Core Shamanism

By Viola Woolcott

Core Shamanism is a group of beliefs as well as practises from all over the world, across continent, race and language, by all people seeking guidance and protection of Creator, Spirit, All that Is.

Core Shamanism was developed during the research done by Dr. Michael Harner. He recognised that the general approaches may vary, but that the overall key elements had something in common and by synthesising these elements anyone could use them without using any culture’s sacred rituals.

Core Shamanism does not hold a fixed belief system, but focuses on the practise of shamanic journeying as well as indigenous shamanism on an individual basis.

One similarity is the specific traditional practice of rapid drumming (approx 220 beats per minute), to reach the shamanic state of consciousness to communicate with power animals as well as the spirit world. When the shaman goes into this state of consciousness the drums are played steadily in the background so that the shaman can concentrate and focus into ascending deeper into that world. The drumming is also part of the ceremonial ritual dances.

The people who practice Core Shamanism call themselves shamanic practitioner rather than shamans as they are showing respect for the indigenous people. They are very careful to stay away from cultural imperialism.

The dominant mode of practice of shamanism in most of the West is Core Shamanism.

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