Shark Power Animal Symbol Of Fearlessness

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Sharks medicine includes the hunter, survival, adaptability, Independence, Potential, Adaptation, fearlessness, protection, power, emotional transformation, balance, clairaudience.

Unfortunately, sharks have a bad reputation as being dangerous, fearless and unpredictable. They can ignite a feeling of fear and terror in many people. (I personally have always felt afraid of sharks for some reason!) A full up and single shark is generally pretty peaceful, but in large groups they can be unpredictable and may frenzy.

To those with shark medicine, protection is offered. During our individual lifetimes, we can attract events and people we clash with. If there is a situation in your life that you need to ‘scare away’, call upon shark for help. You will be give by shark the power and confidence to fend off negative elements or get rid of them completely.

Sharks have an extremely acute sense of smell and are able to smell one drop of blood in 50 million times as much water. Having no swim bladder means they can never stop swimming or they would simply sink to the bottom of the ocean. They feel the pressure waves made by a fish in troible and are sensitive to electromagnetic currents. Those with this power animal are taught how to cultivate their own sensory abilities. Studying aromatherapy would be beneficial to those with this medicine.

The shark connects us with the creative element of life – water. Through the ages water has always been linked with emotional transformation. They reveal to us the strength of the currents of our lives and see clearly in the murky waters of the future. Observing the sharks swimming patterns teaches us how to get out of our emotional conflicts efficiently. All fish in general can teach us to adapt to all environments and streamline our lives. A fish swimming down symbolizes the involution of spirit, whilst a fish swimming up is the evolution of the spirit.

A shark in captivity can be trained to do simple tasks such as telling apart certain objects from others in the water, and can recognise the ringing of a bell for a meal. Shark people need time to themselves to remain calm, balanced and centred, or they can turn irritable, anxious and aggressive in demeanour. Meditating, tai chi, yoga and martiual arts for example bring peaxe and balnce of mind. Im not a shark person, but personally i love meditating and also kick boxing.

When shark swims into your life, this often signifies that one of the senses will be awakened – visions, prophetic dreams, or clairaudience is possible. There will be a greater connection with the spiritual realm.

For shark people, staying busy and active is very beneficial. Work-alcoholics often have Shark as a power animal. Those with shark also are often able to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. They also often have an acute sense of smell – trust what ‘smells’ right.

Bumblebee Power Animal Symbol Of Community Sun Personal Power

By Ina Woolcott

The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolising the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community. At festivals, mead was usually drunk – the main ingredient of which is fermented honey.

In later Christian times, monks lived in beehive-shaped huts, which represented the aim of a harmonious community – whether it included oneself and Spirit or others as well.

Bumblebees usually have fewer individuals in their colonies and store less honey compared with the honeybee. Bumblebees are one of few insects that have the ability to control their body temperature. The queen bee and her workers can shiver their flight muscles to warm themselves in cold weather. This allows them to fly and work at lower temperatures than most other insects. They are also kept warm by their large size and hairy coat.

Some yogi masters are able to slow their heartbeat and adjust their body temperatures when in an altered state. This ability is associated to the ancient initiations of mastering the body, mind and spirit.

Those with this power animal more often than not have strong past life connections to the ancient secrets of longevity and can benefit from yoga. They also make good hypnotherapists.

ALL bees are productive, they stay focused on whatever they are doing and do not get sidetracked from their goal. Their legs are one of their most sensitive organs- they actually use them to taste. We are being reminded by the bee to slow down, to smell the flowers and taste the sweet nectar of life.

Those with this power animal may have hypoglycaemia and diabetes. Hence, regular exercise and good nutrition is advisable.

The bumblebee is a highly important pollinator of many plants, they hold the power of service. When landing upon a flower to collect its nectar, pollen also attaches itself to the leg. This is then passed on to other flowers, creating a fertilisation process. Their movement from one plant to plant represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumblebee is a messenger bringing the secrets of life and service.

If this is your power animal and your energy is scattered, the bumblebee can show you how to become focused once more.

If you are stung, the message here is – WAKE UP and follow the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Listen to your true self, your higher self. Heed your inner voice and wisdom.

If bumblebee finds you, you must follow its lead. If you do this you will come to the destination most suited for your new life awakening.

Elk Power Animal Symbol Of Stamina Strength Agility

By Ina Woolcott

Elks medicine includes stamina, strength, sensual passion, respecting those of your gender, ability to pace oneself in tasks, agility, nobility.

