Dragon Power Animal Symbol Of Transformation Infinity Wisdom

By Ina Woolcott

The dragons medicine includes change and transformation, wisodm, infinity, longevity and movement through space, supernatural.

Celtic tradition may give specific qualities for dragons of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air, however, in general terms, Dragon’s power is that of shedding its skin and coming out as a new, transformed being. The dragon gives provides us with fierce protection and possesses inherent magic, adding extra power to any magic you may perform. Dragon represents the supernatural and infinite self.

In Celtic tradition:

The Fire Dragon is a symbol of transmutation, energy and mastery, if this is your power animal you will be lent enthusiasm, courage and vitality. Your inner fire will be fuelled. You will be helped to overcome obstacles. You will be given the qualities of leadership and mastery. The fire dragon can also be a strong protector.

The Air Dragon brings insight, inspiration and vitality. This power animal must be handled with the greatest of respect. With this power animal, large flashes of illumination in intellect and psyche are possible. Insight and clarity will be given for all problems. As always – trust your inner voice.

The Earth Dragon brings potential, power and riches. You will be shown your potential and your riches – what you are capable of. With the earth dragons assistance, you may discover the beauty and power that lies within you, within us all. The earth dragon resides deep within the Earth and can aid you in grounding scattered energies. When you call on him for help, think of a slowly paced heavy dragon pulling himself toward you. Feel his weight surrounding you. He will nurture you like Mother Earth does.

The Water Dragon brings connection, depth and passion. The water dragon as power animal brings memories and wishes, perhaps long forgotten yet hidden, to the fore. By squaring up with painful past experiences, a sense of peace and balance can be achieved in our lives. The water dragon will give you the courage and compassion in this challenge.

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  1. I was reading about the dragon spirit guide on your site. My friend took a picture of her 4 yr old daughter and there’s a white, solid mass around her head and shoulder. Someone told her that it’s her dragon animal spirit. Are they able to be captured in a picture? Should my friend be worried for her daughter or their family? How would she know what type of dragon spirit guide this is? Does anyone have more information on this? How can she be sure this white mass is even her animal spirit?

    If you can help answer any of these, we’d appreciate it. This is new to her.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. It is possible that it is a dragon spirit guide. Usually they are not caught on film but if you catch them just right you can and will . as for being concerned this one shows up as a white mass. This is a very good thing. If it where to appeared black I would have been very concerned. I might suggest reading everything you can on them. Both totem and non totem history. This little girl is lucky to have such a fierce fighter as a protector totem.

    2. When or has my dragon spirit guide appeared to me?? How will I know ..
      I feel I should know…thank you
      Light worker First Wave Indigo

      1. I believe mine physically appeared in the shadows of sacred places.. I stumbled upon mine looking for a ground hog. After I found many effigies of the same dragon that showed itself to me in the photo.. I have no idea what it means and I am trying to find who what and why. I live on shawnee land but my heritage is Cherokee. I havent told anyone about my experience for fear I will look insane. I would post the photos but I don’t know how. Good luck..

    3. Well, you shouldn’t be scared, because a dragon spirit won’t hurt her, or anyone she cares for, it will protect her, only she can know what type of dragon it is, if it is a dragon, it could be another animal as her spirit. The white around her head and shoulders could be something else all together, either something wrong with the camera, or a spirit looking over her, but I wouldn’t worry as spirits wouldn’t be able to hurt her, but don’t attempt to make contact with any spirits, even so, there are dragons in the world that will protect her, they are always around

    4. My spirit animal is a dragon, he told me his name is draeg, he is an earth element dragon, he can also predict the future, he told me to prepare greatly for events that happened the past 2 weeks, before they even happened, and I wish I had listened to him, since then I saw a man die of cardiac arrest in front of me, and my girlfriend broke up with me with out even telling me, but whilst meditating recently, I found out that Dreag isn’t the only dragon spirit in my life, but there is one for each element, there names are currently unknown to me, but they are trying to prepare me for the future

      1. That’s awesome, Ben! You are very fortunate! I have a Dragon Spirit Guide, too. I don’t know his name yet. He has all elements within him! He’s extremely huge & it took about two years before he came to me fully. He is that powerful! Remember, you don’t choose dragons, they
        choose you! Blessed Be!

        1. I too have a huge Dragon..he was blood red but he changed to gold. Hes vary protective of me. I was told his name once but forgot..he tells me not to worry bout it right now. I do know hes a fire dragon cuz iv seen him breath fire before. Hes quite affectionate too


      3. I have a white Dragon
        For some reason i see peoples pain
        I look at people and i can see how they really feel and i see there past when they hide there feelings i see it and i end up knowing the exact reason they hide it i see my dragon when i close my eyes and i see simbles each one more strange i have been feeling weired things then i hear voices and i see dark ora’s and i dont know how to control it i feel the pain of the ppl around me and when its to much my eye go black and i wont be able to see for a couple seconds and i have know idea whats going on and i keep seeing the simble of fire its scary

    5. When flying on a plane I took a picture of the clouds and a gold dragon can be seen clearly and I dreamt of a dragon last week it took me into the fire to shed my skin and I came out a phoenix

    6. I would not think it would be a harmful entity, since it was white light rather than dark. As far as being a dragon,I couldn’t really say… but since someone brought that to light I would look into it. Dragon has been coming to me for sometime now and always a protective role. Love and light.

