year a friend ex bf actually one who I love so very much, is going through a really rough time and to help I’ve been sharing a part off my story with him. This particular story I had to write because I couldn’t tell him without crying. So I was sitting in my porch writing this letter to him and wondering if this was something I should tell him(the story of my 14 year old self so he can understand what his own 14 year old is going through (thoughts of suucide etc.)) and anyway I hear these Hawks in the sky above me, I look up and there are two of them dancing in the sky screeching at a third one, it didn’t last long and all three of them are dancing in the sky together.
    Now I say dancing because once I saw a physic like 20 years ago and she was such a flake I didn’t believe a word she said it was all carnival game garbage really but as I was leaving she said when Hawks dance in pairs you’ll find true love.
    I was like ummmm ok, and dint think anything of it until the last couple of years, when I started dating this man that every time I left him I would see two Hawks dancing in the sky together, this year is no different. What are your thoughts? Message or just birds? And if so what does it mean? Thank you so much for your help!

  99. Today we randomly had a small hawk fly into our bathroom window and die. I am a spiritual person and not sure how to take this, especially since I have heard about the supersition that birds flying into windows is an omen of death. Our 7 year old daughter is scheduled for open heart surgery at the end of the month and this has been the most stressful time of our lives. We have also recently started a business and our financial life is also suffering right now. Any insight into the hawk flying into our window would be greatly appreciated as I’m not sure how to take this ‘sign’ Thank you!

  100. My teenage daughter seems to be an animal whisperer, He favored animals are dogs but she also loves to see hawks. Recently, she and her friends were eating lunch outside, and a red tailed hawk came and took half her lunch….including a granola bar out of her hand. She said it stayed around for a few minutes. I would love to hear your thoughts on this experience

  101. I’ve been seeing hawks daily for the past few days. 2 days ago while I was driving one swooped down so low I started to free out because he almost came through my car window. He didn’t get in but flew right across my windshield. Know today while driving another hawk swoops down right over my car. Clearly I’m being given some sort of message, right?

    1. I was driving on the highway and normally i dont see hawks low enough that if i went straight it would of hit me , it looked right at me and i swerved not to hit it and it pulled itself up

  102. A young hawk landed in front of me with another bird in its talons. It turned toward me and began its feast. I was acutely aware that this is a message from the universe and would like some help to decipher the Hawks visit. Thanks

  103. I see hawks daily, especially when I’m driving for work which I do a lot of. I see them perched in the trees along the highway or sitting on hydro wires. It makes me smile every time. I’m a social worker so I assume the message is to not to forget to look at the “big picture” while I’m working. I’ve been recently told I am a light worker which now makes total sense. I want to develop my intuition more. Last week,while working, I walked to my car in a remote area. Beside my car was a hawk eating it’s prey. It saw me but didn’t fly away. It finished and then perched on a nearby lamp post watching me. I was mesmerized. I’m not sure of the meaning of this experience but I loved it!

  104. I was telling my husband and neighbors about a Red Tailed hawk that has moved to our neighborhood. We have two dogs and at first I thought it wanted to eat the fluffy small white one..until this happened. I was standing outside my back door, talking to my plumber. I was probably with in four feet of the house on a narrow pathway between several trees. We were discussing the massive renovation that I have almost completed. The hawk gave call and glided down from the sky, he tilted his wings at an angle and continued to glide over my head , missing it by inches. He turned to the right, not even worried about how close he was to the house and as he made his turn looked at me with his greenish eyes. we had full eye contact. he then continued on his flight away. The plumber was in disbelief over what he had seen. I explained how everyday around 11:30 I see him. I joked and said he was stalking me. The plumber left perplexed. As I explained to my husband and neighbor the eye contact. They howled laughing. I am so happy to have found this article. What does he want to tell me? Birds have always loved me. But this non aggressive fly by was beautiful.

  105. I saw a red tail hawk today on my walk in the park. I was walking beside the brook when I spotted him in the water—so I stopped and started to talk to him—telling him how magnificent he was. I though he was hurt so I went down the bank to the waters edge, I was within 8 feet, and just talking away to him. He splashed around a bit so I knew he was alright, at last after about 15 minutes he flew away oh what a wing spread. I will never forget my encounter with my new friend. Last month I saw a falcon. I just love birds. Sometimes owls come to visit me outside my bedroom window very early in the morning. Wherever I go I always hope to find something of meaning to just me. I love the signs and omens and an very grateful for them. Some are easy to read but some I wish I knew more of the message to me. I want to reach for that one thin that will make soar with the birds!!!!

  106. Many feathered messengers this week! A Carolina Wren enters my house and when I got home from work, she had found her way into a room (door was closed)used by me only as a dressing room. After enticing her gently to the window. She left and returned to the yoga room window the next morning. A few days later, a pheasant on the hiking trail, a red tailed hawk eating a squirrel on the ground just 20 feet from me and today 7 crows at the fountain.

  107. My husband and I were at the realtor’s office when a bird smashed into the window. We looked and it turned out to be a hawk hunting a smaller bird.

    We were in the middle of putting an offer on a house we like. What does it mean to see the hawk in the middle of the hunt. It even stood outside the window killing the smaller bird. It was quite a crazy sight.

  108. Hi early this year i met a young black hawk on the roadside next to a cemetary(on the ground!) it was calling to me i approached it and touched it but it ran away when i tried to pick it up ever since then i see hawks wherever i go even in places where they arent normaly seen i have also had other strange encounters like this time a hawk dumped the decapitated body of another hawk right infront of me while i was takin a walk. Another encounter is when a hawk which was white and had black spots called to me while i was walkin home and it circled around me for a few minutes then vanished into thin air. Also ever since i was a kid i have had this recurring dream where i am flying. Right now i am struggling with addiction,fear and getting in touch with my inner self to get to know my purpose. Are my experiences with hawks related to this and how can they help me know my true purpose. If there is anyone who can give me some insight it would be highly appreciated

  109. I have been on my spiritual journey over the last few years. Open mind and flowing with everything that comes with it. Last Monday November 1st (day of the dead) my mom passed away from Cancer. My mother and I had a struggling relationship. When she passed, she choose not to speak to me for the last 3 weeks of her life. Of course it was painful but I know I did everything I could for her. Family issues has pushed me out of her services and I can not attend. The last few days I have been trying to grieve. Feel what I need to move on. I have been finding comfort in my backyard. So I sit daily, listening and watching. This week, I have had several hummingbirds come to me within 6 inches to my face. Today, I was able to feed them right from my hand. As they left my hand, I look up to see the red tailed hawk sitting in front of me on my fence. Looks at me for a few minutes as I stare in awe of his beauty. He flew straight to me and then over my head.
    I don’t know what it all means, I just hope my mom is at peace. She choose a hard life and all I want for her now is peace.

