Frog Power Animal Symbol Of Healing Cleansing Rebirth

By Ina Woolcott

Frog’s medicine includes – a reminder of common bonds with all life, singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient watery beginnings, transformation, cleansing, understanding emotions, rebirth, healing, water energy.

Frogs are amphibians, spending their early life nurtured in water and once they emerge onto dry land as frogs. They are never far from a water source. The frog is recognised as a healer in North and South American Native customs, as well as Celtic traditions.

Frog is believed to bring rain when needed. Water cleanses and gives the earth renewed freshness. Similarly frog’s medicine can wash away any negative physical and mental energies which deny us a balanced and peaceful life. Perhaps when we have allowed emotional toxins to thwart our outlook on life, or if we feel swamped. They also helps to nourish our own innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels. The notion of renewal is frequently linked with water, representing the unblocking and smooth flow of energy for healing.

Due to the fact that frogs are found in water and on land, they hold the magic of both. Mud is a combination of earth and water, and is used in healing therapies to rid the body of toxins. Those with frog medicine are extremely sensitive, and the use of mud baths is advised.

The deepest healing will always take place, and be fulfilled on the emotional level. Emotions are linked with water, especially tears. Some of us, especially men, are brought up to believe that crying is something to be ashamed of, that you are weak, wimpish or childish if you cry. When we deprive ourselves of this powerful form of emotional release, we bottle it all up and this can cause us to eventually reach unbelievable lows in our lives. Energies become blocked. With the frog’s assistance, we can begin to realise, and experience, tears as being natural and as necessary as rain.

There are few species of frog who actually care for their offspring. After mating they abandon the eggs. Because of this, lessons to do with survival are common in people with frog. Scientists believe that the frog populations health reflects the health of the entire eco-system (as a whole).

Frog is strongly linked with transformation and magic. Generally frogs undergo a two stage life cycle. They start off as eggs, hatching into tadpoles, limbless aquatic larva with gills and a long flat tail. Legs and lungs develop, and the tail gradually disappears as the tadpole approaches the adult stage. This denotes the awakening of ones creativity. When frog enters your life, it is an invitation to leap into your creative power. In order to do this, it is helpful to know which stage of life you are presently at. By studying the frogs characteristics you will discover this. This is yet another reminder to us that life is about evolution, a miracle of change and transformation.

This message is strongly represented in the story of the ‘Frog Prince’. Im sure most of you are familiar with it. I certainly grew up with this story! It is similar to the story of the ugly duckling. In one version of the story, a queen was ill and could only be healed by drinking from the well of true water. Her 3 daughters tried to get the water, but each time a hideousus frog refused them access unless they agreed to marry him. Alas, the youngest daughter agreed her mother was healed. To her delight she discovered that her hideous groom transformed into a gorgeous prince.

This teaches us that in order to heal ourselves and others, it is often required to face that part of us that we have hidden from ourselves, because we find it unacceptable or ugly. When we can honestly look all aspects of ourselves in the face and accept them, we will find that the ugliness is washed away. Our true beauty shines, like the sun after healing rain.

Frogs are to be found world wide. Their bodies were created for jumping and their sharp eyes help them catch prey, mostly insects. As a frogs eyes protrude from the sides of their heads, they have almost 360 degree vision, providing them with excellent depth perception. Frogs also have a highly developed sense of hearing. Behind each eye is to be found a large disked membrane, an external eardrum that picks up sound waves and transmits them to the inner ear and then to the brain. Combined with their extraordinary sight, this gives them clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities.

The way in which frogs produce sound is similar to the way humans do, by forcing air from the lungs over the vocal cords. They posses a variety of complex calls from ribbets to croaks, connecting this with language. If this is your power animal, you have the potential to take command of the spoken word. Often frog people are bilingual.

Frog symbolises coming into your personal power, reminding you not to become bogged down with day-to-day living. If frog is your power animal, you give support and energy where it is needed, and can cleanse the negativity from an environment.

22 thoughts on “Frog Power Animal Symbol Of Healing Cleansing Rebirth”

  1. This is a nice article . Ran into it after I created a frog painting… now I understand why I painted it a bit more….

  2. My moniker has been FROGGER bka FROG for the past 30yrs. I really enjoyed the article personally and the spiritual lessons and knowledge it contained. Thank you.

  3. dear ina,

    your article has brought me a lot of joy as it corresponds so wonderfully with what’s happening in my life. lately little frogs have been showing up on and on on my window sill, directly on the window glass and in my watering cans! i thought i remembered from the medicine cards that the frog stands for healing/cleansing but wanted to look it up on the net.

    after having walked intensely the ‘gene keys golden path’ for the last 18 months, i could look at and transform so many of my shadow aspects that i started to realize how much this extends to my loved ones, all those i encounter and to my whole environment – also through the words that just flow through me. when i read your last few paragraphs, i felt so so comforted and started to smile and feel true joy as this is the utter confirmation for where i have arrived!

    much gratitude to you dear one, and blessings to you, your loved ones and to ALL!
    evelyn in australia

    1. dear ina,

      5 days after coming back from europe to see family, my exhaustion from many, many months of stress forced me to stay in bed for four weeks with changing symptoms, partially quite severe. soon i could sense how deeply i have been needing the rest and cleansing that i was then forced to have.