    7. It’s not common to see people talking about Dragons so I can’t help but telling you what I know. People are getting in touch with Dragons again because we are raising frequency and changing dimensions. Dragons are not power animals with earthly attributes. They are very powerful beings from other planet. You cannot call a Dragon nor control as they say. They are very benevolent beings that can take you to another dimensions, or set some special energy field, or open a portal and the most special quality is that they carry in their third eye the records of all lifetimes of the person he is related with. You just have to touch their forehead and let him show you. He also have a powerful heart center from which you could feel the unconditional love again. People whose get in touch with Dragons are called Avatars … is the same as the cartoon because the truth about them crosses time. In my experience the same dragon changes color and shape depending of where he is taking me. But you can also be visited by someone else’s Dragon to take you to their present dimension. I believe Dragons are coming back to help us open our hearts and to spread this message around. Infinite blessings is poured to the one who meets such a loving being. All my love to all, Lady Dragon.

      1. Thanks, Renata! I agree with you, it’s not common for people to speak about Dragons! I only found out recently that Dragons choose you, not the others way around! My Dragon is very powerful & has all the elements within him! I don’t know his name as yet! I would love to learn more as well as discover more! I am walking with my Dragon! Love & Light from the Other Dragon Lady!

      2. Yes, spot on. They’re older than humanity and this plane. They’re shape shifters and can travel to any dimension or astral project. They’re helping humanity ascend and are incarnating on earth in human bodies. They’re helping the earth to heal also. I posted everything I know dragons on Facebook The Midgard Light Gangsters, and found corroboration.

      3. Thank you so much for you post. I have a Dragon. ” special quality is that they carry in their third eye the records of all lifetimes of the person he is related with” No kidding!! I have been experiencing multiple past lifetimes, nearly simultaneously in the past weeks. I was certain the journey was connected with him, and enjoy reading a validating statement. He is a fierce protector indeed and connected to the earth at Her core. It is an exciting journey.

        1. Last day at 4.20 am I saw a white dragon. That came out from my nose. It look like a snake , It can fly ,small but with big moustache. Suddenly I wake up .I don’t understand the meaning of dream.

      4. Your 100% correct and i know the feeling and what you said it explains a lot happening to me

      5. Beautiful response. I have just gotten to a level of spiritual development where I am aware of my Dragon’s. I have two, but some others who are working with me (family?).

        They have made their presence known to me for years but thought they were only dreams, this year there has been a surge in visitations, and confirmations out of dream states and now they are all I can think about, hence why I am here due to research. As a shaman, this is an entity I never thought would be available due to us being brainwashed by popular media.

        Nice to know I am not crazy!

        Thank you again for your response.

      6. Avaros my 3 eyed Dragon was not seeabull at first but I no he was there a spirit in the dark so I closed my eyes and asket it what he wanted and when I open my eyes his tail sparkt like a blinding light flash n he dissapeard but we connected just like you said I seen past life’s flash names faces all sorts and also my shadow work I had dun in dreams pri this I no I can dream the fucher I no avaros is a solar Dragon spirit n I can teliport and fly in energy’s from Gaia earth so I look up the colors n the colors a seen and found out there the 7 shackras I have astra travel thro crystal rocks in the earth and found a black water cave with walls ov beutuful stones and color I seen a blood moon in a dream and that happend on my birthday acuple year back I believe I bonded sole with him and forght battles and such some things I wish I could for get but I believe you 100 abowt the avatar and korra even more sins my. Awakening

      7. My fire dragon swallowed a bear – to protect me, he/she ( Idk yet which one ? ) is a fire dragon – but spit it out when I asked him to. We have been flying together in the snow, shapeshifting together with my wolf power animal who is female, and has white and grey coat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes the dragon shapeshifts into northern lights, he is actually living in my witch drum, and apart from this one incident I would say, that I can’t control him really. Nor do I want to – I know he protects me fiercely, and brings me to places on my journeys where I need to be ( not necessarily always where I want to, however! ). We do psychopomp work together, for that I call elves to help me, alone I would not manage in cases of war time deaths. But now I have gotten very ill, and am taking a pause from that work. Looking forward to getting healthy again and run in the snow with the wolf and the beloved dragon again, hopefully soon. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—๐Ÿพ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‰

    8. One of my spirit guides is a dragon, and she rests around my head and is my gatekeeper/protector. So I can totally believe that is true if another person has a dragon spirit guide around the head and shoulders. Mine is old and very wise and carries all the depth and mystery of the stars/universe. When I see her in my minds eye it is all dark/murky/deep blue/black with stars in the background. Like a curtain of velvet sky and stars. I call her Celeste and she lets me but I am not sure if that is her real name. Dragons are awesome, powerful and wise energies.

      1. Hi you have similar dragon like mine. I have a mystical deer and as well was told that I have always been a healer in all of my ancient lives. I have been a RN for 40 years and am taking care of my mom. My dragon hangs out on my shoulders and is that beautiful blue murky color you have described. I am aware of a lot more than I ever have realized since I am at home. I also have many angelic guards lined up outside of my house. I feel quite blessed and grateful. Of course there are not many people that would believe this. The holy family is also present in my cup reading and I feel very close to Mary!! I am also part American Indian and have a great guide from there. These are amazing times. Godโ€™s blessings

  2. Hello my name is Ethan. A while ago I had a dream that I was a maturing dragon. A larger dragon who was on a tower in the middle of the ocean told me that It would take 1000 years to grow my wings. As a dragon if I touched iron I could instantly melt it. Does this mean anything? I didn’t know anything about dragons before the dream. Could anybody let me know what this could mean?