  110. I saw a white dove today caught in the talons of a dark gray hawk on my front lawn. As I approached I was shocked at the look in his eyes. It was “leave now”! I looked at the small perfect dove. Her look was “help me”! Bravely protective of her I stomped my foot and I approached. I’ve never been this close to a bird of prey. Glancing around, her beautiful white feathers were everywhere. I was scared more for her than myself. He tried to take flight three times with her but faltered. When he finally let her go he took flight leaving her behind. She too took flight but in the opposite direction. She literally disappeared before my eyes. I was speechless and standing in a pile of white feathers scattered across four lawns. I felt goosebumps crawl over me and started trembling. I saw no blood trail while I searched for her. Shaken and speechless I waited for the hawk to circle looking for her. He never did. He too was gone. I’ve never in all my life witnessed something so breathtaking yet so tramatic. I’m curious to know if what I witnessed, saw … or did has any significance in my life.

  111. I have never seen a hawk other than at the zoo. This morning there was a hawk purched on a leafless tree in my back yard. I felt him to be a blessing, it brought a feeling of joy and excitement. I took a picture with my cell phone but it was not close enough to get a clear view. Although I did see his beauty through my binoculars. He was Devine. In my picture as I zoom in there is a beautiful white glow around him. How should I interpret this?

  112. I had a dream….the silhouette of an owl was gliding across the sky closely behind a hawk persued. The owl landed and was hidden deep within the bristtls of a pine tree. The hawk flew directly in, piercing the owl. It took the owl now dead to the roof of a house where it dismembered it.
    I awoke from this dream with a startle, yet a wonderful calm prevailed. The day before was extremely stressful, which led to the dream. My previous PA was an owl which came to me when I was twenty five, now forty seven I realized imeadiatly that it was time to get to work! I knew from the second I awoke I had to look up the meaning of the Hawk your website was the fist to come up. It was perfect and gave me just the clarity I needed. I’ve gone back to it to remind me of my purpose. Thank you, and many blessings.

  113. My Familar (cat) died and its along story but basically I was her death doula. It was a four day process a lot happened. At one point I fell asleep and dreamt of a golden eagle and its baby so I thought, (I wasn’t sure) but I wanted to grab these 3 feathers I saw laying on the ground but I hesitated and eagle flew towards me and I woke up. I immediately knew what I needed to do to give Cleo my cat the best care as she was dying. A few days after I Burried her I was sitting on grassy hill in the plains crying wishing she was with me. On the way back at the side of the road I saw a large bird I stopped right away and moved it to better spot at first I was unsure of what type of bird it was I thought it was a horned owl intailly. I quickly grabbed 3 feathers and placed the red tailed hawk (I looked it up after) in a far better spot. I have felt so connected to these 3 feathers and they have been a comfort to me during this difficult time. My cat was my Familar she protected me. In a way I feel these feathers were message from her telling me she’s still with me protecting me in a new spirit form.

  114. Hawk is my totem animal, I see a red tailed hawk every time I am on my way to the guy I likes house, or when I go to message him. This only happens when things between us are bad. Can anyone explain my signs.

  115. Thank you for composing and posting this.
    The first time is after I had surgery. The next time is when a family of three made it orsenxe known in my back yard. Yesterday recently had one land across the street from me. This is after I had to put my mom in a nursing home. We watched each other. I felt very calm and serene as we stared at each other. Blessed by his or her presence.

  116. HI yesterday I was sitting on the couch turning off my medication music looked out the widow there was a baby howk on my railing just starting at me I tried to get a picture but he went to the trees then flyed away so awesome thank you world and mother nature blessed be

  117. Hi, for two years (that I’ve noticed), Hawks have been communing with me. The first time, I was sitting watching Bluebirds from my front porch when a Red-Tailed Hawk swooped under my 6 tall pines straight at me and then swiftly arose upward to the top of a pine and landed. It didn’t call to me but watched me. I didn’t think Hawks even liked pines but felt I’d been given a Glorious gift. Upon walking my elderly friend’s dog, I have had a Hawk three times fly closely, just above my head back and forth across the road before landing in trees just ahead of me and then watching me. Two months ago, coming out of an appt., I came to around 10 feet from my car to find a Hawk on the roof of it. All I could think was how incredibly blessed I am and particularly in that secret moment! I was breathless and had my phone so I took a few photos. It turned to look at me. Raised its wings up and down a number of times to me, and was never afraid of me as I came closer and as we just watched over each and the other. I had a few minutes with it before it flew up and away. Just yesterday, I was pruning my elderly friend’s roses as my mind meandered across the situations which trouble me (like Donald Trump, my Momma’s age, being remembered for good and love when I am gone, etc), when I heard a loud flapping and screeching. I turned around to see two very large Hawks flying away from me and landing on branches high in a very old Oak directly on the opposite side of the road in front of her home. I walked to the edge of my roadside and just stood for five minutes or more there in the cold staring up at them as they watched over me. They screeched loudly over and over. I wondered that they were tempting each other with love calls, but if so, they were being coy about it because they were only looking at me ?. Then they became quiet and gently flew away. Yesterday I felt I should say Thank you and so I did- to them, and to my Heavenly Farher for such glorious visits experiences with Hawks. I also began to wonder if Hawks are trying to tell me something, or if someone is always with me. And, I began to wonder am I missing something I’m supposed to know. This latter thing has really stirred a quiet fear in me and so I googled my way here. Any inspirations for me would be appreciated.

  118. About 2 months ago I was driving to pick my daughter up at college, we share a car, and a beautiful red tailed Hawk was perched on the middle concrete median of the car pool freeway staring at me. There were no trees around or ground for there to be any prey for him, he just stared at me. Then about a week ago my daughter was driving herself to school and at the exact same spot was the same red tailed Hawk I saw 2 months earlier. I’m wondering if it’s a sign. We are Potawatomi Indians and this was the last place a hawk should be perched. Any insight would be awesome because I feel like is a sign of something. Please help. Thanks ☺

  119. Hello everyone, I had an experience last night which I’d like to share.

    I’ve seen hawks off and on over the years that other people don’t seem to see. Following me around or in my home – I’ve even taken photos of them and – nope, no hawk in the photo.

