Carlos Castaneda S Books Set 2 The Mastery Of Transformation

By Ina Woolcott

“You must push yourself beyond your limits, all the time. The only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations. You know enough of the warrior’s way to act accordingly, but your old habits and routines stand in your way.” Tales of Power

Here the warrior-traveller goes on the journey to purify and regain energy. He also hones (to sharpen and focus ones attention) his only link to All That Is, intuition. By constantly testing this connection for verification and gradually getting rid of all doubts, he/she becomes impeccable at this. Their fate is accepted by them and they commit to following a path with heart.

The Books and a short description of each

* Tales of Power (1975) up until now don Juan has performed his acts of power in his world. Now, in a sudden and unexpected encounter he will enter Castaneda’s urban world, at ease in a well tailored suit. He carries out his lessons in crowded and busy streets. accounts on the points of perception in the body or luminous cocoon and Dreaming Double. Also writings about the Tonal, or 1st attention, which is ‘ordinary’ waking reality and the right brain awareness or possibly even the left brained. There is too information about the Nagual, which is the 2nd attention, the unknown realities to most people and the left brain awareness.
For more info on the luminous cocoons which surround us according to Castaneda, please readCarlos Castaneda, What is a Nagual

* The Second Ring of Power (1977) herein events are described that take place preceding Don Juan’s departure, experiences with the women warriors of the original Nagual’s party, the 2nd attention or the second ring of power, losing “human form”, human mould, dreaming and gazing. Dona Soledad is introduced to the reader in this book by Castaneda. He is subjected to a series of terrifying tricks by Soledad. Thus, Castaneda is initiated into experiences so intense and absolutely terrifying that every reason and opinion of life that was Don Juan’s legacy to his student is assaulted.

* The Eagle’s Gift (1981) in this haunting and deeply personal book, the reader is taken into the very heart of sorcery. Imagination and reason are challenged. The foundations in what we believe is ‘natural’ and ‘logical’ are shaken, bringing us a world full of terrors, mysterious forces and dazzling insights. Also: the power that creates, destroys and rules the universe (or at least the 48 bands of earth), description about the eagles command to man, the Nagual’s rule, the various levels of petty tyrants, the way toward freedom, self-stalking, power spots and the intricacies of dreaming, seeing together, crossing the boundaries of affection, losing the human form, the right and the left side awareness, the fixation of the second attention,

* The Active Side of Infinity (compilation) (1999) – recapitulation (reviewing ones life), making a log of significant life events (as seen by the spirit). This book was written by anthropologist and shaman Castaneda immediately before his death. Don Juan his teacher considered that collecting the memorable events in their lives, was for shamans, the preparation for life after death, the entry into what they called, the active side of infinity. This is Castaneda’s most autobiographical and intimately revealing work ever, the fruit of a lifetime of experience and perhaps the most moving in his life work.

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