    1. I too have had visions similar to this. Twas the metallic blue Dragon I see when I meditate. We were flying over the ocean. I saw a large isolated stone tower in the vast watery abyss.

      1. I just had a dream last night of a blue dragon. I was looking down at the ocean from a sort of balcony when the dragon appeared from above and landed on the balcony and told me to get on. So I climbed on and we flew close to the surface of the water and even through a storm, which I thought we wouldn’t be able to make it through. But I finally ended up on an island and the dragon had disappeared.

      2. Last night I had a vivid dream seeing this metallic shining blue dragon flying above me…it was huge…interesting you mentioned metallic blue….

      3. Mines white this is weird to say but I’ve always been obsessed with dragons I’ve always wanted to have contact with them and be friends with them and I wanted this ever since I was three when I first found out about them I made models of dragons pain in them collected them the figures and then there was a day I close my eyes and saw a white dragon ever since then my life has changed a lot

  3. Hello um I have 4 year old twins and 4 the last few ntes day have bin saying DAT day can see fire dragons now thay r very scard of them wana no more on this. Um day have also said theirs a man with red eyes hea with a sword cod any1 help with this thanx

    1. The fire dragons shouldn’t pose a problem of any sort, so long as they haven’t done anything. However, if your children are seeing a person, regardless of appearance, that’s in itself not good. What your kids are describing is probably a human spirit that’s “earthbound”, or punished with being stuck in the living realm until their ill intent fades from their soul. The only advice I can give you is to try and make your children believe the man isn’t real(sometimes the awareness of a spirit increases it’s power over the particular person), and to regularly perform white-magic rituals for your household, particularly your children. These rituals should be easy to find on the Internet and commonly involve incenses and/or basic ingredients a person would find in their kitchen

    2. I can help you! you are very lucky. The two fire dragons are probably your childrens protectors since they are twins they need a special type of protection from the outside. Do not be afriad, they are for your protection!

      The man with a sword and red eyes is Archangel Michael. You are truly bless sinced you have been granted this protection! You have been visited by the leader of the archangels himself!

      My name is Lanioc and i am a channeler. That means that i have good connections with these types of spirits (dragons and angels and so on). Dont be afraid! As soon as you are not afraid anymore, they will not be seen.

      Please email me if any more trouble! Thank you!
      Best wishes / Lanioc

      1. Very interesting to read ur email. I have 7 dragons, one of which is a baby, her egg was given to me for protection. She is a breeder of smart fighters. I went for a psychic reading to see who or what I am as I felt I should be doing something that I am not. The excellent reader told me to shuffle my cards to ask. She has been a reader all of her near 50 yrs of reading. Wen she saw my cards she had tears in her eyes, she told me she had never seen cards like these before. She told me I have an excellent connection with angels. I’m working on connecting with the angels in order to help those that are worthy of my help and advice around me. Its awesome to finally have a title, cheers.

        1. Hi, i am sorry for my inglish. i am italian girl . just i read you ( Lanioc and Lyn) and i would like to know if one of you can help me. I have a Fire Dragon with me and a egg also(donated to me yesterday) but i dont know what to do now!
          Please if you can help me this is my udress:

      2. Hi Lanioc

        I have been practicing Shamanic meditation & went to the lower earth to meet my spirit animal and was met with a red fire dragon with large wings breathing fire and violet purple light.

        I decided to do another journey with the intention of finding out its name & amethyst like the crystal came up but I wasn’t sure but before I could confirm I was pulled through a bright white tunnel like tube as the drumming ended. My question is would you be able to help me with my dragons name? I’m also not 100% but think I may have another spirit animal (Unicorn) ?

      3. Hi I am David today I have done a simple spell that calls apon your Guardian Dragon
        after a while I felt a very high temperature that was running
        through my body,my heart pumped very hard till I could listen to it and ears wear like closed up while hearing a very high beeping sound
        so plz somebody who could know what was happening with my self
        to plz help me out coz it was totaly weard

    3. Woooow the red eyes fire eyes i no them eyes!!! and fire dragons unreal woow the sword in the stone king Arthur hee man master u should no that one!! you children are verry gifted n have verry powerful gardions avatar last air bender and the legend ov korra will help you ask them what colors they see allso do they fly in there dreams or talk with spirits and animals all so are they both in the dreams this wy game of thrones came out they be older now add like 2 no iff they can talk with them yet

  4. You not just a normal human. Its time for you to wake up, and realize your special calling, and why you were sent to earth. As a dragon, you have special powers and abilities which you have been learning from past lives.

    1. I agree with u mate. I’ve been a dragon lady in past lives, a strong gobby bitch riding dragons going into many many battles leading men women and kids into battle to their deaths. This life is a rest while we get our energy back. I’m bored shitless but am being told to rest and heal. My guides told me I shud have 100s of dragons ready to go back into battle in my next life. I also have a small dragon wrapped around my heart. Sometimes I feel his tail hanging out down my back, it feels very awesome and protective. I luv it. Now who wud want to be a normal human with a gift like mine? If someone has a dragon around them, the energy is strong as hell, u feel their movents, hear their nails, tails, hear their roars. Smell them. Mine put their heads on my bed while I sleep. They take it in turns as I only have a queen bed and only room for 3 at a time! Too many dragon wanna bes out there I’m afraid.