    My mother says they are spirit messengers, but they never told me anything – they’d just show up at times of great stress or change in my life.

    Last night, I dreamt that a hawk came and sat on my lap/arm. I reached out and stroked her with no fear, and asked her name – which she told me, but I can’t remember it. I asked her how things are going, and she said “things are bad, but they will get better”. We spoke about other things, but it’s hazy.

    You know how things in dreams are and are not? Sitting beside me was another person who responded to her with fear and anger. And this is the bizarre part – it was/wasn’t Donald Trump. It was him, but also not him – more like a representation of people who are trapped in ego and anger.

    Without words, the hawk told me that the people who are without fear, who will reach out across danger and connect, cannot be stopped. Then she left and I woke up, wide awake, and since then have felt tremendous positive energy around me.

    I’m not a religious person – I’m actively skeptical, in fact. I’ve never seen anything weird or inexplicable, except these hawks. But this was a powerful experience – whether it was “Real” or not doesn’t matter to me, since the feeling it has left with me definitely is.

  120. I recently lost my two best friends at work. The company fired them for no reason other than company change. I drive for a living and recently have begun to see hawks. Hawks on power lines. Hawks eating in fields. Hawks flying everywhere. I live in oregon where there a lot of hawks, but these airings are unusually to many. That’s why I looked for a reason. The hawks have given me a feeling of exaltation. I am of northern Indian decent. The totom people. Also known as the klingats. The hawk has cherished perpose and meaning.

  121. I had a dream 2 nites ago that I held a big fat Hawk and cuddled with it. I’m always asking spirit to send me a big hawk to see

  122. I was driving on the interstate today & a hawk was flying directly into my side glass window looking dead at me. I immediately hit the breaks although I was going 80 mph to keep him from colliding w my car. He came so very close,I saw his eyes & swooped up. He was fine but I was horrified he would be injured. I’ve met a guy on social media & we feel like soulmates but haven’t met in person yet. It’s been a year & I’ve told him I need the relationship to move forward or let me go. We don’t want to let each other go we have such an enormous bond. Could the hawk be telling me something in reference to that? The first night we talked we vowed to be only w each other & the promise still stands, but I’m becoming tired of being alone. He lives 1000 miles away.

  123. recently I saw a shadow..as I looked up and saw a pair of redtails procreating directly above me on a low branch…it was very quick..then the male picked a loose branch and offered it to his mate..quite incredible..any thoughts? gretchen

  124. Something is happening with me. Ive had these hawks i guess trying to tell me something. I got afraid cause i was confused but i been doing some research and it looks and feels like something big…

  125. there are messengers just google hawk medicine…….mine confirm that my vision is true, no reason to be afraid smiles . love and
    light !

  126. Very good read! I wish I had the time to read every comment, but at the moment, I don’t.
    In my dreams, I usually see eagles, but since I have only ever seen one, and it was at the zoo, and my real life experiences have been with hawks (although in my former home, I had a swallow tailed kite that circled nearby daily) I have considered the red tailed hawk to be my spirit animal. I see them on days I am out by myself or when we have big events or decisions coming. Once at a park, we saw one on the ground, probably eating. As we neardy, it flew to a tree, then as we got closer to the tree, it went to another, until we lost sight of it. A little while later, it came flying from behind me, swooping down to eye level. I could feel the wing from it’s wings and hear the chirping in it’s throat! The memory still gives me goosebumps.

  127. I am a spiritual person. I believe that there are signs around us. I started recently doing readings, im making people cry. I was sitting in my backyard thinking. I looked up to see a red tailed hawk flying in circles above me. He sat on a pole stared at me for a couple moments then. Circles and flew off. Is this a good sign

  128. I found a dead Cooper hawk in my front yard today. He was by a welcome stone that I have in my yard. He was a beautiful bird. I put him in newspaper and buried him. What does this mean?

  129. Hello

    Today while out on the patio a low flying hawk flew by me close enough that I felt the presence near the left side of my face. Once it passed it propelled itself upward and landed on
    a high tree branch. It’s back faced me and I thought it was an
    owl. I acknowledge its presence as I spoke it turns its head toward me and I recognized it was a hawk. Can this be a sign that my prayer for my dear brother to awake from his spell liken behavior and see the true nature of his current girlfriend. Namasta, HO. Ty

  130. That day I also received really good news so what do these signs mean can some one tell me I am quite confused

  131. I have been seeing hawks for decades now, they enter my field of vision more than any other bird and always when I have an important decision to make or something I should pay attention to. One afternoon in 2014, as I sat on my patio, a hawk flew right in front of my face (under that table umbrella) and landed in the tree a few feet away. 2 hours later my dad called to say my mom had suffered a stroke. She never recovered and passed away 11 days later. I’ve always sort of believed that hawks appeared at important junctures in my life, but this experience confirmed it. It’s true that Red-Tail Hawks stay with you forever.

  132. This site has opened my eyes and answered my question. I am reduced to tears as read through the experiences of others with hawks.

    Last year I had a hawk visitor that would sit on my balcony faithfully every night at sun down, he would nestle there all night until sunrise, this happened for weeks and I had no idea why he chose my balcony over the other 300 apts in my complex. I was led to this site today for a reason and to finally answer that question.

    Since the visiting of the hawk I have had alot of spiritual messages/messengers that even particular friends have noticed, I now know he was 1 of them. Thank you all for sharing.

  133. For the last 6 mounts I’ve seen Hawks almost every day today one flew slowly right in front of my car I thought it was going to land on the hood of the car it looked​ at me and flew off I’m not sure what they are telling me but I know it’s something big

  134. Today my boyfriend was walking by his mothers flower bed and a juvenile red shoulder hawk was just sitting there and opened his wings at him letting it put him in a big dog carrier and hes just been sitting here with us in our house. We are wondering what kind of symbolism does it mean?

  135. One of my very precious dogs had to be put down on my bday last week as he was hit and had extensive injury. A red tail hawk flew on the front side of my house on Sunday quite low and today when my daughter and I were behind our house saying hello to our rainbow puppies he swooped down by us again.