Elk’s medicine will teach us how to make the best use of our energy, helping us to take on no more than we need to accomplish, and to persist on our chosen route until we have fulfilled our goals. Don’t try to rush – pace yourself. You may not necessarily be the first to arrive, but you will arrive without being burnt out.

Possessing tremendous stamina, elks are able to run for a very long time. They are powerful with strong reflexes, responding speedily to anything that appears on their path. Elks are very alert and can sense danger the moment it arrives and can show us how to become more observant of subtle energies. Elks are temperamental and unpredictable, subdued one moment and aggressive the next.

If Elk is your power animal, you will probably feel the need for companionship or group support. You do not have to do everything by yourself; help is just around the corner waiting for you if you just ask for it. You may also have a need for high energy levels and this can be accomplished through your diet. Eating mostly vegetarian ORGANIC foods will give you strength without stress. Avoid sugar (and artificial sweeteners) totally if you can. Eat vitamin rich foods. Raw food diets are a good one to follow. Drink LOTS of water and herbal teas. If you find yourself becoming fatigued and sluggish, adjust your diet and in a few days, you will recover your stamina. Also – don’t forget to recharge yourself with some personal quiet time.

Elk live in big herds and are rarely seen alone. They enjoy the company of their own kind, but they do need their own space. Elk don’t graze during night time. If a herd is attacked they will scatter to the four winds to confuse a predator. The art of survival is part of the elks teachings. If cornered they can turn pretty dangerous. Adult bulls with a full set of antlers are a match for any animal that tries to cross them, including a bear. People with this power animal need a sacred space to go to now and again in order to keep their energy balanced.

Like deer’s, elk’s have competitions to see who will mate with the does. However, unlike the deer, elk will fight very aggressively and often draw blood or worse. If you have Elk medicine, and possess aggressive tendencies, you must learn to keep these under control and look for fairness in all you do. Your aggressive tendencies may not be visible to your conscious mind, but when you are provoked or feel threatened/cornered these tendencies surface unexpectedly.

The majestic elk deserves, no, demands respect. Beholding a full-grown elk, with its winter coat, standing tall and looking fierce is a true wonder. Elk shares its regal demeanour with us; if this is your power animal you most probably often find yourselves on centre stage both in your personal and professional life. Generally people with this power animal have past life associations connected to royalty. If Elk medicine is fully developed within a person a strong self-image is expressed.

Elk may also be telling you to work on the way you conduct yourself, and to carry yourself with pride and power. This doesn’t mean you should be egotistical, for elk knows that its true power comes from the universe/all that is. It uses the gifts it has been given, using them to its advantage.

Another aspect of elks power is strength and empowerment. If you need to be impressive in a situation, you can draw on elks power. If you are shy or unsure, elk can aid you to become more confident.

Invoking The Nine Mayan Gods At Tikal

by Bob Makransky

The entire Mayan area of Guatemala and southern Mexico is so thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the Mayan spirits, that even an interloping tourist can easily make a connection to the Mayan spirit world for him or herself. Every Mayan town has sacred places – usually nearby mountaintops or caves – which ooze energy and are used by the locals to invoke spirits and perform healings (just ask anyone in a Mayan town where to find the local power spots. You can often hire a local priest to perform a ceremony for you, if you like; just ask around. Mayan priests are delighted to have foreigners at their ceremonies, and patiently explain Mayan beliefs and culture to people who are interested). One power place not far off the beaten path is located just off the road to the popular tourist attraction Lake Atitlan. Visitors should check out the small cave located just beneath the scenic lookout point in Aldea San Jorge (on the road between Solola and Panajachel), which is a deep cleft in the rocks used by local priests for ceremonies and invocations; and which commands a stunning view of the lake and volcanoes.