      1. I find it interessting that you compare to war and brutality. Dragon power for myself is creation, love, world healing guarding of spiritual energys, taking the soul truth on earth with your twin flame, kindness, forgiving and loving, flying and peaceful. It’s the way of unconditional love. But maybe this is just me. Maybe there are some dark spots in my past too, but I (the dragon) gave me true wisdom and this has nothing to do with war, only with love.


        2. Richard stoop

          Me & my Dragon Have to agree with everything you said 100&10%
          We feel exactly the same.:

          Blessings & Guidance
          Love & light

    2. Hi. I’ve read a few comments and have some questions, if anybody would be so kind as to impart their knowledge or experiences ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always LOVED dragons since as young as I can remember, I’m a bit of a loner, trying to get out more though and interact with people now, though. But I always found escape in daydreams and fantasizing, sometimes to the point friends and family around me wouldn’t be able to get my attention until yelling or shaking me, usually after getting mad that I drifted off in my head in the middle of a conversation on accident (thankfully I don’t do that anymore, unless I consciously mean to now). Now I try only to do that when I get overwhelmed in big groups and have to sit back unnoticed (which is apparently odd to people who know me well because I’ll sometimes somehow just suddenly disappear from their notice, and I’ll just watch everything in the background, but be standing right in the middle of everyone sometimes, hand ppl things, etc. but nobody notices I’m there, sometimes even try to say something after I get some breathing time and not be heard or anything.) I’ve watched a close friend look around, confused, after awhile even though I’m right in front of them, then finally look me in the eyes and ask me where I was or just blink and pretend it didn’t happen until nobody is around to say something. Usually only happens with big groups of more strangers, or a few close friends I see all the time. It’s really weird and kinda funny, I’ve done it forever, but didn’t realize until my bf brought it to my attention last year after he said he did same thing for a few min. after watchin me do it over the yrs. he’s not sure either exactly how I do it, lol but it’s funny like I said, especially now that I notice it and try not to do it when someone is trying to talk to me, jus when I’m already listening instead of talking. But anyhow, I wanted to ask about a dragon spirit or power animal, and I saw a couple ppl mention that someone is actually a dragon or something themselves? My whole life there’s always a dragon in my daydreams, usually my dreams, i always have to look at anything dragon I notice, I got a dragon as my 1st tattoo, and even ppl who didn’t really kno I like dragons always tell me about or want to give me dragon stuff they saw or have. But Im asking about the difference (is there one? I’m new to spirit animals and how they work) about a dragon spirit guide and what someone said “as a dragon” meaning a person being one? Normally when I think of my dragon (or the dragon I always think about and do stuff with in daydreams, etc.) I’ll be with it (or him maybe, sometimes he’s a he) or riding him or interacting with him and sometimes I’ll be the dragon and I’ll be a different one than the one I’m always with when I am the dragon, or if I’m talking to myself in my head I’ll talk to the dragon who never says what I would make him say unless I’m talking to the dragon that I think is me when I am a dragon in my imagination, then it’s like I’m talking or debating with myself, and sometimes I hear the other dragon laughing at us/me real faint like it’s far away when I end up arguing myself into a circle and stop avoiding whatever I’m arguing with myself about. But I just wanted to get someone’s opinion, could I just like dragons so much, and always have imagined them in my imagination, that I want a dragon spirit animal but I just use them as a loved character to daydream about instead of one actually being my spirit animal (I read your not supposed to try to find your spirit animal by trying to imagine one you want because they choose you not the other way around)? I’ve meditated a few times on meeting my spirit animal/animals and didn’t see anything (I felt something every time, I feel that energy way too much sometimes lol but am getting used to it but I have hard time seeing stuff I’m trying to see when doing things like that unless I’m just havin fun with no actual intent in mind). Once when I was relaxing a couple hours after doing a meditation to see my spirit animal where I jus felt their energy but didn’t see them again, but kind of thought I felt something rubbin it’s head on me or maybe purrin or growlin, I went into a kind of half meditation state and just saw my driveway plain as day all of a sudden in my mind then saw a big cat (not sure lion tiger jaguar cougar, just looked like a huge jungle cat run up my driveway) and opened my eyes n thought for a sec I’d see one standin there but no Just felt it lay down near me. And the noise I heard it make was definitely not like the deep growl Ive heard b4 when I’ve gotten scared or surprised in the past then imagined the dragon guarding me from whatever scared me (happened twice when my bf n I were tryin to help our friend who had something attached to him that he sometimes wouldnt ignore n antagonize instead, and would end up at our door not knowing wat to do so we let him come in n calm down bc it never been able to stand being around us much n can’t/won’t come in our house, until he gets his mind settled n can deal with it again. I got mad at it both times then got freaked out randomly later wen both times happened. It’s better now tho since I try to b compassionate or at least neutral towards that situation now. But I’m not sure what to think about the spirit animal thing. Maybe I’m just not ready to see them/it yet. Anybody has any ideas or thoughts on this though, I’d be very grateful if your email crazedweasel@gmail.com or reply. Thanks!

  5. I have always surrounded myself and my home with Dragon imagery by way of my paintings, statues etc. Recently I have been told that it is my totem. My question I guess is to where to learn more about mine and how to tell which type. The mural I created is apparently a moon dragon (not that I knew this at the time). What category would he fall into?

  6. My friend and I have delved very deeply into the spirit world, and know enough to understand how the more common types work or behave and we know nearly all of our current guides. However, recently there’s been a power-shift in the spirit world. Because of this, my friend and I have both seen images of very distinct dragons that came into being this year. My friend’s dragon is a watchful gold colored dragon with a powerful sense of justice. Mine is still unclear, and what Ive seen so far is the front half of the body. The head and neck are formed from blood, the legs of stone and moss, part of the torso is water, and the wings were purely fire; he gave off a sense of nobleness.