  136. Before my mom passed she was beginning to lose her memory and I was taking her to doctors appointments and was just really close to her. One day we were sitting in her living room and I told her that I had told my children that when I die, if I could come back to give them a sign that I was okay and in the spirit world, I would come back as a hawk and I would be somewhere that would be unusual, so they would know it was me giving them this message. My mom said okay, and I said well that is what I said I would do, what would you do? She said I will do that. We just laughed and went on talking about other stuff. Well after she passed all of the sudden while mowing her grass, she had a heart attach they say, but I’m not sure this is what really happened. My dad called me at work and told me the ambulance just tool her and that I needed to come to the hospital now! I was a mess and left work in a hurry. On my way to the hospital, I felt her die, I know when she died and where I was when this happened. I felt this unbelievable feeling of peace and it just felt so good, that I knew I was feeling what she felt. This was within weeks of our talk. It was really tough on me and I missed her so much. I couldn’t stop crying, for days and when everyone left after the funeral, I went back to her grave and it was so cold out, this was in August, and there were dragon flies all over her grave. That night I had a dream that I found a bird wrapped in a paper towel in my freezer and I tool it into my bathroom and opened the towel and the bird was alive and told me to set it free.
    My grandmother (her mother) was still living when she passed and we didn’t tell her because she was not in the best shape health wise and had already lost 2 of her children and always said she wanted to die before losing another.
    Well she ended up passing about a couple of years later and as I began the drive, 4 hours from my house to hers, I kept seeing hawks. I would say to my husband, did you see that hawk? Then we would pass another one. I ended up seeing around 17 hawks on my way to my grandmother funeral. But as we got to the town where the exit was, I said to myself, mom, if this is you I need another sign. As I said this a song came on the radio that reminded me of my mom’s brother who passed years before and a hawk swooped down in front of our vehicle. I just began to cry, knowing this is my mother giving me the sign that she was okay. We went to the hotel where all our family was gathering in the rec room and I told my story about the hawks to everyone. I thought man they probably think I am crazy. The next day I went to the visitation and funeral where my niece sang this beautiful song. I thought oh my gosh what a beautiful song to sing for grandma. We all decided to go out to eat together at this restaurant bar in downtown Des Moines Iowa and we were all out in the beer garden when all of the sudden a hawk is flying toward us and lands on a telephone wire, everyone yelled out, “we believe: and looked at me. I’m so glad I told them all about my hawk experience, because they were a witness to it.
    On our way home, I saw one huge hawk sitting up on the sign that said Welcome to Des Moines Iowa or something like that.
    Since this I have had so many hawk experiences, including a drea that was so real where I was sitting on a pillar down at the river and other people were on the land a jump away from me, I was up high on this pillar and it was in the water and the others were on the land. A hawk landed on the pillar and started to come near me and I was afraid it was going to bite me. The people on the land told me that it was okay and that it just wanted a hug, so I let it come to me and it gave me the best hug I have ever had with it’s wings. I asked everyone if they were seeing this and if they took a picture of it. I know this sounds weird, but it was a dream. My moms favorite thing to do was to all have a get together at our local park for the fourth of July celebration, it’s a tradition our family does every year. She would go to the park at 4 am to save our spot, every year. Well the year after she passed, guess what was up in the tree above us, you guessed it, a hawk. What are the chances that this would happen. One day I was leaving work and my boss was behind me, I saw a hawk coming toward us and it stopped above me and made it’s noise, almost like it stopped in mid air right above me. I looked at my boss and said, did you see that and she said, “I’ve never seen anything like that” I could go on and on about all of my experiences with the hawk, but I will stop since this is so long. What made me begin writing this was that a hawk flew into my window as I was sitting drinking my coffee this morning and it hit the glass, but didn’t break it and then it fell on the driveway and flew off. I hurried to the door to go out to check on it in disbelief and my neighbor was out there, I asked her if she seen what just happened and she said she watched it and that it flew down the street. She said it had a huge wing span. What are the chances of this happening? Well this is my story and it sounds like many others have some of the same experiences. I am happy when I see hawks, I love them!

  137. Ever since I was a child I have ALWAYS seen the Red Tailed Hawks. They have followed me throughout my life and I have always just figured it was my spirit animal and that they were trying to tell me something. Or that I am meant for more than what I have allowed myself to become. I also felt like it was a spiritual connection with the universe and that I needed to address something (still figuring that out).
    Once, and only once, I have seen a Red Tailed Hawk dead in the road. Someone had hit it within about 10 minutes or so of me pulling up to it. I was with someone I had always felt bad vibes from. I told her to pull over and we moved the Hawk out of the road. I felt like I needed to take with me one of the fallen feathers to remind me to keep on the right path.
    After I saw this I had a feeling that my life needed to change and I needed to remove the person that was in my life at the time immediately. I did this and changed my life. After removing that person, I stopped seeing dead animals and darkness or hate. My life is completely different and to this day I still have that beautiful feather.
    I see them everyday as I drive to work and everyday as I come home and wherever I go.

  138. Hi,
    I have just started a meditation practice.
    Since, I have heard mourning doves outside my window.
    I have also had many encounters with Red Tailed Hawks.
    Two of the biggest ones were driving around the corner from my house. There was one on the sidewalk, eating it’s prey.
    I turned back to see it closer and it was gone.
    Then I was upset about not being able to afford a very expensive healing course, while walking home with my dog, Two huge hawks were in my path and flew away a few yards in front of me.
    Meaning? Please, thank you!!!

  139. On the way to work this morning, one flew directly across my front wind shield. Freaked me out that it was so low! I could see the red tip under its tail. I mean it was low! Like while I was pulling off from the red light. Idk what’s going on or why, but I’m not afraid. I am a righteous and honest and hopefully the universe will return the favor.

  140. I purchase pharaoh cylinders that comes with a pharaoh postures book and CD from a Jason Quitt from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can find him on Facebook. I met him at Brandtford, Ontario on June 24, 2016. I did pharaoh postures with my pharaoh cylinders in my hands on July 2, 2016. I was at the cleopatra needle obelisk in Central Park in New York City. I played integratron music on my iPhone. I face the north side of this obelisk while I did my pharaoh postures. After I finish doing these pharaoh postures I went and sat down on the Park bench facing west with the obelisk in front of me. I look up to the sky on this summer evening while the sun was setting on the horizon. I saw to the southwest a starship that follows me around the world. I have convince many celebrities of the history channel of Åncient aliens as a reference that they witness my starfleet at many UFO conferences around the United States and Canada. The next moment I see this huge bird with its wings fully expanded just fly over this obelisk from north to south. It then turns ninety degrees west toward that starship. I couldn’t see that bird’s continue flight because it was too cloudy just west of that starship. I got a hold of Jason Quitt who sold me those pharaoh cylinders. He told me that I had a rare sighting of the hawk of Horus. After that I been getting a lot of different big birds just fly over my head after I do the pharaoh postures. Three weeks ago I had six seagulls act like hummingbirds one at a time. One just stay flapping its wings rapidly than stopped and glided pass over my head. The next seagull did the exact same thing than stopped flapping its wings and glided over my head. When I was at this cleopatra needle obelisk this past July I had a hawk fly between me and this obelisk. I was with a gentleman that he was looking straight up over this obelisk finding orbs and ufos. After he shot orbs he shot this hawk that landed on a nearby tree. I ran over to this tree and when I was directly under it. This hawk had its back to me on this tree limb. It turn slowly completely around and stare down at me like it knew that I was under that tree without seeing me running to that tree. I was totally amaze of the way it stare at me that this spirit of the hawk of Horus was trying to message me through this bird. I saw that hawk last night by the cleopatra needle obelisk again after I did pharaoh postures. I guess anyone reads this story might find it interesting. Here is the video. Energy orbs passing behind balloons koosmyk P.S. I hope no one mine if I has included other birds on here besides the hawk.

