Giraffe Power Animal Symbol Of Grounded Vision Farsightedness

By Ina Woolcott

Giraffe’s medicine includes seeing far into the future, ability to reach things that are unreachable to others, communication, intuition, ability to remain above the fray.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals, growing up to 18 feet high, with neck’s as long as 7 feet. Though giraffes may seem to some to lack grace because of their long limbs, their weight is well distributed, and they are only vulnerable when bending down to drink water. However, similar to the camel, giraffes are able to go for long periods of time without drinking (up to a month). Giraffe helps us see our lives in a way that is both grounded and expansive and that in our longing to evolve spiritually, we must always remember we are physical creatures, no different to any other living being.

Their long necks offer protection by enabling it to see very far. The powerful body helps protect it and its young. Tough they cannot hold them off, with a well-aimed kick they can kill a lion. The giraffe’s strong body represents being grounded in physical existence and its ability to see symbolises spiritual vision. Consequently we are taught to view our lives in a way that is both grounded and expansive.

If we study the many forms of earth’s creatures in depth, we may find ourselves becoming ever deeply appreciative of nature’s imagination and design. In the animal kingdom alone, when we ponder on the differences between horse, cats, big cats, wild cats, dogs, wolfs, wild dogs, elephants, dolphins, kangaroos etc we can see just how many creative possibilities life holds. It can be even more awe-inspiring to discover how each form has been created for a particular purpose. We can once again see how connected EVERYTHING is. The whole universe is one. Not just our planet. The whole cosmos is one living, ever expanding creation.

Giraffe helps us explain the expression ‘to stick one’s neck out.’ When we take risks by going further than we ever imagined possible, we see find worlds of possibility. The giraffe’s vulnerability when lowering its head to drink, is a reminder to us that if we lose sight of our greater vision and consciousness and sink into a mundane way of life, we risk losing our spiritual connection.

People who have Giraffe as power animals often know what will happen in the future. They have clairvoyant abilities. Giraffe people should be very careful when talking – be sure not to say too much to the wrong person, or in the other hand, too little. Do not let other’s words have an affect on you. Giraffes legs are firmly planted on the earth, but their heads are in the sky, serving as a link between the higher and lower worlds. Their flexible necks let them see what is behind, next to and in front of them. This gives them the ability to know the future and understand the past, whilst moving with the present moment. We are taught how to increase our perceptions by viewing life from all angles. When we look up, sideways, forwards, and down, the past, present and future is made known. This symbolises balance and the capability to progress. Never become complacent and lose sight of the future, yet don’t live in the future, live in the now. Life could become ever more difficult until you set your sights once more on the path ahead. Giraffe can bring clear sight and can be a powerful ally to you.

If Giraffe is your power animal, then just like giraffe you will have very strong bonds with family and friends, especially parent and children.

Giraffes need only 2-4 hours of sleep a day. When sleeping they will kneel down with their neck and head wrapped around them, resting it in the crock of their leg. Some legends suggest that the sleeping habits of the giraffe is linked to ancient Eastern cultures. They are amazingly flexibility allow them to take on positions similar to Yoga therapies, where the body is contorted (but not uncomfortably) whilst in a meditative state. Coupled with its kneeling sleep position made many believe that it was actually praying instead of sleeping! Upon awakening the giraffe stood up and its great height would invoke feelings from fear to respect. Many cultures honoured the giraffe, the Egyptians art for one, featured giraffes.

Because the distance between the head and the heart is far, the giraffes vascular system has valves so sufficient blood gets to the brain. The elastic blood vessels in the head and neck take care of changes in blood pressure due to head swings. Blood pressure fluctuations and circulatory conditions may be found in those with this medicine. If this is the case, proper care is advised. What we think and feel on a heart level needs to line up in order for giraffes gifts to benefit us.

Giraffes are very quiet, laid back, docile animals making little noise except for the odd bleat. If this is your power animal, this brings you the wisdom, and power, of silence. Words often take our focus away from silent reflection. Learning to balance speech with silence, peace and tranquillity is very important. As giraffes communicate through body language, if this is your power animal you would benefit from some type of movement classes, such as Yoga or Pilates.

Although the head of the giraffe seems dainty, it has 3 horns giving it the ability to deal a nasty blow. One of its horns is a bit obscured, hidden under the skin just above its eyes. This location is similar to that of the third eye in man and reminds us to honour our visionary abilities. A wonderful power animal to have in ones life, the giraffe is a bearer of many gifts.

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  1. Thank you. I took my grandson to the zoo and his favorite animal was the giraffe. He is not even a year old yet but I could tell that he was clairvoyant.


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