    Can anyone try and help us figure out what these dragon sprits forming and immediately bonding with us in such an usual way can mean?

  7. I have been seeing all 4 dragons in my dreams and there is a wall in it but behind the wall is darkness and sometimes I take a picture of myself and I can see all 4 dragon colours please someone tell me why

  8. When I meditate and sometimes dream, a mature metallic blue Dragon, it’s scales like steel plates with sharp claws that appear gold or bronze. Ever since it first appeared to me I have been trying to find out the symbolism behind it.

    Most of my spirit journeys with it, we are flying over a vast ocean, through clouds and random rock formations.

  9. Saw a dragon in the clouds last night the eye of the dragon was the moon. This morning saw a dragon in the clouds with the sun above it, then it got very dark. My friend who is in another state saw a dragon cloud this evening . Any ideas. I know we are in a big shift.

    1. My dragen spirit his name Igneel and his the fire dragen king also my father in the dragen world i grew up with him when my family died he found me when I was a baby he took me in and cared for me when I was 5 he disappeared and I been looking for him sense then until I heard a voice nobody heard his voice everybody thought I was Crazy and I seen him and I had scales on my face and shoulders And everywere

  10. I remember when I first approached dragonkind to learn from them. Eventually they learned it was better to teach me then have me sit watching them patiently, even after they flicked me across creation ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I had an experience with a Red Dragon during an Ayahuasca Ceremony. My intention at the beginning was to meet my Guides and Angels. I started morphing into some winged being and could feel wings growing. I wasn’t sure what I was turning into. I was vibrating and very hot. Then, the Shaman began singing an Icaro to me and turned into a Red Dragon. It was not a threatening presence but very powerful. After that, I was still morphing and it was stormy outside. I heard the flap of VERY large wings behind me, outside the Maloka. Then, I heard it land by the river. It was snorting and breathing heavy. It sounded bigger than a horse. It demanded respect. I could just feel it. Now, I am wondering if this is a Guide that I should cultivate a relationship with more. It is great to read other peoples’ experiences with Dragons. Thank you all.

  12. I am wondering now if one of my spirit guides might be a dragon of some kind. When I was a kid I used to be obsessed with dragons and drew them ALL the time, like literally all day during school and at home. I then forgot about it for years but a few months ago my friend who does reiki and channels was doing energy work for me and said that she got an image of a dragon on my right side while working on me. And I’ve recently been finding myself attracted to things that have to do with dragons like little knick knacks I’ve found at tag sales and jewelry. Then while I was meditating trying to find a symbol for myself which would help me bring balance to my life I kept seeing a dragon. Is it possible I have one as a guide? How do I know which element it is?

  13. I long to know more about my type of people. Since my teen years I have always shape shifted into a dark coloured dragon and flown over the mountains and seen all sorts of parts of the world. I rarely see my dragon self as I’m looking through its eyes knowing that I am the dragon itself. When I take my dragon form I’m at peace and feel free which is such a wonderful feeling. I know that I am a dragon in human form and wish to know more about this ? Any psychics or readers anyone can recommend me that is well educated in this stuff ? I feel nothing but trapped in human form and it isn’t until I’m flying over the mountains in the dream realm That I truly feel at peace and where I belong. A lot of the time in dreams once people find out what I am they only try to come after me and catch me I find myself always escaping and trying to stay free. I am a rebellious person when it comes to fitting into and complying with society and I don’t really trust humans. I prefer the company of other animals.


    1. Hi there.
      We are exactly the same and while writing this tears come to my eyes. I now live as dragon too as I always was and also have same problems with society and walking away from uncomfortable situations and want to stay free all the time! Love, xx

    2. Btw. has the dream about pursuit as a child many times. I think as a dragon in lives before that this is maybe part of our being as such majestetic spirit and still things in the past that we have to include into our spirit again until we are free of fears and past lives that took our energy away from us.

  14. My dream last night had a green dragon that flew high into the sky. Whiskers on his face and could curve his body unlike the dragons from medieval times. I stood on this street alone and gusts of wind in many different blew in front of me.

  15. Lately I have been having more visions, and delving deeper on my shamanic journey. Along the way I have been shown how to use metatron’s cube to transcend time and transmute dark into light, my dragon spirit guide has shown me very much, he has also given me wings of pure light. So many things are happening, the pyramids and obelisks are activated. If anyone has anything that they could help guide me with, I would much appreciate it, although I know the most profound findings will come from within.

  16. Gee, I didn’t realise there are so many dragons.

    My question is: if you are a shaman then why do you need to ask questions here?

  17. Several weeks ago I asked if I had a spirit ally(and they thought I was ready) to please visit my dreams. Well that night I had a dream and there was a wall with a door and beside the door were 3 dragons. One was blue, one purple, and one green, and I had to get through the door. Before I even got to them there was a maze of snow and ice I had to navigate. Every so offen there were flames shooting up from the ground that were so hot, but at the same time the dragons were shooting purple and blue electric fire that was not hot at all. At the end I walked up to the dragons and they started talking and I could mot understand them as if they were speaking in another language. I woke up very comforted though. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and not 100% sure what it could mean, any ideas?