  141. I went into that museum of metropolitan of art which is nearby this cleopatra needle obelisk. I had a tour guide that gave me a story when I was at this Egyptian exhibit about Horus. This same guide had me walk to the renaissance exhibit and I was in front of Jesus and Mary. This guide told me the story of Jesus and Mary and said that both stories of Horus and Jesus were alike. I may be bless to have this spiritual bird. Could anyone please comment of this extraordinary unusual story.

  142. I have periodically seen hawks over the past few years. Some perched, some flying overhead. Today was different. A friend from another state came to Texas as part of the Red Cross disaster relief organization for hurricane Harvey. She and a friend managed to get the much deserved day off, and when they arrived to me home and got out of their vehicle a hawk was flying overhead in circles, calling out in their manner, not sure if it was a song but definitely a melodic screeching. I then knew this was a good reunion. 🙂

  143. I dreamt of an extremely large Red Tail Hawk flying around. The red on it’s feathers came through as a bright and vibrant red at one point, almost neon. Then it flew down and landed on my arm. I was waiting for it to attack but it didn’t nor did its talons hurt. It just perched on my arm and I walked around with it. At one point its face did look sort of distorted (hollow eyes, almost skull like) but for the most part there was joy, peace, and excitement to have this insanely massive hawk perched on me. Any thoughts on the meaning?

  144. I have seen hawks for a few years now. I’m generally the only one to notice then but I see them so often that I’ve stopped announcing and pointing them out. I still feel great excitement each time and gratitude for their presence in showing themselves to me. I know they are omens. last night I had a dream that I was sitting in a large crowd of people outside when three very large birds flew from the sky and landed in a tree nearby. One bird was a red parrot, one was a large owl, and the third was a red tail hawk. I stood up in the crowd and raised my arm up to invite one of them to come to me and immediately, one of them did! The Red tailed hawk swooped over immediately and landed on my arm. I woke just then from my dream. Can you interpret this? Much gratitude.

  145. i had a hawk encounter 2 years ago , that i still cannot get out of my mind… still cannot understand !!!
    i work with textiles,… i was home dying cloth in my back room,
    my front door was open,….. i heard a crash and walked into my living room to find a hawk !! …. and …. its prey; a decapitated bluejay.
    the hawk was in shock , as was i !
    i tried to softly open all the windows in the room so he could leave,
    but i think he was too shocked…. flew around the room.
    at the same time , my cat runs across the front lawn with a mouse in its mouth,….. fearing he will scare the hawk further, i run out and pry the mouse out from my unhappy cat, i lock my cat aza in my bedroom.
    at the same time, (trying hard to stay calm) i am aware that i have spent the previous 2 hours dying my cloth and not wanting to ruin my fabric, i try to keep an eye on it as well !
    the man i was seeing at the time is in the room also, totally frozen, and i forget about his existence.
    the cat aza is hurling herself against the door to get out and get back to her mouse.
    everything is happening at once, both extremely fast, and in slow motion at the same time.
    i fear for the hawk, wanting it to calm down, i leave the room for a few minutes….. i come back and the hawk has died.

    after a few days of thought as to what to do, i wrap the hawk (in the undyed cloth i was working with at the time) and some flowers from the garden,…. i wrap the bluejay separately , and then put them together in a box, and bury them outside my bedroom window

    a bit of backdrop to the story, some months before this occurrence;
    …for a long time people had been leaving feathers with me , i find feathers, or feathers seem to appear at my place of work on my counter , as well as stones ( i have a store where i sell my textile items).
    one day i get a message from my employee that there is a woman asking if she can buy one of the feathers.
    i of course say no, they are gifts , and not for sale.
    the woman comes back many times , and finally when i am at the store she came in , told me one of the feather is an owl feather,
    she is native american,….and i am not allowed to have it.
    i tell her someone just left the feather with me ( true, though i don’t know who)… it is a gift that came to me, i did not seek it, nor take it.
    she tells me to put the feather out of view, and gives me a hug.
    i do so….. i realize that i have another feather just like it at home,
    and i do not know where this feather came from either.

    just after burying my hawk, at dusk, i come inside my house,
    plopping on my armchair, tired and emotional, i open up the n.y.times review of books , randomly landing on a back page and my eyes land on a review of ” H IS FOR HAWK ” !!!!!!

    this is like a dream !

    i ask my best friend, ( living in a different state ) , an apache woman
    what she makes of this, she doesn’t know but told me to cut 3 feathers from its tail….. i have them , again together with 3 from the blue jay on my table , in the living room.

    i have tried to read everything i can to help me understand,
    have asked for a dream , but still do not understand.
    i have read this is a bad omen, before someone dies,…. this was not the case, no one died, …… nor do i feel in my heart that this was something “bad”.

    i would so greatly appreciate any thoughts you might have in helping me understand.

  146. .. forgot to mention, you say the hawk is associated with the number 14…… the temperance card in the tarot
    my astrological sign is sagittarius, …..associated with number 14 , temperance.
    coincidence ?

  147. This is very interesting to say the least, when I got out of the Marines and got married we bought a house right outside of the city. All of a sudden we had a hawk in the tree in our yard right around my sister passing. Well I would drive to work on the major highway and look up and the hawk would be over my car flying ( a police officer at the time). Well we moved far into the country so the kids could grow up in the country life. Well what did I notice, hawks again in the tree in the yard and would fly all over all the time. I started traveling with a different job and ended up getting a divorce and cancer. I moved back to the town where we bought our first house into a apt. Well I sit out on the balcony all the time because I like being outside and just enjoy it. Then it happened, I see a hawk flying over my balcony again and even swooped down right in front of the balcony and I see the hawk all the time again now. I never look anything up or post anything, but he flew over this morning again while I was having coffee and decided to look it up and found this. I hope everyone well and they find the meaning or there meaning of the Hawk!!!!

