Chinchilla Power Animal Symbol Of Effective Communication

By Ina Woolcott

Chinchillas belong to the rodent family and have big eyes, round ears and a dense, silky smooth coat. Their curiosity is incessant and never ending, they want to discover the smallest corner of their environment and like to sit up high as if to watch the world from above. Once feeling safe in their surroundings they investigate them with an air of innocence and adventure.

Sadly because of their lovely coats they are caught, imprisoned and bred by the fur industry. Over 100 chinchillas are used for one coat. Again, sadly, because of the demand of chinchilla fur, it may soon become extinct.

With their keen observational skills, the chinchilla knows impulsively when to act or withdraw. This teaches us the importance if timing, if you are a chinchilla person you will intuitively know just when to act and the right course of action to take. However, don’t become over-analytical. Finding the equilibrium between observation skills and an air of innocence is a valuable lesson.

Chinchillas are naturally robust with a delicate yet effective digestive system made to get the most out of food. But, as they do not have a vomit mechanism they cannot get rid of bad food. If this is your power animal, take this as a warning that high quality nutrition as well as exercise are a must to maintain optimum health. Difficulty in ridding the body of toxins can be the cause of many health problems.

To communicate the chinchilla mainly uses a variety of sounds. Each sound is a specific message – when upset teeth chattering, when nervous a shrill squeal, when distressed a succession of loud cries, when hungry a rasp like growl. They know how to use their voice to communicate, showing us the art of doing so efficiently.

The chinchilla is a harbinger, and we should give it due respect and pay attention to the advice it brings. If you decide to listen you will be served well. Though they hold a variety of messages, one thing is for sure – if they come into your life there is bound to be something out of balance that needs correcting right away.

Some questions to ask yourself if chinchilla enters your life:

Do you communicate well with others?
Do you need to pay more attention to your health?
Do you need to be more clear sighted to elude sticky situations?
Do you still marvel at the magic of life?
By over analyzing an event do you take the pleasure away from it?
Do you use your observational skills to assist you in obtaining your goals?

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