While the great majority of ancient Mayan ruins have their own power places and are still occupied by the ancient gods (who can be invoked at them), nonetheless the premier destination for both exoteric tourists and pagan seekers is the city of Tikal, Guatemala. Located in the remote jungles of the Peten, Tikal was abandoned mysteriously a thousand years ago, and the jungle swallowed it up until its excavation in the 1960’s. The archeological ruins are now part of a national park-cum-nature preserve administered by the Guatemalan government and can easily be reached from nearby Flores international airport.
The principal Mayan deities who preside over Tikal are the nine Creators-Formers, or Bolontiku, who in Mayan legend (as recounted in the sacred book of the Mayan nation, Popul Vuh) fashioned the first human beings from maize. Previously the gods had experimented with and destroyed two human-like races – the first made of mud and the second of wood. These attempts were unsuccessful because they lacked the intelligence and spirit to worship the gods. When the Creators – Formers made the first four humans they were a little too successful: these creatures were so clear-sighted and proud that the gods had to blow mist in their eyes to dumb them down a bit and make them more respectful. The first humans fashioned by the Creators – Formers were made of nine drinks of ground maize. To this day special propitiatory ceremonies to invoke the nine Bolontiku, called primicias, are still performed in Yucatan and Belize. At these ceremonies nine gourd cups of maize gruel are blessed on the altar and then drunk by the participants. The nine Creators – Formers made the first four men out of ground red maize (their blood), ground white maize (their bones), ground yellow maize (their skin), and ground black maize (their hair); and then they made them four wives. These four couples are the eternal guardians of the four cardinal directions.

The nine Bolontiku are also associated with the nine portals in the human body: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, genitals, and anus. They are also symbolised by the nine colours of the rainbow; i.e., rainbows are considered a manifestation of the Bolontiku, a communication link between the Heart of the Heaven and the Heart of the Earth. In the Mayan worldview, these nine gods are the creators and formers of human life; and as such they have dominion over all human activities. They have their own calendar count, i.e. every day is not only under the influence of one of the twenty naguals of the Chol Qij (260-day sacred ceremonial calendar and basis of Mayan astrology), but it is also ruled by one of the nine Creators – Formers in sequence (for a complete explanation of the Mayan calendar, download the free Mayan Horoscope sacred calendar calculation and interpretation software posted at:
The names of the Bolontiku are: Tzacol, the Builder and his consort, Bitol, the Former-Shaper; Gucumatz ( or Kulkukan), the Feathered (quetzal) Serpent and his consort Tepeu the Conquerer or Sovereign; Qaholom the father god and Alom the mother; and Xmucané, the Midwife or Shelterer, is the consort of Xpiyacoc, the Patriarch or Protector. These last two are the grandparents of Hunajpu and Ishbalankej, the hero twins of the Popul Vuh creation myth, who journeyed into the underworld to kill the Lords of Death and avenge the murder of their father; and who then rose up to the heavens and became the sun and moon. The ninth Bolontiku is not equivocally defined in the Popul Vuh; Mayan deities are not as distinct as e.g. Greek gods and goddesses: Mayan deities shade into one another, and are usually dual male-female. The foregoing eight deities are joined in the creation story by the three gods of the lightning: Caculhá Huracán is the lightning that blazes across the heavens; Raxa-Caculhá is the lightning that strikes the earth and kills; Chipi-Caculhá is the lightning that jumps from one cloud to another or flashes within the clouds (Mayans regard lightning as the way that the gods – who are frequently identified with local mountains and volcanoes –communicate with one another). These three lightning gods form a trinity which together makes up the Heart of Heaven. They are always in the background directing and guiding the creation story.

The nine Bolontiku are invoked by the Mayans for all earthly and spiritual transactions: for healing, divination, success in agriculture, trade, politics and war; for help in personal matters such as love, childbearing, grief; for carrying (telepathic) messages over distance; and so on. Each of the Bolontiku has his or her own specialty. The Bolontiku communicate with their votaries through what we would call channeling and prophetic dreams, which to the Maya are as much a part of everyday life as the telephone and internet are to us. A dream prompted by the Bolontiku can be distinguished from a normal dream by the invariable presence of one personage who says nothing but who stands in the background of whatever scene is unfolding. Upon awakening the dreamer realises that this mute personage was actually inducing and directing the entire experience, and is in fact one of the nine Creators – Formers revealing a message of importance. Non-Mayans do not necessarily see the Bolontiku as Indians: to my benefactress they appear (in dreams) as long-haired hippies; and when they have appeared to me they come in three-piece suits.