  148. I see and hear Red tails all the time , i spot them right away. USAUALLY they fly in front of me all the time. Out driving even walking. Ive been going through alot the past few months. And recently broke up with my fiance after 5yrs. Now ive been putting my life back together and getting use to being single again. This Morning on my way to appointments and work , One Landed on the hood of my car sitting there stareing at me for 10 mins. Startled me i was parked . I looked right at it back and accepted its presence, i got out and stood there next to the car and he didnt move much but his head , nearly let me touch its tail normally i wouldnt even do that but for some odd reason there was a connection, and i felt it was an old friend .he then flew off , most beautiful bird ive seen in a while very vibrant , yet his belly was pale. The bird didnt even act scared. Surprised me i was taken by it and felt good right after . Im very superstitious and i have grandparents who have passed that are native american, a grandmother who was full blooded sioux, but passed many years ago. Ive always felt conections with animals and have dreams before i meet people who end up in some way important in my life or bring meaning. I thought i lost those feelings years ago , until very recently i started rediscovering myself anf it all started happening again, and i feel those feeling even stronger now, ive always been a sensative insightful person growing up see things others over look . I was very taken in by that bird. Felt like i finally accepted something or changed it was very strange I sat there for the longest time my mind cleared, and i was soo focused .

  149. In 2010 I saw 4 hawks at 4 different times as if it was waiting for me. It stayed whiled I looked. I felt this. Had to have meaning but never found an answer. I dismissed them yet occasionally wondering what did I miss. A few weeks ago the same thing happen 3 different times in the same way always ahead of me waiting. The hawks was dragging away a snake in one sighting in2010 and dragging away a squirrel in one of my recent sightings what does this mean. I know it has serious meaning for my life

  150. I attended a drumming ceremony tonight for the Lunar Moon.. During the meditation and the drumming we were all asked to write ourselves a letter pulling from our most highest..I was deep into my writing, letting my most highest guide the pen and there appeared a huge white bird looking down at me. Eventually soaring High over me and I honestly couldn’t tell if it was a hawk or if it was a eagle but a white eagle is very rare and from looking at all the pictures I’m now convinced that it was a hawk an all white hawk..At one point the bird stood right in front of me and stretch my arms long long long..until I felt myself soar up and around like this bird.. it was the most invigorating moment I think I’ve ever felt.. I literally walked away from that ceremony feeling taller somewhat wiser and this all happened in the matter of 2 hours..

  151. I have hope…I’m a driver in New York, yesterday I saw two red tail hawks. The first one I saw flew so close to the vehicle that it passed in front of my windshield. Their Was a instant connection to me. I felt it meant something. Later on I saw another one glide past me again, now I knew it was a sign..
    I got home from work today and my significant other 16 years, packed all his stuff and left his keys on the dining room table. I cried in disbelief… afterwards while thinking, the two Hawks I saw yesterday came to mind. I started to look up what it could mean…and after reading all these comments…Im thankful…I have hope for a better future. I’m going to prosper and be strong!

  152. Two red-tailed hawks were just mating on a limb outside my bedroom window. It was a majestic sight. That led me this article which spoke to my soul in a way I haven’t experience in a long time.

    Thank you!

  153. As I left the ophthalmologist’s office today, I saw a hawk flying in my direction. Splendidly marked black & white hawk circled over me as tho’ showing me his miraculous dramatic color and design–I’ve noticed persons saying ‘as tho’ trying to tell me something’–I had to stop and observe. I didn’t want to move. The hawk and its flying motion was mesmerizing! I have, therefore, looked up the Native American symbol of the hawk. The last hawk I observed was shortly before my brother left this planet.

  154. I noticed several months back.. Birds seem to fly overhead and even swoop down to make sure that I would see them.. and now every time I run no matter where it is eventually I will spot what I believe and know now to be Hawks, and there’s usually two of them sometimes 3… usually 2 & sometimes one but they’re soaring and they’re beautiful and they come down low and they fly around me

  155. I know that the Red Tail Hawk is my spirit animal. I’ve had many dreams, encounters and breath taking ah-ha moments that I know I am on the correct path. I mostly dream and can see what is going on- foresight. But I had a dream that was weird last night and I need some feedback. Last night I dreamed I was on a ridge and an Native American Indian came to me and look right in my eyes. He was dressed for war, painted and with a head dress on. He looked up and a Red Tail Hawk flew down to his arm. He looked at me and put his hand on my shoulder. I cried in my dream. He just stared into my eyes as well as the hawk. Any ideas what this could mean? I appreciate it. Thank you.

  156. I had just met a friend who had moved into my building back in March n here recently we had started talking. The other day when he was doing some work somewhere he had seen two hawks n he had made sure that he had said something to be about it, His god had also seen a chipmunk as well n took off after it but had missed of catching it. I believe very strongly in my grandmother’s Cherokee culture n I know that animals have meanings n messages for us to know. But I’m not sure of what the meaning is when he had seen them together. Could u please tell me what the meaning is n why he had seen them?

    My spirit animal is a wolf so I don’t know to much about the Hawk spirit animal at all.

  157. Hi. I had a dream in which a red-tailed hawk showed up inside my bedroom and let me hold it. Then I noticed it had a third eye in its chest and was carrying a snake, which it later started dismembering until it died. What could it possibly mean?

    1. It means your enemy is about to be defeated by a benevolent helper. The third eye in it’s chest means that this person has the gift of sight, but rely mostly on their intuition.

  158. I had a dream that my husband and I were looking out our living room window. A red tailed hawk swooped down in front of us and captured a white dove in its tallons. We both gasped and then I woke up. Yestererday I found a red tailed hawk feather on the ground. I picked it up, thanked the messenger and returned it to nature. There are a lot of hawks in our area. What does all of this mean? Thanks.

