Goose Canada Goose Power Animal Symbol Of Sacred Circle

By Ina Woolcott

Geese symbolise the sacred circle, cooperation, communication, dedication, knowing when to lead or follow.

Geese have long been revered – it was a sacred bird in the Roman temples of Juno, it was associated with the North Wind in Greek Mythology and is the totem for the Winter Solstice for the Native Americans.

The time when Canada geese migrate announces the passages of the Great Circle of the Year, reminding us of the sanctity of the cycles of our lives. There are lessons to be learned from this birds compliant and communal demeanour – they don’t ever leave behind an ill or wounded fellow bird. They are very compassionate, caring and loving selfless creatures. We are able to see that this attitude is very natural behaviour. They also know when to lead or when to follow – members of a flock alternate these roles. This teaches us that when we are balanced and in harmony with our personal rhythms we will also know when to lead and when to follow. We are taught the values of leadership not being about an exclusive privilege or a burden but a shared opportunity.

This power animal reflects a stimulation of childhood thrills and the belief in stories and legends. The stories we loved and were drawn to as children often reflect our life mission. Think about the stories that affected you the most and see what you got out them and took into your adult life.

Not only does the goose also help when communication verbally, it an especially useful ally when it comes to the written word.

The Goose is also a symbol of fertility and fidelity.

People with this power animal often have the deep-rooted belief that there is just one special person out there for them.

Geese are vegetarians, and therefore if you are a goose person should always have plenty of organic fruit and vegetables in your diet.

9 thoughts on “Goose Canada Goose Power Animal Symbol Of Sacred Circle”

  1. I must say, I recently experienced a vision of the goose as being my spirit animal. During my sacred ceremony I shared on medecinal mushrooms, I had a vision deep within me that told me although i hope to resemble the physical traits of the panther, im alot more like the Goose!

    Being a 6ft 210 physically active mald, i was taken back from that revelation! As my ego began to doubt the animals power, it showed me that like myself, the goose is fiercly protective of family,friends, nurturing and compassionate, all strengths which forego our egoes and allign us with our trur nature of being.

  2. A flock of Geese just flew by….just as I sat down to eat a bunch of cake for breakfast. I’m vegan and will heed Geeses honk! Ok, I’ll eat my fruit and veggies!! LOL!!

    Thank you for your wisdom with Totems, I love reading them.

  3. 5 canada geese walked down my street today i live in a cul de sac they stopped outside my house and then turned around and slowly walked back up the street

  4. For the last 3 days there has been one lone Canada goose hanging around in my back yard. I live in the country
    When I try to approach it from a distance it simply walks away raises its wings and just walks. It does not appear to be injured. I am curious about what this means

  5. Today, while going to pick up my wife from work, I saw thousands, literally thousands, of snow geese gathered in a field as well as in flight not unlike a mumuration. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, especially not in my area and only on TV, if ever I saw anything remotely like that. As I was watching them, two eagles flew over, one was right over the car. I was left speechless, but eventually filled with gratitude for what I was allowed to witness.
    That being said, what, if anything, were they telling me?

  6. A Canadian Goose honked single repeating calls whilst flying over us and towards the moon in the sw horizon – at 10:30 pm in WI and it’s about 32 degrees – whilst I was barefoot, grounding and doin’ my nightly-night photography (moon and stars and the crystalline cloud colors swirling). There is a field near and fresh water in a creek that runs through the area so it will no doubt be landing and bedding down with it’s flock before I was back inside and writing this. May we all know peace and comfort tonight and always. Bless. xx

  7. Finding my way on this journey of human experience.
    Canadian geese and their babies are affluent this time of year in central Wisconsin.
    Unpowered by spiritual symbolism of late I am research the meanings as they cross my path.
    Unlocking past traumas,conditioning and programming from child hood. Searching the guiding messages being received at this time.
    Much gratitude and appreciation for information gained from reading your article

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