The cult of the nine Creators – Formers has fallen into general neglect among the Maya. At the same time, the fragile ecosystem of the Mayan area has been and is being threatened by the destruction of massive tracts of tropical rainforest. As a result, the Bolontiku have been calling foreigners in to revive their cult, to publicise their ecological concerns, and to buy up and preserve as much virgin rainforest as possible.
The Bolontiku themselves are delighted to see their sacred city of Tikal restored to at least part of its former grandeur. They welcome tourists to come visit them (which is why they directed the designers of the national park to lay out the main entrance by their temple, so they can see and bless everyone who enters the place); and to enjoy the spectacle of immense pyramids and plazas set in the midst of impenetrable jungle teaming with exotic birds, howler monkeys and jaguars. Moreover, the Nine promise to give a valuable lesson to any visitor to Tikal who wishes to invoke them, using the following ritual:

The temple to the Nine Mayan gods is the first small pyramid you come to on the right after the entrance to the park proper (Complex Q). In front of this pyramid there is a row of eight steles, with a ninth stele in front of the row of eight. Before each stele is a squat, cylindrical altar. Do not sit or lean on these altars (this is disrespectful).
Wait for a moment when there are no other tourists or park authorities around. Take a small offering to the top of the pyramid. This can be some little gift you made yourself, or even a flower or pretty stone or leaf (if you want to take a flower, get one from the parking area before you enter the park since there are none inside the park). With a feeling of good will, offer this gift to the Bolontiku and ask them to please give you a lesson. Make the offering either aloud or silently, as you prefer, using your own words and sentiments. Don’t be afraid; just relax and feel good. Although the Nine can have a fearsome aspect, they are actually a joyous bunch of spirits. They come in the winds and they sing with the birds. Rest assured that any petition made to them in good faith will be answered. Then thank them and descend from the pyramid, and go off and stroll around the rest of the ruins.
If you don’t get a message right away, don’t worry about it. You may get a message in your dreams that night (you’ll recognise it by the presence of a silent personage directing things from the background). If you don’t get a message, you can repeat the ritual the next day. Before you leave Guatemala, you will receive a message loud and clear.

“Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth! Give us our descendants, our succession, as long as the sun shall move and there shall be light. Let it dawn; let the day come! Give us many good roads, flat roads! May the people have peace, much peace, and may they be happy; and give us good life and useful existence! Oh thou Huracán, Chipi-Caculhá, Raxa-Caculhá, Chipi-Nanauac, Raxa-nanauac, Voc Hunahpu, Tepeu, Gucumatz, Alom, Qaholom, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, grandmother of the sun, grandmother of the light, let there be dawn, and let the light come.”
– Popul Vuh

(excerpted from Magical Almanac free monthly ezine:

Moose Power Animal Symbol Of Self Esteem Courage

By Ina Woolcott

Moose symbolises the expression of joy when something has been accomplishment, not in a ‘show-off look at me I want recognition‘ kind of way, but in a true sense of sharing that springs from knowing how infectious joy is. Moose is also a symbol of being headstrong, longevity, wisdom, confidence, self-esteem, primal feminine energy and steadfastness.

The moose is one of the most ancient and unique of power animals, and lends you sacred and unique energy. An adult male can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh up to 1200lbs. When mating males vociferate loudly and can be heard up to 6 miles and more away. When a female answers their call, they will rush to her and are ready to combat ANYTHING in their paths. Moose’ are fearless and resolute, making their presence known when they decide. However they also have the preternatural ability to camouflage themselves in spite of their hugeness and strength – they are able to move through their territory totally unseen. These traits in the moose teach us the power of presence and invisibility.

If moose is your power animal then you will probably be full of contradictions – clumsy yet graceful, huge but with the ability to move swiftly and soundlessly. Usually people with this power animal have excellent depth perception and are very wise. They also have an innate ability of being balanced – when to be gentle, when to be strong, what to say when and to whom.

The ability to shape shift is linked to mythology and merges with the teachings of shamanism and magic. If you are a moose person cultivating these skills is enhanced through studying.

Seeing a moose in the wild is amazing – the energy they embody is extraordinary. Their colossal antlers grow larger than those of any other antlered animal. Ancient myth calls these antlers ‘The Crown of Courage.’ The antlers are linked to the crown chakra in man. As the antlers grow, the crown chakra opens and widens giving those with this power animal a direct channel to universal knowledge.

The moose possesses a highly developed sense of smell and hearing. Babies are born with open eyes. People with this power animal are born with their inner eyes open already, they see things with extraordinary clarity – psychic awakenings in later life are rare for the moment moose people are born this is their awakening. They do have some of their most testing lessons in their childhood, but their fearlessness and mettle together with their direct connection to universal knowledge gives them the necessary aid needed to strengthen their self-esteem and find their place in the world.