  18. I thought I was crazy because about 3 weeks ago a massive red dragon started hanging out directly behind and above me. 3 meter wing span massive. Male energy and his head will merge down the front of mine to my nose. I notice him when I’m out in the city surrounded by large crowds. I am amazed to find so many dragon people out here on the Internet. I can’t pronounce his name, he shows it to me as a P-word but I don’t know it. I don’t remember ever having a dragon before. I feel safe but He is so big and powerful that I would hate to be someone on the wrong side of him. He snorts a lot but I have not seen fire … yet.

  19. Dragon is a very very powerful totem. Caution should be excercised amid it’s use. But if utilized patiently, amid balance, and diligent focus, all can be attained. The downside modes amid attempting to embrace it’s strength, which is imminent to innately grasping what you’ve hopefully earnestly sojourned to attain. Most people can’t truly embody the dragon because of what it entails: true knowledge & understanding. If you refuse to ingest truth, then dragon is likely not the path for you. Imagine whatever situation you desire success in, then with all of your being, impress the dragon essence upon it infinitively.

    Then, you’ll have to somehow become one with your dragon. Mine exudes amid an array of colors, and I’m still at times stunned by it’s imagery. But, I’m always assured of it’s accuracy. It never misses.

    Whatever fear you have will have to be defeated, but if you digest true victory over that, than you’re likely a dragon @ heart…;)

    1. love your last words. As a shaman I live as dragon and have a purpose on earth. Love and healing. I got the understanding that true dragon riding is about love peace and kindness and getting dreams come true.


  20. What about the fire dragon?
    It came to me after great suffering and a profound feeling if hopelessness.
    i would like to know more on the fire dragon

  21. I used to get “half-dreams” just before I fall asleep. In one of the dreams there was a white luck dragon, almost just like the one in The Neverending Story.

    The dragon had a thundering but calm voice. He said “there is something with the honeybee” and smiled.

    Don’t know what to make out of that.. But about a month later the community-block I live in decided to start housing honeybees just hundred feet from my home.

  22. I met a dragon during a very deep meditation and he said he was the protector of my soul. He was about the size of a house but could change to any size he wanted. He was black with blue streaks that looked like lightening coursing thru him, and blue crystal-like spikes all over. He was magnificent. But I don’t know what kind of dragon he is and I can’t seem to find him again. I feel very connected to him, like he’s always with me, but he never reappeared to me. Any advice?

  23. In addition to my previous comment, I just realized he kinda looked like the abyssal lagiacrus from the monster hunter video game (if anyone know what that it…), except he had wings, and was much more stocky

  24. I was told by a Shaman the my wife has a blue dragon that protects her and people in her a family and since we are married will protect me as well. The shaman did a house clearing and the blue dragon came a grew larger than the two story house and was there to protect us. What is the best way I can develop my relationship with the dragon and strengthen my communication with the dragon? Right now I have only seen the dragon in a few shamanic journeys but the dragon mostly gave me rides. I have not been able to communicate or feel a message.

  25. Hey, my spirit guardian is a Silver Dragon and it tells me that it’s element is Spirit and he can also control all of the 4 earthly elements somewhat. Is there any information any of you can give me on this? Anyone else have anything similar?



  26. To samhains ago (2014) as I watched the night sky as I always do on samhain I saw a rip in the veil and literally thousands of dragons pour thru the veil. I asked one of my spirit guides what it ment and he told me ” the dragons always return to help usher in a New age” he also said ” your people have forgotten the ways of old and I fear many will not know how to handle the dragons arrival…out of all the humans I’ve come in contact with only the younger ones seem to remember their past….(I knew he ment younger spirits….as many of the older spirits I have come in contact with seem to have lost their way)…” he later went on to tell me that I was probably the only “elder” spirit that could remember….he warned me that the last time dragons appeared was before the last great spirit war…and that many souls were lost and entrapped because of it….he also said that the faster I learned about my past the better off my chances surviving another war….the only thing that didn’t make sense of what he told me was keep an eye on the sea…

  27. Hi some one from Masonic told me i have a dragon in me. I don’t know really never seen it but he say its in my eyes

  28. Tonight during a sound healing meditation i was visited by a dragon. She was silvery white and opaque, she came and lay beside me and we lay together with a giant white egg between us. She then picked the egg up and held it between her claw tips and it shrunk to the size of an egg. She then held it in front of my eyes and pierced the top of it and a bright blue light started flowing out of the cracks and she placed it inside my head, behind my eyes. I knew that this was a gift for remembering the pure wisdom that lies within. She then shrank and crawled into my heart and then my whole body become dragon like, it felt elongated and powerful.

  29. Hi my husband dreamt of a white water dragon last night. He was Swimming in a clear blue ocean then suddenly a white dragon was looking at him from under. He was with other people in his dream but only he can see the dragon. He felt happy relax and calm. I know few people have dreams of dragons so im just curious what its meant. Pls help.

  30. Hi, I did a meditation to try connect with my animal soul and i saw a dragon flew towards me, then it was sitting next to me, it was big (but i sensed it could change sizes) it was red and told me her name is Sheila. Her voice is calming. I also saw far the shape of a bear but didn’t come close.I never though of dragons often in my life, only when i saw movies i would feel deep love for them. Always seen dragonflies around me and loved them! I tried meditation again but even tho i still see her not as clear she was there sitting next to me but not communicating. How can i know if this is really my animal guide or it’s just my imagination making it up? can someone help me out here so i can know for sure?

  31. I have a stone circle on my property and today we had a grandmothers circle there . After wards the people there pointed out that the largest stone is shaped like a dragons head which lies between the north and east and the next to largest stone in the south is a heart . Would anyone know if there could be meaning to this ?