    1. Hawks are visionary. They are messengers. They want you to see and be aware of things around you and meditation

  159. I’m going through times of struggle. Iv had my heart chakra opened but is dormant atm. So I follow all laws of the universe.
    It’s like I cant catch a break. And feel really depressed. I know things will all work out in the end it’s just so hard to see the bigger picture when, no matter what I do. I hit brick walls that have me pulling myself back up and putting myself together.
    As I was hanging the washing out today, I seen a hawk fly right over me. Very uncommon. As I am in the suburbs.. first time iv ever seen one in my suburb..
    I see them on the daily when I drive home on the freeway. But never in my suburb.
    First instincts was strength. And now I’m crying like a baby reading this…
    I guess no matter what’s going on right now. Every aspect of my life is a journey of growing lessons..

  160. Last week, as I was fishing from my dingy, a hawk swooped down into the lake and caught a fish. It flew back into the air, shaking itself from the water it had on its feathers. It was magical. Just wondering what it means as a guy I was dating was being a real jerk and neglecting me for his friend he has at the campsite where we attended

  161. I see hawks in sets of three and it is always at a point in my life when I am asking questions and seeking answers about my path and what it is I aim to do in this life. Today, I saw three hawks circling overhead as I stepped outside for my moment of morning reflection.

  162. A couple of days after my son was born, my husband came downstairs to find a red tailed hawk sleeping with its claws into our screen door against our sliding glass door. It was so beautiful but it was such an odd sight. We live in suburbia and don’t often see hawks. I have never seen anything like this and if honestly scared me. It seemed like some sort of omen meant for my newborn. It was one of the first days we had him home from the hospital after being born.

  163. What does it mean if you see a dead red tail hawk? I know this seems like a morbid question, but I am curious. I have seen a few lately.

  164. The hawk is my spiritual totem. It follows throughoutt my Journey in the Spirit World. My name is Little hawk. The Warrior.

  165. Today was a very strange day, I was at my work, I went outside to get some air as I was walking across the parking lot a Hawk flew down from behind me snd hit me in the back of my head. When I looked up A hawk was landing in the tree in front of me from a low altitude. I was in shock and amazement at the same time. I took a photo of him or her when they perched in the tree. It was an amazing yet frightening experience, I am so glad the Talons were not out. It was as if it was trying to give me a wake up call…

  166. An occasional hawk has flown by or perched in the nearby tree in the park just North of us during the past 29 years. This has thrilled me but I do not know why. I am not an indigenous Native American although some of my European ancestors were here in the 1600’s. Lately there have been four or five (a family?) loudly whistling and screeching especially in the early morning. Their calls sometimes give me the creeps! Are they WARNING us about something? Lately, there have been two larger quakes in Southern California. (We are in Orange County about 6 miles from the beach.) There have been electrical glitches , outages, and what this farmer’s daughter calls “Earthquake Weather”. Is “THE BIG ONE” coming to Southern California? Have hawks been known to predict such events?

  167. So I’ve always known that I need to pay attention to the hawks I see in my life, but as of late when I’m opening up more spiritually I have a red tailed hawk that will fly right over my head, and the latest encounter it was singing to me. What does that mean? I keep looking for answers but no one talks about if the hawk sings to you.

  168. I always see Hawks when there is some great change good/bad going on in my life, when I go through emotional anguish. For instance, the day I was going to finalize my divorce in court and I’m on the phone with my soon to be ex re-hashing things, a hawk swoops down in front of my car to grab its prey. On another occasion, another red-tail flew again across me very low. Usually I see him, just perched up looking down on me. I’m native american and I do believe he is my messenger from the spiritual realm but sometimes, when I lose focus I can’t understand what my purpose is in the situation.

  169. I have had a red tail hawk with me for a very long time everywhere I go it’s with me an I know that it’s a messenger an spiritual guidance I’m just now figuring out how to connect with it but not fully yet

  170. We have been seeing a hawk in the trees for awhile now, but when I got home today a hawk had flown straight through my front living room window. When I looked around to see initially what had happened, he was still sitting there in the corner of my garden, where he stayed for an hour and finally while I was outside looking at him he flew straight towards me and then off.

  171. We have been seeing a hawk in the trees for awhile now, but when I got home today a hawk had flown straight through my front living room window. When I looked around to see initially what had happened, he was still sitting there in the corner of my garden, where he stayed for an hour and finally while I was outside looking at him he flew straight towards me and then off.

  172. Thank you.

    I think these things are common to all cultures who have or had shamanic traditions. My ancestors are from the Pontic Steppe and Siberia, the traditional homeland of shamanism (as it was defined).

    Even before I accepted the request of my distant ancestors and the spirits to become a shaman, hawks have always been present in my life. There is a particular one that always makes his or her presence known when I’m nearby.

    There is definitely great power in them.

    PS: Do you know anything about the significance of quails?

  173. Some years ago, when I lived in the berbs, I had a Hawk that would swoop down past my head (several times), when I was raking leaves. He would then land on a nearby tree limb and stare at me, as if to laugh, and say hello. One day while raking, I noticed Mama and Papa Hawk flying overhead, heard some screeching, looked up, there about six Hawks, now I decided it was time stop raking and pay attention. I laid on my back to witness this happening, the Hawks eventually grew to number around twenty four. I still am amazed at what I witnessed, I didn’t know Hawks ever did anything like that. They circled around me, my house, my yard, for about forty-five minutes. The most magnificent thing I’ve ever witnessed. It was right above my house vertically, in a very tight pattern. I live in midtown now, and I have a Hawk couple that comes by and lands on top of the bldg., just about daily. The Male came and landed on the porch rail one day, hung out about ten minutes, I got about six minutes video of him on the rail. I have “NEVER” heard of twenty-four Hawks flying together, whats up with that ???????????

  174. Leaving my house this morning I saw a red tailed hawk sitting on a cable line about 2 feet from my house, looked directly at me and just sat there. We had to put our 13yr old lab to sleep 2 weeks ago, I like to think either he came back to check on us as the hawk or sent the hawk to see if we were ok.

  175. A hawk has always appears to me when something bad is going to happen. It is normally facing me, however, the past two times it has appeared this week it has its back to me. The second time I seen it had its back to me but his face turned sideways looking at me as I passed. I also seen 6 big nests on poles as I drove a few miles. Unsure what that means.

  176. I stumbled across this because I was laying in a hammock with my significant other and we saw two Hawks hunting together,which was a first for both of us, and for whatever reason it lit up a part of my brain so I decided to look into any symbolism but I don’t see anything that touches base on seeing a mated pair of Hawks, anyone have any info they found. Idk if it means anything but allegedly I have Cherokee blood in my veins. I show physical native American characteristics though so I don’t doubt it

  177. I found a baby Hawk with a broken wing, so I am taking it to someone to nurse it back to health, does anyone know what kind of spiritual meaning or sign of this is

  178. I usually see a hawk, maybe even two, at least once a week on the tree branches in front of my window. Once in a while they will just stay on the trees and just screech. Many times they would stay on the branches and I will sit there watching them until they fly off. I always see them but when I tell my husband to come, they fly away and he always misses them. I actually just heard one screeching by my window but I couldn’t get up because my son is asleep on me. I’m curious as to why I’m constantly seeing them.

