Bringers Of The Dawn Teachings From The Pleiadians Barbara Marciniak

Posted By Ina Woolcott

The Pleiadians are multidimensional beings whom Barbara Marciniak claims to have channelled. The teachings challenge and inspire the reader to remember that we are a “Family of Light” in the midst of economic, social and environmental catastrophe. The teachings reveal sexuality as the body’s link to a higher frequency, love, show Earth as an ancient battleground between good and evil (positive and negative forces), and bring us information about extra-terrestrials. I have read the book several times since 2003 after attending a shamanic workshop in the Brazil. It is good material and definitely worth reading.

What one other reader said: When we realize the powers of thought and word we will no longer use them mindlessly. The doubting of this is another thought creation itself. Open your eyes and stop destroying you power by doubting that you have any. You have ability to manifest anything in life and when this is aligned with Divine will you are in for the most glorious of experiences. Total surrender in bliss and ecstasy. This will reverberate around the planet and awaken all who are ready. Think it. Know it. Live it. What do you want in this world, fear or love ?

Marciniak is also the author of 3 further books, which can be seen and purchased on the carousel below.

To hear Marciniak speak go to my blog. Click HERE This is video 1 of 18 of Barbara Marciniak talking. I find the material so useful. I often listen to the videos whilst writing.

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