  32. I meet Draco once before in my dreams. 1 day, while I was sleeping Draco appeared right in front of me, yet he did touch me and told me that something is coming could it be a dark dragon a evil spirt dragon that was once the rival of Draco? yeah and he is not only as another 1 just came up a white light dragon that doesn’t have a name I don’t know and it can breath blue fire which is the hottest fire I seen a dragon use.

  33. Draco told me about this dragons are now evolving into many evolutions which is pretty confusing also these next few years are going to be called rise of the power animals as the power animals species are changing mostly the dragon 1 with 5 new species, spirit, light, dark, soul, and mechanical.

  34. I had the strangest vision last night. As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a “wahoo” and felt a presence enter my body. It actually jolted me fully awake. As I settled down and closed my eyes, I came face to face with a large red dragon, then it shifted to a large gold dragon and then finally a dragon wearing a gold mask was staring at me. None of them said anything…they just stared and watched me. What does that mean?

  35. I’ve been reading the comments left by others about dragons, and I’m intrigued…My passion for dragons manifested itself over 20 yrs ago, and since then I have a small collection of figurines of dragons. I even have a collection of jewelry in dragon shapes….dragons always come to mind when I’m still and quiet. I’ve noticed a change in myself when confronted with obstacles or problems…patience developed first, then logical thinking increased, don’t sweat the small stuff as much anymore, and trust my higher power even more than ever….I could go on but I won’t, the list gets longer. I will add that when faced with conflict I can feel an inner strength that comes out of no-where, and helps me deal with the problem. Comments would be appreciated though!

  36. Hi I wonder if someone can help..?? I meditated for the 1st time last week as I went deeper all of a sudden this dragon or serpent came out of water from nowhere at me, I got scared and slapped it out of the way and came out of the meditation straight away…… It’s been 1 week, and in this 1 week everything has gone wrong ? I’ve lost my job, my friends, I’m losing my flat, I have no money it’s like I don’t exist??? I’m going to try meditating again tonight to see if I can reach out to it again, as it’s like all my energy channels are blocked everything even to the point of vivid dreams of someone or something getting into bed with me or pulling the covers off, until I started putting the chain on the front door of my ground floor flat.
    Can anyone help or explain?? Thank you in advance….. Samantha x

  37. Wow…this is amazing. My dragon i know is a huge male who gose from blood red to gold depending on his mood. I can feel him strongly and hes vary affectionate..he calls me his love and that i am he and he is me..that we are one and the same..what dose that mean? I heard his name once but now i cant hear it..im wanting to learn all i can bpit dragons..iv always loved them. I found out im the reincarnated Queen of the faires..the fay folk hang round me all the time..but sometimes i feel like im an animal..i have a wolf guide that i bondee with but lately im feeling my Dragon more and its a wild feeling lol

  38. Yesterday while driving my daughter to town a dragon planted itself on the bonnet and was the same colour as the car. I asked the dragon if it could please not stick its tail out to far I didnโ€™t want it to be seen too much. Man it was powerfully protecting the car. It like moulded itโ€™s shape into the car like we were riding in it.

  39. i hope someone with the right knowledge who takes it seriously reads this and gives me guidance because im reaching out for help the first time and im very new to spirituality, energy etc.. 1 year ago when i was lit up on fire super high energetic, i was helping a good friend out from the heart i was trying to shake him up trying to shine some light on his darkside to help him, i remember the energy levels were rising so high, suddenly everything began to vibrate, my legs felt so heavy, we were on the soccerfield were i used to play soccer. this good friend was talking about awakening spirituality etc but i never understood what he was talking about. this friend said that i had to lay down..something was connected with my mind and it was like it was talking through me. adter a while when i really could not stand up anymore i gave up and layed down. when i layed down on the grass on my back i began to see red light, i had my eyes closed and i felt one with the grass i was laying on i felt so heayvy i thought i was going to die, but i felt not scared but in awe all the time amazed the fear came later. this friend layed down on his back next to me he said open your eyes.. with my minds eye i saw those chakra lights i did not know anything about chakras back then i saw so many different colours changing all the time it went up and down and at the top of my mind this women popped out i sitting on a lotus position a golden women when i opened my eyes i saw golden light and white light and after a popping sound this huge transparent beautifull dragon flew out of it and it was flying towards us from a distance. when it came closer and closer i started to fear it because i was almost sure it was flying towards me i started to think. i could not stand up i gave all my energy and power to stand up and try to walk away. eventually i stood up and when i turned my back it flew in my heart from my back or it fired something i dont know but i almost elevated i felt massive power energy it lifted me up towards the air. i had so much energy in my body i suddnly understood so much i felt like i had no body , i slept 2/3 hours a day i was helping everyone out for months i had manny addictions i stopped with all im clean now for months i went to a rehab clinic but they had those diagnoses so many of them. i was a very logical thinking men living from the heart even with drugs in my veins but i hope someone can guide me or advice me, btw sorry for my english i hope its understandable, btw before i searched a little bit about dragons but i didnt believe it, i was very stubborn, now if i think of it i feel this elevating immense energy in my whole body and mind im trying to understand it but i really need help i think i wish you al the best stay healthy & strong love you all