Moose is a very powerful totem to have and will help you discover who you are and put you in touch with your congenital wisdom.

Skunk Power Animal Symbol Of Self Respect Reputation Sensuality Self Esteem

By Ina Woolcott

The skunk is linked with mystic and magic. Throughout history skunks have upheld a reputation that is respected, as well as feared. When a skunk feels in danger, it lifts its tail and stamps its front feet. If the ‘danger’ isn’t scared off, it hisses, turns around, raising its tail to unleash a spray of up to 10 to 14 feet with accuracy. The eyes are irritated and the victim is temporarily blinded. If skunk is your power animal, this is your call to develop inner vision and use it to see beyond what the physical eyes perceive. A study of aromatherapy may also be beneficial to you.

They are slow moving, solitary creatures, and spend nearly all day underground. Skunks help remind us that there is a time to be with people and a time to be completely alone.

Whilst they do dig their own dens, they will also take over abandoned homes of rabbits, foxes and marmots. Skunks are self-confident, from them we can learn to develop self esteem and self respect. In general these creatures are extremely gentle, though as before mentioned when feeling threatened they give off a foul smelling chemical. This trait however, is not the skunks special gift/power. The skunks medicine is the power of respect and reputation. They are very secure, easy going and confident. As they respect themselves, so others respect them right back. Their smelly reputation – usually – keeps others from bothering them. They are given the space they need, lest they feel under attack!

Through their silence, skunks teach us not to brag for this will only push people away rather than attract them to us. People notice you without any help. Opportunities will come to bring self-esteem and respect. There will also be heightened sexuality: physically, psychically and spiritually.

If the skunk finds you, you may need to question yourself whether you have self respect. What signals are you sending out to others? Do others respect you? If need be, learn to affirm who you are without overpowering or bullying others. Through and by the way act, you are able to show that you have self-respect and therefore respect others. This in turn will earn you respect off people too. This will also draw people into your lives who share similar interests to you – like attracts like remember – and people who don’t respect you will be deterred. When we learn to completely accept ourselves, who we are, and learn to express the essence of ourselves, without ego, we will begin to attract those who share our path and repel those who don’t.

Skunk teaches us to understand a warning. Our instinct often foretells trouble ahead, but often our mind gets in the way and gets in the way of this knowledge. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from skunk. You can learn how to honour the part of yourself, which like the skunk, gives you many warnings before an actual problem or disaster develops. If skunk appears in your life, it could well be your intuition sending you a signal of imminent danger or caution.

The stripe that runs from head to tail on the skunk is the outward sign of kundalini or life force. When skunk wafts into your life, your kundalini or life force activates and amplifies. You must learn to use this force effectively. When the creative life force within is fully developed, you will have the ability to direct your creative energy to manifest what you desire. If underdeveloped, you need to awaken the creative life force and look beyond the fence you have built around yourself, your beliefs.

Skunks do their thing quietly. If this is your power animal, you are advised to do the same. Unbalanced skunk people have a habit of blowing their own trumpet, looking for recognition. As skunk possesses intense energy, this can create problems in communicating with others. Those with skunk medicine are either well liked or disliked. The art of attracting and repelling are natural skills, and very beneficial when mastered effectively. Remember this – people notice you all the time, but how they notice you can be controlled by you.

If skunk is your power animal, you will find that the use of fragrances will elicit dynamic responses in the people around you. Your sexual response will be upped and you will have a better ability to attract people. You must however learn to balance the ability to draw and repel people.

Butterfly Power Animal Symbol Of Change The Soul Creativity Freedom Joy And Colour

By Ina Woolcott

Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of joy. Feeding on the flowers they help pollinate, they further spread beauty. Continue reading Butterfly Power Animal Symbol Of Change The Soul Creativity Freedom Joy And Colour

Ferret Power Animal Symbol Of Keen Observation

By Ina Woolcott

Ferrets are members of the weasel family. Their medicine includes stealth, cunning, skilful hunters, cleverness, ingenuity, revenge, keen observation, ability to see hidden reasons behind things.

Archaeological and historical sources suggest that ferrets have been domesticated for 2,500 years at least. Greek historical give reference to the ferret about 450 BC. Roman documents refer to the use of ferrets to hunt rabbits around the time of Christ.

