Gazelle Power Animal Symbol Of Awareness Speed Grace

By Ina Woolcott

The Gazelle’s wisdom includes awareness, speed, grace and agility, beauty, ability to manoeuvre, vertical movement.

Gazelles are members of the antelope family and are top of the menu for big cats. Therefore they are vulnerable meaning they must constantly be extremely alert to in their surroundings.

Their main predator is the cheetah. Though gazelles are capable of reaching high speeds, cheetahs are able to run faster. They like sneaking up on their prey and then making a dash for it. Hence, the gazelle has the ability to zig zag swiftly from side to side, often outwitting the cheetah and putting themselves out of the cheetah’s straight line run of attack. They are most likely to be caught when stopping to see if the cheetah is still following them.

Similarly, those who try and escape depression, fear, negative emotions and habits of the past by resorting to food, alcohol, or other forms of addictive behaviour, often find themselves stopped in their tracks, with the negative emotions they try to avoid at their throats. This can lead to a blockage in the throat chakra and cause ill health in relation to this area. There is a lack of communication with oneself or others to overcome here.

From the gazelle we can learn that with awareness and skill, we can be at ease with our own vulnerability. The ability to discover and explore new paths and to change direction when required is the best way to free ourselves and to prevent ourselves from being consumed by the hungry beasts of the past, lurking in the shadows of our minds. Reclaim your energy, don’t waste it on futile thoughts or efforts. Put all your energy into a positive way of living and thinking. This ability also ties in with the gazelle’s vulnerability. When we step onto an unknown path we feel vulnerable. Gazelle shows us that with awareness and skill we can be comfortable discovering and exploring the unknown. Life is an adventure. Grasp it with both hands and a heart filled with anticipation and eagerness.

4 thoughts on “Gazelle Power Animal Symbol Of Awareness Speed Grace”

  1. I don’t know my spirit animal and I’m longing to know but this sounds a lot like me especially with the part of leaving the negative in the past but then felling less vulnerable in the future now that’s defiantly me

  2. Could you help me in a way find my spirit animal like I said I’m longing to know but for some reason when I meditate to find it in my head I always think of a deer like animal like the gazelle which it might be but could you help me?

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