Carlos Castaneda S Books Set 3 The Mastery Of Intent

By Ina Woolcott

“The total goal of the shamanistic knowledge that we are handling is the preparation for facing the definitive journey: the journey that every human being has to take at the end of his life. Through their discipline and resolve, shamans are capable of retaining their individual awareness and purpose after death. To collect the memorable events in their lives is, for shamans, the preparation for their entrance into that concrete region which they call the active side of infinity.” The Active Side of Infinity

Once enough superfluous energy is amassed by the warrior-traveller, and sufficient personal power, then they are able to activate the latent second attention. Now dreaming becomes possible. They continue to walk the path with heart, to maintain their impeccability and to wait for an opening to freedom.

The Books and a short description of each

* The Fire from Within (1984) – the extraordinary body of teachings of Don Juan begin to be recounted whereby the gently mocking, often terrifying Nagual don Juan brought Castaneda to the point where he was able to leap off the top of a flat mountain into an abyss. This was made possible by the long apprenticeship he had with don Juan and by a unique state of perceptual clarity during which the Secrets of the Mastery of Awareness were revealed. A glimpse into the stunning world of sorcerers is provided that is clear and dizzying in its far-reaching implications. Making clear step by step the mastery of awareness, The 1st (known) and 2nd (unknown) attention are covered as well as the unknown (outside our luminous cocoons), the assemblage points and the positions, twin worlds of organic and inorganic beings, the eagles emanations, the glow of awareness, great bands of emanations, stalking, intent and the dreaming position, the earths boost, the rolling force, the death defiers, the mold of man, the journey of the dreaming body and breaking the barriers of perception..

* The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan (1987) stories centring around mastery of intent, set into what were called sorcery cores.

* The Art of Dreaming (1993) based on 6 years of meditation and study and the teachings of the sorcerer/shaman Don Juan, this is a unique and extraordinary and exciting adventure of the psyche. Castaneda uses powerful and ancient techniques to alter his state of consciousness embarking on journeys into new worlds (realities JUST as valid as ‘ordinary’ reality) meeting remarkable but dangerous entities. He unites his energy body with another dreamer, Carol Tiggs who is also an apprentice of Don Juan, in order to dream and explore. Thus new knowledge and understanding of our multi layered world is gathered. This profound book enables you to fully take part in Castaneda’s eye-opening and thrilling discoveries and endeavours. After reading it, you will find it hard to view the world in the way you used to. There are also techniques to help master and control consciousness in dreaming.

* The Wheel Of Time : The Shamans Of Mexico (compilation)(2000) this is a recollection of the mood in which each previous book was written. Significant quotes from each previous book are provided. This is written in the style of summary and most pages are no more than a paragraph) long. Very good for finding wisdom, guidance and inspiration. The main theme is the warriors way, not recommended if you have never read a Castaneda book before. It is best to start at the beginning, and to leave this book till last, like the icing on the cake so to speak.

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