Very skilful tunnel hunters, it is believed ferrets were used by the Egyptians as well as farmers and seafarers to get rid of rodents in barns and on ships. However, the history of the ferrets domestication is speculative, without any concrete evidence, giving this small animal an illusive air.

Ferrets are cheerful, playful animals with the inquisitiveness of the raccoon and the amiableness of a kitten. They are also opportunists, quick to take advantage and will filch anything they can drag to a safe hiding place to be used at a later time. Brainy and cunning the ferret shows us how to use our creativeness to build a safe haven for ourselves, and to stock up with things that may be needed – always be ready for any situation that may come into existence. The ferret is a good, helping ally to have around in hard time.

With their eyes that point forward straight down their noses, ferrets are highly focused on what is in front of them. This reminds those with this power animal to stay focused on their goals. Ferrets have a fine sense of smell, and can see clearly in the dark, linking them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are kept. They have sharp intuition and their sensitivity is acute, they are able to see and know the hidden meaning behind every-thing. The ferret can help you understand your self, your life and the experiences you have far clearer. Use all of your senses equally if this is your animal guide. If underdeveloped you may have a leaning toward tunnel vision. An inflexible consciousness makes for needless concern and anxiety, therefore caution is advised. Having a light-hearted attitude and playful activities are helpful.

When ferrets become scared or excited, their tail goes all bushy and they let out a musty scent, which assists in getting rid of some predators – however they do not feel safe until hidden deep inside their tunnel. For humans this represents the need for a secuer life. If this is your power animal then you will need a special place where you can rejuvenate and also to contemplate.

Ferrets are extremely nimble and quick, teaching us how to manoeuvre super quick so as not be in danger.

If this is your power animal do you need to move with more speed in some area(s) of your life? Are you wearing blinkers due to inflexible thought patterns that don’t let you see the bigger picture? Do you have a secluded, secure place for yourself? Do you get in your own way with your power of observation?

The ferret is a powerful totem, and can aid you to uncover a hidden part of yourself, deep beneath the surface are the answers to life’s mysteries. If you are finding it hard to comprehend something in your life, meditate on the ferret and listen to and follow what you are told if you so wish.

Jaguar Power Animal Symbol Of Solitary Path Reclaiming Power Shape Shifting Psychic Vision

By Ina Woolcott

The Jaguar’s medicine includes seeing the roads within chaos and understanding the patterns of chaos, moving without fear in the darkness, moving in unknown places, shape shifting, psychic vision, facilitating soul work, empowering oneself, reclaiming power. Continue reading Jaguar Power Animal Symbol Of Solitary Path Reclaiming Power Shape Shifting Psychic Vision

Moth Power Animal Symbol Of Transformation

By Ina Woolcott

Moth’s gifts include the power of the whirlwind, ease of movement in darkness/shadow, transformation/metamorphosis, ability to confuse enemies, ability to find light in darkness, hearing spoken and unspoken messages.

Moths reside in all but polar regions. Their bodies, legs and wings are covered with numerous touch hairs that come off if the moth is touched – they are highly sensitive to touch. They can feel, smell, taste and tell the temperature with their feathery antennae, with the tiny pegs on them acting as receptors. The moth views everything clearly. Moth people usually have strong psychic and healing abilities and must watch out not to pick up others problems and carry them around in their energy fields, or confusion or irritability may occur.

Metamorphosis is part of moths magic – the egg stage is symbolic of the birth of an idea, the larvae stage is the foundation, the chrysalis stage is symbolic of the manifestation, and the growing of wings symbolises taking flight and exploring uncharted territory.

An interesting trait of the moth is hiow they use their wings. A resting moth either wraps its wings around itself, holds them extended to the side or folds the wings up. This implies a basic nurturing property and moth people may find themselves in the role of care giver.

With their acute hearing – their hearing organs are located on their legs, giving them the ability to sense vibrations around them – the moth is able to detect ultra sound. Pay attention to what is being spoken and also the unspoken, underlying messages in what is heard. Observe the body language of those around you and those you come in contact with if this is yoru power animal. Also pay attention to your sensitivity to others, the lacking side of it or the over side of it. Perhaps you are in a situation that needs to be rethought. Are you being honest to yourself and others?

The moth is an optimist and opportunist with countless transformative properties. From them we learn how to expand and perfect our inherent psiychic abilities, and how to let go of negative energies and unwelcome influences, helping us move into our personl power and happiness.