      today, in the evening of my second consecutive day up, my sweet frog friend is back on my window! what a delight… so i looked up frog medicine again and realized even more what a deep healing process has been happening in my life (and now taking the time for recovery)…

      it did so good to now read again not only about the cleansing but also about the creativity coming back that i have missed so much! also the necessary acceptance of sides that i didn’t really like started to happen in these weeks in bed… so good, and REALLY liberating. also i had to chuckle about your sentence at the end about ‘the potential to take command of the spoken word’ as i am not only a photographer but also a writer – AND bilingual as well 😉

      so, dear ina, i’m thanking you once more for your lovely work and your sharing.
      love and blessings to you all,
      evelyn, australia

  4. Thank you!

    Can anyone provide some links or general direction as to good sources to study the “cycles of the frog” to better identify where you are at in your own cycle with this totem animal? I’m thinking more along the lines of a strong documentary if there’s one out there?

  5. I enjoyed the light bulb click I recieved when reading the above it is similar to the many stages of many things in life that are forever moving in our
    mind thoughts and deeds forever evolving our perception of how we are so connected to everything that surrounds use in lifes journey.

  6. I woke the other morning with a littlle frog on my bed, beside my pillow. I usually find it sitting on the loo lid, I think it comes in via the cistern? Anyway, it has been getting more adventurous lately, culminating in the bed visit. It didn’t panic when I carefully shepherded it into a container and released it into the garden.

    Thank you for this article, I was interested to see if there was a meaning to the frog’s visit and I can relate with the comments in the article

  7. Twice in this past week, tiny frogs have come into my house. Didn’t realize the blessing until I read about their symbolism. I am so grateful!!!!!

  8. I had a dream that I ate a frog that seemed to be in a dream state. Does this signify frog as medicine.? After reading your article the dream does not disturb me.

  9. I googled your article after dreaming about a frog. I saw a frog in my house. I had a glass of water in front of me and the frog jumped onto it. I waved my hands to shoo it away but it stayed put. I placed my hands palm down onto my belly and the Frog jumped onto them. I felt afraid and flung it away.

    After reading Ina’s article I plan to set an intention to welcome Frog into my life as a symbolic way to remove my fear of the change I am trying to make.

    1. Dearest “Me’ …awe bless you….we ARE all One and you have my deepest best wishes that you are/have transitioned to a fulfilling outcome although it may yet take few moments for the next step to gently unfold…Sending you lots and lots of love and support..very fondly, Wendy xox 🙂 <3

  10. There is a new critter in my life, his name is Fred!
    And he is a frog!

    I love frogs.
    I have always loved frogs. And they have always been a part of my life.

    When I was little (in Puerto Rico), there was a tree frog that found it’s way to my mother’s kitchen counter.
    They have sticky feet so they can climb up walls.

    My mother put a little dish of water on the sink, next to where the faucet was.
    And the little frog would sit in the water!
    He would catch flies and mosquitoes.
    It was SO cute!

    When I was 6 we moved to the States, Illinois, and there were creeks and puddles around our housing complex.
    And there used to be tadpoles!
    It felt like finding gold nuggets!

    Now, as an adult, I have a frog that lives in the bush in front of my house.
    Three days ago I ran into him.
    He was sitting by my front door when I got home from work at 2am.
    He was hunting bugs;
    my daughter and son in law leave the front light on for me, and as we all know, light attracts bugs!

    I started watering his bush.
    I took 3 jugs of water and poured it at the base of the bush, and he went and sat in the wet soil and leaves under the bush!
    I’ve been doing this everyday since I saw him.
    My daughter named him Fred.

    Today I went to Goodwill
    and bought a flat plate and placed it by his bush, and filled it with water, after watering his plant.
    We’ll have to hop across it on his way to the door.
    He’ll enjoy the water!

    I hope he is happy!
    We are enjoying his presence!

  11. I had a frog appear in my lounge last night (no idea how he got in) and today I managed to capture him (worried he would starve if stayed indoors) and put him back into my garden. After this, I read your article and now understand the message he was trying to give to me. Thank you so much.

    Love and blessings


  12. Oh what perfect timing…..
    I’d like to share the chain of events that have happened in my life this week. I purchased a golden palm tree for my living room on Thursday after carefully picking out the one that I felt best resonated with me. That night I heard the gentle sound of a tiny frog talking to me from the palm next to my couch. I knew to research the spiritual meaning straight away. Let the transformation begin & Prince Charming to enter my life ?

  13. Thank you for this beautiful article. Tonight I was driving, and had reached a narrow road very close to my home. A frog jumped out from the side of the road as I approached, positioned himself right in front of my car – and stopped. I tentatively moved forward, hoping that this would encourage him to hop to safety on the other side. No, it didn’t. He stayed completely still. I got out of the car and fearlessly, he moved not one centimetre as I approached. I gently coaxed him off the road by putting my hand on his back and only then did he hop slowly to the other side. What a moment to treasure and to learn from. Talk about a spirit animal “crossing your path”!

  14. Thank you for this article! I work with Kambo frog medicine so it’s always great to find another layer to add to my frog totem.
    I always use ethically harvested non-crucified (tied) sources to honor their spirit.

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