  179. There’s been a hawk calling outside of our house for many days now. This morning when I took the dogs out for a walk it swooped in front of us and dropped its (dead) prey. Is this a gift? I am overly analytical and have many changes going on in my life (getting married this weekend, starting a new job in a few weeks, remodeling our home). Could this mean something?

  180. Hi,

    I had a disturbing experience today. This morning I saw 4 hawks wheeling and playing overhead. I watched them for a long time and was struck by how beautiful they were. This afternoon I was driving back from an errand and hit a hawk with my car. It left quite a dent, and I’m pretty sure I killed it, but I didn’t see what happened to it after the impact. The collision was strange enough, but especially so after the enjoyable experience in the morning. I don’t know what to make of it.


  181. my husband passed away March 25,2020. He was real spiritual and im surrounded by hawks daily and they circle around in circles and i just cry and talk to my husband , I just wanna know what is it , he’s trying to tell me ? I’m lost weak and no doubt I really feel powerful and have noticed he really watching over me ! I recently got pulled over had things in my car that wasn’t supposed to and the cops throw it out let me go … was thankful and my husband had small pouch he had creative and when he died I received it. I keep it in my pocket or around me ever day , should I see whats inside or idk really having break down as I’m typing! Yall comments was very touching as well ..

  182. I have been followed by red tails for my entire life I am part black foot native American but recently I had a juvenile red tail die facing my front door wings open like it collided with the wooden porch post…..I have been having serious issues with my current home life and I have been wanting out for years never had the courage until a week after I found the hawk….i know in my soul it was a sign that i needed to make this move

  183. Recently lost my job. My anxiety through the roof. Yesterday a red tail hawk crashed into my window dropping a dove on my back deck. He stood up on his own shook it off. We had a brief moment staring at each other. He lept to the fence looked back one last time and flew away leaving me the dove. I would have thought nothing of it, until a dream I had about him and the dove last night. I awoke and had a urge to look up these animals. Now know are spirt totem animals., each with their own messages. The more I read the more I was pulled in by the accuracy.

    I feel like the dove was aa message or gift as the hawk left his pray for me. He could have taken it easily.

    Snapped a few pictures of him. The dove 🕊 left a perfect outline of its body and face as the hawk smashed it into the window scaring every one. Lol

    Talk about a message with a dream to follow.

  184. Hello all,
    So, my story…
    In the last 10 days I have had 4 hawks fly directly in front of my jeep just a few feet above the road. In all my years of traveling the same route I had only ever seen them circling high above. Each time, they flew from right to left.
    And, though not a hawk, I also had a heron fly out of the woodline in front of my jeep and fly a few feet above the road straight ahead of me for nearly 20 seconds, only to veer back into the wooded area to the left again.
    Then just yesterday I had to brake hard because a flock of at least 30 birds (the kind you see on power lines) flew from the grassy area on the right to the left…at the exact moment I was passing. I’m shocked I didn’t hit any.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why all these birds are literally crossing my path?

  185. Hello,
    I found a pile of feathers in my yard yesterday not sure but think it was a dove or pigeon nothing but the heart and another piece of organ and the seeds the bird ate, cleaned completely of everything else. I was contemplating Hawk ( which is my totem) or Owl I live in the suburbs of NE PA. My question is what is the Spiritual or Metaphysical meaning of this ?
    Looking forward to your thoughts , Thank you Rebecca

  186. This evening when I arrived home from my walk I had 15 to 20 hawks sitting in the trees next to the house, more flew in and stayed for a few minutes then one by one they flew away. Four days before this I had a red tailed hawk fly inches in front of my windshield while I was driving 45 mph. I have always resonated with hawks and they arrive in my life when change is occurring, or at times when I need to stop thinking and just follow my path. It is a good sign and reconnects me to the earth and nature.

  187. I have fed birds for years and have a love of all birds of preys for just as long. But, I also feel feeding the birds also provides for hawks to eat. I have watched falcons and hawks on the ground in my yard tear apart and eat their prey. I’m pretty sure they know me. Red tails don’t frequent my space. Most are cooper’s hawks. I have taken many photos and when I’m out and one is in the tree, seldom does it bother them. Over the weekend, I had a profound experience. I was out with my small dog and at first heard a hawk call then saw it flying high above, I mimicked the cry and he cried back. I repeated and he also. I mimic lots of birds in my 1 acre and have them speak back to me, but the very first time with a hawk. It was magical!

  188. I see hawks quite often but not close until a few months back one landed in a tree right in front of me while on a walk at a local park and quickly flew away. This morning one landed on the ground right underneath my first floor bedroom window. I was able to get a picture of it. Then I get a call from my mom that same afternoon whom we haven’t spoke in years. Wondering the meaning of these 2 close encounters.

  189. Very interesting read! We see hawks all the time too! Just three days ago, heading home from construction work, we saw a huge hawk flying low, across rush hour traffic doing approximately 65 mph or better. The hawk flew head first into the top of a van with ladders on top. It hit, then struggled to get to the inside grass side of the highway. This was very upsetting to us and we all prayed that the bird didn’t suffer. A snow storm hit the next day and we couldn’t stop thinking about that hawk.

  190. I saw a hawk couple about a week ago. 🙂 I like to say a cute hawk boyfriend and girlfriend. Earlier that same week, I saw a hawk get to the ground to look at something thinking it was food on an empty parking lot. I was able to drive close and the hawk was too occupied trying to figure out if the trash on the ground was food.
    Anyways, the hawk couple was a few days later at a lovely neighborhood as I was heading to pray the rosary at a park. I won’t forget the hawk calling– almost like It was calling to me, “FEE YAAAAA” I felt so energized. Maybe I’ll drive to that neighborhood again to see if they’re still there. They were very vocal and I got to meditate at a spot where I could watch them play around. One would be perched in the highest tree, and then they went to fly super insanely high up the sky!! They were just a happy cute hawk couple following each other and having fun. They were Swainson’s Hawks.

    I felt enlightened and encouraged by the hawk pair since I struggle with relationships of any kind.

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