    1. I had many supernatural events happen while growing up and none of it was good. I wished it away along with the dreams. The dreams usually had snakes intertwined around my body on top of my body and intersecting and then across again below my body working their way up to my head. I would scream and no sound would come out. Finally I could scream and my father rushed over and turned on the lights. They were still there. My father asked what was wrong and I explained the snakes were wrapping me up. He said there are no snakes and it was a bad dream, the snakes were still there I could see them he could not. I wished it all away. I later realized that this was the Kundalini and decided to embrace this. I did not know what grounding was at the time. I envisioned the snakes intersecting my chakras to the criwn of my head. Once there a vibration began as if from an electric transformer. A flash of light and I felt as though I was being electrocuted. The more I fought the more futile I realized it was. I thiught I was going to die right there. I submitted and relaxed. Red is where it begins. Currently I spend nearly as much time in the spirit world as the elemental world. There is a purplish haze or cast and nearly a 20 percent opacity in which I can interact while fully functional doing everyday activities. I won’t suggest kundalini as if it isn’t utilized it can cause you harm manifesting within your body. Learn to ground. Anchor yourself to the earth. This can be visual, but do it. I have channelled much higher source energy than is within me by grounding. Golden and white are healing lights. Humans dna communicates with light and contain light. Biophotons look it up. White contains all the colors of the chakras. All my work comes from the heart and will temain that way. I don’t heal I am only the conduit that puts the light where it needs to be. Once you have experienced the energy that makes you question whether you are going to die or not. You have a choice to make and it is yours alone. Do you walk away from it or embrace it? The power is not my own I don’t brag about it. I merely channel it. To ground you can visualize your waist down is an anchor hooked into the earth, a waterfall that runs upon the ground, or my favorite a beam of light that penetrates into the ground. I feel this and the waterfall give freedom to move about. Welcome to the age of Aquarius. Water is truth. This is the reason of upheaval and fear in present day, truth will not stay hidden. The great awakening has begun. Rise up Children of the light, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

  40. I had a dream last night where I saw a dragon in a form of white clouds..so am just so curious to have such a dream as I dreamed dragon for the first time…so what does that signigies

  41. I had a dream last night with a greenish dragon and a dragon with several heads. What is it?

  42. I used to have a green dragon that would take my soul on a journey through the portals he was my guardian to the spirit world. A couple of days ago in a past life regression a red dragon presented itself to me as I was watching scenes from my past life unfold the sky turned red and I noticed this red dragon was my guide but at the time I got spooked because this fire dragon looked fierce I called on my angels and the dragon slowly flew off. Since reading this web page and the meaning of the fire dragon I now no he was here to help because I’m so used to having a green cute dragon the red fire dragon gave me a shock

  43. ive been a dragon for the most of my life and ive learned to keep it secret from my family and friends because i think they will think am insane in the head or somethings wrong with me..

    1. Someone told me I was a dragon and I don’t know what this means. Can you possibly help? I know I can communicate with them.

  44. I am choosing to remain anonymous for what I am about to share is quite the story. I am currently 50 years old. Growing up I was baptized however we weren’t a regular church going family, that is until when my mother and I were walking when I was 5 years old and I stopped to talk to the man in the thorn bush. My mother thought it was cute I had an imaginary friend. She asked what his name was I asked the man and then reported back to my mother Jesus. Yeah we started going to church for a while after that. Several dejavu moments, warnings to others about impending danger and a near death experience or two later, fast forward to ten years ago. A young girl in my town had stage 4 cancer, and the family knew only a miracle was going to save her. I decided to pray. Let me rephrase that. I intended on praying as within Gregg Bradens the divine matrix context. 8 hours later, Jesus at my side, I removed the last of the blackness within her. I envisioned a iridescent armor for her which later I recognized as a rainbow body. She has not had a reoccurance since. She was my first anonymous remote healing. Last year my wife had been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I once again began working to heal. I envision a meadow there have already been a friends son healed from Covid there. The entire meadow is full of winged angels moving in a clockwise rotation around those needing healing. I have met my higher self. “She” was the most ferociously beautiful creation I had ever laid my eyes upon. I am male. Initially I thought there was something wrong with me being my higher self was female. It expanded my mind to think from different perspectives. She is considerably larger than I. For nearly 2 1/2 months steady now I have kept this vision going fueled from the source of Love, Creator, Universe, God as you will. I am grounded, field emanating around me in a torroidial fashion completely encompassing thise in the healing circle. I had 5 within the circle at one time, they are free to leave and free to return. Currently there are 3 that remain. This morning I noticed I was considerably larger than my higher self, brighter and had some greyness on outermost part of me in some areas and thought I should pierce it with the light from within. I went about my day. I began envisioning again tonight and found I am transitioning into what I can only describe as a 4 winged bright as the sun dragon. Considerably larger than this morning by far. The angels are looking downward instead of at me as they rotate around those needing healed. I await the scans in February to confirm what I already know to be true, my wife is cancer free. I have seen quite a differing of opinions on what a bright white dragon means and most are referring to a spirit animal, not a transformation within the spirit realm. I have decided since only good has come from this I am going to embrace it and see where it leads. What are your thoughts?

  45. I recently became aware, during a sacred medicine journey, that I was a dragon of the forest. I cannot find much information, but the feeling I had was one of being a protector and healer, an ancient being that is peaceful but here with a warrior purpose related to the new age we are entering. There was the feeling that dragons were being born all over the earth during this time to help with this purpose. I felt a particular purpose around protecting the forest. It was also a very powerful moment where my ancestors revealed it to me (that I was a dragon) and where I discovered my power. I donโ€™t know how to make sense of this. Does anyone have any knowledge on the spiritual significance of dragon of the forest?

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